Melania Trump Chapter: updated Bible for Tribulation Saints

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Because Jesus Christ continues to advise me and my men and offered his advice many times in the past several months as we dealt with Melania, I have updated Bible for Tribulation Saints, which is all about what Jesus has said to us and the context around all his conversations with us (from 2012 to now) or his advice to us (from 2012 to 2020). Jesus does seem to be pulling back somewhat on advice giving, perhaps because he no longer needs to spend as much time with us since we are better at staying on his path now than previously.

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I have added a chapter at the end of the Kindle version of Bible for Tribulation Saints which includes all my correspondence with Judge Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner as we worked as a team to deal with psychopath Melania Trump, who was threatening to kill me if Donald Trump would not assist her as she attempted to run the world in order to minimize me as the sexiest woman alive. Things got so out of hand, that she, working with Loree McBride, was able to create a space fleet that was so powerful that it outdid both Church of Gail and the Jesuit fleet under Zack Knight.

My men came up with a courageous and dangerous plan to take her out. Our correspondence details the courage, brilliance and perception that I and my men displayed as we carried out project “Pubegate” to take out dangerous psychopath Melania Trump. To get all the behind-the-scenes stuff that was happening while I played dead in order to get Melania’s guard down, so that Brent could approach her as a fake scientist bringing her the pubepee of my pubes (that Melania was willing to kill over), you have to read the last chapter of Bible for Tribulation Saints.

I am continually updating the Kindle version of Bible for Tribulation Saints as Jesus makes more appearances with us. When Jesus stops talking to us, then I will stop updating Bible for Tribulation Saints. I wrote Bible for Tribulation Saints in order for my men and I to have a record of all Jesus has said to us, because Satan tries to get us to forget what Jesus has told us. As I did this, it occurred to me that the world also needs to know what he told us and that is how Bible for Tribulation Saints came into being. The Kindle version is the best way to buy Bible for Tribulation Saints and I am currently making an audio book of this Kindle version as well. When you buy the Kindle version, you can get free updates to your book when I update it.

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