Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-28-2003)

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10-28-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have made the following additions to my 666-Computer Laws for Privileged Licensed Practioners document, due to recent Jesuit activities:

8.0 Any PLP, satellite practitioner, or anyone who uses (directly or indirectly) the 666-Computer to orchestrate a NEWSWORTHY CRIME will be immediately executed. Vladimir would never instruct his PLPs or anyone to use the 666-Computer in a manner to orchestrate a NEWSWORTHY CRIME. Anyone who willingly cooperates with the NEWSMAKING PLP will also be immediately executed.

8.1 A NEWSWORTHY CRIME is defined as the use of the 666-Computer (directly or indirectly) to orchestrate crimes which are flamboyant, showy, widespread, theatrical, and/or which target famous persons, or are catastrophic, etc.☛ i.e., newsworthy items, which the news media must cover.

8.2 Any use of the 666-Computer by any practitioner (PLP or not) to orchestrate a NEWSWORTHY CRIME will not be tolerated. This use can include giving instructions to the criminal (via 666-Computer, satellite, or other methods), inducing emotional states (via 666-Computer, satellite, or other methods) to cause the criminal to commit the crime, or ANY direct or indirect use of the 666-Computer, which is directly or indirectly responsible for the commission of a NEWSWORTHY CRIME. Any such use will result in the execution of the one who commits such an act.

8.2 No PLP who is guilty (directly or indirectly) of a NEWSWORTHY crime will ever be used by Vladimir as a PLP, and any PLP who dares to use the 666-Computer again (after Vladimir has dismissed him/her for direct or indirect use of the 666-Computer to orchestrate a NEWSWORTHY CRIME) will be immediately executed. In most cases, those who are guilty of participating in a NEWSWORTHY CRIME scheme will be executed, but if there are doubts as to whether the participant was WILLING, that participant may be allowed to live. In this case, if the “unwilling” participant is AGAIN caught participating (directly or indirectly) in the commission of a NEWSWORTHY CRIME, that participant will probably be executed. To participate in a NEWSWORTHY CRIME twice in a row would seem to indicate a WILLINGNESS to participate in NEWSWORTHY CRIMES. And it is not Vladimir Putin’s desire to participate in NEWSWORTHY CRIMES, nor is it his desire to BROADCAST HIS LOVE LIFE.

Anyone (reporter, news media, etc.) who, in any English language medium; broadcasts, reports or attempts to advertise any aspect of Vladimir Putin’s love life, or draws undue attention to his marital state or his marriage– will be investigated as a 666-CC, space conspirator, memory blocker, or RPC–and, if found guilty, will be executed. Attempts to draw undue attention to Vladimir’s love life or marriage in other languages (besides English) will be investigated and treated on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, the “Lyudmila” scandal is already a big joke in Russia and Germany, since all the Russians know the truth about Vladimir’s love life and marriage. Vladimir may institute the death penalty to any undue publicity drawn to his love life and/or marriage by Germans and/or Russians, if there is a danger this scandal could spread to English speaking countries and result in press coverage in an English speaking country. Vladimir is fully aware that all these attempts to draw publicity to his love life are veiled attempts to frame him for murders, so he must act quickly and swiftly to stop these orchestrations before they result in murders. These attempts to draw attention to Putin’s love life are not innocent acts, but are one segment of a vast Jesuit conspiracy to destroy Putin’s reputation and to destroy Vladimir Putin, by attempting to frame him with Jesuit-orchestrated crimes.

While I taught at Landmark Christian Schools, I wrote on the board (one time) while I taught my English classes the following words: “Marrying the Russian President is a decision to be made prayerfully and courageously.” This was part of an exercise designed to teach the class how to diagram. My motive for doing this was to help out Rich Lemon (the church’s youth director), who was being murdered by Jesuits, using their cancer-inducing abilities (via 666-Computer).

