Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-4-2003)

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10-4-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have a suggestion for Vladimir, since the Jesuits have really picked up their activities:

1) I am noticing increased interference with my ability to concentration, especially while I read the Bible. My mind keeps jumping all over the place when I read the Bible.

2) I am noticing an onslaught xxxxxxx, and, it appears, that the questions xxxxx bombard me with, are being “fed into their minds” by Jesuits via 666-Computer, as I teach. For instance, xxxxxxx, I couldn’t get xxxxxx to STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE AND MY WRITINGS. Eventually, I gave xxxxxx because he wouldn’t stop talking about my love life. But in chapel, I took the xxxxxx away from him (he was a football player) on the condition that he wouldn’t ask me these questions about my personal life anymore xxxxx. He was acting strange, like he was real scared. I think this boy (Kyle Allen) is an extortion victim. I also believe that he may have stolen his brother’s semen and given it to Jesuits for them to use (earlier in the year). I have his older brother in xxxxxx. His older brother is a leader, like Kyle, and has high moral standards. I do not believe that A.J. (his older brother) has had sex with any girl. Nor do I believe that A.J. would willingly cooperate with Jesuits. A.J. has more character than his younger brother.

Since Vladimir and I are having real problems with PLPs, I have the following suggestions:

1) For every xxxxxxxx connected to Landmark Baptist Church and their ministries, I recommend about 7 back-up PLPs for each person. This way, if one PLP disobeys Vladimir’s orders and we have to immediately execute him, we’ll have a back-up to takeover immediately. And then (in the next minute) if the 2nd one disobeys and we have to kill him, we’ll have another back-up. We may have to execute 4 in a row (within five minutes) like dominoes, we will do so, until we get a loyal doctor.

2) Because we are killing so many doctors, it may be necessary to import some foreign doctors into the ranks of our PLPs–maybe Russians, Spanish, Italians, Germans, Chinese, Japanese, etc. I think the PLPs that are being used on the students and staff of Landmark Baptist Church students and staff should be AN INTERNATIONAL group of physicians, NOT JUST AMERICAN CITIZENS. Because we are losing doctors very quickly and need replacements, and there just aren’t enough American doctors to do the job. If we have to use foreign doctors, in order to find a loyal physician, we will do so. By the way, when we execute doctors, the ONLY criteria we will use when we decide to do so, will be whether they have violated Vladimir’s instructions and show an attitude of disloyalty to Vladimir by violating the instructions in a manner to support the Jesuits over Vladimir. It will not matter what their race is, or their religion. That will not be a matter for consideration. If they violate Vladimir’s instructions, whatever their race or religion, they’re eliminated. If it’s a disloyal Russian, the Russian will go. If it’s a disloyal Jew, the Jew will go. It doesn’t matter what their race or religion is. If it’s a disloyal born again Christian, the Christian will go.

3) Make sure the guidelines, which spell out what constitutes disloyalty, is made as clear as possible. I know this can be tricky. Because the babysitters over the PLPs have to be loyal, too. Anyone who monitors doctors and who, himself, violates Vladimir’s guidelines, should be given the death penalty.

4) Make the guidelines VERY STRICT. We will not tolerate disobedience (in any form). A doctor who is willing to feed sexual feelings or improper thoughts into his victim to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, will be willing to kill for the Jesuits; and any doctor who does so, should be immediately executed. Do not tolerate a PLP who induces improper sexual feelings or emotions or who feeds improper thoughts into his victim, because this doctor is a killer and is REVEALING WHOSE SIDE HE’S ON, BY INDUCING THESE IMPROPER THOUGHTS AND/OR FEELINGS INTO HIS VICTIM. Don’t wait for this PLP to kill: because the evidence is in–if he is inducing improper feelings in a victim or improper thoughts, he is a killer, IMMEDIATELY EXECUTE HIM. If the doctor is willing to feed thoughts and feelings into a victim to help out Jesuits, that same doctor will kill for the Jesuits when the opportunity arises. If he is willing to REVEAL his motives (in disobedience of this type), we don’t need to wait to execute him, the doctor has already revealed WHOSE SIDE HE’S ON–he’s on the Jesuits’ side, and we DON’T NEED HIM, he will be immediately executed for using the 666-Computer to induce improper feelings or thoughts into a victim. ANY attempt by a PLP to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, indicates where this PLP’s loyalties lie and ANYTIME it is determined that a PLP has used the 666-Computer in a manner which is designed to deliberately strengthen the Jesuits’ case, that PLP will be immediately executed.

