Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-26-2003)

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10-26-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I am reading from 2 Chronicles 25 through 27 this morning. Please notice 2 Chronicles 26, VERSE SIXTEEN. (See yesterday’s statement regarding the significance of the number 16).

2 Chron. 26:16–”But when he was strong, his heart was lifted up to HIS DESTRUCTION: for he transgressed against the Lord his God, and went into the temple of the Lord to burn incense upon the altar of incense.” Please notice the parallels between the incense mentioned in this verse and the incense often used in Roman Catholic Church practices. The Roman Catholic Church is full of images and idols, so you can see the parallels between this passage and the United States.

This verse is talking about the United States, in that she dares to FAKE a type of worship to God, but it is a FALSE worship, and is really a worship of IDOLS. Uzziah (a type of the U.S.) started off well, but ended up a leper WHEN HE BECAME PROUD.

Now let’s go to 2 Chron. 27. NOTICE THE MARRIAGE NUMBER is 27. See my previous statements. In 2 Chron. 27:1, it says that Jotham reigned SIXTEEN years in Jerusalem. PLEASE NOTICE THAT THE WORD SIXTEEN IN THIS VERSE, IS THE SIXTEENTH WORD OF THE VERSE!

Now let’s go to 2 Chron. 27:8 (2 + 7 + 8 = 17) OR (27 + 8 = “25″)–”He was (3) FIVE and (5) TWENTY years old when he began to reign, and reigned (15) SIXTEEN years in Jerusalem.” The reason the United States has a short reign, even though she reigned well for a season IS BECAUSE OF NUMBER SEVENTEEN or the WHORE. Notice this verse is referring to the U.S. because 25 + 25 = 50. Also FIVE and TWENTY are the 3rd and 5th words of the verse. The number 8 is being emphasized. And 8 + 8 = 16. This is VERSE EIGHT.

God is saying this: I know you don’t believe your nation is cursed because you dishonor the marriage between Vladimir Putin and Gail Schuler, but NOTICE HOW I EMPHASIZE THE NUMBER 27! Number 27 is the MARRIAGE number. As we know so well from the Laci Peterson case. The Jesuits, themselves, have been drawing attention to the number 27, because they know that’s how old I was when I first married. God is cursing the U.S. for interfering with His will regarding MARRIAGE.

Now take a look at this: 2003 MINUS 1776 = 227. AND 2 + 2 + 7 = 11. [[9-11-01?]]

On the 227th birthday of the U.S. (7-4-03) the Jesuits targeted SANDRA Day O’Connor (Supreme Court Justice). They used their satellite technology to cause a beam to almost hit her and kill her. My sister’s name is SANDRA. My sister, Sandra, was born on 8-16-60.

227 DIVIDED BY 16 = 14.1875

The U.S. is condemned because she dishonors the ROYAL Jewish blood (the descendant of King David). The number 14 is associated with the royal blood line of Jesus Christ.

1 + 8 + 7 = 16
8 + 7 = 15. I was born 9 -15 – 57
Notice you have an 8 sandwiched between two numbers that add up to 8.
7 + 5 = 12. The number of Israel.
1 + 8 + 7 + 5 = 21 or 7 times THREE. Here are your TRIPLES again. And these are triples of the DIVINE number (7). God gave the U.S. THREE chances to honor the marriage between the royal Russian and German (Vladimir Putin) and the royal Russian, Jew and Japanese (Gail Schuler). THE UNITED STATES FAILED THE TEST, so THE UNITED STATES WILL BE TOTALLY DESTROYED.

Also, notice that I have royal bloodlines from THREE countries. TRIPLES AGAIN.

The United States dishonors God’s command to His church to spread the Word and the gospel to the world, that is why God wants me to give $16 to missions today☛ TO EMPHASIZE THE FAILURE OF THE UNITED STATES TO HONOR WORLD MISSIONS in THE BLOCKING OF THE MARRIAGE BETWEEN PUTIN AND MYSELF. The emphasis on the TRIPLES indicates the spiting of the royal bloodlines, WHICH GOD HONORS.

The United States and the American church is a spoiled, FAT SLOB who selfishly hoards her wealth to herself (and does not use it for God, but uses it to WORSHIP HER IDOLS AND TO HONOR THE IDOL-WORSHIPPING CATHOLIC CHURCH) and is proud of her wealth and trusts in her wealth MORE THAN IN GOD; therefore, GOD WILL DESTROY HER WEALTH AND HER NATION. THE U.S. IS FINISHED. This nation, who cooperates with the bloody, BASTARD Jesuit-killers and honors them ABOVE GOD, will be totally destroyed.

