Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-2-2004)

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1-2-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time is 9:30 a.m. I have not read the paper and only watched about one minute of FOX News at around 8 a.m.

Because I made a lot of dealings with nations all over the world yesterday, I anticipate that the Jesuits are going to try to draw attention to my CONSPIRACY LAWS somehow and will strive to make it appear that miraculous breakthroughs in peace are taking place all over the world (especially with the nations whose PLP networks were cancelled). This is an attempt to draw attention to my CONSPIRACY LAWS. Remember the old adage, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

This war on terror will not be won overnight. The Jesuits are too entrenched all over the world. And any attempt to make this war appear like an “overnight victory” is an attempt either to deceive or to draw attention to a “conspiracy”. For instance, I hear that North Korea is allowing us to investigate their nuclear facilities and they’ve never allowed this before.

This is the approach that I recommend for any “earthshaking” or groundbreaking “strides toward peace” (from nations which have a reputation for terrorism) which may take place today or within the next week or so☛ Russia shall approach all “groundbreaking” events from nations [(like North Korea) that have a strong history of Jesuit involvement] with caution. We will report on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS groundbreaking events regarding nations that have a long history of terrorism (like North Korea) like this: “We applaud your moves toward a peaceful resolution of the conflicts which have been between us, but before we shower you with praise, we will wait to see what the results will be over the long term. In the meanwhile, we urge you to continue to deal with the terrorist elements in your country and to continue to cooperate with us in this war against terror. We are not impressed with ‘one night stands’ and we shall see if your cooperation is genuine or is a performance designed to make us put our guard down.”

Because of Iran’s recent devastating earthquake, Russia believes that Iran’s overtures toward peace are genuine. But, in all cases, we judge, not by appearances, but by actions and deeds and by consistent efforts toward peace over the longhaul.

France’s PLP network has been cancelled. The Russian government will give Spain’s PLP network 666-Computer control over French citizens.

Also, the Russian government highly recommends that the United Kingdom allow its law enforcement officers to have guns. We have been informed that in the U.K., Jesuits are taking over the offices where the 666-Computers are and because the U.K. police can’t have guns, it’s turning into chaos–so that Ireland’s PLP network has not been able to gain control over the 666-Computers in the U.K. This situation will not change until the law enforcement officers can use guns to kick out the Jesuits trying to wrest 666-Computer away from Ireland’s PLP network in the U.K.

I have added Section 23 to the RCL:ST document. Please refer to this document for the new law. I am requiring monitors on all satellites to detect MANIPULATING SIGNALS. Reports must be filed with the courts by MONITORING TEAMS hourly regarding any MANIPULATING SIGNALS from all satellites.

Time now is 2:20 p.m. Vladimir has informed me that he is flying and that his jet has experienced some unusual turbulence which, he feels, was generated by satellite attack. Please pray for Vladimir Putin and for his safety and for the safety of his jet.

Time now is 2:56 p.m. It appears the source of the satellite attack was the country of Syria. Vladimir is still flying. Continue to pray for his safety and the safety of the jet.

Vladimir has landed and is safe. The prayers are appreciated.

Time is 8:30 p.m. Pray for Vladimir–he is being attacked by the 666-Computer–by his own practitioner. I want Vladimir put under the control of Germany’s 666-Computer network. Take Vladimir off of the Russian PLP network. I trust the Germans more than the Russians with Vladimir’s welfare.

Time is 8:45 p.m. I quickly instructed Russia to put Vladimir under Germany’s PLP network because I had to think fast because Vladimir was under attack. But now that I’ve had more time to think, I want Vladimir placed under Japan’s 666-Computer network. Please remove Vladimir from Germany’s PLP network and place him under the 666-Computer control of Japan’s PLP network.

You see, Russia, under Vladimir’s leadership, spared Japan from being nuked off the map by North Korea–so the Japanese love Vladimir Putin. I want Vladimir under the 666-Computer control of Japan’s PLP network. For now, keep Vladimir under the Japanese PLP network, unless an emergency arises and his life is threatened under the Japanese network. My next choice for Vladimir, after Japan, would probably be Germany’s PLP network.

–Absolutely– keep Vladimir OFF OF THE RUSSIAN PLP NETWORK. If we continue to have problems with Russia’s PLP network, we may have to cancel the Russian PLP network. If we have to cancel the Russian PLP network, let German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.) have 666-Computer control over the Russian citizens. Russians do well under German leadership. It’s their history.

I don’t trust the Russian PLP network with Vladimir. There is a Muslim separatist element in Russia (under Jesuit leadership and direction) and they have made serious infiltration into all Russian organizations, including the Russian medical system. They will try to harm Vladimir because he is about to marry a woman with Jewish ancestry–that will be their excuse. Actually, the real reason they want to harm him is because these Russian terrorists know that if I marry Vladimir that the Jesuits can’t use Muslim terrorists to takeover Russia.

I want Lyudmila (and her family), Vladimir’s daughters and all of Vladimir’s family to be placed under the 666-Computer control of either Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Japan. I’ll let Vladimir choose which country (Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Japan) that he wants for the rest of his family and for Lyudmila.

Vladimir and I have decided to cancel the Russian PLP network. All Russian citizens will be placed under the 666-Computer control of, first and foremost, Germany’s PLP network. And then, if Germany gets overloaded– Russian citizens will be placed under the
666-Computer control of Austria and Switzerland’s PLP networks.

Time now is 10:10 p.m. Please pray for Vladimir’s German mother, who, apparently, was (within the past hour) attacked by the Russian PLPs and is ill. Vladimir has just informed me that she is ill. I would love to meet her. Pray that God will spare her so that I can meet her. We currently have her under the care of the German PLP network, but the Russian PLP network did some damage to her.

Apparently, Vladimir just found out about his mother. It is a good thing we just switched over to the German network, because the Russian network neglected to inform us about Vladimir’s mother– and because I decided to switch to the German network for Russian citizens (within the past hour), we just found out about Vladimir’s mother. Vladimir’s mother was in a room by herself, so no one saw that she was ill. The German PLPs have let us know about her condition. The German PLP network is more reliable than the Russian network.

I noticed that about a half hour ago, someone from Bill Fuller’s Shriner organization called to say that his mother just died. This male caller called to inform Bill that he just lost his mother. So the Jesuits are trying to frame an innocent party with another conspiracy.

I want CONSPIRACY HISTORIES, FINANCIAL HISTORIES, EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on that man who just called about his mother (about 9:45 p.m. at my mother’s phone); and do these HISTORIES on myself, Vladimir, his mother, Bill Fuller, my mother, and on the German PLPs (who just took over the care of Vladimir’s mother) and on any other people that the Jesuits may bring up or accuse of being part of a conspiracy. Any significant results from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Let’s find out who is really behind this “mother killing” conspiracy.

Prayers are working for Vladimir’s mother–but, please, keep on praying. The Germans are good doctors. God has definitely done a miracle in timing with this matter. If Vladimir and I had not decided to switch to the German PLP network and to cancel Russia’s PLP network (when we did), it is possible Vladimir’s mother would not be with us now.

Please continue to pray for the safety of my family and of Vladimir’s family and for myself and Vladimir. We are intensely targeted by Jesuits.

XXX 1/2–G.S. (1-2-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (1-2-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (1-2-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (1-2-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-2-04
Place: Melbourne, FL