However, the Jesuits could use what I wrote on the board to cause problems, since I believe everything I said and did in the classroom was filmed. ANY ATTEMPT TO DRAW ATTENTION TO WHAT I WROTE ON THE BOARD in the classroom, or to draw attention to anything I said in this classroom or elsewhere, will result in the death penalty for all those WILLINGLY involved in such an attempt.

It is my desire to remain as low-profile as possible.

Any attempt made by ANYONE to draw attention to my name and/or to anything I’ve said or written (that is to attempt to bring myself or anything I’ve said or done or written into the news or any type of publicity), will result in the death penalty for those who are WILLINGLY involved in such an attempt. Again, these publicity attempts are not innocent acts, but are Jesuit attempts to murder; and are Jesuit attempts to frame Putin with the vast Jesuit-conspiracy lined up against Putin to destroy him and his influence.

I would like to emphasize that everything I have written in this statement has been totally of my own free will and Vladimir (and NO ONE ELSE) has influenced me in the least. Vladimir has been very, very quiet today.

The only exception I make to these laws would be if the Jesuits succeed in killing me or permanently handicapping me. In this case, I give Vladimir permission to make public what he wants to make public regarding my death or maiming. It is my life and my health that Vladimir is trying to protect, and he is up against the vast Jesuit conspiracy lined up against him.

Time now is 9:22 a.m. and the Lord seems to be showing me some things from the Bible:

2 Chron. chapter 30 has 27 verses. Notice 27 is the marriage number. Notice that 27 + 30 = 57. I was born in 1957. In chapter 30, Hezekiah has cleaned out the house of God and is now worshipping God in the cleaned-out house of God. Not sure of my interpretation, but this is what I think the interpretation is: If the United States had promoted the marriage between myself and Putin, it would result in God’s blessing on the U.S. I surmise this, because there are 27 (marriage number) verses in this chapter and this is chapter 30 and 30 + 27 = 57. This is a chapter where the nation of Israel is experiencing a revival and getting right with God and, therefore, God blesses the nation. Notice the RESULTS OF THIS REVIVAL. Let’s see what follows in chapter 31:

FINANCIAL PROSPERITY during Hezekiah’s reign. Financial prosperity is associated with 31 (see Prov. 31). Let’s see what follows in chapter 32: VICTORY IN WAR during Hezekiah’s reign. During Hezekiah’s reign, the country experienced financial prosperity and the country won its wars. Read chapters 31 (see Prov. 31–notice Prov. 31 has 31 verses, so God is emphasizing the 31 in Prov. 31) and 32. So, when the U.S. honors a Prov. 31 woman, the U.S. prospers. When HEZEKIAH reigns, the country prospers; when Hezekiah does NOT reign, the country FAILS. I am a type of King Hezekiah and I AM NOT REIGNING in the United States; therefore, the U.S. will FAIL. The U.S. does not honor me, because it does not honor my marriage to Vladimir Putin. Notice the marriage number (27) and my birthyear are emphasized in 2 Chron. 30:27, which is a chapter where GOD BLESSES A COUNTRY. If I am honored (and this does not mean publicity– it means to HONOR ME, by allowing me to serve God without harassment and to marry the one God has chosen for me), then the COUNTRY IS HONORED. So, when Hezekiah reigns, the country prospers. When Hezekiah DIES, the country dies.

Notice what happens in chapter 33 (33 + 33 = 66, 33 indicates a CHRIST IMITATOR).
It’s obvious that chapter 33 has a NEGATIVE CONNOTATION, because read about king Manasseh (notice the double S’s in this king’s name in this chapter 33, God’s telling you to DOUBLE the 33 to figure out WHO IS IN CHARGE of the land). Notice that Manasseh reigned TWENTY-FIVE years. Manasseh is a type of the United States. You double 25 and you get 50. In v. 15, Manasseh gets right and cleans out the house of God.

I was born 9-15-57. 57 + 9 = 66. 1 + 5 = 6. 9 + 15 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6. 7 + 5 = 12 (ISRAEL). You play with the numbers in my birthday and it comes out to some interesting totals. THE BEAST (666) AND THE WHORE ARE OBSESSED WITH THE 9-15-57 David-woman. Is it possible that Jesus Christ was born 7 (divine number) days after 9-15? I know He was born at the end of September. Could his birthday be 9-23? 9 + 2 + 3 = 14. Notice 9 +2 = 11 or 9-11. Notice 9 +3 = 12 (number of Israel). Not sure about this, but it makes for interesting speculation. Jesus Christ was born at the end of September, that much is certain. Dec. 24 is A ROMAN CATHOLIC HOLIDAY.

In v. 17 (Whore’s number) of 2 Chron. 33, it says that though the house of God was cleansed by the wicked king Manasseh, it was not complete, corruption still lingered. Notice this is in v. 17. This is an interesting chapter and I’m not sure what to make of how it ends. There’s a short two year reign of some king Amon and a conspiracy against him, kills him; and then a very good king, Josiah, follows. Josiah reigned 31 years (see Prov. 31). Josiah was EIGHT when he began to reign. Notice Josiah has one S and there are 33 verses in 2 Chron. 34. Josiah, the good king, equals 33. Manasseh (M for Mary?), the evil king, equals 33 DOUBLED or 66. Manasseh has two S’s.

My interpretations may be incorrect. Read the passages for yourself. But there’s definitely something here for the United States.

I think the reason the Jesuits are on a wildfire rampage in the U.S. is because they are obsessed about their future home. They know that HELLFIRE will be their eternal home. They’re mad, because they know they are headed for the LAKE OF FIRE; and they want everyone to BURN WITH THEM. It’s the devils in them that are driving them to burn everything up. The devils know they are GOING TO BURN.

Time now is 10:30 a.m. and I am bringing some stuff out to my car. There is a dog out there barking at me and lawnwork being done and children playing. These are all attempts to draw attention to my move. Any attempt to DRAW ATTENTION TO MY MOVE, directly or indirectly, will result in executions (if it is determined that these attempts are ON PURPOSE and willingly). We will not tolerate any attempts to draw attention to my move. Vladimir would never desire to draw attention to me in this manner. Anyone (regardless of age) (PLPs and those who willingly cooperate with them) who attempts to draw attention to my move, will be executed or given the death penalty.

I just threw out some garbage and noticed the garbage dumpster is full to the brim (for the 1st time since I’ve been here). This is an attempt to draw attention to my move. Whenever people move, they need to throw out a lot of garbage. Find out who is WILLINGLY responsible for this and get ready to mete out the death penalty. I will leave it up to Vladimir as to WHEN and HOW the executions will take place. I believe Vladimir is working with Pres. Bush in this matter. Lord, give Vladimir wisdom in this matter.

The method of execution for those who serve Jesuits willingly and are members or staff of Landmark Baptist Church, should be something like the following: Induce a fast-moving cancer in their bodies via 666-Computer (give them a taste of their own medicine) or give them a heart-attack (via 666-Computer). We will make sure none of this makes any news coverage, but will treat it as a natural death. Give the Jesuits a taste of their own medicine.

But the executions must be carried out, because if we allow Jesuits to get away with their flagrant attempts to draw attention to their own conspiracy and then to blame it on Vladimir, it will encourage them to commit more murders. We will execute them using the methods they use to murder us: INDUCE A FAST-MOVING CANCER OR GIVE THEM A HEART ATTACK (VIA 666-COMPUTER).

For years Jesuits have committed “respectable” murder using their high-tech methods to cover up their crimes, so we will execute the Jesuits (and those who serve the Jesuits) USING THE JESUITS’ OWN METHODS.

All those who are executed (using the 666-Computer by a fast-moving cancer or whatever 666-Computer method we use via our jail practitioners) will have their names (and full identification, along with the evidence of their Jesuit involvement) listed in this statement; and this list of names will be considered an addendum to this statement with all the legal rights granted to my statements as outlined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. It is especially important to list the names of those who have had contact with me or are associated with me. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand and think that I support any Jesuit.

We may allow some written confessions from Jesuit criminals (in lieu of execution), if the guilty criminal will state in his/her confession that the written confession was made WILLINGLY without coercion or extortion. The written confession must state COMPLETELY the ENTIRE EXTENT of the criminal’s JESUIT involvement and MUST OUTLINE ALL THE EVIDENCE which shows this criminal’s involvement with a Jesuit conspiracy against Vladimir and myself. This confession must make it clear that this criminal WILLINGLY cooperated with a conspiracy which was AGAINST VLADIMIR PUTIN AND MYSELF. And this confession will be considered an addendum to this statement with all the rights of my legal documentation as outlined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. Once this confession is incorporated into my statements, if this confessor ever again willingly commits a crime for the Jesuits, he will be executed with no mercy on his/her next attempt.

There is a presidential news conference going on right now and the 666-Computer has been used on Pres. Bush and on a newsreporter to cause stumbling speech. This is a deliberate attempt (by Jesuits) to draw attention to the 666-Computer. We may need to execute Pres. Bush’s PLP and the PLPs involved with those in the press who are asking Pres. Bush questions right now. Time now is 10:24 a.m. We will not tolerate ANY attempt by PLPs to draw attention to the 666-Computer, even if the PLP is the U.S. president’s PLP!!

Vladimir and I don’t want to lose Pres. Bush as a key ally in our war against terrorism. We encourage the American people to re-elect Pres. Bush and allow him to serve another 4 years as American President. The Jesuits don’t like Bush because Bush opposes the Jesuit agenda for America. In Pres. Bush, the Americans have a President which they don’t deserve. And possibly, God will allow America to have a President who will be more sympathetic to the Jesuits and who is more truly representative of the American people (after Pres. Bush) in order to destroy the United States.

Jesuits are playing with the air conditioner here at this apartment complex and have caused the cover of some air conditioner or fuse box (outside) to be flung open and to expose all the wires. I believe satellite technology was used to accomplish this and maybe they had cooperation with some of those that live in this apartment. Find out who is responsible (satellite practitioner or otherwise) and execute them (if they are WILLING participants in this plot). There is some RED car parked in the grass: suspicious.

We have some executing to do☛ Maybe go ahead and have our jail practitioners get started with the fast-moving cancers, heart attacks, or whatever. MAKE SURE THE JAIL PRACTITIONER IS ON OUR SIDE AND NOT ON THE JESUITS☛ Do a thorough check of all jail practitioners’ memory banks AND OF ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO AND FROM ALL OF OUR 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS. The jail practitioner might lie and say he is using the 666-Computer to execute and may END UP DOING SOMETHING ELSE. We have learned we can’t take anything for granted in dealing with our 666-Computer practitioners. Monitor all 666-Computer practitioners FROM ALL ANGLES and AT ALL TIMES. There are many methods of execution (via 666-Computer). Just study what methods the Jesuits have used to murder and you’ll come up with all sorts of good ideas.

Time now is 1:36 p.m. and somebody is driving around in a blue and white truck (around this church apartment complex) in a truck that says, “Campus security and safety” or something like that. This is an attempt to draw attention to my move and this person driving around in this truck should be dealt with as a Jesuit criminal (according to my laws) as outlined in my statements and in my conspiracy laws. I do not desire all this attention being brought to my move. I desire to be as inconspicuous as possible, and anyone who tries to draw attention to me or my move should be investigated as a Jesuit criminal and prosecuted accordingly.

Something outside stinks like sewage or something rotten. This is a new smell. Find out who’s behind this and prepare to do some executing. This is another attempt to draw attention to my move.

A car with FL tag # 084 UAI (it’s one of those 9-11-01 tags) is parked right in front of my apartment in the grass. This car is suspicious. Find out who’s behind this and get ready to do some executing. I don’t need all this attention. The whole time I’ve been here I’ve never seen a car parked in this strange spot in the grass. This is really strange, because cars are not supposed to park in this area. That would be like parking in the middle of a field, when there are parking areas in another area. It’s a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THE CAR. It’s an expensive car. The grassy area in front of my apartment is far away from any normal parking area. Time now is 3:43 p.m. They may have timed the car to show up when my mother called me on my cell phone. Because just after I finished talking to my mother, I went outside and saw the car.

