Who is the Antichrist?

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When it comes to prophecy, Andy Woods is my “go to” guy. When it comes to practical Christian living, I like John MacArthur.

Lots of speculation about this, but I personally think the Antichrist will be a Gentile with Roman origins (https://thechristianlife.com/who-is-the-antichrist-daniel-2-7-and-8/), therefore, having connections to the Roman Catholic Church, possibly its leader for awhile, and he may get lots of Muslim support. Though I am not sure he will have the title of pope, he will be THE TRUE leader of the Roman Catholic Church, I believe. Right now, the pope is just the mouthpiece for the true pope, who is the Jesuit leader. The Jesuits have been running the Catholic Church for quite a while now and they do it behind-the-scenes, using the pope as their mouthpiece. I don’t think the Antichrist will be Muhammad himself, though he may claim to be Muhammad. When he shows up I believe when you add the numbering to his name using Hebrew gematria, that the numbers of his name will add up to 666. Rev. 13:18. Satan always had an Antichrist ready in all time periods after Christ’s ascension to heaven. Right now the current “Antichrist” is Loree McBride or Angelina Ballerina’s proxy from hell. This is a person connected to the Roman Catholic Church, a Jesuit. Of course, the Antichrist will be male, so if they continue on as the Antichrist into the future tribulation, they will become transgender male. You’d have to read my Bible for Tribulation Saints to get the scoop about them. I wouldn’t get too hung up about the identity of the Antichrist right now in terms of race or creed, cuz our present world does not completely mirror what it will be like in the tribulation, except that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will go through. You can learn what I and my men have endured by reading Bible for Tribulation Saints. Here is a sample: