Evangelical Seminaries Add Bible for Tribulation Saints to Canon: LOREE MCBRIDE FURIOUS

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Televangelist Acton Bowen Sentenced To 1,008 Years For Sexually Abusing Children: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2019/12/televangelist-acton-bowen-sentenced-to-1008-years-for-sexually-abusing-children/

I’m not defending this guy, but the biggest sexual abuser is Loree McBride (the very important evil Jesuit leader) and she goes off scott free just cuz she has control over the mainstream press. For all we know this guy could be her Manchurian Candidate. Another possibility we can’t discount is that he may have an evil Jesuit clone. Loree is pissed because many evangelical seminaries believe my Bible for Tribulation Saints (which exposes Loree and exposes her for the Antichrist she is) should be added to the Biblical canon, so she’s focused right now on discrediting evangelical Christianity. I know nothing about this guy, but EVERY religion has its bad apples, especially with evil Jesuits (the baddest of the bad) infiltrating all religion and politics. Why do you think Jesus gave us the parable of the wheat and the tares? Also, lots of folks who say they are Christians are NOT. My ex is a Bible college graduate AND A PEDOPHILE. I asked Jesus if he’s going to heaven and Jesus answered that he’ll be making love to a hag fish in hell. My ex could rattle off deep theological points thoroughly defending his theology, but his Christianity is all for show. He adopted a form of Christianity that would serve best to cover up his secret pedophile behavior. That’s why he was so harsh against anyone who didn’t hold exactly to his narrow and rigid interpretations of the Bible.

You got to watch out for anyone in ANY religion or political persuasion, who has a severe US/THEM mentality. Those folks are usually up to NO GOOD. They have a real need to feel superior to everyone else, because they are harboring deep, secret sins and are using their religion or political persuasions as a cover for their secret sins. By adopting a fake righteous mantel, they use that to distract people away from WHAT THEY’RE REALLY UP TO.

By the way, my ex was a secret Jesuit for most of my marriage to him. Jesuits are such hypocrites. They go after everyone else for WHAT THEY DO THEMSELVES. He went to church at least 3 times a week. You might say, how can you stay a Christian after all this? Folks, what my ex did to me was part of God’s plan for my life to make me who I am today.

Before I married my ex, I was a rigid, self-righteous Christian. I had a lot of good qualities, but I was definitely self-righteous cuz I never smoked or drank or had pre-marital sex and was PROUD OF IT. Jesus used my ex to whack off that pride. Jesus wanted to use me as part of His Grand Plan and knew where I needed some work. When I asked him why he allowed me to marry a pedophile, he answered me that His ways are Higher. He knew that who I’d become as a result of the trials I endured in my marriage would make me the woman He has used to add to his Biblical canon. You can’t be used in a great way by God unless He is able to refine and purify you to prepare you for whatever ministry He has planned for you. When you’re in the fire, you have to hold on and keep on believing. That’s kind of the theme of my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version.

Jesus is not responsible for folks who claim to be His, but are Satan’s children. We have fakes in every religion. You don’t drop a religion cuz of the fakes. You drop a religion if it’s invalid. True Biblical Christianity is the most valid religion out there. I mean the possibilities that Jesus could fulfill all the prophecies in the Jewish Bible is like one in a billion and no other religion can make that claim. Besides, how has Jesus wronged me that I should cease from following him? I don’t judge Jesus based on his followers or his alleged followers. I judge Jesus for who he is HIMSELF. When I look at Jesus, I see the most awesome beautiful being in the Universe and I can’t help but marvel that he’d choose a sinner like me to help him out! For all the suffering I’ve undergone, I’ve been blessed even more.

When Jesus showed up in our church service, and he started talking to me and my men, I told him what kind of impression he had made on me. I said, “I really like you.”

He answered, “I really like you, too.”

