Republicans Asking Tulsi Gabbard to Join Republican Party

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Tyler Piekarski, 20, of Smithfield, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Republican

Previously supporting: Unsure

Who do you now support? Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Although I’m a Republican, we need someone who will be honest with us and not vilify the other side. Tulsi is a moderate Democrat, she has the ability to unite and reach across the aisle. She has done this in the past with things like veterans’ job training and gun control. In a more realistic view, if Sanders is the nominee I’ll be voting for Trump. If it comes down to Trump and Biden, it is going to be a very close call.

Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee? My prediction is that no one will win enough delegates, and we will go to a contested convention.

Who would give Trump the toughest race? Gabbard. She has moderate and Republican appeal. An analysis from found that her supporters are more likely to have backed President Trump in 2016, hold conservative views, or identify as a Republican than voters backing the other candidates. Meaning she has the best potential to take away moderate and even some Republican support that Trump needs to win reelection.

I am noticing a lot of Republicans asking Tulsi to join the Republican Party. I think that Tulsi should seriously consider leaving the Democratic Party though, which appears to be a party for losers right now, only allowing a privileged few to rise to the top. The Dem Party literally picks and grooms the winners and has total disregard for the will of the people. The Republican Party is not perfect either, but seem to be more fair than the Dems right now. I can also see Tulsi doing well as an Independent, if she could get some funding. She just needs to have a Centrist position on gun control and abortion and she’d fit in fine with the Republican Party. Of course, we want Tulsi to continue to be a woman of principle and if she absolutely cannot tolerate some of the Republican Party platform maybe she can just go out and say so and run as a Republican any ways. Republicans seem to tolerate diversity of opinion better than the Dems who severely punish those who won’t conform to their group think.

Tulsi Gabbard will appeal to Libertarian Republicans, types like Rand Paul or Ron Paul. Looking over what she believes, the only areas that might be problems for Republicans might be tuition free college for all, single payer plus healthcare for all, basic income, transition off fossil fuels, secure borders and humane immigration reform.

My National Health Care Plan is not single payer, but does allow government to have its own national health care plan, kind of like Medicare for All, but better. Look it over, Tulsi.

I’m not sure how I feel about climate change, but I am vehemently opposed to pollution. If she keeps her focus on pollution and explains how her alternatives would work, she may be able to win over some Republicans. Most people don’t like getting sick from pollution. She needs to make a strong case that the pollution is making everyone sick. She should emphasize that MOST POLLUTION COMES FROM WAR. Those bombs they drop are pretty nasty! Loree McBride’s bombs are the greatest source of pollution ON THE PLANET and nobody reports on that. I can assure you that even the staunchest Republicans don’t appreciate germ bombs being dropped over their heads making them sick!

What she could do is propose legislation that supports her views and show how she can make it work. Her economic views are her biggest handicap as a Libertarian Republican. She could say that this is her dream and she would like to implement her economic dreams, but that she’s willing to work out compromises in order to get as much of her dream passed as possible.

In the meanwhile, I encourage Tulsi to read carefully the following article to give her ideas to reform her economic platform, so she can be a powerhouse in the Republican Party. Tulsi seems an intelligent, open-minded person, who might be amenable to some constructive criticism regarding her economic platform:

For instance, she could state that she might allow the states to decide on the minimum wage and that it might be decided by locality rather than just fixing a straight standard for all states. She would need to thoroughly rethink some of her views and be prepared to justify them with deeply thought out thinking. Republican voters are more open minded than Democratic voters, I’m finding. Trump has a point about strong borders, but I don’t think a wall is that big a deal. Areas of disagreement, the Republican voters might forgive her, because she’s so consistent and authentic. Republicans seem to appreciate authenticity more than Democrats.

But sticking with the Dems won’t work. As Jill Stein says, you can’t be a revolutionary in an anti-revolutionary party.

It’s too late for her to be a Republican this go around. But perhaps next time, she might consider a Republican run. – Gail Chord Schuler