Manufacturing Consent, Deep Rot in U.S. News/Journalism

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Though this is not a new problem, Loree McBride and Melania Trump have taken advantage of this rot and worsened it. The state of U.S. news is now so pathetic, that anyone who believes what they hear is in mortal danger of becoming a pea-brained retard while obsessing over what his political/religious cult leaders propagandize into his/her brain. The result is violence and hatred towards those on the other side and grouping everyone into dangerous and inaccurate categories just cuz they’re not on your side. The news media’s bottom line is profit and they’ll do anything – foment a war, orchestrate murders and encourage everyone to become dangerous religious/political extremists who lash out at the opposition simply cuz that person is not on their team. The lashing out is reflected in the increase in gun deaths, rioting, and feeling righteous when shutting down the free speech rights of those who oppose you. The following video interviewing Matt Taibbi from Chris Hedges’s On Contact (from RT News) brilliantly analyses the problem.

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