Ukrainian Plane Crash in Iran, Probably Filled With Nukes With Innocents Onboard

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Under Pressure, Iran Admits It Shot Down Jetliner by Mistake.

I still think it was a military jet concealed as a commercial airliner filled with nukes and that’s why it was shot down. Melania Trump’s agents in Ukraine probably set the whole thing up to frame the Iranian government. It appears that Ukraine may have turned over these criminals to be tried in a war crimes tribunal and that’s why Iran is willing to take the blame for the “accident”, which they allege was caused by someone who made a “mistake” and shot down the plane thinking it was an incoming missile. It seems mighty strange that any commercial planes would be flying at all at this time, don’t you think?

However, it does appear that innocents were part of the plot, in order to make Iran seem criminal if the jet was shot down. This was a no win situation, very much like what happened to Russia when the Americans torpedoed their Kursk submarine in 2000 (and all in the Kursk died) and Vladimir Putin blamed it on an accident in order to stave off WW3. Similar scenario. Both leaders were willing to take the blame in order to prevent WW3. Vladimir could have saved some of the sailors, but chose to let them die, because he didn’t want his Russian people to know the REAL REASON the Kursk malfunctioned, which was an American missile attacked the Kursk during peacetime operations.

After Russia took the blame for the Kursk, many Russians were not happy with Putin, but he reasoned that to take the blame and risk alienating his own people was better than WW3.

It appears in both instances, the deaths were caused by American aggression and violation of International law, but because so many evil people control the mainstream press, they lie and cover up the truth in order to maintain peace.

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