Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-13-2003)

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11-13-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-03 Tatbestand

I have added some more documentation to my RCL:ST document to deal with confessors who are claiming that they were set-up into making a SAVING CONFESSION (which has been incorporated as part of a JESUIT EXPOSURE ADDENDUM). What I have written in the RCL:ST document applies to ALL JESUIT EXPOSURE ADDENDUMS, regardless of which conspiracy laws were violated.

16.201 A SAVING CONFESSION is defined as a confession which is used IN PLACE OF THE DEATH PENALTY. If a criminal is exempted from the death penalty because he/she makes a confession which will be incorporated into a JESUIT EXPOSURE ADDENDUM, the SAVING CONFESSION must contain the following wording: “I confess under penalty of death under the laws of the . . .(name the jurisdiction which these laws fall under) that to the best of my knowledge that this SAVING CONFESSION is accurate and truthful and has been made with the realization that I am guilty of violating the conspiracy laws (written by Gail Schuler) and that, under these conspiracy laws, I deserve the death penalty. I also confess that as I make this SAVING CONFESSION, that my mind is not manipulated by any technology, medications or by anything else as I make this confession, that my reasoning abilities are sound, and that I fully realize the consequences and privileges that come with the making of this confession. The only duress which I suffer as I make this SAVING CONFESSION is that I realize that if I don’t make this SAVING CONFESSION that I will be executed for the crimes of which I am guilty, I suffer from NO OTHER DURESS as I make this SAVING CONFESSION. I realize that if I later willingly contradict what I have confessed in this SAVING CONFESSION, and that if this contradiction is documented and proven, that I will be given no more opportunities to use a SAVING CONFESSION as a means to escape the death penalty, and that any willing contradiction which I make against this SAVING CONFESSION (once it has been proven that I have willingly contradicted what I have confessed in this SAVING CONFESSION) will cause me to incur the death penalty (with no more opportunities for a SAVING CONFESSION) for the crimes which I have confessed to in this SAVING CONFESSION.”

16.202 The Russian government is not limited in what method of execution it will employ for the death penalty. The Russian government may use the 666-Computer to induce cancer (or forms of death which appear natural and not like an execution), in order to prevent the Jesuits from making a theatrical style conspiracy out of the executions. The Russian government does not like to draw undue attention to these executions and will use whatever method is necessary to prevent or discourage Jesuits from creating more conspiracies.

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Jesuits are trying to sabotage my legal writing abilities and have made it so that my search function doesn’t work. I put in the words I want the program to search for and WordPerfect pulls up irrelevant documents or else does not find the word(s) I search for in these documents.

I would like to define the term MY CONSPIRACY LAWS. MY CONSPIRACY LAWS or Gail Schuler’s CONSPIRACY LAWS are defined as all the laws I’ve written, including any I’ve incorporated in my statements and RCL:ST, RRL, GENERAL 666-COMPUTER LAWS, 666-COMPUTER LAWS FOR PLPs, & Russia’s Neighbor Laws.
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I have added more onto my RRL document as follows:

16.0 A RELIABLE STERILIZATION is defined as any technology or method which can block or prevent ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSALS from being used to cause a woman or a man to have her/his sterilization undone (without her/his knowledge or consent). A RELIABLE STERILIZATION will cause a sterilization to remain “intact” and immune from reversals by ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL technologies.

16.01 A STERILIZATION is a procedure which has been performed on a person so that this person (if male) cannot impregnate a woman, and (if female) cannot become pregnant.

