Heaven and Hell End After Christ's 1000 Year Reign

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Last lesson from Dallas Theological Seminary’s Revelation course.

Lesson Points

  • The picture of the marriage of the Lamb has in view a marriage feast
    • Marriage in Jewish Custom
      • Contract
      • Groom goes to bride’s house
      • Wedding procession
      • Marriage supper
    • The bride is most likely the saved of all ages
  • Why is Satan released one last time?
    • To prove the depravity of humans
    • To prove the incurable wickedness of Satan
    • To show the need of eternal punishment
    • To demonstrate the foreknowledge of God
  • Gog and Magog represent those who oppose God
  • There are degrees of torment in Hell
  • Hades is cast into the Lake of Fire
  • Revelation (and the New Testament) ends with the documentation, confirmation, and affirmation of God’s grace and the hope of Christ’s return
Can open this up to another page, click on it. Agree with this, except the resurrection is not completed until after the millennium, with some millennium saints resurrected (millennial Jews transformed to resurrection bodies and resurrected Gentile millennial saints who died)
Great chart, but I feel the First Resurrection extends to the end of the millennium for millennial saints who died and Jewish millennial saints who are transformed into resurrection bodies.
Another great chart. I feel millennium Gentile saints who die and Jewish millennial saints will get a resurrection body at the end of the millennium
What happens between the 7-year tribulation’s end and the start of the 1000 year reign.

Figured out some fascinating stuff after listening to the last lesson in this Revelation course. Dr. Toussaint believes that the bride in Revelation 19:7 is the same bride as in Revelation 21:2. This stuff is really complicated, so refer to the charts above for clarity, like open them up on another page while reading below, to understand all this.

I was debating whether to write a sequel to Silver Skies 1996 Version, with the story set during the millennium. I think I shall do so. I’ve got quite a lot of story material. But first I must finish my Silver Skies 1996 Version.

However, the context for both passages (Rev. 19:7 and Rev. 21:2) is different. In Rev. 19:7 we have just defeated the Antichrist and his forces and God is getting ready to set up the 1000 year reign. Christ has told me in Bible for Tribulation Saints that his bride is the church. This is also what most Christian theologians teach. It seems we are all missing what Dr. Toussaint has noticed about the bride in Rev. 21.


JESUS CHRIST: I want to tell you what my plans are for the millennial (reign), since there appears to be some confusion.

Terrance Jenkins: Hmm. Yes. Speak plainly to us. The parables are just too much. I don’t understand them.

Gail: Parables? (laughs)

Terrance Jenkins: He loves to speak in those parables. Sometimes we just got to understand it plainly, you know.

JESUS CHRIST: My intentions are for you to marry Brent Spiner, not me. However. . .

Terrance Jenkins: However, what? I want to know.

Gail: Yeah, we all want to know. Cuz you said you were going to give me your semen. (laughs)

Terrance Jenkins: How does that work? I mean, Brent— Jesus, it almost seems to be contradictory. I don’t understand. How can you give the semen? And— I don’t understand.

Gail: I think he realizes we don’t understand. That’s why he’s here.

Terrance Jenkins: Yes. . .

JESUS CHRIST: My intentions are that I will join you two in the marriage bed on the first night, so that I can teach Brent Spiner how to properly make love to you. And afterwards as my wedding gift, I will grant Brent Spiner my glowing semen.

Gail (incredulous): You mean Brent Spiner doesn’t know how to make love to me? I think he’s pretty good!

JESUS CHRIST: Oh, no. He’s very good. But I want to show him some millennial tricks I’ve learned.

Terrance Jenkins: Ah, that’s great.

Gail: Well, what do you mean by that? (laughs)

Terrance Jenkins: You talkin’ about sex moves?

JESUS CHRIST: Oh, you’ll find out. Sex moves? Yes.

Terrance Jenkins: Oh, my goodness. You going to help teach Brent some Jesus tips in the bed.