The first day I taught school was 8-11-03. 11 + 8 = 17. Notice the O3 or TRIPLES for the year. And what is 50 X 3? It’s 150! See yesterday’s statement.

The last day I taught school at Landmark was 10-22-03. 22 + 1 + 3 = 26 OR 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 8.. And we are in chapter 26, VERSE SIXTEEN, where God tells WHY he is destroying the U.S..
2 + 6 = 8.

After attending church this morning, I would say God is fully justified in His decision to destroy the United States. Most of the church members and church staff members seemed to make light of the pronouncements from God in this statement; and some of those who are Jesuit agents are letting themselves become more obvious. In fact, from what I’ve observed this morning, I would say that the Jesuits have about 90% of those on STAFF at Landmark Baptist Church and have probably about the same percentage of the church members. It seemed to me that everyone who sat around me in church this morning, both during Sunday School and the morning worship, were either Jesuits or Jesuit agents. All these people should be investigated and should be punished according to my conspiracy laws. I do not sense that the Jesuits have Pastor Carter. I have never met Pastor Carter’s wife, but I think I spotted her in the congregation and it appears he has a solid wife. So he is blessed, because he has a good wife, even if his church turns against him. I ask Christians all over the world to pray for Pastor Carter since I believe this man loves God and is sincerely striving to serve Him. He needs wisdom because about 90% of his church staff are serving Jesuits. From what I have observed, I would say the Jesuits have about 90% of his church staff, including some of the prominent staff members.

We are in the last days and these are truly PERILOUS TIMES. I would recommend Pastor Carter go to Dr. Peter Ruckman for counsel in this matter, since Dr. Ruckman has had to deal with much disloyalty in his church staff and in his own marriage and family; and has had experience in dealing with this kind of difficult situation in his own ministry. In fact, I believe that Dr. Ruckman lost almost 90% of his church membership at one time. I believe Dr. Ruckman has pastored more years than Pastor Carter has and he could be a real help to his fellow preacher in this difficult time. Let us pray and ask Dr. Ruckman to give wise counsel to Pastor Carter; and ask God to uphold and protect both of these men as they strive to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with their lives and their ministry. Ask that whatever happens, that God will be honored and that sin and Satan will be defeated or held back.


These are the days we live in. A lot of Christians look spiritual and put on good theatre, but there is no real spiritual power in their lives–that’s what the Bible means by DENYING THE POWER THEREOF. They deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives and so, therefore, they have no spiritual power. . . because Jesus Christ is not FIRST in their life. They worship the idols of comfort, ease, money, scholarship, degrees, status in society, popularity, etc., but the TRUE SPIRITUAL POWER THAT COMES FROM A LIFE OF TOTAL DEDICATION AND SERVICE TO JESUS CHRIST IS LACKING. These people have not died to their old flesh and so Jesus does not reign in their hearts. Christians and people like this are EASY PREY FOR THE JESUITS. The American culture believes in SATISFYING THE FLESH. With this mentality, it is no wonder God has to destroy the American church.

I’m afraid the Jesuits are trying to destroy Pastor Carter’s ministry and this man has a good ministry. They are doing this because this pastor had the courage to stand behind me and to support my marriage to Vladimir Putin. I ask Vladimir to give whatever proceeds from my novel Silver Skies he sees fit to ensure that Pastor Carter and his family have the finances they need to deal with this crisis in his church. I trust Vladimir in this matter and ask Vladimir to direct some of the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies to help out Pastor Carter. I would like to see this ministry continue here. This is a good church. Maybe if Pastor Carter doesn’t have to obsess about money, he can make some decisions regarding his church staff based on what he feels GOD WANTS, and not worry if the consequences for his decisions result in losing 90% of his church membership. He has the danger of losing 90% of his church membership if he takes a strong stand for God. Let’s help give this man the courage to do what is right. Vladimir, as long as this man stands for the King James Bible and for the Lord, let us stand behind him in his hour of need, since he had the courage to try to help us, even if the attempt failed. God will honor us for this.

I know God does not want me to stay here at Landmark and He will show me where He wants me next. In the meanwhile, let us not allow the Jesuits to destroy this ministry just because Pastor Carter tried to honor world missions for Russia. We need to give Pastor Carter some assistance now because he had the courage to try to help us get together. Vladimir, direct some of the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies to Pastor Carter and tell him that we want him to use the money as God directs him to, and that we honor him for his courageous stand behind our future marriage, even if his attempt to help us was thwarted by the Jesuits.

Though most of his church and church staff may have betrayed the Lord, I do not sense that Pastor Carter has betrayed the Lord; and Vladimir and I will stand behind Pastor Carter and do our best to ensure that his ministry does not go under because of Jesuit pressure. Some financial help for Pastor Carter would be beneficial, I feel.

