Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-16-2003)

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11-16-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-03 Tatbestand

The Jesuits are orchestrating things so that the United States will be a lone “hold-out” in requiring all its PLPs to have a FINANCIAL HISTORY. This way the Jesuits can make it appear that Bush, Putin and Pope John Paul II are working together in an “exposure” conspiracy against the Jesuits. Pope John Paul II has already admitted that the Jesuits within the Roman Catholic Church desire a world dictatorship and that the Pope previously cooperated with them, so if any incriminating evidence is found against Pope John Paul II, it’s because he WAS guilty–but the Pope is now cooperating with us.

Our defense for this outrageous accusation by the Jesuits is that President Bush’s FINANCIAL HISTORY is posted and published in my statements, along with President Putin’s FINANCIAL HISTORY, and my FINANCIAL HISTORY. There is NO INDICATION from any of these FINANCIAL HISTORIES that there was any WILLING cooperation with any Jesuit-type conspiracy.

Besides, if the United States (within 7 days–from the day that changes were made to the CONSPIRACY LAWS–see Sections 4.5, 4.6 and 4.61 in 666-Computer Laws for PLPs) does not implement the changes made to the 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document (which requires ALL PLPs to have their FINANCIAL HISTORIES checked), the United States will be listed as a TERRORIST NATION on Vladimir Putin’s website. So, it doesn’t sound like Russia and the U.S. are “in cahoots” (or working together) to frame the Jesuits. At present, there is a SERIOUS DISAGREEMENT between Russia and the U.S. as explained below:

If it is necessary for Vladimir Putin to list the United States as a TERRORIST NATION on his website, the Russian government will put in an explanation like the following:

“President George W. Bush is considered a friend of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, President Bush is not the true leader of the United States, but the U.S. lawmakers are. The U.S. lawmakers have prevented Pres. Bush from implementing the required recent updates incorporated into the 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document (which requires all PLPs to have a FINANCIAL HISTORY check); therefore, since Pres. Bush is not the true leader of the United States and the TRUE LEADERS (who are the U.S. lawmakers) refuse to cooperate with Russia; the United States must be listed as a TERRORIST NATION (see Sect. 4.41 and 4.61 of the 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document)–Russia will not make an exception to a nation just because it has a friendship with that VIOLATOR COUNTRY’s President (when that President is only a SYMBOLIC LEADER and not the TRUE LEADER of the country). If all American PLPs are NOT required to undergo a FINANCIAL HISTORY, then the United States will have violated the requirements (as outlined in the CONSPIRACY LAWS) to be a NEIGHBOR NATION or a COOPERATING NATION, and the United States will have fulfilled all the requirements to be a TERRORIST NATION (according to the CONSPIRACY LAWS). The United States must fulfill this requirement (for all PLPs to have a FINANCIAL HISTORY) and if the United States will NOT fulfill this requirement–Vladimir Putin is forced to list the United States as a TERRORIST NATION on his website and will treat the U.S. as a TERRORIST NATION (according to the conspiracy laws). Therefore, this requirement for all PLPs to have a FINANCIAL HISTORY must be fulfilled, or the U.S. will be listed as a TERRORIST NATION [because of violation of the NEIGHBOR laws (refer to CONSPIRACY LAWS)].”

Time now is 6:35 p.m. and I just finished going for a walk. As a result of what happened, I have added Sections 4.1 and 4.2 to TERRORIST MONEY LAWS. Vladimir and I will create RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS on his website or on another website. Though it will be as professional as FOX, BBC, or any major news network, the difference will be in that those who view this website will get news from the perspective of my statements (which means that news items presented will be tied in to my statements and legal documents, with references to my statements and maybe even connections or references to appropriate sections of my statements and legal documents); and major news items will be presented to show how they relate to the Brent Spiner/Vladimir Putin/Schuler legal case. For instance, if Putin is forced to list the U.S. as a terrorist nation on his website, this will be mentioned in RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Though I will be reported on in RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, this does not mean that I give permission to other news media sources to report about me. Photographs related to me can be presented, and if Vladimir chooses, he can show photographs of me. I will leave this up to him. I have learned Vladimir has excellent judgment in these matters, and I give him total journalistic freedom to create this internet news presentation as he sees fit. Only RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS has permission to cover or to photograph me in the news or in any media. I still desire to be anonymous. I don’t trust any news media source except RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, so I forbid other news sources, magazines or publications from covering me.

Job 20:25–22 words. Notice the words “glittering sword” and “terrors”. Verse 25 hints at the United States. The word “gall” hints at Gail. Cf. To Eph. 6:17 in regard to “glittering sword”. Notice that 22 + 25 = 45. This verse 25 has 22 words! Possible interpretation: If the U.S. rejects the words of God (see Eph. 6:17) or the SWORD, then TERRORS will come upon her☛TERRORISM?? God made a significant decision regarding the U.S. and TERRORS when Gail Schuler was 45? I am now 46. 22 or the ROYAL JEWISH DAVIDIC LINE seems to be emphasized.

Job 22:25–(11 X 2 = 22 — 9-11-01?) 14 words. The numbers 14 and 22 are associated with the royal Davidic Jewish line. 14th word is SILVER (Silver Skies?). Notice that 22 + 25 = 47. Is God going to make a significant decision regarding the United States (notice this is verse 25) when I am 47? Verse seems to indicate that if the United States honors the descendant of David (myself) that the U.S. will prosper financially.

There are 2 books in the Bible that have 22 chapters: 1 Kings and Revelation.

In 1 Kings 22:50 the CITY OF DAVID is mentioned. 1 Kings 22:50 has 27 words!! 27 is the MARRIAGE NUMBER. Notice that the 17th word is DAVID. Notice this is verse 50 (United States?).

Now let’s cross reference to the LAST CHAPTER OF THE BIBLE, which is Rev. 22. Let’s go to Rev. 22:17–Recall that the 17th word of the ONLY OTHER BOOK IN THE BIBLE WITH 22 CHAPTERS (in 1 Kings 22:50), that the 17th word is DAVID. Rev. 22:17 is about a BRIDE. Rev. 22:17 has 33 words. 33 + 17 = 50. The last word of this verse is FREELY. Possible interpretation: If the U.S. wants to be FREE, she needs to honor the offspring of David–the BRIDE. The previous verse (Rev. 22:16) mentions the OFFSPRING OF DAVID.

Rev. 22, verses 16 through 19 are about honoring God’s WORDS and God’s BRIDE and the OFFSPRING OF DAVID. See my comments regarding Rev. 20:25 which has 22 words.

XXXX–G.S. (11-16-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-16-03
Place: Melbourne, FL