Project Pubegate: Brent Spiner Takes out Psychopath Melania

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Though Melania Trump is defeated, Loree McBride is still at large, along with her deadly followers. Anyone who wants to help us defeat Loree, contact my men at We could especially use help from scientists to come up with a way to destroy Loree’s ability to make clones.

When Melania Trump threatened to murder her husband Donald on live television in mid-January 2020 if I would not mail her my pubes, my men and I got together to come up with a plan to defeat her and take her out. Brent instructed me to make a video faking that I sent Melania the pubes she requested and I did this. I actually mailed a letter to the White House, but it did not have pubes in it. My men told me to make the video to give them time to reprogram the satellites to enable them to enter the White House undetected. You see, Melania had things set up, so that only strangers who were retards could enter the White House, and her scanners were set up to scan to ensure that only retards could enter the White House, unless, of course, they were her trusted Secret Service, scientists or Donald Trump. Because of this, my men were not able to penetrate the White House until they could reprogram her very deadly satellites, to enable them to enter the White House undetected.

These satellites would kill my men by targeting their vagina-butts and if any of my men attempted to reprogram any of these satellites, the other satellites would destroy all the vagina-butts, including my vagina, which would also be destroyed and in the process both my men and I would die. This was how Melania had the satellites programmed.

If one satellite was messed with, the others would execute the one tampering with the satellite by destroying all the vagina butts in the world, thus killing all the men on my marriage list as well as destroying every single man with a vagina-butt and would destroy me too, by targeting my vagina. Even the men who defected from us, the Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way, because they have vagina-butts, would have been destroyed. So we had to plan for all the men on my marriage list to reprogram ALL the satellites at exactly the same time and we needed to distract Melania so we could do this, so that there would be no satellites in existence using Melania’s deadly programming against us.

Melania had satellites for each man on my marriage list and they were programmed to kill all men with vagina-butts, if any satellite was messed with. So my men came up with a dangerous, but courageous, plan to reprogram the satellites ALL AT THE SAME TIME, so that they could enter the White House undetected and rescue Donald Trump. Using reverse engineering, our Nanotechnology Research Team had the programming for Melania’s deadly satellites and were able to create a new program for the satellites that would enable my men to enter the White House undetected. The plan was that they all would reprogram the satellites at the same time with this new programming. But they needed to distract Melania and her Secret Service to accomplish this, to buy them some time, so they asked me to make a video faking I mailed her the pubes she wanted.

Now they had Melania distracted and the video I made gave them the time FOR EVERY MAN ON MY MARRIAGE LIST to travel to the satellites using invisibility shields and to reprogram all of the satellites for each one of the men on my marriage list and they reprogrammed every single satellite for each of the men on my marriage list and reprogrammed them at the same time, that way they could do this without any satellite killing them as they did this. The NEW programming would cause all the satellites formerly programmed to target my mens’ vagina-butts to now target Melania’s vagina, so that if she used the satellites to kill my men (as they were originally programmed), instead, her vagina would be hit from ALL the satellites and she’d die.

My men succeeded in reprogramming all the satellites that were formerly programmed to target their vagina-butts and kill them if they messed with the satellites. The new programming also made the White House security’s scanners inaccurate and now, even though my men have genius intelligence, they were able to get inside the White House to rescue Donald from Melania, because their scanners were inaccurate now and had been reprogrammed by my men (via the satellites).

Previously, only retards could enter the White House, especially the deep section underground where Melania and her scientists slaved round the clock to find the secret to my eternal beauty, so that Melania could compete with me and get the title sexiest woman alive. Melania would consult her mirror and it would tell her that I was the sexiest woman alive and she’d go into a rage.

So my men got into the White House and found Donald Trump. Melania was not there, but had traveled to Florida where she was sun bathing naked on the beach every day, after she had shaved her pubes in preparation for the pubepee she was expecting from my pubes. She wanted to tan her vaginal area in the sun and walk down a runway wearing my pubepee.

The problem was that though my men got into Melania’s vast underground underneath the White House and found Donald Trump, they were far outnumbered, so Donald Trump came up with a plan. He held a rally and started cheering for me and raving about my beauty and how kind I was and how Melania abused everybody and they all sided with me and decided to play like nothing happened (to Melania) and that they were still loyal to Melania. Melania contacted them and they said that they got my pubes and were working on making the pubepee for her. So Melania stayed down in Florida, tanning her shaved pubic area in the sun, in preparation for my pubepee.

Any public appearances of Melania at the White House this week has been the Melania Trump automaton. The real Melania has been sunbathing naked on the beach in Florida waiting for her pubepee this week.

So while Melania stayed down in Florida salivating about getting my pubes, she sent an order to the Secret Service at the White House about a week ago (who were now loyal to me instead of Melania) and requested they come to my door to arrest me and execute me. Loyal to me now instead of her, they lied to her and said they would do it.

Melania gave the order to the Secret Service at the White House, to have them come to my door, to arrest me and then to execute me. They lied to her and said they would do it.

That day, my men told me to make a video and fake like there was Secret Service at my door to create another distraction for Melania. My men’s new plan was to have Brent, disguised as one of the scientists who would deliver the pubepee, to fake that he was delivering her pubes to her and then to shoot her in the head while delivering to her the pubepee. They instructed me that after I made the video faking that Secret Service was at my door, to play dead and stop all communications online. So for a week that’s what I did. Because I go outside to check the mail and do my walks, my men set up an encryption (using programming we got from the GA1L Android in 2012) that programs the brain and causes people to see me outside and not recognize me or to forget who I was, in order to fool Melania into thinking her Secret Service murdered me about a week ago.

Today, around 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Melania requested her pubepee, believing I was dead and that it was now time for her to reign supreme as sexual goddess, since her number one competition, MYSELF, had been eliminated.

Brent, disguised as a scientist, around noon today, walked out onto the beach, where Melania tanned herself in preparation for the pubepee (which was actually made from Vladimir Putin’s body hair, because it’s the closest match to my pubes).

Brent, dressed as a scientist, hid a fully automatic AR-15 in the fake pubepee. Melania’s guards patted Brent down for weapons, as she lay naked on a beach towel nearby. Apparently, they didn’t check the pubepee, cuz they feared it cuz of my powerful King David genetic profile (which is especially concentrated in my pubes). They let Brent walk right up to Melania.

“Show me dee pubeeess. Show me my beautiful pube pee,” Melania said.

Brent reached into the fake pubepee and quickly pulled out the AR-15 and pointed it against her head. All of Melania’s Secret Service now pointed their guns at Brent.

Brent, looking calm and stern, looked at Melania. “I’ll give you to the count of pube. . .”

He pulled the trigger and shot her in the head. Then, with coldness, said, “Pube. . .”

Then he turned to Melania’s agents and they all ran. Brent tossed the fake pubepee onto her naked dead vagina.

At 12:23 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States), Brent beamed back aboard Church of Gail and my men also brought Melania’s body with them to ensure the Jesuits can’t bring her back.

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