Gail: Jesus, are you going to have a physical wife in the millennium?

JESUS CHRIST: No, Gail. I cannot do that.

Gail: Oh, so that means my video is not correct. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CqpP9vbSkY

JESUS CHRIST: I am married to the church.

Gail: Okay! Well nothing in the Bible indicates you will have a physical wife. So what do I do about that video I just put up there, Lord? (chuckles) You want me to make a correction?

Terrance Jenkins: I wish Brent could get those words. . .I’m in anticipation.

Gail: Yeah, really! (laughs)

JESUS CHRIST: You should make a corrective video when you are ready.

Gail: Okay.

JESUS CHRIST: You will not be marrying me. You will be marrying Brent Spiner.

Gail: Okay. I don’t mind marrying Brent Spiner. (laughs) So there will be marriages in the millennium.

JESUS CHRIST: But I will be the one to marry you two.

Terrance Jenkins: You’re (Jesus) to be the officiate. Oh, my goodness. Jesus is going to officiate your wedding.

Gail: Oh, my goodness! Yes, exactly! (laughs) So you don’t marry anybody, Lord Jesus? Huh? I mean, you yourself. I guess it’s because you’re God.

Terrance Jenkins: Yes, a member of the trinity is ??

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, exactly.

Terrance Jenkins: Oh, my goodness.

Gail: How do you feel about that video I just made, Lord Jesus? (laughs) I didn’t really want to make the video. I was tired. I guess it will be better once I put the correction in there.

JESUS CHRIST: Well, I loved the get up.

[Gail wore a lace veil with pink ribbons over her head, that drooped off the sides of her head on the right and left side of her head.]

Gail: You want me to take it down? Because it’s doctrinally incorrect?

JESUS CHRIST: Even though you are very beautiful, I feel more of a brotherly love for you, Gail. You don’t have to take it down. Just make a correction video, that’s all.

Gail: Okay. (matter-of-fact) Why did you say you were going to fill me with your semen? That’s why I misunderstood you. (to Brent) Brent, is Jesus like a dove? What form is he in with you?

JESUS CHRIST: I will be filling you with my semen, but I will be filling Brent with my semen.

Gail: Oh! I get it! It’s going to be through Brent Spiner!

Terrance Jenkins: Because he going to be putting his semen inside Brent.

Gail: Oooooh.

[This is kind of humorous, because it seems that Jesus was not too concerned at first to make this clear.]

Gail: Ha ha. Ooooh. Okaay.

Terrance Jenkins: I remember that Jesus said that Brent would be your husband in the millennium and I was . . .

Gail: Are you doing that now?

Terrance Jenkins: Maybe that’s why Brent is writing so slowly.

JESUS CHRIST: It is going to be my wedding gift.

Gail: Ooooh my goodness! What’s so special about your semen, Jesus? (laughs) I mean I imagine it is special. But why would this make a difference?

JESUS CHRIST: It glows in the dark, of course.

Gail: Why are you going to be giving us your semen?

JESUS CHRIST: It’s just better.

Gail: Why is it better? What’s wrong with Brent Spiner’s semen? (laughs) He probably wonders himself.

Terrance Jenkins: Hmm.

JESUS CHRIST: Brent has extraordinary semen. But my semen is very luxurious. It is blessed millennial semen, Gail.

Gail: Why do you call it millennial semen? Is it because? Yeah. Why do you call it millennial semen?

Terrance Jenkins: Hmm. Maybe that’s because that’s going to be the wedding gift for the millennial reign.

Gail: Ooooh. Lord, why do you take such an interest in my relationship with Brent Spiner?

JESUS CHRIST: Because you were made for each other.

Gail: Aaaaah. (laughs)

JESUS CHRIST: Brent Spiner is your soul mate.

Gail: Yeah, he sure is.

JESUS CHRIST: I would never want to get in between you two.

