Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-21-2003)

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8-21-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

The Jesuits are using several xxxxx (about 20 or 30) from xxxxx to try to ruin my chances of marrying Vladimir Putin. The clever Jesuits know that Vladimir’s latest strategy is to possibly have me go to Russia as a missionary and to acquire me that way, so their goal is to make it appear that this church (Landmark Baptist Church) would never (under normal circumstances) send someone like me out to the mission field. And that this church MUST BE RECEIVING HUGE MONEY FROM PUTIN TO “PUT UP” WITH ME AND CONSIDER ME AS A POSSIBLE MISSIONARY TO RUSSIA.

I’d like to remind people that my major was missions at the Christian university I attended. And I am a spiritual person, though the Jesuits have successfully ruined my outward reputation (one of their key strategies IS TO RUIN SOMEONE’S REPUTION, when they want to ruin someone’s ministry for the Lord). Also, I had the courage to let the world know the CURE TO THE AIDS VIRUS, even though I knew (at the time) that this may ruin my chances to be with Vladimir Putin. I did this because IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. When I revealed the cure to AIDS (through my statements), I also revealed my love for the poor Africans who suffer under this illness and my love for the black people (that I was willing to help them at the expense of my personal life). I knew the Jesuits would create the SARS incidents and other incidents to make Putin appear TO BE a MEDICAL MONSTER (to shift the blame for their AIDS monstrosity onto Putin), and I knew when this happened, that I may lose Putin as a husband, but I had the courage to reveal the cure to AIDS because I loved those who suffered under this terrible illness (including the Africans). I AM PROBABLY THE BEST FRIEND THE BLACK RACE HAS. Any black person who helps out Jesuits, BETRAYS HIS OWN PEOPLE, because the Jesuits created the AIDS virus!! And look what AIDS HAS DONE IN AFRICA.

I MUST BE SPIRITUAL BECAUSE GOD SHOWED ME THE CURE TO AIDS AS I READ THE KING JAMES BIBLE. God showed me the cure through the words of the King James Bible when I prayed and asked Him for the cure to AIDS.

But the Jesuits tried to use this against me and attempted to shift the blame to Putin (for their AIDS monstrosity), so while I helped the Africans, I hurt my own chances of marrying Putin, because as a result of revealing the AIDS cure, the Jesuits intensified their efforts to create the PUTIN MEDICAL MONSTER (Laci Peterson case and the pregnancy conspiracies, SARS, etc.) The Jesuits’ current strategies for ruining Vladimir’s plans to marry me are:

1) Ruin my reputation, make me appear like a slut (by using satellite technology on my clothes to cause buttons over my bra to come loose or to make some of my sheer clothes extra sheer so that even when I wear layers to cover the outline of my bra, my bra can still be seen through several layers of clothes). Also, they use satellite technology on my mattress to make me so exhausted that, hopefully, I will make serious mistakes in dealing with students and, hopefully, with these mistakes will make it impossible for Vladimir to use the “missionary” method to acquire me.

2) I already know the first names of several xxxxx who are Jesuit agents: Raquel, Carlos and Luis, Ryan Simpkins in xxxxxx along with several others whose names I can’t remember, but who are in a lesser manner trying to help out the Jesuits. Also, some black guy named David in xxxxx. The Jesuits are trying to frame me as a hater of blacks and Hispanics, so they are especially concentrating their efforts to bribe the black and Hispanic families to allow their black and Hispanic xxxxx to become “problems” xxxxx SO THAT THE ONLY WAY THE xxxxx COULD REALLY KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED xxxxx would be if the xxxxx was part of Putins’ 666-Computer conspiracy and could read the minds of all the students in the classroom when the incident happened.

The Jesuits are trying to draw attention to the 666-Computer (as they create incidents in xxxxxx) which are designed to prevent my marriage to Vladimir Putin. They have also infiltrated some of the xxxxxxx who work at Landmark and, as usual, have obtained excellent cooperation from WITHIN the organization (Landmark Baptist Church) which they perceive opposes Jesuit goals.

Carlos, Racquel, Luis, David, and all those involved (directly or indirectly) in causing any incidents in xxxxxxx (especially any incidents that make me appear like a black or Hispanic hater or that draw attention to the 666-Computer) (I’m on videotape in xxxxxx) should be put under extreme 666-Computer surveillance. And the punishments (as mentioned in my laws) need to be meted out.

Putin had the courage to attempt to wrest away from the Jesuits their 666-Computer control over my body. He currently is attempting to monitor the 666-Computer usage over me with his PLPs (those many of these have betrayed Putin and he is having a hard time finding loyalty in the medical profession–apparently doctors are very greedy). But because Putin has hired his own doctors to monitor the 666-Computer in its control over me, I consider him my friend and am grateful for his courage in doing this. He risked my death when he did this because it really made the Jesuits mad, and the Jesuits tried to kill me with their 666-Computer as he attempted to wrest control AWAY from the Jesuits (with their 666-Computer control of my body). I am better off now that I am under Putin’s care (with the 666-Computer)–I can tell. Though the Jesuits have attempted to wrest control of the 666-Computer (over me) AWAY from Putin–because when Putin took this away from them, they were FURIOUS.

XXXX–G.S. (8-21-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (8-21-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (8-21-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (8-21-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-21-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL