Powerful, Filthy-Rich, Mafia Leader Loree McBride Probably BFF with Jeffrey Epstein

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Artistic representation based on a real photo I saw of Brent with Loree in 1996. Not happy with his stalker!!
Real Brent in photo, but it’s plainly photo shop.
REAL Brent photoshopped into a photo with Loree McBride

Epstein and Loree McBride were probably BFFs. Loree’s filthy rich from her Mafia-like network that steals from the rich and goes to her bank accounts, and she loves to rape, especially celebrity men. She may have murdered Epstein in his jail cell to ensure she would not be connected with him, so that her reputation would not be tarnished. This gal knows how to protect her reputation! She’s learned that rape pays, it even got her all of Brent Spiner’s money and the reputation as his “wife” using the Brent Spiner clone as her partner in crime.

Loree’s taken over Brent’s Malibu house, his bank accounts, his social media accounts and has committed first-class defamation, rape, identity theft using secret Jesuit technology that never gets reported on in mainstream news (which she controls).

This is the REAL Brent Spiner’s Twitter account that the Brent Spiner CLONE took down on Feb. 2, 2018, when I wished Brent a happy birthday on 2-2-18.
Loree McBride also took down ex-Jesuit leader Zack Knight’s Twitter, who defected from Satan’s side to my side. I have blocked both Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner clone (who has control of the real Brent’s official Twitter account) at Twitter, because I don’t want them to find an excuse to take down my Twitter as they have Brent Spiner and Zack Knight.
Looks like the real Brent got his Twitter back for ONE DAY on July 29, 2019, but Loree McBride quickly recouped and gave the real Brent’s Twitter back to the Brent Spiner clone by the next day. As you can see, the jokes were actually funny on this day. The Brent Spiner clone is too full of himself to be funny. You can tell the clone didn’t have Brent’s Twitter on July 29, 2019, cuz he didn’t take out the commentator who said, “Get Gail on the show!”

She’s the head of the evil Jesuits, who are basically the Deep State. Any one who gets in her way or is a threat is murdered. Jesus has protected me, but Loree’s tried very hard to kill me, but because I am a public figure now, and I’ve exposed her dirty butt, taking me down could take her down, so she has to discredit me first. Killing me is not an easy matter because my King David genetic profile is CLONE-PROOF, which means she can’t make a clone of me and pretend she didn’t murder me, like she’s done with others of her victims. She is constantly dropping bombs filled with deadly germs over my head though and I’d be a goner if I wasn’t taking my Seroquel and doing the Gail Commandments.

Loree’s latest lies claim she only came into Brent’s life around 2000, but she screamed at me on the phone in the 1990s and I read about her in a Houston Chronicle article written June 26, 1996 where she wrote a lying article allegedly written by Brent’s mother Sylvia claiming Brent had a big birthday bash for his “girlfriend Loree McBride”. This is how I found out about her, cuz I was living in Houston at the time. Brent tells me he wasn’t even invited to the party, but Loree stole his credit cards and used them to finance a lavish party she staged for herself.

Also, read the follow post by a fan, who wrote about Brent appearing with Loree McBride in Minneapolis, MN (JULY 1993) at a Star Trek convention and he was a NERVOUS WRECK. She was the very sharp California Blonde. When the Jesuits created Loree in a cloning lab, she was created to compete with me, so they made her a “looker”.

After Loree McBride drug raped Brent Spiner (Sept. 1992), she went to Paramount and told them he had sex with her. They ordered Brent to appear in public with Loree after this. To ensure Brent would comply, Loree also threatened to KILL ME, if Brent wouldn’t make public appearances with her.

Loree McBride embraces Marxism (under the guise of fighting racism), cuz she wants to outdo Stalin. Loree McBride is the biggest racist on the planet, if you won’t be her cuck, she feels she has the right to DESTROY YOU BY ANY AND ALL MEANS (murder, rape, theft, larceny, censorship, defamation, lie about you to create an excuse to kill you and be justified). In her eyes, if you aren’t a Loree McBride Jesuit or ACTUALLY A CRIMINAL, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS AT ALL, AND ONLY DESERVE DEATH AND TORTURE. If you oppose her band of criminals, she plans to WIPE YOU OUT and will appear like a Black Lives Matter hero doing so. When Loree’s finished with the world, criminals will be the world’s saviors and true humanitarians will be the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

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