Gail: Aaah. Yeah, I’ve noticed that. You know, whenever I say anything about him . . . But aren’t you (Jesus) number one on the marriage list? (to her men) Maybe you ought to take him (Jesus) off.

JESUS CHRIST: It is both of you that will destroy the Jesuit Order together.

Gail: Ooooh. Yeah. They’re your enemies. (pauses) Okay, since you’re number one on the marriage list, I guess I should just take that as me being part of the church and you’re my husband in terms of the fact that I’m part of the church and I’m your bride as being part of the church. Is that how you want me to take it?

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, that is the correct interpretation.

Gail: Okay. That’s fine. (chuckles)

Terrance Jenkins: I understand Jesus is a handsome fellow.

Gail: Oh yeah! What does he look like? Does he look like King David, like in that movie King David?

JESUS CHRIST: I want you to be with your intended, Brent Spiner.

Gail: King David seemed to tell me that that movie they made about him, that the actor (Nathaniel Parker) who portrays him looks a lot like how David really looked like. I’m just curious what David looked like because he’s my great, great, great, great, great grandfather.

JESUS CHRIST: I resemble David quite a bit.

Gail: Oh, wow! But nobody really has a picture of David. Do you look kind of like the David in that movie that I have of him? You know, which movie I have of him, Lord.

[Gail is referring to “David” starring Nathaniel Parker as David.]

Gail: King David contacted me right after I saw that movie. And he told me that that movie was quite accurate about the way he (David) is as a soul. And that he even looked like that actor who portrayed him. Is that correct? You know which movie I’m talking about.

JESUS CHRIST: I’m afraid I’m rather ordinary looking.

[Gail laughs.]

Gail: Yeah, but you’re not ordinary inside. That’s for sure.

Terrance Jenkins: That’s true. I think the Bible even said that he wasn’t even a head taller than the people.

Gail: What does he look like? Does he look Jewish?

Terrance Jenkins: Yes, he’s very Jewish looking.

Gail: Well, he is Jewish

Terrance Jenkins: Well, of course he is.

Gail: Dark hair and dark eyes?

Terrance Jenkins: Yes, and he has the nose.

JESUS CHRIST: Jewish. Dark eyes. Dark hair. Average in height.

Gail: Yup. Jewish. From David.

Terrance Jenkins: I mean I should know this.

JESUS CHRIST: I’ve got this Jewish nose.

Okay, so Dr. Toussaint says that the bride in Rev. 19 and 21 is the redeemed of all ages. Let’s fine-tune this a little more. This is fascinating, cuz it shows that both God the Father and Jesus’ obsession is their brides! I contend that Jesus’ bride for now, is the church. So who does God the Father marry? Or does God the Father not care about marriage? No way! It’s obvious from a reading of Old Testament passages that God the Father considered Israel (the Jewish nation) his wife, but an unfaithful wife, so he divorced her. However, God the Father is going to remarry her later!

So back to Rev. 19:7 – “Let us be glad and rejoice and honor him. For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb, and his bride has prepared herself.”

Okay the wedding procession has already taken place in heaven and we are now at the stage of the wedding feast on earth (at the very end of the 75-day interval between the tribulation and the millennium). Most of Christ’s wedding to his bride, the church, takes place in heaven. BUT the marriage supper (or feast) stage takes place on earth after the Antichrist has been defeated and Christ has set up his millennial reign. In fact, the marriage supper lasts for the entire 1000 year reign. The 1000 year reign is Christ’s honeymoon. As you can tell this marriage is a super big deal to Jesus! So Dr. Toussaint can’t be right here. This is just the church here as the Lamb (Christ’s) bride in Rev. 19:7 and nobody else. However, before the wedding feast, which takes place on earth, the Old Testament and Tribulation saints are resurrected! So are they part of the bride at the earthly wedding feast?

Marriage in Jewish Custom

  • Contract
  • Groom goes to bride’s house
  • Wedding procession
  • Marriage supper

Now, I wouldn’t start a new church over this. But it seems to me that the Old Testament and Tribulation saints in their resurrection bodies (those who died and were resurrected) will be the bridesmaids at Christ’s wedding feast, along with the 144,000 in their enhanced mortal bodies and the saved Jewish nation in their enhanced mortal bodies. This is based on Matthew 25’s parable of the virgins, which describes the 144,000 as virgins waiting for the marriage supper. I believe the 144,000 and the saved Jews go into the millennium in their mortal bodies, though these mortal bodies will be better than the mortal bodies we have now. The 144,000 never die in the tribulation because they are protected by God’s seal (see Rev. 7:3). So, the Old Testament saints who died and the tribulation saints who died, go into the millennium in their resurrection bodies, just like the church saints do. Okay, so when Christ marries his bride, the church (during the tribulation period), and this happens in the tribulation period up in heaven, the Old Testament resurrected saints, the tribulation resurrected saints, will be at the marriage FEAST (which happens later on earth) as bridesmaids (just like the MORTAL 144,000 and the MORTAL saved Jewish nation will also be bridesmaids).

Remember, resurrection bodies are immortal. They are bodies just like the body that Jesus has right now. Resurrection bodies are like the angels in heaven and do NOT reproduce. These bridesmaids (mortal and immortal) throughout the 1000 year reign will be engaged to marry God the Father and Jesus throughout the 1000 year reign!

Another reason these have to be MORTAL Jews (that come from the tribulation alive) who enter the millennium is cuz of God’s promise to Abraham, that his descendants would be like the stars in number. Genesis 26:4 – “I will cause your descendants to become as numerous as the stars and I will give them all these lands. . .” This was an UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE, which meant God would keep his word regardless of what the Jews did. Well, at the end of the tribulation, only thousands of MORTAL Jews will be left alive and only MORTALS can reproduce. So, you see, the Jews from the tribulation that go into the millennium alive HAVE TO BE MORTALS to REPRODUCE and fulfill Genesis 26:4! Genesis 26:4 will be fulfilled DURING THE 1000 YEAR REIGN. And, no, God is not going to transform the Jews into the Christian church. You can’t believe that if you interpret the Bible literally, which is the only correct way to interpret the Bible. Because death will be rare during the millennium and there will be painless childbirth then, the human race will populate the earth very fast, enabling Gen. 26:4 to be fulfilled. The millennium will be like the Garden of Eden BEFORE mankind sinned.

Though the mortal MILLENNIAL Jewish nation will receive immortality when they get their rewards at the Great White Throne judgment AFTER THE MILLENNIUM, THEN THEY REMARRY GOD THE FATHER AND JOIN THE CHURCH AS THE BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST AND GOD THE FATHER. I will allege that it is possible that the millennial MORTALs in the Jewish nation might remain mortal forever. If that’s the case, then they will have enhanced mortal bodies that are almost like immortal bodies. But how do you explain the fact that they become the bride of Christ and God in Revelation 21? UNLESS, God allows ENHANCED MORTALS to become part of his bride and to live in the New Jerusalem.

Old Testament saints are judged during the 75-day interval between the tribulation and the millennium when they are resurrected from the dead and get resurrection bodies. So King David, during the 1000 year reign will be in a resurrection body, cuz he would have been resurrected during that interval, but the Jews who survived the tribulation alive go into the tribulation in MORTAL BODIES. But the living Jewish remnant that accepts their Messiah at the end of the tribulation are judged at the Great White Throne AFTER THE 1000 YEAR REIGN (when they get their resurrection bodies). The living Jewish nation that survived the tribulation is MORTAL during the 1000 year reign. All righteous Jews from the time of Abraham to the end of the tribulation who DIED will get resurrection bodies for the millennium. But living righteous Jews who SURVIVE THE TRIBULATION, get enhanced MORTAL bodies for the millennium.

