Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-29-2003)

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7-29-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I think I just figured out another one of the Jesuits’ technological feats. I believe they use satellite (space) technology in combination with 666-Computer technology to chemically alter objects. For instance, I recall in Tallahassee that there were mysterious spots all over my carpet and I rarely wore shoes on my carpet. I wrote in my statements that I thought these spots were caused by someone crawling underneath my apartment and inserting some sort of needle from below (which injected a smutty substance onto my carpet). Now that I am more aware of the type of technology the Jesuits employ, I don’t believe they used needle injections to create these spots in my Tallahassee apartment’s carpet. I believe they used satellite technology (in combination with 666-Computer technology) to direct some sort of targeting ray onto the spots in the carpet (and this ray somehow CHEMICALLY ALTERED THE TARGETED AREA OF CARPET to make the targeted area look like a dirt or smudge spot). I believe their motive for doing this was to make me look like a slob. To chemically alter an object means to change the chemical composition of the object so that IT BECOMES ANOTHER SUBSTANCE. We know the Jesuits work on a very microscopic level, using groundbreaking technology which employs recombinations of molecules and genes (in living objects). This is how they use the 666-Computer so effectively.

Using similar technology, they may be able to produce counterfeit money or letters (by replicating ink or messing with the chemical composition of ink or lead [for pencil]). 666-Computer technology in combination with space technology would allow Jesuits to be MASTER COUNTERFEITERS, because they can replicate (on a MOLECULAR level) the object they want to counterfeit. This may explain some of the weird happenings that occured to me with Pastor Couey’s references for the Brevard Co. School District and how it appeared the Jesuits could SO EXACTLY replicate his signature and writing on (creating COUNTERFEITs of what Pastor Couey wrote)–they used their groundbreaking 666-Computer technology (and possibly their space technology) to accomplish this.

They may have used this type of technology to cause some of my glass dishes to explode and shatter into pieces when I used the microwave (in my Tallahassee apartment). This happened on several occasions. The microwave might have been a RED HERRING to lead me down a false trail. It’s possible the microwave HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REAL TECHNOLOGY WHICH THEY EMPLOYED TO CAUSE THE GLASS DISHES TO EXPLODE.

Also underneath my apartment in Tallahassee, I believe they used their space technology (in combination with 666-Computer technology) to possibly change the chemical composition of the foundations which supported the apartment, so that there were strange bumps underneath my carpet (where it appeared that the floor was raised and swollen underneath the carpet). Some of these bumps appeared under the tub in my shower, so that when I took a shower I noticed the bathtub felt uneven beneath my feet). I believe they accomplished (this swelling of the floor underneath the tub and carpet in my apartment) by the use of satellite technology (which altered the chemical composition of the foundations [possibly] underneath the tub and/or floor). They may have used satellite technology to cut slits into my kitchen floor as well as to remove sections of the wall or boards near the floor (because all this happened AFTER I moved into this apartment and I know that I did not do this damage–and I never had visitors who did this damage, since I rarely had visitors).

It appeared that there was damage to the roof of the apartment (as well) that happened after I moved in. I believe this was also caused by chemically altering the composition of something in the roof. I saw a new crack in the roof/ceiling above my bed.

Also, I believe they used space technology to create holes in the walls (possibly by chemically altering the composition of targeted sections of the wall), to make it easier (possibly) for insects (like roaches, mosquitoes, etc.) to enter the apartment.

This may have been how they caused my refrigerator to inadequately cool my food for several days, so that I had to throw out a bunch of food, or maybe they DIRECTLY TARGETED THE FOOD AND ALTERED ITS CHEMICAL COMPOSITION, using space technology.

As a result of figuring this out, I have given a more detailed definition of TARGETING in my RCL:ST document. To be able to chemically alter substances and objects with space technology would give the Jesuits a lot of room for mischief, so I wanted to make sure that I mentioned that to CHEMICALLY ALTER a substance in order to harm or kill people or to draw attention to a conspiracy is a crime worthy of the death penalty. Please read how I elaborated on this, by modifications I made to my definition of TARGET in my Russian Criminal Law: Space Technology document.

This may be the technology the Jesuits employed to CRASH THE COLUMBIA shuttle and/or to crash jets and planes and to cause railroad tracks to malfunction so that we have strange train crashes. The possibilities for this type of technology (where you can change a substance from one to another by REARRANGING MOLECULES) is endless and gives the Jesuits MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR MISCHIEF.

I figured this out (all by myself) when I looked at a Haines City map (I have) and noticed that an ink mark looked a lot more faded than the original ink mark. And I asked myself how this could be accomplished and that’s how I figured out some of the other strange happenings that have occurred to me over the past several years, especially in the last year. NOBODY HELPED ME FIGURE THIS OUT ABOUT THE ABILITY TO USE SPACE TECHNOLOGY TO CHEMICALLY ALTER SUBSTANCES AND OBJECTS. I figured this out ALL BY MYSELF.

It’s possible the Jesuits may have used space technology to chemically alter the building materials and/or foundations of the World Trade Towers (in order to “prep” these buildings for 9-11-01), so that it could be guaranteed that these towers would FALL when the jets hit them at precise points.

They may use this type of technology to CHEMICALLY ALTER CORPSES as well. You can see the ramifications for this. It would make it much harder to determine the CAUSE OF DEATH in corpses.

Time is 8 p.m. As I pack my boxes to move to Haines City, there have been a lot of rings on the phone, where the phone rings 2 or 3 times and then whoever it is, hangs up. These calls are all suspicious. Trace these callers and put them under 666-Computer surveillance. I started packing around 7 p.m. and there have been (so far) 2 callers like this.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-29-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-29-03
Place: Melbourne, FL