Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-4-2003)

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8-4-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I had a dream around 2 a.m. as I slept about President George Bush and his wife Laura. I dreamed that I met them and spoke with them and I think we were going somewhere together. I believe the Jesuits used the 666-Computer to orchestrate this dream to me. This is the 1st time I had a dream like this, which is strange, since I rarely think about Pres. Bush, except when I see he and his wife on the news.

I also had an obscene dream about a penis and semen around 3 a.m. This was a strange dream and the focus of the dream was on the semen. This could be a Jesuit attempt to draw attention to their reproductive conspiracies or to all sorts of things. I know Vladimir would not want his PLPs to send me this type of dream because it is a very stupid thing to do (from a legal standpoint). I woke up after I had this “semen” dream, so I am somewhat tired right now (time now is 6:25 a.m.).

It appears Vladimir is having major problems getting his PLPs to obey his instructions. The PLPs who operate the 666-Computer (which controls my brain) have been very disobedient in the past week. Apparently, the Jesuits instructed these PLPs to act like they were obedient until this past week, so the disobedience (this week) was timed by the Jesuits.

Regarding this new terror warning from Al-Qaeda. The Jesuits are behind this. Since they are losing control over their 666-Computer, they are trying another approach to instill terror and control over people, probably planning some sort of mass destruction. That’s why on Saturday (I believe) the Jesuits orchestrated a major killing (at least 44, the Ledger said, were killed) in Chechnya.

Joshua 21:11–(1) And (2) they (3) gave (4) them (5) the (6) CITY 6 is a negative number associated with a CITY of (8) Arba (Brent Spiner and Russia? Notice the R sound in Arba) (9) the (10) FATHER (11) of (12) Anak (Anak seems to symbolize a Russian President who is very scary–like Anak–these giants caused Israel to sin and wander for 40 years–this evil President comes after Putin who claims Putin as his idol or FATHER–but this Anak really serves Satan) (13) which (14) CITY here is another city, which is associated with Christ’s royal line (#14). God seems to hint here that Russia, under Putin, honors God– but that a Russia that will come after Putin, will be evil, like Anak and the #6 is (16) HEBRON, (17) in (18) the (19) HILL (my current administrator’s last name is HILL) (20) country (21) of (22) JUDAH, (23) with (24) the (25) SUBURBS the U.S.–25–is involved with a RIGHTEOUS RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT THAT HONORS A DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID from the tribe of Judah–22. Suburbs indicates that not only will this descendant of Judah claim the 9 cities west of the Urals, but THEIR SUBURBS–which means ALL OF RUSSIA WEST OF THE URALS. thereof (27) Round R for Russia–notice the association with the marriage number–27. Russia is married to the descendant from David’s Hebron about (29) it.

TOTAL of 45 verses in Joshua 21. I am now 45 years old. The 45th verse has 22 words and the NEXT CHAPTER IS 22. The last words of this chapter are: “ALL CAME TO PASS”. Seems to insinuate God will honor all His promises to Israel. Notice there are a total of 48 cities given to the Levites in this chapter (see verse 41). Israel was founded in 1948.

Interesting note: I believe that HaDADrimmon (Rimmon–a Russia married–mm–to a descendent of David of Hebron–notice Hebron rhymes with Rimmon–however someone who claims to honor Putin [who worships Putin like a DAD or FATHER] will be a corrupt Russian President who will lead Russia astray) in the Bible (see Zech. 12:11) refers to the same evil Russian President referred to in Joshua 21:11. Notice that Joshua 21 reverses to Zech. 12 (21 reverses to 12) and both have verse 11 (9-11-01?) 9-11-01 is associated with Putin, Russia, marriage, David’s Hebron and things which appear the same, but are not (like a bad Russian President who claims to honor a good Russian President☛Putin).

There are 9 main Russian cities west of the Urals. See Joshua 9:16 (9 + 16 = 25). Someone (of Judah) from the U.S. (25) will claim all of Russia west of the Urals, because these 9 cities were given to the Levites by the tribes of Judah [I’m from Judah] and Simeon.

I wouldn’t die over my interpretations, but there is some significant stuff in this chapter and I think I’m going down the right trail.

XXXX–G.S. (8-4-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-4-03
Place: Dundee, FL