Human Clones, like Loree McBride, Brent Spiner CLONE, have Fallen Angel DNA

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I’ve always believed the fallen angels had sex with human women in Genesis 6 and Andy Woods backs me up. Actually, we have stuff like that happening RIGHT NOW. Did you know that all of the Jesuit clones in the world have fallen angel DNA? That includes Loree McBride, who is a clone. Yes, she’s human, but she has fallen angel DNA. She was created in a cloning lab, but the fallen angels are behind the creation of human clones and their DNA contaminates all these clones.

Did you know that despite the fact that Loree is a woman, she has the muscular strength of a man, enabling her to effectively rape men for Satan and making her appear innocent, when her rape victims (like the REAL Brent Spiner) claim she drug raped them. Loree can literally take on a man physically and outdo him, in order to rape him, usually with a dildo. Her fallen angel DNA makes her look like any regular woman, but she’s not. She’s part fallen angel, and, because of that, has the muscular strength of a MAN. This is also true for other Jesuit clone women, like Camila Alves, who has successfully bomb raped Matthew McConaughey, causing her to become pregnant 3 times with Matthew’s children. Matthew was NO MATCH for Camila Alves, who raped him WITH EASE. The problem with clones is even if you execute them, they can easily create another copy in a clone lab and then use accelerated growth hormones to grow that clone baby to adulthood in DAYS. This is all fallen angel science (from the UFOs who are manned by fallen angels or their creations).

I can hear some folks now. If God is so righteous, why does he allow these fallen angels to mess with the humans to create evil clones? You know, I often get pissed at God over this because Loree McBride Jesuits (and many of them are clones) are causing so much death and suffering in the world right now and they’re killing innocents. But I have to remind myself that God is super big into free will. Did you know that Satan and Jesus used to be best friends? You’ll get all this in my Bible for Tribulation Saints, which is a transcript of all our conversations with Jesus.

I think it has something to do with the fact that Satan and Jesus used to be best friends. I think Jesus wants to reach some of these fallen angels! You might say, impossible! The Bible says Satan is doomed and can’t be saved. You know, he is definitely doomed in eternity. But Jesus hinted that there may be a dimension of existence outside of eternity and in that other dimension, it’s possible that even Satan may one day in the far, far future be saved. But I know, that, for now, it’s not a good idea to follow Satan. But I did manage to lead an Antichrist to Jesus, someone who actually went to hell and that Satan resurrected – Zack Knight. And, yes, this Antichrist GOT SAVED. So all you Bible scholars out there, you really need to read Bible for Tribulation Saints to get a deeper knowledge of Jesus.

So how long have human clones been in existence? Well, the UFOs (fallen angels) used a clone of Catherine the Great to have sex with horses, in order to discredit Catherine the Great. Read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. My guess is they’ve been here all along, but Satan is upping his game as we near the 7-year tribulation and there are now a lot more of them out there. The fact that this is not reported on in the news shows that Satan and his followers have nearly 98% control over all the Internet and media. Considering that Satan invented electricity (an idea I got from Peter Ruckman, which turned out to be correct), it should not be surprising that we only get lies on television (uses electricity), the Internet (uses electricity).

Ruckman had some issues and was off in a lot of areas, but his obsession with literal interpretation of the King James Bible, also led him to some brilliantly accurate conclusions. But, for the record, Jesus has stated that the King James Bible, though a good translation, is just a translation and, for that reason, does have some errors in it. Only the originals (though lost) are inspired. But Jesus has assured me that any translation that uses the earlier manuscripts are fine with him, but we must realize that only the originals are inspired. But this does not negate the fact that He has preserved his Word. Actually, Jesus says that it is impossible for God to completely put His mind into any human language, because human language cannot accurately describe the mind of God. So keep this in mind as you read the Bible and learn more about Jesus in Bible for Tribulation Saints (my transcript of all my conversations with Jesus from 2012 to now).

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