Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-23-2004)

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1-23-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I want all Bible believing Christians all over the world to pray for our German PLP network and for the Germans at the Russian Embassy at Washington D.C.–especially pray for the German PLP network. One German doctor (a German PLP) gave his life to protect Vladimir and myself, and the Jesuits all over Europe are ganging up on the Germans (by threatening the German’s family if the German won’t cooperate). The Jesuits are using guns, snipers, notes and other more traditional methods to gang up on our German friends.

A typical tactic is to threaten a German PLP by threatening to harm his family with Jesuit snipers (from all over Europe) if that German won’t cooperate with what that Jesuit wants from that German. They threaten to target that German’s family if that German won’t cooperate. We are arresting the extortioners and snipers when we find them, but they are plentiful and stubborn. We need God’s divine help.

Though there are many PLP networks that are doing outstanding work for us, the German PLP network has been PHENOMENAL. For this reason, I believe the Jesuits are determined to stamp them (the Germans) out.

An example of this Jesuit attempt to discredit the Germans was the recent Iranian earthquake (where about 30,000 or more people died). Vladimir and I have determined that it was a Jesuit German satellite scientist who orchestrated this catastrophic earthquake which killed so many Iranians in Bam, Iran.

Vladimir and I will not cancel the Germans’ PLP network because one German scientist happened to be the orchestrator of the Bam earthquake– because we feel that the Germans are more targeted than other groups because of their outstanding work as a PLP network.

So, though we are saddened that a German was used to orchestrate this horrible earthquake, we do not feel that this one German (who has been taken care of by the German government) is representative of the German people.

However, this Bam earthquake shows to what extent the Jesuits will go to discredit someone or some group (like the Germans) that they find to be a threat.

Because Vladimir and I were aware that it was a German Jesuit satellite scientist who orchestrated this horrible earthquake, that is why we have given the IRANIAN PLP network 666-Computer control over those German citizens who are determined to be Jesuit Conspirators.

When we decide to cancel a PLP network, we make the decision based on the PERCENTAGE of those in that network who cooperate willingly with Jesuits or because we perceive that the government of that country is ineffective in dealing with its own citizens who are Jesuits. Often, when a government is ineffective in dealing with Jesuits, it’s because of the way the laws are set up in that country and it is often not the fault of those in governance. Those countries who have PLP networks where the percentage of those who cooperate with Jesuits is unusually high or where the government is ineffective in dealing with Jesuits–are the networks that we cancel. So, we won’t cancel the German network because of ONE SATELLITE SCIENTIST who was a German Jesuit–since this German scientist is an exception to the German people (and is not representative of the German scientific and medical community) and the German PLP network has done a phenomenal job for us.

There is no PLP network that is 100% free of Jesuit influence. We just eliminate the networks that are SATURATED with Jesuits or where that country’s government is feeble in dealing with Jesuits.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-23-04
Place: Melbourne, FL