Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-31-2004)

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1-31-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I would like to make a statement about why I feel President Bush should be re-elected as U.S. President:

I do not believe that any of the Democratic Presidential candidates, if elected U.S. President, will support my CONSPIRACY LAWS. In fact, I would go so far as to say, that the main reason these Democratic Presidential candidates want to be President is so they can assist the Jesuits TO UNDERMINE MY CONSPIRACY LAWS!

I believe that with their mouth these Democrats will claim to support my CONSPIRACY LAWS, but that their actual goal is to secretly (behind-the-scenes) undermine my CONSPIRACY LAWS. I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES WILL TRY VERY HARD TO COOPERATE WITH MY CONSPIRACY LAWS. IN FACT, I THINK THEY WANT TO UNDERMINE THEM AND OVERTURN THEM.

Pres. Bush 100% supports my CONSPIRACY LAWS, but I do not sense the same attitude in any other candidate for U.S. President.

The Jesuits’ number one goal is to undermine my CONSPIRACY LAWS and make them ineffective.

The most effective way the Jesuits could make my CONSPIRACY LAWS ineffective, would be to get a U.S. President in office who will secretly (behind-the-scenes) undermine my CONSPIRACY LAWS.

Vladimir and I are getting excellent cooperation from the Bush administration.

Vladimir and I are not confident that Kerry, Dean, Lieberman or Edwards or Clark will support our CONSPIRACY LAWS. Of all the Democratic candidates, I am most confortable with Lieberman, but Vladimir and I recommend George Bush for the U.S. Presidency. George Bush has been a consistent supporter of our CONSPIRACY LAWS. Let Lieberman be interviewed, even though it seems highly unlikely that he will win the Democratic nomination–because I think Lieberman will do well on 666-Computer lie-detection, and this will show that we aren’t against the Democratic candidates just because they’re Democrats.

In fact, we believe that the Jesuits’ NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is to undermine my CONSPIRACY LAWS–and they feel the most effective way to do this is to get rid of President Bush as U.S. President and to replace Bush with a U.S. President who will be a JESUIT PUPPET.

The Jesuits are very interested in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, because this is their prime opportunity to replace Bush with a President WHO WILL UNDERMINE THE CONSPIRACY LAWS. Therefore, the U.S. Presidential elections are a very important topic and of INTERNATIONAL INTEREST.

RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS will have special coverage of the U.S. Presidential elections, with a special focus on any Jesuit financing (or involvement) in the U.S. Presidential elections and with a very special focus on the attitudes of all the Presidential candidates toward my CONSPIRACY LAWS.

We believe that the Jesuits bribe people to vote for certain candidates. If this is occurring, we will report it on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. We believe the Jesuits also manipulate the press and manipulate voting demographics to insure that their candidate (a JESUIT PUPPET) will come into power. All this stuff will be exposed, if we find it (as a result of our intelligence work).

Each U.S. Presidential candidate and Pres. George W. Bush will be invited to have interviews on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and we will especially interview them regarding their position about my CONSPIRACY LAWS. During these broadcast interviews, 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection will be employed, and we will let the audience know if any of those Presidential candidates interviewed are lying (according to 666-Computer analysis).

Maybe after the interview is over, we will present the 666-Computer analysis about the honesty and straightforwardness of the Presidential candidates’ comments during the interview.

Any deliberate, knowing and willing attempt to present a dishonest, incomplete or deficient 666-Computer analysis of any person interviewed– will result in the death penalty for the one involved. RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS prides itself on its straightforward, courageous reporting. We do not use treachery or manipulation when we present the news and we will thoroughly punish anyone in our news team who engages in such behavior.

We will ask Pres. Bush and each Presidential candidate many and varied questions about how they plan to support these CONSPIRACY LAWS and how they feel about my CONSPIRACY LAWS.

Maybe we will use FOX’s Bill O’Reilly to conduct the interviews, since he is an American and this is an American Presidential election.

However, because America is so important (it is a BRANCH COUNTRY)–the outcome of this U.S. Presidential election is of INTERNATIONAL CONCERN. Therefore, RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS will have special interviews with all the U.S. Presidential candidates and with Pres. George W. Bush (especially regarding their positions toward the CONSPIRACY LAWS).

We will conduct continual FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on all the U.S. Presidential candidates and on Pres. George W. Bush, and present the results of these HISTORIES on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

The U.S. Presidential elections will have INTERNATIONAL OUTCOMES and the world cannot afford to ignore who will be the next U.S. President. This affects the WHOLE WORLD.

Russia may continue this policy (of interviewing and reporting on candidates who vie for leadership of a country) if any country has a leader who is sympathetic towards our CONSPIRACY LAWS and we sense that that leader is in jeopardy of being replaced by a JESUIT PUPPET. For instance, if the German Chancellor Schroeder is in danger of being replaced by a JESUIT PUPPET– and there are German elections, RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS may conduct interviews of all the German candidates for Chancellor to determine their attitude toward the CONSPIRACY LAWS.

It is very important for us to have international cooperation in this war against terror and it is of utmost concern to us to keep the cooperation we have, and to protect those who are in leadership positions in a country and who are sympathetic to the goals of the CONSPIRACY LAWS.

Another one of my favorite movies (which I lost because I couldn’t afford to move my stuff from Seattle) is the movie Young Catherine (with the actors Julie Ormond, Maximillian Schell, Franco Nero). I haven’t been able to find this movie anywhere. Young Catherine is a fictionalized account (about 80% true) about the younger years of the German princess (which is true–she WAS A GERMAN PRINCESS) who became the Russian empress, Catherine the Great. Now that I know that my ancestor, Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev emigrated from a German royal family to Russia–I can see why I was fascinated with this movie. I really identified with the Catherine character in this film. Grand Prince Vladimir was a GERMAN who became a Russian Grand Prince (which is the equivalent of a Russian KING). Like I said, Russia has a history of Germanic rulers–Russia does well under German leadership.

You can add Young Catherine onto the list of my favorite movies–maybe let the viewers of RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS view this film on another Russian channel and let them know where they can watch it. I especially like the scene where the young Catherine is sitting on her horse and offers to give her life when she meets the firing squad. I don’t think this film is a completely true historical account of Catherine, but I love the drama and the Russian pageantry. I acquired it in 1992 and greatly miss it. I can’t find it anywhere.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-31-04
Place: Melbourne, FL