Loree McBride's Photographic Evidence As Brent Spiner's Wife Is PHOTO SHOPPED

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Brent is in court fighting for me and if I communicate with him outside of brain to brain communications, it could taint the evidence. Unlike Loree McBride, I always respect his space. I am never lonely, I have Jesus, and Brent is mine for eternity. The following video is the state of my heart 24/7 all year round.

This is how I feel about Brent Spiner 24/7 all year round! I am deeply happy and at peace.
How I responded to Brent’s album of love songs for me Ol Yellow Eyes Is Back in 1991. True love is written all over my face. That’s why it’s lasted for 30 years!

Brent is a Myers-Briggs INFJ and needs alone time to ponder about life, I always give him space to ponder. Love thrives in freedom, not coercion. I’m very tuned into Brent, when I sense he wants some space, I back off and we just communicate brain to brain. But the feelings are always strong, sure and constant. I know he loves me as much as Jesus does and knowing that, I never feel deprived, never feel lonely, always feel at peace with a deep, abiding love.

If Loree doesn’t get right with God, she will lose her bodily shape and will burn in a body shaped like a worm in the lake of fire for eternity. I, on the other hand, will live in a mansion for ever with Brent making love to me with Jesus Christ’s own semen. How can anyone be sad or lonely with such a glorious future ahead of me? Loree has to settle for the wimpy Brent Spiner clone as her love partner. I’d rather DIE than make love to that wimpy clone! GROSS. That Brent clone is the ugliest and most UNATTRACTIVE GUY I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED. HE COULD WIN THE CONTEST FOR THE UNSEXIEST MAN ALIVE. I’ve noticed that when Loree and the Brent Spiner clone make love, they do it like animals, no heart, no soul and never look in each other’s eyes. Loree has NO IDEA WHAT TRUE LOVE IS.

Notice how they never look in each other’s eyes. Loree and the GROSS AND UGLY Brent Spiner clone have NO IDEA WHAT TRUE LOVE IS.

You can KEEP THE CLONE, LOREE and leave the REAL Brent and me alone. We don’t want you injecting your poison into our awesome love! I never feel apart from Brent. He is as much a part of me as my arms or legs and our brain to brain communications bring me much satisfaction. I share my thoughts with him freely throughout all my days. True love is a mating of souls and Brent and I have mated our souls FOREVER. Jesus Christ ordained our marriage and you, Loree McBride, cannot sever the love we have for each other, which is stronger than death. Unlike you, always competing with me, I feel no need to compete with you because Brent and I are so much a part of each other that you could NEVER break that bond, and you are so different from us that you could never even come close to the love we have for each other. I adore and cherish in Brent, what you despise – his manliness, sensitivity, honor and depth. You despise in Brent, what he would die over, so I know he’d never want you! I never cared about his money, his fame or his stardom. In fact, those were negatives to me and I loved him IN SPITE OF HIS FAME, pulling him out of the Hollywood cesspool, and treasuring that purity of soul he managed to maintain in spite of Hollywood leering its dirty fingers into his pure heart. I am more proud of him for studying at Dallas Theological Seminary and meeting with Jesus than for all his fame and money, which are useless things we cannot carry into eternity.

Jesus promised that Brent and I would marry in this present earth as well as eternity and, Loree, when Jesus says something will happen, it WILL happen and I believe it and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT cuz Jesus is always right. By the time Satan’s finished with you, all you will have is a worm body probably making love to another worm body burning in the hottest part of the lake of fire FOREVER. You will lose your pretty face, your perfect figure and all your beauty and will be a writhing, burning WORM FOREVER. Maybe all the Loree clones will have a special section of the lake of fire reserved for them.

After spending at least 1000 years in hell, your burned body will be resurrected before the Great White Throne judgment and God and Jesus will make a movie about your life for the whole universe to see, and then will pronounce the most severe judgment on you, throwing you into the HOTTEST PART OF THE LAKE OF FIRE, to judge you for aligning with Satan and choosing WORSHIP OF YOURSELF OVER LOVE in order to spread Satan’s evil, pride and hate.