You say, AND Jesus will marry these Jews? In Bible for Tribulation Saints, Jesus said, “I am married (present tense) to the church.” Notice, he didn’t say “I will be married to the church.” That’s cuz he knew I’d figure out that he will incorporate the Jewish nation, tribulation saints and millennial resurrected saints into his bride after the 1000 year reign is over.

Yes! That’s cuz after the 1000 year reign is over and New Jerusalem (the updated bride of Christ AND GOD THE FATHER) comes down to earth, the two parts of the God head, God the Father and Christ, will have COMBINED THEIR OFFICES INTO ONE. The “he” in Rev. 22:20 is both God the Father and Christ, testifying to the things in the book of Revelation. This means the church in Rev. 21:10 will have merged with the Old Testament saints, the tribulation saints and the millennial saints who died, into Christ’s bride and have married both God the Father and Jesus Christ.

The millennial saints (those righteous Gentiles who died during the millennium) are judged at the Great White Throne judgment first and rewarded according to their works as described in Rev. 20:11-15. I believe the Jewish millennial saints (will go to the Great White Throne judgment in transformed resurrection bodies to get rewards) and will also be judged and rewarded at the Great White Throne judgment. So just like the church couldn’t marry Christ until they were judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ in heaven beforehand, the millennial saints are judged at the Great White Throne judgment before they marry God the Father and Jesus as part of New Jerusalem (the bride). Being judged and rewarded is the equivalent of purification to prepare for the marriage to a holy God. The millennial saints are resurrected (if they died as a mortal during the millennium) or transformed (if they were a living righteous MORTAL Jew during the millennium). And, at the end of the millennium when they appear at the Great White Throne to be rewarded (Rev. 20:11-15), so they are the last of the saints who take part in the first resurrection. THE FIRST RESURRECTION ENDS AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT WHEN THE LAST OF THE RIGHTEOUS MILLENNIUM SAINTS ARE RESURRECTED TO BE THERE. Satan and his fallen angels are also judged at the Great White Throne judgment, because Satan goes to the Lake of Fire after this. It appears the only righteous ones at the Great White Throne judgment will be Gentile millennium saints who died or Jewish living mortal millennial saints who were transformed during the millennium and are resurrected or transformed to appear at the Great White Throne to get their rewards. The previous first resurrection took place at the end of the 7-year tribulation, involving Old Testament saints and tribulation saints, who were judged and rewarded at the end of the 7-year tribulation. The first resurrection before that, was the rapture of the church. The first resurrection before that, was at Christ’s ascension when some saints rose from the dead along with Christ. The first resurrection has many stages.

During the millennium, church saints in resurrection bodies, along with Old Testament saints in resurrection bodies and tribulation saints (those in resurrection bodies), reign with Christ during the 1000 year reign. The church saints reign as members of Christ’s bride, and the Old Testament and tribulation saints reign as bridesmaids (or honored guests at the wedding). My guess is that the saved tribulation mortal Jews in the Jewish nation will be serving God through Temple worship during the millennium and possibly reigning from inside of Israel. Israel will be the chief nation during the millennium. All nations have to go to Israel at least once a year to pay respect and honor. See Zechariah 14:16-19.

So, after the Great White Throne judgment and those resurrected from hell (hades) appear at the Great White Throne judgment (called the second resurrection in the Bible) – these are referring to the wicked dead from all ages. Hell will empty her inhabitants and throw them into the Lake of Fire. This means at this point, hell is gone. All the wicked join the Antichrist and the False Prophet in the Lake of Fire. The Antichrist and False Prophet get the honors to be the first in the Lake of Fire.

