Laid Off From a Job? Trust Jesus. He Has a Plan.

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I listen to this guy cuz he’s intelligent and I like to hear all sides. I may not agree with all he says, but I respect his right to his opinion. He has thoroughly thought out his views, which I respect. I’m going to contact my men and see if they can help this guy out financially right now.

I have Facebook friends that adore Donald Trump and Facebook friends that hate him. I post from all sides, but prefer to remain neutral about him right now. I am on the ballot and that’s all I care to say. It’s cuz things are not as they seem and it’s better for me to just focus on my writing and my own Presidential campaign. If my laws are enforced, the wicked will be punished and the righteous will be vindicated. So I respect those who honor their own consciences and heart and respect your right to your views, but prefer to maintain a neutral stance for now, because things are not as they seem. Hopefully, if I am or become President, we can fix a lot of this mess. Loree McBride has created a complicated mess and it won’t be fixed overnight, unless we defeat her overnight. The best thing to do is to pray, find God’s will for your life and support me and my men as we strive to defeat Loree McBride. When she goes down, 95% of the stuff you’re hearing about in the news will be solved!! She’s behind most of this stuff.

However, I feel that the problems of mankind won’t end, even if everyone’s material needs are met, because the sin problem has to be solved. Until the sin problem is solved, when Jesus Christ comes back and sets up his kingdom, this world ain’t ever gonna get fixed. But since I’m a world leader, I do try to help out people with their needs, and so I have laws for the homeless and a great National Health Care Plan. I don’t worship capitalism like most Republicans do. On the other hand, I don’t think socialism is the cure to material problems either, cuz it doesn’t deal with crime effectively. My Conspiracy Law deals with crime and also deals with economic inequities, and so I feel the best form of government is a Constitutional Monarchy with a RIGHTEOUS LEADER like myself. The best form of government this world ever had was King David when he ruled the nation of Israel. That’s how I’m trying to lead.

I encourage this guy who lost his job to accept Jesus and trust Jesus to take care of him, if he’s reading this. Jesus has a plan for every life out there. He might even be able to get a job at Church of Gail. Contact my men at I’d work at the Church of Gail spaceship myself, except the Jesuits would vaporize me if I transported onto it. They are so obsessed with me, that my King David genetic profile would vaporize and never come back together, so I can’t live on Church of Gail, where they use Star Trek-like transporter technology to enter and leave the spaceship.

I post at Facebook and at Twitter from both the left and the right because neither side tells the whole truth. If my laws were enforced, Covid-19 would be treated like a regular flu season, so we wouldn’t have the recession we have now and people wouldn’t be losing their jobs cuz of this craziness. Also, I have a great policy for the homeless and a great National Health Care plan. Though Jesus did say that the economy would bounce right back. Not sure WHEN this will happen, though. Jesus can be mysterious sometimes. I wonder if it has to do with me being President.

The only accurate news source is Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). You know, if I wasn’t President or running for President, then I’d say things are pretty dire. But if I win and I think I have won, or will win, Jesus will use me to save the United States from a Loree McBride disaster. I listen to all sides, being the INFP that I am and then draw my own conclusions. Sometimes I will just post something to let the world know what appears to be happening, though if you don’t live in Florida, I encourage you to listen to 00 on cable (the only sane news source out there). I don’t believe Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) airs in Florida, in order to protect me cuz I live here.

I have learned to be content, as long as I have food and clothes and a place to sleep. I know Jesus will take care of me, as long as I take care of His business and do the Gail Commandments. I’ve been through a lot in my life and have learned that Jesus always has a plan. I mean I’ve lost jobs, filed for and been granted bankruptcy, been through a divorce, had health problems, and you name it. Jesus has used it all to grow me into who I am today. Some of the problems were my own doing and could have been prevented if I was wiser. But I did my best and Jesus always made a way. Some of the problems are just my life and being the King David woman and Satan’s no. 1 target for that reason. My strong faith in God has sustained me, just like God sustained my ancestor King David when Saul was going after him (boy can I relate!).

Loree McBride is my king Saul.

That demon-possessed woman obsesses over me 24/7, while trying to make ME look like the crazy, obsessed one. Never fear, God promised that I and my men would defeat her or the Jesuits. Yes, even this woman, who has Antichrist powers, so that when we execute her, she just laughs while her head bounces off her body and plops right back onto her neck. Yeah, this is literally a battle between Satan (Loree McBride) and Jesus (Gail Chord Schuler).

Jesus calls me His favorite.

I make sure to do the Gail Commandments and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME. I actually don’t know how I can afford my rent in six months. But guess what! Jesus told me to only pay my rent month to month, which means I’m probably moving! I have NO IDEA how Jesus is going to pull this off. But he will do it. I look at it this way, If Jesus tells me to do something, then he’s got it covered! I’m not worried. I have no doubt that the Jesus who communicates with me through my men is the real deal and, hey, Jesus can do ANYTHING. You might say, why doesn’t he just give you a million dollars and then you’d be set for life? Well, he chooses not to do that and I have to respect His decision. He’s actually done that for some people. I’m not going to argue with my creator. He’s a lot smarter than me!

I know lots of you are going through a lot. Just do the Gail Commandments and pray and ask Jesus for guidance. He has a plan for every life out there and if you accept Him as your Savior and follow him, he may not make you rich, but he won’t let you starve and he’ll take care of your needs. Jesus promises to take care of His children, if you obey him.

If you don’t know him, just say this prayer to become his child.

Good news is that I am on the ballot for, or am actually the U.S. President. I’m grateful God can use me at this time, to save the United States from Loree McBride. Apparently, I’m going to GET IT DONE. The way I lead is by delegating my authority through the law I’ve written. If my law’s enforced, my people are taken care of. I wish I could completely stop Loree McBride, but we haven’t defeated her yet. Until then, she will continue to cause pain and suffering. She was born into privilege and is not used to sacrificing financially for anything. She just had the celebrity lifestyle handed to her on a silver platter, basically by practicing very sophisticated identity theft using brain rape, rape, and all sorts of lying. The Jesuits created her in a cloning lab to go after me and ensure I would not become the powerful King David woman that I am today. She ain’t about to give up her “status” as the wife of the “celebrity” Brent Spiner, something she takes great pride in. She’s made an idol out of herself as the sex goddess, and the celebrity wife. Ironic, cuz the real Brent never became an actor for the fame or the money. It was a passion with him, so he despises Loree McBride, cuz all she cares about is the fame and the money. And she doesn’t care if she makes the whole world suffer while she maintains her celebrity reputation and lifestyle at the expense of those she steals from. The Brent Spiner clone is a total cuck and does whatever his boss “wife” tells him to do. Like Loree, he worships fame and money. Ironic, how he can have the body of Brent Spiner and be so totally opposite the real Brent in every way. Like the clone LOVES the fame and attention and the real Brent Spiner used to be a nervous wreck at Star Trek conventions. The clone is definitely not an INFJ, like the real Brent Spiner.

But it would be FAR WORSE if I wasn’t President or U.S. Empress. It would be like the tribulation in the book of Revelation, if not for me. In fact, I think God is using me to hold off the tribulation for now. Satan’s trying to speed it up.

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