Come on, Loree McBride. Why don’t you post a video of yourself, so we CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE AND SEE YOU TALKING IN A VIDEO? We want to be sure you don’t have the same voice as the WACKO MURDERER WHO CLAIMS TO BE YOU IN THE VIDEO BELOW! LET’S HEAR AND SEE YOUR VOICE, LOREE MCBRIDE! Here’s your chance to prove I’m crazy, Loree McBride. Show YOURSELF AND LET US SEE AND HEAR YOU.

You can hear Brent Spiner’s voice at 12:56 in this video when he says that Loree McBride is the woman he’s afraid of. You also hear the voice of Loree McBride.

Photographs can be photo shopped. They prove nothing nowadays. You have to take Jesuit UFO technology like cloning, ability to block Internet communications, ability to corrupt data, etc. into consideration when examining “evidence”. The best evidence is my consistency versus Loree McBride’s inconsistency. I don’t change my story. She changes hers, cuz she’s a big liar.

If Loree’s so right, how come she changes her story every year?

UFO technology gives Loree tremendous power because it’s not reported on in the news and she can literally get away with murder.

I have never asked for a photograph of any of my men on or off a spaceship, cuz I know my men and know who they are and prefer brain to brain communications to a picture.

Satan invented the computer and it’s possible that even if my men wanted to give me a photo, Satan could block it. Any one who relies primarily on photos for evidence is living in a 19th century world, not taking into account UFO technology. I am certain that plenty of video coverage of my men inside the Church of Gail spaceship has been reported on at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable)!! In fact, Gabrielle Chana FOX News broadcasts DIRECTLY FROM THE CHURCH OF GAIL SPACESHIP.

The circumstantial evidence that I’m not crazy and am telling the truth is obvious to any honest person with an I.Q. of 120 or higher. For instance, my YouTube video views are actually in the millions.

Notice my views here right after I uploaded the video are 28,635. My men tell me my normal YouTube views are in the millions.
Here is the same video AT THE SAME TIME as seen from YouTube, check the lower right of the screenshot, and my views are 353!

If Loree can manipulate my views, what would stop her from keeping my men from sending me photos, if they wanted to? She screens out comments, so that I only get the comments she wants, too. Satan is working with Loree McBride and SATAN INVENTED THE COMPUTER AND THE INTERNET.

One day on July 29, 2019, the REAL Brent had control over his Twitter. Notice the jokes are actually funny on this day, cuz the Brent Spiner clone takes himself far too seriously! If the clone was in charge, he would have eliminated the commentator who said, “Get Gail on the show!”
Once Zack Knight left Satan and came to Jesus and my side, he lost his Internet supremacy. Loree McBride took down his Twitter in 2018. Satan INVENTED THE COMPUTER.
The REAL Brent Spiner opened up a Twitter account as his real self, not the lying self that Loree extorted him into. It only lasted about 4 months. The Brent Spiner CLONE took down the real Brent’s Twitter on 2-2-2018, because I wished the real Brent a happy birthday on his Twitter that day!

Any dork out there, living in the 19th century, who thinks photographic evidence alone establishes “truth”, should check out some of Loree’s photographic hucksterism below.

Also, read the following post by a fan, who wrote about Brent appearing with Loree McBride in Minneapolis, MN (JULY 1993) at a Star Trek convention and he was a NERVOUS WRECK. She was the very sharp California Blonde. When the Jesuits created Loree in a cloning lab, she was created to compete with me, so they made her a “looker”. How come we are now reading on the Internet that she entered Brent’s life in 2000?