Now that the millennial saints have been rewarded at the Great White Throne, they join with the RESURRECTED Old Testament Saints, tribulation saints and millennial saints into Christ’s bride, the church and kind of remarry God the Father, like osmosis, into Christ’s bride, becoming both the bride of Jesus Christ AND God the Father! There is no ceremony for this, because it is a REMARRIAGE. God the Father has taken back his divorced wife, the Jewish nation. This is part of the reason that the animal sacrifices are reinstituted in the 1000 year reign, cuz the Jewish nation needs to make reparations for being an unfaithful wife, to purify herself for remarriage to God the Father. These sacrifices (read the latter third of Ezekiel) look back to the cross during the millennium as a remembrance, but also currently purify the Jewish nation before God the Father. These sacrifices are done for national Israel, to purify her as a nation before God the Father, to prepare her for remarriage to God the Father AND to Jesus.

This is cuz God the Father wants to live among his human creation, but can’t do so, until sin is purged. Jesus can live among the humans during the 1000 year reign, cuz the blood he shed on the cross covers the sins of those who reign with him and covers the millennial mortals. There won’t be a problem of sinful humans contaminating Jesus Christ’s presence during the millennium, cuz evil mortals are executed in the millennium and they go to hell. Christ rules like a benevolent dictator in the 1000 year reign. He’s described as ruling with a rod of iron. There won’t be any street riots (except at the end when Satan is loosed) during the millennium, cuz Christ is absolutely in charge and he just executes them. But God the Father requires a higher standard than Jesus, since he didn’t die on the cross, but Jesus did.

So, after the Great White Throne judgment, God the Father’s wife is ready for remarriage, and she is blended into Christ’s wife (the church) and BOTH the church and God the Father’s wife now live in New Jerusalem and JOINED TOGETHER come down as the bride of Christ AND God the Father. Once New Jerusalem comes down to earth, heaven is no longer needed cuz God the Father now lives on earth with his human creation! That’s why there is no Temple in eternity future (after the Great White Thone judgment). The Temple was needed for the animal sacrifices during the millennium to purify the Jewish nation for remarriage to God the Father. Once the Jewish nation has remarried God the Father, the Temple is no longer needed. And so, when New Jerusalem (the bride) comes down to earth (Rev. 21:11-14), with the combined wife of Christ and God the Father in it, heaven has disappeared and transferred itself to earth. This explains why you have both the 12 Jewish tribes and 12 apostles honored in New Jerusalem, see Rev. 21:11-14. If New Jerusalem, the bride, is described as being the 12 Jewish tribes, why do Christian theologians claim that the bride is ONLY THE CHURCH? No! AFTER THE 1000 YEAR REIGN, THE BRIDE is the church, plus the saved Jewish nation and all saints in resurrection bodies from all ages. Nobody can die after the Great White Throne judgment, so heaven and hell are no longer needed.

Okay, if saved Israel (including the 144,000 Jewish missionaries) exists during the 1000 year reign in enhanced mortal bodies, what happens to saved Israel AFTER THE 1000 YEAR REIGN? Well, they become part of Christ and God the Father’s bride in New Jerusalem, so my guess is they (the saved Jewish nation) are totally transformed into resurrection bodies after the Great White Throne judgment and become part of Christ and God the Father’s bride. The other saved mortals who enter eternity future from the millennium, came from the 7-year tribulation alive. These were saved tribulation mortal Gentiles (who entered the millennium in mortal bodies), and would go into eternity future in enhanced mortal bodies (incapable of sin or death), but who need to eat of the tree of life to stay in this enhanced perfect condition.

So what happens to the millennium mortals who never died during the millennium? Well, they are all righteous, cuz the unrighteous millennium mortals would have been executed. They (except for saved Israel) go into eternity future as enhanced mortals, who must eat of the tree of life to stay healthy and alive. I believe the Jewish nation in the millennium (all of them saved) will be transformed into immortal, resurrection bodies so they can remarry God the Father and Jesus. You have to be in a resurrection body to be married to God. Not sure why this is so. Perhaps it has something to do with divine semen.