Time now is 3:46 p.m. and the car just disappeared. Whoever drove that car needs to be investigated. It was a white car, looked like a Lincoln Town Car or something like that.

My mother told me to call some guy named Bob Restina (in real estate), his number is (321) 544-8822. She wanted me to call him to get directions to some condo called Royal Palm and to get the address of the condo. Also, when I got on my cell phone, it announced to me I had 157 minutes left. The Jesuits are able to orchestrate the announcement for the minutes I have left on my cell phone. Find out who is behind the announcement for my cell phone and who regulates the announcement which states how many minutes I have left and get ready to do some executing. The condo’s address is 2170 Knox McCrea Dr. and it’s in Titusville, FL. I’m not sure what to make of this, but when I asked him for directions to the condo, he told me it was in front of a WHITE church. Please read my previous paragraph, about the white car. I asked him if we would have a key for the condo to look at it. The guy also told me he had a white car and told me the brand of his car. It sounded like a fancy car, I can’t remember what brand he said his car was. Maybe it was the same car that parked in front of my apartment.

Then he asked me if I had a cell phone. I mean why does the guy need to know if I have a cell phone? He said I could call him from my cell phone and arrange to make an appointment and that he’s available at all times.

When I called him back to get his last name, he spelled it for me clearly and distinctly, and emphasized that it was an ITALIAN name. I don’t have a good feeling about this guy. Check him out and if he’s guilty, deal with him according to my laws.

All I have to do is breath and the Jesuits can make a conspiracy out of it. Maybe if I breathe 3 times and then cough and then breathe 2 times, they’ll make the 3-COUGH-2 conspiracy. And the next day they’ll start a new company called 3-COUGH-2. And, of course, they’ll say Vladimir and I did it because we wanted to draw attention to the 3-COUGH-2 conspiracy. All I have to do is be alive and they make a conspiracy out of it. I mean this is getting ridiculous!! How do Vladimir and I deal with these fanatics? I can’t get away from Jesuits no matter where I go. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. The Jesuits have about 98 % of the American population. It’s no wonder God’s going to destroy this country.

God, get me out of the United States before the Jesuits takeover. I think God will let the Jesuits takeover, because God knows they will destroy the country. Since the Jesuits can get 90% cooperation from Bible-believing Christians (I mean look what happened at Landmark, and these people represent the BEST OF AMERICA). What can you expect from the rest of America? America is the land of the BEASTS, where each American is loyal to the BEAST (666). Americans are a bunch of beasts. I imagine the cooperation rate may be 99% of the American population, especially the population that surrounds me. GOD IS GOING TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY AND I BET HE’LL USE THE JESUITS TO DO IT.

God says: Since you Americans like Jesuits so much, I’ll let you have them and then it will be . . .GOODBYE U.S.A.

You might say, then the world’s in big trouble. Yes, and Jesus Christ is COMING BACK and He won’t be a Jesuit! Maybe God will temporarily raise up Russia or Germany to be His country in the meanwhile. God doesn’t need the U.S.A.

Time now is 5 p.m. and I just called my mother to give her directions how to get here. When I used the cell phone to call her, it said I had 150 minutes available for this call. Whoever is behind the messages is orchestrating the announcement to maximize the Jesuits’ conspiracy case against Vladimir. Find out who is behind the announcement and get ready to execute.