5) Also, if the 666-Computer or satellite technology is used INDIRECTLY in a manner which is obviously designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case–like targeting an animal (so that the animal will attack humans) or using environmental science to spread allergens or whatever–the practitioner who carries out ANY actions (directly or indirectly) which is designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, will be immediately executed. All PLPs (including those who control animals) should have several back-ups. Any animal (manipulated by 666-Computer) should only be manipulated by a PLP–if it is discovered that anyone other than a PLP is manipulating (via 666-Computer or satellite technology) an animal or ANY LIVING THING, that practitioner will be IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED. We may have to knock the PLP doctors down (like dominoes) before we get a loyal doctor. The Jesuits will probably get some of the back-ups. I anticipate a shortage of American doctors, so bring in an international group of physicians for the necessary back-ups.

6) Because the Jesuits are so creative, I will not be too specific regarding what constitutes an attempt to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. However, often when the action is being carried out, it is fairly obvious (as it’s being carried out) that it is designed to weaken Vladimir’s case against the Jesuits (with the eventual goal of framing Vladimir with a murder)– and so any action carried out (by a 666-Computer practitioner or satellite technology practitioner) which is obviously designed to weaken Vladimir’s case against the Jesuits will result in immediate execution of that practitioner. If these rules seem overly strict, you must realize that every action carried out by Jesuits to weaken Vladimir’s case against them is A PREPARATION FOR A MURDER, if not a MURDER ACTION ITSELF. Therefore, we will show absolutely no tolerance for ANY ACTIVITY by a PLP or satellite practitioner which is designed to promote the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, because it is a SET-UP OR PREPARATION FOR A MURDER.

For instance, today (all of a sudden) while I was cleaning xxxxx, my left foot turned numb and was in pain. I don’t see how doing this to me would help out Vladimir’s legal case, though I do see how it could help out the Jesuits. That PLP, who used the 666-Computer to induce this numbness in my left foot should have been immediately executed, because his actions show where his loyalties lie, and, if given the opportunity, a doctor like that will MURDER FOR THE JESUITS. So, if the doctor wants to REVEAL his disloyalty to Vladimir by such flagrant disobedience, we will not wait for him to murder, we will kill him immediately.

Also, while I watched the noon news, it was mentioned on the news that Landmark Baptist Church’s Ten Commandments “rock” at the Polk County courthouse (I believe–I haven’t visited it) will not be involved in a lawsuit by the A.C.L.U. (because this “rock” has other documents on it besides the Ten Commandments). While I watched this on ABC local news (as I ate my lunch) my left jaw joint displaced from its joint and spasmed in my left jaw joint. This was obviously induced by the 666-Computer and was designed to occur while I watched this news item about the “rock”, because this has not happened to me in months. The PLP who did that should have been immediately executed. Doing this to my jaw joint while I watch the news about the “Rock” would only help out Jesuits and was not designed to help out Vladimir. That PLP who did that is revealing his loyalty to Jesuits over Vladimir and should be eliminated. That PLP will murder for the Jesuits, when given the opportunity.

A PLP is in a position of great trust and it is extremely important that we can trust our PLPs. When they reveal disloyalty by their actions or “attempts”, we will immediately execute them before they have an opportunity to murder. The problem is, if you overlook their minor disobedience, it will encourage them to commit greater crimes with the 666-Computer. . .and then when the major crimes are committed– because we overlooked their minor infractions–they will claim that BOTH the minor and the MAJOR violations of Vladimir’s instructions were TOGETHER– and will insinuate that because Vladimir overlooked the minor infraction, that he gave his silent consent for the major infraction–which occurred later. So, therefore, we must be VERY STRICT with our PLPs, and show them we will NOT TOLERATE MINOR INFRACTIONS. If they have the gall to attempt (in a minor manner) to be disloyal to Vladimir, THEN THEY are flagrantly revealing disloyalty to Vladimir–the reward for their arrogance (IN SO FEARLESSLY DISPLAYING THEIR DISLOYALTY TO VLADIMIR) when he has placed them in a trusted (and very IMPORTANT) position (where IT IS OF MONUMENTAL IMPORTANCE THAT they are loyal to him) will be IMMEDIATE EXECUTION. If a PLP has the gall to reveal his disloyalty, by using the 666-Computer in a manner which is obviously designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ legal case against Vladimir (regardless of how minor the infraction may appear to be)–that PLP will be IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED. This PLP CANNOT be trusted and WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR HIM TO M URDER– HE WILL BE ELIMINATED IMMEDIATELY. We want to make it very clear that we take it VERY SERIOUSLY when a PLP openly reveals (by his actions or attitudes) disloyalty to Vladimir– and thus, FLAGRANTLY shows his support for the Jesuits.

5) Because I anticipate we will be executing many physicians, we cannot rely only on American doctors; use an INTERNATIONAL group of physicians, because we are going to need a lot of doctors–I anticipate many, many executions. Some executions may be like the domino effect; we may have to kill 4 or 5 in a row, like dominoes– within five minutes. The Jesuits will probably have some of the back-up doctors as well.