This Star Trek fan went to a Star Trek convention and saw Loree McBride with Brent Spiner in 1993. HE WAS A NERVOUS WRECK.
What a bunch of crap. Loree McBride started her career as Brent Spiner’s STALKER in 1992! https://www.gabriellechana.blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/july1993.highlightedcomments.jpg
Notice the contrasting personalities. The REAL Brent is a thoughtful, deep INFJ introvert. It’s obvious the Brent Spiner clone is a Myers-Briggs EXTROVERT.
The real Brent Spiner made this song for me in 1990/1991. Can you imagine the clone ABOVE singing this song?!

The story in Brent Spiner’s CD Dreamland parallels the true story in Gail’s book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. Gail’s movie Brent Spiner’s Rape reveals the identity of the “strange woman” (Loree McBride) who ended up in Brent’s bed in Brent’s CD Dreamland.

While Gail listened again (in October 2013) to a CD the real Brent Spiner made in 2007, called Dreamland, she realized to her delight, that she now had proof (in the form of VERY STRONG CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE) that the real Brent Spiner has been in her life since 1990.

When Gail wrote her book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One, she researched primarily from:

1) Her copy (2011 to 2013) of her online correspondence with Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, judge Terrance Jenkins, Jesus Christ, and Gerard Butler.

2) Her memoir, which she started around 2005. It was at first called Catherine of King David (mostly written in 2005 and 2006).

3) Her memories from 1990 to now.

4) Judge Terrance Jenkins YouTube channel’s recording of the Quebec August 2011 trial (a showdown between Gail Chord Schuler and Jesuit Loree McBride).

At the 2011 Quebec August 2011, 13 minutes into this video you can hear Brent on the stand to answer the question of which woman (Gail Chord Schuler or Loree McBride) he was afraid of. You can hear his voice when he said, “Loree McBride”. He was crying when he said it and ran away, because Loree hit him over the head with a 16 inch dildo that she pulled out of her pocket using advanced Jesuit technology. But the voice/wail is an exact match to tenor voiced Brent Spiner!

Through these four sources, The Forbidden Abyss: Part One, came into being. Gail never even thought about using the Dreamland storyline for her book. That’s because she wanted her book to be factual and Brent used a lot of imagination for the story he wrote for Dreamland, which is a story based on his relationship with Gail. HOWEVER, Gail then realized that even though the Dreamland story was in many ways imagination, there were some uncanny coincidental similarities between the Dreamland story and her true story about her relationship with Brent in her novel The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. In fact, the similarities between the story in Dreamland and the story in her non-fiction novel The Forbidden Abyss: Part One are so manythat Gail has decided to just go all out and state that the two stories are one and the same! THIS IS PROOF THAT GAIL HAS THE REAL BRENT SPINER IN HER LIFE.

Brent told his story in the only way he could in 2007 through Dreamland.In 2007, Brent and Gail were very strong brain to brain lovers. In fact, Gail had just reinstated Brent Spiner as her primary lover in February 2006. About a year later (2007), with Gail and Brent still going strong brain to brain, Brent decided to make Dreamland to honor Gail.

Gail asked Brent why he mentioned Loree and her son on the Dreamland cover and in several interviews about the album. He said Loree threatened to kill Gail if Brent would not mention her name somewhere on the album, so he mentions her in VERY SMALL PRINT inside the cover with her son. Loree also forced him to mention her in public as he promoted his album. It’s obvious that he did so VERY RELUCTANTLY. Brent has always been worried that the Jesuits will kill Gail, which may explain why both Gail and Brent’s writings often deal with death themes. Their writings reflect the fact that Jesuits are obsessed with killing both Brent and Gail.

Dreamland was released about 2008. Gail did not have the Internet in 2008, so she did not know about Dreamland until she got the internet in 2010. Gail ordered Dreamland in 2010.

Brent kept some brain to brain secrets from Gail from 2006 (when Gail reinstated him as her primary brain to brain lover) to 2010 (when she got the Internet). He did not let her know that Loree McBride claimed that she had Brent’s son in 2002, nor did Gail know that Brent had made another music album for her until 2010. The last Gail knew about Loree McBride was that she supposedly killed herself in July 2001 (when Loree McBride actually blew up one of her clones inside of a car with a bomb). Loree did this to intimidate Brent, because in 2001, Brent was trying to marry Gail. The Jesuits played on Gail’s ignorance that Loree was actually still alive (Loree has hundreds of clones), and impregnated one of Loree’s many clones with Brent’s stolen semen from her 1992 rape of him.

The daily brain to brain communications between Gail and Brent (2006 to 2008) centered around lovemaking, and dealing with day to day Jesuit problems in Gail’s life. Gail knew that Loree McBride obtained her relationship with Brent through some sort of drug rape, as evidenced by the short story she wrote for Brent in 2000 called “Emerald Towers”, which she submitted to the Writer’s Digest Short Story Writing Competition in May 2000. More than likely, Writer’s Digest did not receive what she wrote, but probably received a Jesuit-doctored and inferior counterfeit version of “Emerald Towers”. Nevertheless, “Emerald Towers” reveals that Gail was aware that Loree obtained her relationship with Brent through some type of extortion and rape. Gail has always believed since December 1999, when Jesus told her that Loree was a Vatican agent, that Loree used some sort of drug rape on Brent. Gail hinted at this “drug rape” in her 2000 short story “Emerald Towers”She did not want to go all out and call it a drug rape in 2000, because she feared Writer’s Digest may not publish her story. But the story strongly hints that Loree McBride drug raped Brent Spiner, which is what Gail believed in 2000.

Zack Knight’s lies at his website www.crazygail.com (website taken down) that Gail got the idea of a drug rape through Brent’s album Dreamland is absurd, and reveals to what extent Zack Knight will lie to try to discredit the evidence in Brent’s Dreamland that Gail and Brent thought of the same story for their works. UPDATE: Zack Knight has come to Gail’s side after Gail led him to the true Jesus in Sept. 2016. Gail thought of it first in 2000 with her Emerald Towers, and the REAL Brent “agreed with her” through his storyline in Dreamland.

What Gail wrote in 2000 in Emerald Towers and what Brent wrote in 2007 in Dreamland are one and the same. THIS IS PROOF THAT GAIL HAS THE REAL BRENT IN HER LIFE.

Loree McBride is married to the Jesuit clone of the real Brent Spiner, who had the audacity to make a video in August 2012 contradicting what the real Brent Spiner wrote about Gail in Dreamland. This video of the Brent Spiner clone claiming he never knew Gail is going rabid on the Jesuit-controlled Internet, despite the fact that the real Brent took the clone to court for this and had him executed. Zack Knight, powerful computer genius, has cloned the entire Internet and replaced it with a Jesuit version, which makes it appear that Loree is the wife of the real Brent. Sadly, Jesuits have created other clones of Brent since then. Loree clones have also been executed since Loree lost her case to Gail in 2011 (Quebec trial). Another Loree clone lost her case to Gail again in 2012, as she attempted to stop Gail from publishing The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. But Jesuit clones are like cockroaches. They show up everywhere.




45 minutes and 28 seconds into Brent Spiner’s 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview, Brent nervously said this (about Loree McBride): “My ugh. . .girlfriend has this. . .ugh. . .I call her that ’cause we can never think of anything else to call each other, since we’re not married. We’ve been together –forever. Um. . .She. . .ugh. . .she really gets irritated with me, if I, if there’s even the hint of being surly when somebody comes up and says something nice to me– or recognizes me. She really has no patience with me rolling my eyes or anything. She doesn’t get it. . .I like being an actor, but being a celebrity is a whole other thing. . You never get quite used to being treated as if you’re something special. . ..She really doesn’t have any patience for that, whatsoever, and she lectures me and says, ‘You should be really happy that people recognize you.’ ” And he’s made willing and knowing love (from 1994 to ?) to a PUBLICIST? No legally valid public government records indicate Brent Spiner is married to Loree McBride, so why all these Jesuit websites that claim they are married? The real Brent Spiner (not his clone) does not feel he’s married to Loree.