I would just like to report that everywhere I go, I am bombarded with Jesuits and Jesuit agents. I personally believe the Jesuits have the cooperation of about 98% of the American population. So, no matter where I go, I have to deal with them and their continual attempts to create conspiracies in which to blame Putin for their crimes. First off, I’d like to say that I don’t think it would be possible for any RUSSIAN PRESIDENT to get 98% cooperation from the American people. Most Americans are not that loyal to Russians. So we can eliminate the possibility that this vast conspiracy is orchestrated by Putin. It’s also obvious that whoever orchestrates this vast conspiracy is not Pres. Bush, since Bush hasn’t had enough EXPERIENCE at conspiracies to be THIS GOOD. It’s obvious we are dealing with a VERY EXPERIENCED, WELL FINANCED organization, that is THOROUGHLY ENTRENCHED IN THE UNITED STATES. That eliminates Russia, Pres. Bush or even the two working together. There is only ONE organization that is organized enough, well financed enough and experienced enough to pull off such a vast conspiracy in such an effective manner (in which to get 98% cooperation from the American people) and that is THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Though I don’t feel Pope John Paul is currently behind this conspiracy, HE USED TO BE. But then, the JESUIT GENERAL has always been the TRUE HEAD of the Roman Catholic Church ever since around 1600. So the only organization that could have the experience and the finances and the entrenchment into American society to garner THIS MUCH COOPERATION (which is currently about 98% of the American population) is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and specifically the JESUITS, who are the true leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. They have been running the Roman Catholic Church behind-the-scenes since around 1600. Any Pope who dares to buck them puts his life in danger, so pray for John Paul II.

Come on now, are you trying to tell me that 98% of the American population would work for Vladimir Putin? This conspiracy is not orchestrated by Putin, because Putin couldn’t get this much cooperation from Americans. The reason this conspiracy is getting about 98% cooperation from Americans is because most AMERICANS DON’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT RUSSIA, so they don’t mind opposing the marriage between Putin and myself–not if it means they can stuff their pockets. This is NOT A RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY–not with 98% American cooperation–and I believe the cooperation is about this high (from what I’m observing around me). If the Jesuits can get 90% of Landmark Baptist Church (who are the best of America)–how much cooperation do you think they’ll get from the REST OF AMERICA? Take a guess–they’ll get AT LEAST 98%.

Though I believe the Jesuits can get tremendous cooperation from Russians, I don’t think they would get the cooperation of 98% of the Russian population because MANY RUSSIANS CARE ABOUT THEIR COUNTRY and believe Vladimir Putin is good for Russia; and they like me and feel that I am one of them (even though I can’t speak Russian and was not raised in Russia) BECAUSE I HAVE ROYAL RUSSIAN BLOOD.

In fact, I don’t think most Americans like Russians. America has not forgotten the Soviet Union.

So, it’s not surprising that Jesuits can get 98% cooperation from Americans to mess up Russia and to prevent a marriage between Vladimir and myself, BECAUSE MOST AMERICANS DON’T LIKE RUSSIA. How do I know this? My Russian temperament is despised by many Americans. This is one reason I have decided I’d be better off with a husband of Russian temperament (Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin). The Russian temperament (to most Americans) is weird, too complex and not worth the trouble to figure out. The Russian temperament is highly artistic, passionate, intelligent. Russians are probably the greatest artists in the world and have a complex emotional make-up for this reason. Most Americans find the Russian obsession over artistry too complicated and stupid and not worth the trouble to understand or appreciate. To Americans, everything should be fast, easy to understand and in Hollywood style. A Russian will wait things out, observe, calculate and sit back and let his mind go off into convoluted and complicated pathways (considering every angle). This drives Americans crazy. They think Russians are all weasels (because Russian thinking patterns are passionately intricate). It’s just a different temperament. A Russian is more likely to die for what he believes in than an American, because he is a passionate creature. But because Russians think things over and are passionate, they tend to be more loyal than Americans (once their mind is made up) and they are less fickle. It takes them awhile to make up their mind. Russia is not an instant society, like the U.S. But once they make up their mind, they tend to be more solid than Americans. So a Russian (despite what you hear) is probably more likely to be loyal to a friend than an American. Loyalty is not an American trait. It may take a long time for the Russian to like or trust you, but once they do, they are more likely to be loyal.

Americans are a fickle group. This may be because America is TOO INSTANT. Fast decisions are not always lasting ones.

XXX1/2–G.S. (10-28-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-28-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (10-28-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-28-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-28-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL