Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-23-2003)

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11-23-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Please see the recent changes I have made to my 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document. I have added sections 9 and 10 onto this document. The reason I have added Section 10 to the 666-Computer Laws for PLP document is because PLPs still attack me and violate Vladimir’s instructions, and Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that it is common knowledge among the PLPs what the Jesuits want them to do (that’s because I’m WORLD FAMOUS); and so, even without direct instructions from JESUIT PRACTITIONERS, many PLPs are acting on their own (without direct instructions from JESUIT PRACTITIONERS) to try to help out Jesuits. The PLPs know if they do well for the Jesuits, that the Jesuits will contact them and give them the bribery money. So I thought that by adding Section 10 to my 666-Computer Laws for PLP document, it might help us weed out more bad doctors.

Take a statistically and scientifically accurate survey among the PLPs and ask them (under 666-Computer lie-detection) if they would know what to do with the 666-Computer (if they were my PLP) in order to please the Jesuits [as they manipulated me (via 666-Computer)], and if they believed the Jesuits would contact them later and reward them for doing well [if they succeeded for the Jesuits as my PLP]. Also, ask them around how much they think they would be rewarded for accomplishing what the Jesuits wanted from them (if they were my PLP), and how they think they would be rewarded. Also, ask them what they think would happen to them if the Jesuits approached them with a bribe and they turned it down. Then publish and broadcast the results of this survey on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Don’t forget about Sections 5 & 6 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS. These laws are some of our strongest weapons in this war against terror. The Jesuits’ strongest tactic is to create conspiracies or incidents and then to try to blame these on us (as they claim that we are trying to frame them with conspiracies); but, obviously, if no one in our party has a clue as to who was behind this “conspiracy” or what the methods were used and this “conspiracy” has hit us as a surprise–how could we be the orchestrators of it? EVERY TIME they accuse us of being involved in a conspiracy, use Sections 5 & 6 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS and then publish or broadcast the results on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. If the Jesuits claim we orchestrated something to frame them, THEN ALL PERSONS INVOLVED (WHO COULD BE POSSIBLE ORCHESTRATORS) SHOULD HAVE THEIR MEMORIES EXAMINED TO SEE IF THEY KNEW ABOUT THE “CONSPIRACY”. After their memories are examined, then PUBLISH OR BROADCAST the results of the memory investigation on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

About 1/8 of RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS (since it is a 24 hour news program) will be devoted to a documentary called Perspectives from History. Perspectives from History will be a unique documentary in that history will be presented from the perspective of Jesuit involvement in history. Perspectives from History will be based on The Secret History of the Jesuits (from Chick Publications). We will use The Secret History of the Jesuits as the STARTING POINT for our research and then go on from there. Ask Dr. Peter S. Ruckman where we can find other sources to use on this program, since he is an avid reader and researcher. This will be an educational program designed to undo the successful brainwashing done to the masses through Jesuit propaganda campaigns.

For instance, Perspectives from History will show that Joseph Stalin was trained and guided by Jesuits (and the evidence for this will be presented in this program).

Perspectives from History can be used to tie in history with current events, which will give the public a unique perspective on things happening right now. Because this documentary will take up around 1/8 of broadcast time, it will not just cover Jesuit involvement in Russian history, but will cover the history of Jesuit involvement in all regions of the world. Also because RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS has an international audience, this documentary will cover the history of other regions of the world besides Russia. It will be a world history course with a specific focus on Jesuit involvement in world history.

Those who produce this program will study all evidence (the researchers for this program can start with The Secret History of the Jesuits) that shows Jesuit involvement in history, and will present this in a documentary format in Perspectives from History. All information presented in Perspectives from History must be factual and backed up with evidence, and this evidence must be shown in the program which discusses that particular historical event. Anyone who deliberately presents false information or deliberately conducts false research for Perspectives from History will be executed.

Jesuits have done such an excellent cover-up job regarding the atrocities which they’ve committed throughout history, that I anticipate quite a strong reaction from them over the broadcast of Perspectives from History. This is something that they will oppose vehemently and they won’t take this sitting down. Unfortunately, the Jesuits are presently engaged in a propaganda campaign to make present-day Russia (under Putin) appear to be an extension of Joseph Stalin. The fact that the Jesuits are doing this, is something I’ve concluded on my own–Vladimir has not even hinted to me that he feels he’s a victim of a propaganda campaign of this type. I concluded this from my brief reading of today’s paper. Only by educating the public regarding TRUE HISTORY, can we defeat this propaganda campaign by the Jesuits to smear Putin. Russia and the world need to know the role the Jesuits have played in establishing dictatorships like Stalin and Hitler. Putin is FIGHTING the STALIN IDEOLOGY and trying to prevent Russia from returning to a Stalin style government. His war with the Chechen rebels is part of his campaign to save Russia from a return to a dictatorship like Stalin. The Chechen rebels are JESUIT AGENTS. If Putin loses control over Russia and the Jesuits win, it will mean that Russia will return to a dictatorship like she had under Stalin☛this is the Jesuits’ goal for Russia and the world. IF YOU DON’T LEARN FROM HISTORY, YOU WILL REPEAT THE MISTAKES OF HISTORY–That’s why it’s so important to teach people history. The Jesuits have rewritten the history books, so that the world has no idea of the role the Roman Catholic Church has played throughout history and THIS ROLE HAS BEEN SIGNIFICANT.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-23-03
Place: Melbourne, FL