16.1 ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSALS are any technologies, methods, medications, etc. that may be employed on a person to undo that person’s sterilization (regardless of the brevity of time in which this sterilization-reversal took place) ☛ If the result of that sterilization-reversal is that the woman could become pregnant or the man could impregnate, then that person’s sterilization HAS BEEN UNDONE. If a “sterilized” woman could become pregnant (or that “sterilized” man could impregnate a woman) and this sterilization-reversal was done in such a manner that the “sterilized” person was not aware that his/her sterilization was undone, then this sterilization-reversal was an ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL. In other words, anything that causes a person to have their sterilization undone (without that person’s consent or knowledge), is an illegal sterilization-reversal. Also, any use of technologies (without that person’s knowledge or consent) to undermine the reliability or effectiveness of birth control measures (the pill, diaphragm, condom, foam, etc.) on a person as they engage in sexual activities is also an ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL.

16.2 An ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSER is one who practices illegal sterilization-reversals. All illegal sterilization-reversers (especially those who employ 666-Computer technology or any advanced technology to accomplish their illegal sterilization-reversals) along with all those who willingly (directly or indirectly) cooperate with them, will be given the death penalty, with possible immediate execution. Anyone who uses these advanced technologies to carry out this type of criminal activity is a Jesuit conspirator and deserves the death penalty.

16.3 Willing cooperation with an ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSER is defined as any willing (direct or indirect) attempt to assist an ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSER in his/her activities. An indirect willing attempt to assist an ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSER could be an attempt to frame an innocent party or group or organization for the crimes of the ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSER’s conpiracy. A willing attempt is an attempt which is of the person’s free will (with no extortion or coercion involved which would cause the person to act against his/her will).

16.4 AN ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL CONSPIRACY is any conspiracy which uses deceit, trickery or extortion (especially with the use of advanced technologies) to undo the sterilization of a man or a woman without that person’s knowledge or consent.

16.5 It is obvious that the Jesuits have come up with AN ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL CONSPIRACY to cause ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSALS. Anyone who is aware of a way or method or technology to defeat this ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL CONSPIRACY in order to produce RELIABLE STERILIZATIONS in men and women, and who does not divulge it to the Russian government within 7 days, will be given the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator. Those who come forward to divulge information about any RELIABLE STERILIZATION must cooperate fully in the Russian government’s investigation of this ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL CONSPIRACY.

16.6 Exceptions will be for those who are held back by EXTORTION from coming forward to the Russian government during the 7 day deadline with RELIABLE STERILIZATION information. If someone is a victim of extortion so that they cannot come forward with RELIABLE STERILIZATION information, this extortion victim (when they come forward) must supply the name (and full identification) of the extortioner(s) and make a sworn recorded statement (while under 666-Computer lie detection) regarding the circumstances surrounding their extortion. If it is determined that this person (who comes forward) is truly an extortion victim, this person will be spared the death penalty AS LONG AS THIS PERSON COOPERATES WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT IN ITS INVESTIGATION OF HOW THIS PERSON WAS A VICTIM OF EXTORTION and as long as this person cooperates with the Russian government in its investigation of the ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL conspiracy. Those who WILLINGLY hold this person against their will from coming forward with any RELIABLE STERILIZATION information will be given the death penalty as Jesuit conspirators.

16.7 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a RELIABLE STERILIZATION technology and who were unaware of the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection). Those who were unaware of the deadline will only spare themselves the death penalty if they will make a sworn confession (under 666-Computer lie detection) as to how they were unaware of the deadline and this confession will be entered into the courts.

16.8 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a RELIABLE STERILIZATION technology and who discovered this/these RELIABLE STERILIZATION technology or technologies after the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection), these/this person(s) must also make a sworn confession as to how they discovered this/these technology or technologies after the deadline and this confession will be entered in the courts.

16.9 Anyone who discovers any RELIABLE STERILIZATION technology after the deadline, is required to immediately report it to the Russian government. Those who neglect to do so will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators, except for the exceptions noted in Section 16.6 and 16.7.

16.91 If all RELIABLE STERILIZATION technology/technologies is/are discovered, Russia may waive Section 16, depending on if Russia has anymore problems which require the use of ILLEGAL STERILIZATION-REVERSAL technology/technologies.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-13-03
Place: Melbourne, FL