Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-10-2004)

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1-10-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

That Australian Steve Irwin (spelling?) guy (along with any guilty Australian PLPs, who participated in the plot) who dangled his infant in front of the crocodile, will be required to give CONFESSION STATEMENTs on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

I have made changes to my INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS document, please refer to the document for the changes. China’s PLP network has 666-Computer control over Italian JESUIT CONSPIRATORS. Australia’s PLP network has 666-Computer control over Mexico’s JESUIT CONSPIRATORS. Poland has been given 666-Computer control over JESUIT CONSPIRATORS in Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay. And there are other changes. Refer to INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS.

Spain will no longer have 666-Computer control over any U.S. citizens, because some Spanish Jesuit PLPs were used in an attempted assassination plot against Pres. Bush. However, we will not cancel Spain’s PLP network, because we do not feel that these Jesuit Spanish PLPs represent the will of the Spanish people. Spain is very upset about this.

The following foiled assassination plot was revealed to use by the excellent work of the Kenya auditing team as they audited the Norwegian PLP network. Here is how the assassination plot was orchestrated, as told me (via 666-Computer) by Vladimir Putin:

I had a job interview yesterday with some Chem-Lawn lawn maintenance organization and the guy who interviewed me was Keith (who was under the 666-Computer control of Spain). This lawn maintenance organization was planning to use one of their negro yard workers (who would be under the control of a Spanish PLP) to shoot Pres. Bush (who would be under the control of Norway’s PLP network) when Pres. Bush would come to my door to retrieve me, in order to fly me on Pres. Bush’s Air Force One with Vladimir Putin. This yard worker would be supposedly working on our next door neighbor’s yard at the time that Pres. Bush would show up to come and get me for Putin. The next door neighbor (who would hire the lawn service) would also be under the control of Norway’s PLP network. (Norway is taking care of this matter right now). In other words, all this would be timed–so that when Pres. Bush showed up at my door, the negro yard worker (under the control of Spain’s PLP network) would shoot Pres. Bush.

Keith, willing and deliberately and knowingly, participated (by the way he timed and conducted this interview with me yesterday) to promote this Jesuit “Presidential assassination” conspiracy (using Spanish PLPs) in order to assassinate Pres. Bush in a manner to frame an innocent party (which would be either myself, Putin or possibly Laura Bush and others) and to make it appear that our motive for doing it was to FRAME THE SPANISH PEOPLE (and indirectly the Jesuit Order) WITH PRES. BUSH’S MURDER.

The reason the Jesuits want to do this is because the Jesuit Order was founded in Spain. So, the plot was to use Spanish PLPs to instruct Keith (the lawn maintenance company’s manager) to conduct yesterday’s interview of me in a manner that would promote this conspiracy.

Also, when I drove to the interview (with Keith) yesterday, I accidentally missed the road I should have turned on, and then an AMBULANCE SHOWED UP OUT OF NOWHERE AND WAS BLOCKED IN THE TRAFFIC WITH ITS SIREN GOING (BECAUSE NONE OF THE CARS WOULD MOVE OUT OF THE WAY). Because of this ambulance incident, it’s a miracle I made it on time to the interview–I was running a little late. I imagine this was an attempt to emulate the sirens which would be going when Pres. Bush would be shot.

I want all JESUIT CONSPIRATORS involved in this ambulance incident yesterday to make CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Our next door neighbor (under the direction of a Norwegian PLP) was to order the lawn service to occur at the time that Pres. Bush would show up at my door. We have determined that the next door neighbor is an extortion victim (along with the Norwegian PLP who had 666-Computer control over him and who instructed him to set up the lawn service), along with the neighbor’s hired TruGreen Chem-Lawn American negro lawn worker (who was to be extorted by a Spanish PLP) who was supposed to shoot Pres. Bush (when Bush showed up at my door). This matter is being investigated and prosecuted by the Norwegian government and all guilty JESUIT CONSPIRATORS in Norway (in this matter) are now under Iran’s PLP network.

All JESUIT CONSPIRATORS involved in this Pres. Bush assassination plot must make CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (including Keith, the Jesuit who interviewed me yesterday). This would include all the Spanish and Norwegian PLPs who are guilty of being JESUIT CONSPIRATORS in this Pres. Bush assassination plot. After all these “Pres. Bush assassination” JESUIT CONSPIRATORS make their CONFESSION STATEMENT, they will be executed.

The exception will be the Jesuit, Keith, who interviewed me yesterday. We will handle him differently. Keith will be placed under the 666-Computer control of Iran’s PLP network and will go to a prison in SPAIN where he will stay for a long time. While Keith is in Spanish prison, he will be forbidden to communicate with anyone using the internet or the mail or telephone or any other method of communication (unless he is under extreme surveillance). Communications (for Keith) will only be allowed for emergencies. We are not sure of how long he will be kept in a Spanish prison. At the request of Pres. Bush, we have chosen this method of punishment for Keith.

Extortion victims are never executed for being an extortion victim.

We have also determined that the Jesuit Spanish PLPs timed the release of certain books into the American market, so that their releases would OCCUR ON THE DAY THAT PRES. BUSH WOULD RETRIEVE ME FOR VLADIMIR PUTIN. All of the Jesuits involved in this have already made CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Vladimir and I will mention on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS that those Spanish PLPs (who were behind the conspiracy which was– to time the releases of various books to occur when Pres. Bush came to get me for Vladimir) have all been executed by the Polish PLP network.

However, one of the books is called The Perfect Wife (this book is all about Laura Bush and actually presents her in a flattering manner). However, I feel that this title is not flattering to Laura Bush and I feel a court order should go out to the publisher that demands that the title of this book be changed to The President’s Wife. The title The Perfect Wife very subtly insinuates that Laura Bush’s “reserve” and “perfect wife” behavior, may be indicative of a mental obsession–possibly an obsession to murder her own husband? This may be a clever attempt to frame Laura with the conspiracy that murders her own husband, especially since this book was originally timed to occur when her husband, Pres. Bush, would come to get me for Vladimir Putin. We’ve foiled the timing of the release of this book, due to the excellent work of our African auditing teams.

Needless to say, Mrs. Bush is upset about the title of this book and really isn’t too crazy that this book is “out there”, but the Jesuit-induced damage has been done and Vladimir and I feel the best way to handle this, is to demand that the publishers change the title of the book to The President’s Wife.

My personal opinion: When it comes to class, I can’t get near Laura Bush. She has much more class than I do, and I don’t think she or Pres. Bush is worried about any possible romantic interest that Pres. Bush may have in me. Besides, Pres. Bush isn’t my type. Check out my EMOTIONAL HISTORY to see what, if any, romantic feelings I may have for Pres. Bush. Also, check out my feelings for Laura Bush. You might say, well aren’t you worried Vladimir Putin might want her? No, because she isn’t Russian enough for him. Vladimir is attracted to my royal Russian blood. He likes and respects Laura, but has no desire to have her as a wife. Laura does not understand the Russian people and would not be a good match for Vladimir Putin.

Please broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS the results of an EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on myself, Laura Bush, Pres. Bush, Vladimir Putin in regard to any romantic/jealousy feelings that there may be between myself and Pres. Bush, Vladimir and Laura Bush, Pres. Bush and Vladimir, Laura Bush and George Bush, or any other combinations the Jesuits might come up with. I’d marry Laura before I married Pres. Bush! NO, I’M NOT A LESBIAN! I only mention this to show that I have NO ROMANTIC INTEREST IN PRES. BUSH.

It was a Spanish PLP who chose the title The Perfect Wife for this book about Laura Bush and who instructed the author of this book to give it this title. This Spanish PLP (who chose this title) must give a CONFESSION STATEMENT on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS as to why he/she chose this title and will make his/her confession (according to Sections 9 & 10 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS). After this Spanish PLP makes his/her CONFESSION STATEMENT, he/she will be placed in a Spanish jail and be under the 666-Computer control of Poland’s PLP network. He/she will be under very strict surveillance and only emergency communications will be permitted.

All decisions made in this statement and in my CONSPIRACY LAWS are my own decisions, with some input from Vladimir Putin. No other person has influenced me in how I decided these matters, except that Vladimir and I have respected the wishes of others, when we felt it was appropriate and we have made it known whose wishes we have respected (such as Pres. Bush’s wishes regarding Keith).

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$
The Jesuits are trying to defeat our CONFESSION STATEMENTS by orchestrating about 6,000 (or more) little conspiracies (or copycat cases) as part of a monumental conspiracy. Example: Jesuits bribe or extort about 6,000 different kinds of businesses not to hire new people, and then bribe or extort another 500 businesses to hire only certain groups of people like temporary workers, teachers, etc. This is a combination micro and macro strategy to control the economy and to make it appear that Bush and/or Putin are behind this sophisticated and intricate economic orchestration.

The way we will handle these copycat cases on JESUIT CONFESSIONS (RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS) will be like this: We will choose a typical case and make a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR (who is involved with this typical case) present the CONFESSION STATEMENT for that typical case on JESUIT CONFESSIONS. While this CONFESSION STATEMENT is being made for this typical case (which is a copycat of about 5,000 other cases), the confessor (in his/her CONFESSION STATEMENT) will mention that his case is a copycat of 5,000 (he/she will mention the number) other cases. And then he/she will mention where on Vladimir Putin’s website (or on the RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS website), one can look up the CONFESSION STATEMENTS for the 5,000 other copycat cases. (See Sect. 10.2 & 10.3 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS).

David Schuler is forbidden to move near any of my family members. Any attempt to move David Schuler near myself or my family will result in the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR for those willing, knowingly and deliberately involved in such an attempt. A recent letter I allegedly received from him indicated that he might be militarily transferred to Port Canaveral or Jacksonville or some other Florida locations. I want all those who are involved in the military transfer process and who are trying to move David near me or my family and who are doing this to orchestrate another Jesuit conspiracy–to be required (if they are found to be JESUIT CONSPIRATORS) to give CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. We may mete out the death penalty or jail time or other punishments (besides the CONFESSION STATEMENTS) to these JESUIT CONSPIRATORS (who are trying to link David with my family by moving him near my family).

XXX1/2–G.S. (1-10-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (1-10-04)
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CCCCCCC–G.S. (1-10-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-10-04
Place: Melbourne, FL