Only Using Twitter to Forward Video & Blog Posts. Go to Gab or Facebook for my Comments.

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UPDATE on July 11, 2021: I only blog and post at Gab now and have stopped posting PERIOD at Twitter and Facebook, due to Loree McBride’s draconian censorship in 2021. The rest of this post I wrote in Sept. 2019 and I’ve given up on Facebook and Twitter as free speech platforms. FREE SPEECH IS DEAD AT TWITTER AND FACEBOOK.

I have decided to only use Twitter for forwards from other sites like YouTube and this blog, after they unfairly banned a tweet because I called out a Loree McBride Jesuit who was trying to intimidate me from expressing a political view they disagreed with. I will not be responding to Tweets at Twitter unless it’s an emergency. If you wish to have a tweet style conversation with me, you’ll have to join Gab to do so. Loree McBride is a murderer, arsonist, rapist, brain control freak, hurricane creator, weather manipulator and war criminal (launching bombs daily on innocents). Twitter considers it hate speech to call her and her followers out! Since Twitter is now a criminal organization (apparently run by Loree McBride), I will be using Gab in place of Twitter for tweets:

You can also read my comments at Facebook:

FREE SPEECH IS DEAD AT TWITTER. Here is what I wrote to Twitter:

@MarcLHommedieu wrote that when I stated that Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard don’t really belong to the Democratic Party and should run third-party, that this was another of my many crazy statements. I just feel that folks that use the crazy label on me are mentally lazy and influenced by Loree McBride, who has a propaganda campaign against me as the “crazy lady” and I felt he was trying to intimidate me from expressing my political opinion about Tulsi and Bernie. I also believe that Loree McBride and her willing and knowing followers will end up in hell, which is why I stated that he should enjoy his time in hell, as he seems to be one of her supporters. I then decided to mute him and the conversation, deciding it’s a waste of time to argue with a retard. I thought when I muted the conversation that was the same as deleting it. From now on, I will delete such conversations, because he threw an intimidating adjective at me first for my opinion about Tulsi and Bernie and I threw an adjective back to show him I was not intimidated, and then decided the whole conversation was stupid and muted it, thinking that was the same as deleting it. I certainly had no intention of going after the guy, who seems very bigoted and dumb to me. I guess because I believe in hell, and that’s where I feel this guy is headed, that’s harassment. I’m not appealing this, but I think this guy set me up and I want to ensure you that my intention was to delete the conversation (by muting it) and not to pursue it further, because it’s a waste of time to argue with bigoted retards. I’m tired of being called crazy by a mob of people on Twitter, just for expressing views that they don’t like. So I muted them, thinking that was deleting them.. I am wondering if he deleted what he said that made me reply like this, he called me crazy for expressing a political view he did not like. I was responding to him saying this was another of my crazy views. I feel like I get attacked by a mob calling me crazy. By the way, @amazingatheist is cool, it’s xxxxxxx that is a problem. HERE’S THE TWEET THAT GOT ME IN TROUBLE AND THAT I THOUGHT I DELETED:

@MarcLHommedieu @ssssssss @amazingatheist The term “crazy” is getting old. It’s the sign of a Loree McBride RETARD who can’t think for themselves. Loree has chosen CRAZY for me and I choose RETARD for her and her RETARD supporters. Enjoy your time in hell, your final destination.

Twitter definitely appears to have been taken over by Loree McBride Jesuits for now. Their response to the above was this:

So if you want to read my Tweets, go to Gab. I also have a Facebook page and Facebook, amazingly, has never banned anything I’ve written yet, and I’ve written a lot there.

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