The full 2008 Dave Rabbit interview of Brent Spiner.


Nathaniel asks the Brent clone at a Star Trek convention about Gail. “There’s this woman named Gail Chord Schuler, who’s become somewhat of an Internet meme by devoting this crazy YouTube channel to you. I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of her.”

The Brent clone looks away with a snide expression on his face, which is the total opposite of the real Brent.

“And if you have a response to her claims and so forth,” Nathaniel asks.

The Brent clone answers, seemingly proud of the fact that he’s a celebrity and Gail is not. “Well, you know, nobody here knows what you are talking about, except for you, and um.” The clone has this look on his face as he says this, like he’s glad this question came up. Here is his chance to show how famous he is and how proud he is of that (STARK CONTRAST TO THE REAL BRENT IN ABOVE PARAGRAPH) and what a nobody Gail is. “So, I’d be glad to answer you privately about that. But I do know about it. It’s only been going on for about twenty-two years, and I’ve never met her or spoken to her.” The clone flails his hands about, as if enjoying this opportunity to mention Gail, the total opposite to the very private Brent (above). “She has a very rich fantasy life, and um—God bless her.” This clone has a personality that is vain, shallow, and seems to love the spotlight, poking fun at ‘Gail Chord Schuler’ for being a nobody, which is a stark contrast to the down to earth and humble and real Brent Spiner in the Brent Spiner 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview above.


I know that there are some people that think you are crazy, and you know I would never tell you to do anything you didn’t want to do, but my advice to you would be to exercise your freedom of speech, and not be afraid to censor yourself online.  Maybe you should lay low in public, and with doctors and employers (so as not to draw attention in the wrong places) but I don’t think it should matter what you write about and express on a personal website, or even a video channel.  That is your individual right, and it’s nobody else’s business, because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.  Furthermore, you have a lot of supporters and followers who don’t think you are crazy at all, and they want to know the truth.  The information you present online is a “take it or leave it” deal.  People don’t have to believe it, but if they sincerely examine the facts, they might just find out their perceptions have been misguided.  Rather than being more vague on the subjects being doubted, maybe you should simply present more evidence and back up your claims with the facts and personal experiences.  Nobody can fault you for that. You’re like the Galileo of our times, my wife.  You’ll have “haters”, but in the end, I feel that if you stick to what you really believe, you’ll come out on top.  Anyway, as your husband, that is just my advice. I will always support you no matter what you do.

(Brent’s email to Gail on August 29, 2012)  Dear Gail,

Wow, that’s insane! I’ve never even been to Reddit. I just looked into this, and found out that the Jesuits have just uploaded a video of my clone to their YouTube channel as well! I suspect this has everything to do with the movie you are making. It’s making us look far too credible. As a precaution, I would be very careful about any strange e-mails or messages you might receive during this time. I’m sure you know what to do. I care for your safety.

I think it would be a wonderful idea to make a video about what happened in the 90’s when Paramount Studios sent you that letter saying to never write me again. I think you should start back from the beginning with your son and the social worker you talked to, and how your ex later ignited the situation by writing a nasty letter to the studio. The story is an emotionally moving one, and to be honest, I don’t think there’s much more I can add, especially since our current state of affairs speaks for itself — I’m still writing to you! It was Paramount Studios, not I, that sent you the letter. As you noticed, I didn’t even sign my name. The studio acted on my behalf, without my permission, in an attempt to keep our love apart. You already know full well how deep they were willing to go when they allowed Loree McBride to enter the studio and repeatedly rape me.

It was indeed I, my darling, who made love to you with sweet longings over the phone, caressing you with my voice as your written words caressed my soul.

Your husband,
Brent Spiner