My guess is the millennial Jews will be rewarded with resurrection bodies as a special honor given the Jewish nation, cuz I think that not one of them will rebel against Jesus in the millennium. This is kind of ironic since the only Jews who are saved during the tribulation are the 144,000. My guess is that the living Jews who are saved AFTER the tribulation (the 144,000 plus the remnant) will be of very high quality, cuz most of the Jewish nation rejected their Messiah before this high quality group emerged.. So this high quality breed produces a very righteous Jewish remnant during the millennium and they are diligent to teach their children (thus honoring Jewish law). Persecution tends to refine and purify us, so the millennium will start off with very high quality Jewish stock. In other words, Jesus will never have to execute any of the saved remnant of Jews (or their descendants) who enter the millennium, so he gives them the reward of an immortal body after the Great White Throne judgment. Read Rev. 22:1-2. None of the Jews go evil during the millennium, because they can never forget how Jesus rescued them from total annihilation at the end of the tribulation and they make sure to teach their children this!! The mortals in the millennium (who go into eternity future as mortals and must eat of the tree of life to maintain their perfection) come from the righteous Gentile mortals who survived the tribulation and their children. In the millennium you have a mix of mortals and immortals (those in resurrection bodies) living together on earth. During the millennium, the sun and moon will be 7 times brighter than now and earth will be like it was in the Garden of Eden.

I think Satan’s rebellion at the end of the millennium will center around a “beef” with God for showing “favoritism” to the Jewish nation. So those mortals who rebel at the end of the 1000 year reign will be furious at God/Jesus for showing what they perceive to be an unfair favoritism towards the Jews, and that’s why they attack Jerusalem (also the millennium’s capital city). See Rev. 20:9.

After the millennium, earth will be destroyed by fire and remade into an entirely different earth, with no more salt water (sea), because salt is corrosive. All bodies of water will be fresh water in eternity future after the 1000 year reign.

So why does God say in Rev. 22:11 that those who do evil should continue to do evil. In this verse he is talking about all the time before and after eternity future, when men had free will to choose to do evil. God is gloating that he is able to accomplish the marriage of resurrected humans to God the Father without taking from them their free will! Rev. 22:11 is a celebration of free will. Free will will never be removed. But somehow, after the Great White Throne judgment, men will still have free will but will be unable to sin. Not sure how God will pull this off, but he’s gloating about it, that explains Rev. 22:11. God is ecstatic that he is able to make love to his human race and live among them, because they CHOSE HIM OVER SATAN OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL.


Some feel that the only ones who die during the millennium are those executed by God, because of Isaiah, which says, “The child shall die an hundred years old, but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.” So some die during the millennium and, I feel, in most cases, those are the wicked. I think there will be some righteous who may die during the millennium, too. Perhaps they are murdered, poisoned or something. I think it’s rare though, because Christ is ruling with a rod of iron. How else can you explain that the bride of Christ in Revelation 19 is only the church, but the bride of Christ in Rev. 21 is both resurrected millennium saints as well as church saints? Like I said this is not something to split a church over. But that’s my opinion and I could be wrong. So, apparently, those who feel that only the wicked die during the millennium, feel that saved Israel during the millennium is in resurrection bodies. I’m not sure they are, cuz the 144,000 (all saved Jews in the tribulation) never die. The 144,000 are sealed throughout the tribulation and they never die. These Jews enter the millennium in improved mortal bodies (capable of living for a thousand years), along with the rest of the saved remnant of Israel who come to Christ right AFTER the tribulation’s over. Basically the Jewish nation’s decision to accept Jesus as their Messiah ENDS THE TRIBULATION. I will say this, I think it’s very rare for a righteous person to die in the millennium, but it probably does happen RARELY. My guess is these improved mortal millennial bodies stay young for a loooong time. And then, after the 1000 years are over, the new mortal bodies (among the saved millennial Gentiles) that go into eternity future never age because they have access to the tree of life which gives them eternal youth.

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