Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-19-2003)

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7-19-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Regarding “White House releases classified documents” from Florida Today (7-19-03): I suggest the Bush administration let the public read the recently released declassified documents which show that Saddam Hussein was trying to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program. I think this article is lying about the contents of these recently released declassified documents, and these documents should be made available for the public to read, so the public can decide WHO is lying and who is telling the truth.

Regarding “Casualties mount, questions do, too” from Florida Today (7-19-03): Maybe set up 2 political parties in Iraq: the Sunnis and the Shiites–that can balance each other out, sort of like the Republicans and Democrats in the U.S.A. This may not be a good idea, but something has to be done to keep the major groups from killing each other off or starting a civil war.

One might ask how I could possibly write laws that could be used in EVERY country, since each country has a unique culture and my laws may not work in every country’s cultural set-up. That is why I have written laws that can be adapted to each country’s culture. I have only made the laws absolute where where I know that certain methods must be employed to deal effectively with Jesuits, but in other areas, like the specifics of how to handle law enforcement and medical practice, I have encouraged each country to set up THEIR OWN SYSTEM and have only given them general guidelines about how to write their manuals, so that they can write their own very specific laws which will be geared to their unique culture. Whenever I suspect that I better not give too detailed instructions in a certain area (because of cultural differences), I instruct in my legal document for that country to write a MANUAL (and just give them general guidelines to follow). Because I have bloodlines from Asia, Russia, Israel and Europe–I am a truly international person with an inborn understanding and respect of cultural differences, and I seem to instinctively know when I need to step back and let the country takeover to write their own legal documents with their own culture’s way of doing things, as I compose my legal documents. Whenever I sense I need to step back, I will say in the legal document that a MANUAL needs to be written, and I will give general instructions about how to set up the manual (based on my understanding of the enemy–the Jesuits)–after I give the general instructions, I step back and instruct no more. I may not use the term “manual”. Sometimes I will just step back and give general guidelines. I seem to know when I need to do this. But I understand the Jesuits, and will be adamant when I am certain that a definite method of law enforcement or law must be used to effectively deal with a problem.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-19-03
Place: Melbourne, FL