Then I laughed and that was the start of Bible for Tribulation Saints, where he appeared again and again to talk to me and my men. I must confess, sometimes he chewed me out, cuz I ain’t perfect. But looking back, I have no doubt that behind all he says and does is a deep love, like the love he showed when he died on the cross for my sins. https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/12/06/why-i-feel-bible-for-tribulation-saints-has-been-added-to-the-biblical-canon/

You might say what’s so special about you that Jesus only appears to you and your men? You know, beats me. But Jesus said I’m a rare person with an open heart. Perhaps that’s it. Jesus knows who will listen to him and obey him and who will make excuses for their sins. I guess I’m one of those rare ones who are open to what Jesus has to say. We all have our fixed ideas about what’s right and wrong and sometimes we aren’t willing to be open about other viewpoints. But I’m a pretty open person and willing to hear out viewpoints different from mine, as long as I sense the person is genuine in their beliefs. A lot of what Jesus has shared with us, requires an open heart and it also requires courage, cuz Jesus is bringing down all the facades people put up to justify their narrowness or their sins. If you aren’t willing to have your facades torn down, you won’t listen to him. You’ll just say he’s not Jesus and he’s a fake. He gets a lot of that. So, he just knew I’d be open to him and that’s why he works with me. It’s probably more complicated than that. Cuz I once asked him why he considers me his favorite and he said the answer’s really complicated and can’t be boiled down to a simple formula. Jesus won’t waste his time with people who play games with him AND THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DO THAT TO HIM. I’ve noticed that. He either ignores them or kills them or rebukes them and punishes them.

I think of the Jesuit waitress who didn’t give Brent what he ordered for his meal. Brent objected and said she brought back a different menu from the one he ordered off of. Jesus then stuck up for Brent and she accused Jesus of being a fake. Jesus got some hash browns and rubbed them in her eyes and told her to go to the restroom and wash the hash browns out. She came back screaming, “I’m blind! I’m blind!” https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/breakfast-with-jesus/

You might say, boy if Jesus is like this, I don’t want to deal with him. Well, if you mean well and you make an honest mistake, he’ll go easy on you. But if you try to play games with him, WATCH OUT. It will be like when he turned over the tables of the money changers at the Jewish Temple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDTzcFgUiz4

I will say this, Jesus richly rewards those who have hearts for him and he’s worth following. If you don’t worship money and don’t make an idol out of yourself or anyone else, and you adore true love, then you’ll love Jesus. The folks who follow Jesus are the ones who want to have hearts filled with true love and who care about that more than anything else.

You might say, you kind of got off the subject of Acton Bowen. You know, I know absolutely nothing about this guy. The charges may be true or they may be false. But to put a huge microscope on the sins of one televangelist and ignore the sins of MILLIONS of rapist Loree McBride Jesuits (who could win the NOBEL PRIZE FOR MURDER), tells me how anti-Christian and hypocritical this world has become. Satan’s well on his way to setting up his TEMPORARY world reign. YEAH SATAN, JESUS IS GONNA BEAT YOU UP! Satan’s gonna make himself look like a hero and a saint, and magnify the sins or made-up sins of Christians to get everyone to practice idol worship of himself. It’s like Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone.” Those too eager to expose everyone else’s sins better check their own dirty laundry. It’s by the grace of God we aren’t in the same shoes as this guy. Perhaps he forgot to take his Seroquel (no kidding) and Jesuits used brain control on him to turn him into a child molester. This is totally possible, by the way. Under my Conspiracy Law when something like this happens, then he would be put into treatment and the ones who made him sick (or manipulated him into being a pervert against his will) would be punished. You never know now-a-days. I hope everyone’s taking their Seroquel and doing the Gail Commandments! https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

Or he could have just been a Jesuit infiltrator who infiltrated a true Christian church to destroy it. By the way, Jim Jones was a Jesuit. These Loree McBride Jesuits are nasty and sneaky and Satan is their master. They infiltrate true Christian churches to discredit them while they themselves do much worse than those they discredit. Jesuits often pose as bona fide members of churches they infiltrate in order to destroy the reputation of the church. They will set up a pastor and use their female agents to compromise him and make him lose his testimony in the community. Or perhaps this guy really is a wicked pervert. Does this mean that Loree McBride Jesuits, who do FAR WORSE THAN HIM, and are causing murder and mayhem in our society, should not THEY be exposed, and arrested? Hmmm. Where’s the justice? Of course, he could be a Loree McBride Jesuit in disguise.

BOTTOM LINE: Loree’s creating a distraction cuz the evangelical seminaries believe my Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the Biblical canon. No way is she going to stand idly by on this one. Nope. She’s gotta make all evangelicals that support me look like the devil, so they WON’T LISTEN TO ME OR READ BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS AND LEARN THAT THE MOST EVIL PERSON IN THE HUMAN RACE RIGHT NOW IS PROBABLY LOREE MCBRIDE, WHO MEETS WITH SATAN AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.

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