Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-31-2003)

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12-31-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Ask Dr. Peter Ruckman to help our RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS team in the research and format for a documentary special about the history of the nation of Israel and of the Jews–and this special will be part of our “Perspectives from History” program.

I don’t want Jews to be in charge of this program.

Let Dr. Peter Ruckman be in charge of the format and research for this special about the history of the nation of Israel and the Jews. Obviously, we may have to confer with the Israelis and Jews to get some of our material, but we will not allow Jews or Israelis to produce this program. And we may have to interview Jews and/or Palestinians, but no Jew or Palestinian will be involved in the production of this program.

This will be a program produced by Gentiles under the leadership of Dr. Peter Ruckman (let Dr. Ruckman be the main producer or director for this program).

Here is how I want this program to be focused: Give a general history of the nation of Israel and of the Jews, but put most of the focus on current history (within the past 100 years or so). I want a special focus to be on the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in Jewish history, and there should be a strong focus regarding the involvement of the Jesuit Order in the history of the Jews (since from around 1800 to the present).

There is a real need to educate the world about the true nature of the “Palestinian movement” in Israel. Dr. Ruckman is very knowledgeable about this. I want a special focus in this Jewish history special to be about the true nature of the “Palestinian movement” in Israel; and I want the Jesuits’ involvement (within the past 100 years or so) in modern-day Israel and in the modern-day “Palestinian movement” to be exposed. Dr. Ruckman has the source material for this.

Make sure that everything presented in this program is fully documented and that the documents are listed somewhere in the broadcast.

I have listened to all the tapes in Dr. Ruckman’s series called Israel: A Deadly Piece of Dirt. After listening to this tape series, I don’t think we could find a person who is more qualified (in knowledge) about the true history of Israel than Dr. Ruckman.

Give Dr. Ruckman complete journalistic freedom. I am fully aware that the Jews and Israel don’t do (and haven’t done) everything perfectly. This documentary must present honest history or it won’t be relevant and credible. I don’t want Dr. Ruckman to lie about the Jews and make them appear better than they are.

In fact, I want Dr. Ruckman to highlight those Jews who have worked for Jesuits and who have betrayed their own people and who have betrayed the nation of Israel. THE JESUITS ARE MASTERS AT BETRAYAL. When he highlights these Jews, I want him to mention what these Jews did (and he may mention names) and Dr. Ruckman will explain what it was that this Jew did that was harmful to Zionism (or to the Jews)–and if he has evidence that these Jews worked for Jesuits, I want him to present this evidence in the program.

Dr. Ruckman’s job is to present an honest and accurate historical account about Jews and Israel. Make sure Dr. Ruckman mentions that he is a former Roman Catholic. He can mention he’s German American, if he wants.

Give Dr. Ruckman all the broadcast time he feels he needs, in order to do this special (about the history of Israel) justice. Make sure that the production credits are listed for this special and emphasize that there is not a Jew on the list. We will not allow the Jews to have any part (in determining the content) of this special about the history of the Jews and Israel.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Time is now 2:30 p.m. and I just turned on the news. It appears the explosion at the Baghdad restaurant (which occurred at around 1:30 p.m.) was orchestrated to occur at about the same time that our RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS’ special about the history of the Jews premiered. You must understand that the Jesuits have never, ever received this much exposure from any major news media organization (in regard to their desire to annihilate the Jewish race) until today–that is, because RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS is currently the highest rated news broadcast in the world. More people watch RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS than watch any others news broadcast in the world and we are breaking records in the ratings. And, until the advent of RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, the Jesuits have been able to prevent the world from having a correct version of history (especially in regard to the involvement of the Catholic Church in world history). You see, all this history about the Catholic Church has been very carefully covered up by the Jesuit Order.

The reason for this cover up is simple. It’s because the Jesuits have controlled the worldwide news media, that is–until the advent of RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. More people currently watch RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS than any other news broadcast in the world. Vladimir tells me RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS is breaking the ratings records in all of its programs. You can imagine how the Jesuits feel about this.

Anyways, this restaurant explosion is an attempt to make it appear that RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS is part of a conspiracy against the Jesuit Order by orchestrating this explosion to occur when our documentary about the History of the Jews PREMIERED.

Remember to use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES whenever the Jesuits bring up this baloney. The Jesuits just aren’t used to having to deal with truthful news reporting. They’ve controlled the news media for so long–that it really unnerves them that with RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS– there is a news organization that won’t cave in to Jesuit pressure to report the news from the Jesuits’ perspective! The Jesuits’ perspective is unbalanced, distorted and designed to create false impressions.

Have Dr. Ruckman give a brief presentation on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS about the “guidelines” for the “respectable” news media–you’d be amazed what those “guidelines” are. It’s no wonder we never get the truth from the news media. And it’s no wonder God sent that earthquake that targeted the William Randolph Hearst (the news media king) castle in California. When Dr. Ruckman presents these “respectable” news media “guidelines” on the RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS broadcast, have him mention where he got this information. The Jesuits will claim he’s lying, of course–so we have to back up everything we say with EVIDENCE. Also, unlike the conventional and “respectable” news media, we publish our guidelines for our audience to see. The “respectable” news media doesn’t publish their “guidelines”–I wonder why?

You have my permission to present highlights from any CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL or EMOTIONAL HISTORY on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS whenever you feel it’s important to do so–you don’t have to get permission from me to do this. We will allow our news team to use their brains and judgment–as long as they follow the guidelines which we’ve established for this news organization–which emphasizes TRUTHFUL REPORTING. If it’s questionable, they can check with Vladimir Putin, first.

Time is 10:47 p.m. There is a British Airways jet at Dulles airport in Washington, D.C. right now which is being detained. Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that they feel a suicide bomber is on board this jet. Please pray for this situation, that it will be resolved without incident. Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that he has made some very serious moves to consummate our relationship tonight and to give me some money tonight; and, apparently, the Jesuits want to ruin it by orchestrating this suicide bomber incident on this jet. Vladimir and I thoroughly condemn the use of any suicide bomber on any jet. Do CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on myself, my mother, my son, Bill Fuller and Vladimir and (any other person the Jesuits may bring up) to see if we knew that we’d have problems with a suicide bomber tonight. If we didn’t know about it, then we have nothing to do with this “suicide bomber”.

The use of suicide bombers is a Jesuit strategy.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-31-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-31-03
Place: Melbourne, FL