6) Nor will we tolerate any doctor or ANYONE, who uses any type of communication (direct to the brain) with a person under the care of a PLP– if that communication is designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ legal case against Vladimir, and if this communicative instruction is obviously not an instruction that Vladimir would have given out–that communicator (who WILLINGLY uses satellite or 666-Computer) to give instructions that strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir will be IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED. Again, anyone who is willing to communicate with a person under the care of a PLP and to give them instructions that strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, will be willing to kill for Jesuits. Don’t wait for this high-tech communicator to kill, execute him before he has an opportunity to do so. This high-tech communicator has already revealed his motives (that he’s on the killers’ or Jesuits’ side)–we will not wait for him to kill, we will execute him before he has an opportunity to do so.

I’m following the example of my ancestor Solomon, when he put Adonijah to death in 1 Kings 2. Though Adonijah had not commited a major crime yet, Solomon could tell (by Adonijah’s boldness in some of Adonijah’s “attempts”) that Adonijah, would, if given the opportunity, commit some very serious crimes. So Solomon had Adonijah executed, before Adonijah had the opportunity to commit more serious crimes. During this time in Solomon’s reign, Solomon was a very wise king. See 1 Kings 2:22-25. Solomon put this guy to death just because OF A REQUEST, BECAUSE Adonijah’s REQUEST REVEALED WHERE ADONIJAH’S TRUE LOYALTIES WERE and that Adonijah wanted to usurp Solomon on the throne. In the same manner, if an action (by a PLP) reveals an ATTITUDE of disloyalty to Vladimir and of SUPPORT for the Jesuit agenda, that PLP should be executed (as Adonijah was). Like wise Solomon, we should not wait for a PLP (who is bold enough to flagrantly reveal his disloyalty) to carry out the more serious crime–he should be IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED.

Vladimir, just kill that doctor who is doing this to Andrew. If the doctor is willing to feed improper thoughts and feelings into Andrew, that same doctor will kill Andrew when he has the opportunity, GET RID OF HIM–KILL HIM IMMEDIATELY WHEN HE DOES THIS TO ANDREW.

My feelings for Andrew are motherly feelings and I’ve noticed the Jesuits are trying to pervert that. We will not tolerate the inducement of improper feelings by PLPs. These PLPs will be immediately executed. It’s not cute or harmless when they do this. They do this IN ORDER TO SET UP A MURDER, so the PLP who does this, needs to be executed immediately.

I’m not going to go into everything else the Jesuits have done. I am surrounded at Wal-mart, where I often shop and they are getting a lot of cooperation from Wal-mart employees. I’m flanked by Jesuits on the road. When I left the school this morning, some tow truck (all of a sudden showed up). It pulled up right next to my car, in the high school parking lot.

I said, “My, it’s strange how everyone shows up, when I show up.” They said, “Our car wouldn’t start and so we have to tow it.” I said, “Oh, how convenient. Your car gets stuck and then you show up right as I am leaving the school. I was going to go to my classroom to fix my window, but I think I’ve changed my mind.”

And then while I was in line at Wal-Mart, I noticed the clerk and the customer in front of me were IMITATING everything I bought or was doing. As soon as I laid my milk down, the clerk picked up the milk from the customer in front of me, and said, “And the milk.” So, when after she rung up my milk, I said, “And the milk.” They also read my mind and could tell that I had mentally decided to use my debit card instead of my checkbook. So when the clerk asked the customer in front of me, whether it would be check or a card, IT WAS A CARD, OF COURSE. When I used my debit card, I had trouble figuring out the machine.

The clerk said, “You need to enter your number.” So I entered the number and said, “Vladimir Putin’s birthday.” I picked a number that is Putin’s birthday, when I chose a secret code for my card about a month ago. After I did this, the total on the receipt turned out to $71.14. I was born again in 1971 at the age of 14. So I said, “Oh, the number 14. I became a born again Christian when I was 14.” It amazes me how clever the Jesuits are with computers–THEY MUST HAVE A LOT OF MONEY TO HIRE THE BEST COMPUTER EXPERTS!!! When I came home and added minutes to my cell phone, the total came out to 57 something. I was born in 1957. The Jesuits are living up to their number obsession.

It’s no wonder God calls them 666. God knew that the Beast would be an organization with a NUMBER OBSESSION.

Melissa Ramsey, the girl who helped me clean, behaved like she was receiving instructions (to her brain) straight from a Jesuit agent. Check out her PLP, he needs to be eliminated.

When I returned to my apartment (after I shopped at Wal-Mart) a dog wandered over to my car from the street and I could tell the 666-Computer was used to guide this dog in my direction. I mentioned in my car that the Jesuits probably led this dog to me in order to create the “dog” conspiracy and that they would probably cause a pit bull to attack my students and then would claim that Vladimir did it to draw attention to his 666-Computer DOG CONSPIRACY. Now (at 11 p.m. on the news) I hear a pitt bull attacked a little girl. Check this out and those involved, and if they are found guilty of violating my conspiracy laws, they should be tried according to my laws.

XXXX–G.S. (10-4-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-4-03)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-4-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL