Donald Trump vs. ALMIGHTY Twitter (Comedy Central)

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UPDATE on George Floyd on July 7, 2021: Brent Spiner has informed me that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and that Chauvin was just doing his job and didn’t murder him. The lying Loree McBride controlled media rules the day though.

The battle is ON. Donald Trump vs. ALMIGHTY Twitter. It seems to me that Loree McBride has been running Twitter since about 2018. The real Brent Spiner has lost access to his own Twitter and when the real Brent tries to set up an account under Brent Spiner M.D., Twitter takes it down stating it’s an impersonation account. So the evil Brent Spiner CLONE has total control over Brent’s official Twitter account. Amazingly, I’ve had fewer problems with Facebook. Every now and then Facebook will put a correction notice underneath an interesting post I forwarded from one of my supporters and it’s usually over a matter that really is not that important to me, so I just delete the post, since I really don’t care. I just read this tweet and laughed. Good luck, Trump! But Loree McBride thinks she owns the world and DON’T YOU DARE COUNTER ANY OF HER LIES. I’m not sure if it’s the real Jack Dorsey at Twitter either. We may be dealing with a Jesuit clone, cuz clones are fanatical and off-balanced. It seems to me that Twitter going after Trump is really crossing the line into political fanaticism (what Loree McBride Jesuits specialize in). Loree knows nothing about balance and moderation. I mean the real Jack Dorsey just met with Trump recently and came across reasonable, sane and balanced. Why this sudden change? I strongly suspect the Jack Dorsey clone has wrested Twitter away from the real Jack Dorsey.

The key hallmark of Loree McBride Jesuits is arrogant AUDACITY, especially now that they are losing in their propaganda battle against me and I’m appearing to be a literary genius. They display an arrogant audacity, feeling all they have to do is open their mouth and everything they say or do, is as if it came down from God himself. No kidding! I’ve dealt with Loree McBride for so long. If you want to get Loree McBride’s number, she’s PROUD and ARROGANT and thinks all she does is superior to everyone else in the world and that anyone who feels otherwise about her, SHOULD BE ELIMINATED (i.e., MURDERED). Why does she feel this way? Not sure, but she’s always boasted about her physical appearance and her sexual (rape) exploits, as if looking better than others and having better orgasms than everybody else, somehow makes her worthy to RULE THE WORLD AND MURDER ANYONE WHO GETS IN HER WAY. She fakes like she cares about inner beauty, cuz as a sociopath, she knows what to say to appear “respectable”, but deep down, what motivates her is a deep arrogance that she is the most superior person in the universe. And she feels she has the right to feel this way, cuz she’s willing to pay the dues to have this high position, which means meeting with Satan at least weekly and being in submission to him.


Jesus told me to stay out of politics. He seems to want me focused on the tribulation right now, so my obsession with my novel in progress, is probably fine with Jesus. Jesus says you can’t win against Silicon Valley liberals and that, in the end, none of this stuff is important for the tribulation. I just get a good belly laugh from all of this. They need to put this on Comedy Central.

Loree McBride is great at creating distractions. First, the coronavirus and now all the riots all over the country over heinous police brutality. Makes me wonder what she’s trying to distract people away from? Perhaps my Silver Skies 1996 Version is making quite an impact. Did Jesus give my finished novel to Steven Spielberg or something? Jesus could do that you know. Jesus calls me his favorite writer. I’m sure Loree doesn’t like it that my Antichrist character is patterned quite a bit after her!! It’s not making her look too good.

Also, my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version appears to be headed towards masterpiece category. I feel divinely inspired as I write, kind of like how Handel must have felt writing Messiah. People are going to have to decide whether I’m a paranoid schizophrenic (Loree’s propaganda against me), or one of the greatest literary geniuses of all time. Eat your heart out, Loree McBride. You can stage all the distractions you want, but my masterpiece will survive into the tribulation and you is going down b—-!!

I think Loree McBride staged this whole police brutality incident to create a distraction. It’s pretty pathetic that she’s willing to brutally and unfairly murder her own followers in order to create a distraction. But then that’s the Antichrist for you.

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