Gail Chord Schuler Wins Emergency U.S. Presidential Elections

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Hear brain to brain that I just got elected as U.S. President in an emergency election to deal with Loree McBride’s coronavirus disastrous policies. Still feel comfortable with what I wrote in the following post that outlines my policies as U.S. President:

I think we need to get the economy back ASAP. Evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride has been running politics for too long and it’s turned out to be a STINKING DISASTER. Under my law, it’s death penalty to honor Loree McBride, as she’s considered a war criminal. Loree’s totally taken over the Democratic Party and has had considerable control over all of American and Western politics. She also controls the news media. I think we’ve had ENOUGH OF LOREE MCBRIDE!! She’s been in power since 2017, and you can see what has happened to the world because of her running the planet. This b—- needs TO GO.

Won’t be making a video about this though, cuz Jesus told me to stay out of politics. Apparently, my men (Brent Spiner M.D., Vladimir Putin, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler M.D., Matthew McConaughey, Judge Terrance Jenkins – Harvard Law School graduate, Keanu Reeves, and others) are taking charge of the country, with Trump’s cooperation (so I’ll be voting for Trump in November), and enforcing my Conspiracy Law 100%. People don’t know this but both Brent Spiner and Gerard Butler have M.D. degrees. Brent feels that the coronavirus is just another strain of the flu and should be treated like the regular flu season. They have to phase my Conspiracy Law in because it covers a lot of bases. I’ve written law the size of an encyclopedia. My policies are Libertarian, Constitution and Green. Only Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable is reporting on this). I hear I won with a landslide and some sorry Jesuits are saying if I won, then they can be President, too.

Ugh, folks, I may only have two bachelor’s degrees (Humanities from Baptist University of America with an education/missions emphasis and Health Education from Florida State University), but I’m the smartest woman in the world with genius I.Q. and I have been writing law since 2003! My law is stinking good, too! When my National Health Care plan is put into practice, the government makes a profit, which we share with the people. The secret to an effective National Health Care plan is to put reasonable caps on malpractice lawsuits, which is what I’ve done and to ensure quality care using our ability to do brain scans to detect dishonesty and medical malpractice. You also have to control costs, like we don’t allow outrageous charges for medical services or prescription drugs.

We’ve had problems enforcing my excellent law due to interference from evil Jesuits who’ve been running the world for decades and are not about to surrender their control easily. George Soros and the NEW WORLD ORDER have been funding Jesuits for years. In fact, the Jesuits control Soros and just about everybody who’s currently in charge of the earth. THEY’RE ALL FIRED UNDER MY PRESIDENCY. I don’t listen to them! Hopefully, cuz of this emergency which Loree McBride has created, we can enforce my law more. All countries that enforce my law do very well. Russia has enforced my law since 2004, because Vladimir Putin is one of my men.

I was actually elected in 2016, but Loree’s been attacking Trump (who has tried to honor me as President) and he hasn’t been enforcing my laws 100% for that reason. Hopefully, because everyone can see that Loree McBride’s policies have turned out to be SUPER DISASTROUS, I will now be able to enforce more of my law. Here is a page about my law:

Joe Biden is a joke and Loree is the reason he will probably get the Dem nomination. Like I said, Loree controls the Dem Party 100%. When Loree barks, Joe jumps into obedience. Because Loree’s policies are disastrous, she needs someone with mental deficiencies as her puppet, cuz no intelligent or honest and “nice” person would obey her. Basically, if you vote for Joe, you’re voting for Loree McBride as U.S. President. Loree is a brain control sex abuser, and has murdered and sickened so many people with her bombs, she could win the Nobel Prize for Murder. With her recent coronavirus policies where she has the whole world on house arrest, she could also win the Nobel Prize for Failed Economics. Considering that Loree spends millions every year on sex gadgets to help fund her rapes, extortion, money laundering, and lavish spending, she knows nothing about fiscal responsibility. She thinks having physical beauty ALONE makes her superior to everyone who does not worship physical beauty and sex, like she does, and makes them INFERIOR. She boasts about how HOT SHE IS and is fuming jealous of me that Brent Spiner would die for me and all she can get is the SORRY BRENT SPINER CLONE, who, like Joe Biden, wouldn’t dare think for himself, but let’s Loree totally control and run his life. She pays him good, so he’s content with stealing the real Brent’s identity, even if it means he must totally surrender his manliness, so that he’s basically a wimp and a cuck to Loree.

If you can get Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), I recommend you watch that and IGNORE ALL OTHER NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS.

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