I would also like to add that if anyone in the Landmark Baptist Church congregation or out in the church parking lot or out in the community or anywhere in the world tries to draw attention to the fact that I am allowing some of the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies to be given to Landmark Baptist Church–that person, group, or organization will be investigated as a 666-Computer conspirator, space conspirator, or RPC and will be punished according to my laws. Any PLPs involved in such a scheme will be executed and all those who willingly cooperate in such a scheme will also be given the death penalty. It is not necessary, for instance, for half the church parking lot to be filled with SILVER cars tonight. This is an example of one of many things the Jesuits may try to come up with. The money I give to this ministry is not meant to be advertised. I only give it because I sense there is a need. It is not my wish to FLAUNT THE OFFERING.

God is being very ironic right now. Because the proceeds from my novel come from Germany and Russia and it looks like Germany and Russia are sending out the missionary support to the heathen United States. Vladimir, we will make Pastor Carter’s ministry here in the U.S. one of the missionary outreaches of our future church. We will go ahead and support Pastor Carter’s missionary ministry to the HEATHEN UNITED STATES with money from Russia and Germany right now. I think America needs missionaries from Russia and Germany (instead of vice versa). GOD, through the poor instruments of Vladimir and myself, has established a Bible believing work in Russia that, I feel, may be more spiritual than the American church. And, Vladimir and I, as leaders of this Russian and German Bible believing work, will send some financial support to help worthy ministries in the United States which minister to the heathens in America.

Unfortunately, the old saying is true, “If you aren’t a missionary, then you BECOME A MISSION FIELD”–and that is what has happened to the United States. Because the American church has neglected God’s Great Commission, NOW AMERICA IS THE MISSION FIELD. And God will raise up other countries to send out missionaries, TO REPLACE THE UNITED STATES. THE U.S. IS FINISHED.

You may ask, why is it that you are convinced that it pays to serve God, but most Americans are not convinced? I think it is because most Americans have not stared death in the face like I have. Jesuits have literally tried to kill me at least 20 times and I have seen God preserve me. If God preserves me, He has a purpose for it and I know I AM ONLY ALIVE TO DO HIS WILL; and that He would allow the Jesuits to take me in 5 minutes if I ever decide to RUN MY OWN LIFE.

I fear God more than men. But most Americans have not faced their own death and so they are not prepared to die. And if you are not prepared to die, you are not prepared to live for Christ. Until we face our own mortality and realize that each heartbeat and breath we have comes from God, we will live for self and not for God.

I live each day as if it could be my last. Most Americans don’t see their life this way, they think they have a lot more years to fool around. They haven’t faced the fact that death is certain and that when we die, we meet God. Americans, because of their easy life, live in day by day denial that they will die. And so they fear men more than God. If you fear men more than God, you will serve the Jesuits, because their rewards seem more immediate and God’s rewards seem to take too long.

You can judge a man or woman by what they fear. You cannot fear both man and God, and the one you fear is the one you will serve. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom–so Americans are FOOLS.

Notice how God describes the virtuous woman in Prov. 31:30. She FEARS the Lord. At least 90% of the church membership at Landmark Baptist Church fears MAN over God; and we know what a person is really like by what he does when he thinks NO ONE IS LOOKING. Most of the staff and church membership at Landmark would be described as HEATHEN if we saw what they did and said when they thought no one was looking.

I think the Jesuits have all my apartment neighbors. This is nothing new. They do this to me everywhere I move.

Vladimir, we have to help Landmark find some way to get rid of Eugenia Segreda. This church does not need a Jesuit working on its staff. Maybe give her a job offer that pays much better than what she makes at Landmark and that is also a Christian ministry. In fact, maybe give her about ten job offers that are all Christian ministries and that pay much better than what she makes at Landmark. If she continually turns down job offers that pay much better than what she makes at Landmark and that are Christian ministries, it will make her appear like a Jesuit and this is what we want. Bombard this woman with job offers and FORCE HER TO REVEAL HER TRUE COLORS. If she continually turns down job offers that are much more attractive than her work at Landmark, it will make her look suspicious, like her motives for staying at Landmark are for reasons OTHER THAN HER JOB. Everytime she turns down a job offer that is better work than what she has at Landmark, record her response and include it as an addendum to my 1-18-02 statement with all the legal rights of my legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. Maybe they don’t all have to be Christian jobs. This is a very smart woman. Maybe hit her with some job offers from prestigious firms that pay about $100,000 a year. If she continually turns these down, she will be forced to reveal that she is a Jesuit and THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.

XXXX–G.S. (10-26-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-26-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL