Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-6-2004)

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1-6-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that 666-Computer induced amnesia has been used on some of the PLP networks of the AUDITOR COUNTRIES in order to cause AUDITOR PLPs to forget how they conducted an audit over a country’s PLP network. This would cause the 666-Computer lie detection results to be inaccurate. Therefore, I have made updates and additions to Section 51 of INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS. Please refer to this document for the additions and updates. I would like to emphasize that my mother or Bill Fuller have not communicated to me in any manner regarding this “amnesia” problem. They never discuss with me anything in regard to the CONSPIRACY LAWS or my statements. Only VLADIMIR PUTIN has discussed anything with me regarding the CONSPIRACY LAWS or my legal statements. NEVER EVER in all my dealings with my mom or Bill Fuller have my mother or Bill Fuller EVER discussed with me IN ANY MANNER anything regarding my CONSPIRACY LAWS or statements.

Time is 5:46 p.m. and right about this time, the 666-Computer was used to cause one of my mother’s cats to vomit. I just cleaned it. Mom’s cats haven’t vomited in a long time, so this really stands out. This is an attempt to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography. Mete out the death penalty to any person or to any 666-Computer practitioner who, willingly and knowingly, orchestrated this vomiting incident in order to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography. You see, Vladimir tells me that when he was flying in a jet and was attacked by the 666-Computer (several days ago) that the attack on him caused him to vomit. Tomorrow my mother and I go to get flu shots, so this may be an attempt to draw attention to a stomach virus or something like that. I won’t tell anyone that the cat vomited because I don’t want to draw attention to it–it would make it appear like I orchestrated the vomiting incident or that Vladimir and I like to draw attention to “vomiting” conspiracies.

Time now is 7:14 p.m. I want the world to pray for Charles Couey, who just came back from the hospital. I just called him and talked to his wife. He has been vomiting and had to be admitted to the hospital about a week ago, he just came home tonight. I needed him to fill out a character reference for me and I sent it to him about a month ago. Do a FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on all involved with Charles Couey, including my mother, Charles Couey’s wife (who I spoke with on the phone). My mother recommended that I call him tomorrow. I decided to call him tonight, because Vladimir informed me (via 666-Computer) that he is quite ill with vomiting and that the matter is urgent. Charles Couey lives at xxxx xxxxxx Ave., Lady Lake, FL. Vladimir tells me Pastor Couey is currently being attacked by the 666-Computer and the world needs to pray for him. It appears, because I was on the computer at the BCC library today, and noticed (while at the library) that I did not have my character reference from Charles Couey, even though I mailed it to him over a month ago–that the Jesuits decided to attack Charles Couey (to make a conspiracy out of this). Because I had not received my character reference from Pastor Couey, I could not apply for several ESOL (English as a Second Language) positions while I looked for Orlando teacher positions. I can’t get certified to teach English as a Second Language until I get a character reference, and I had mailed it to Pastor Couey. The Jesuits want to make a conspiracy over the fact that Pastor Couey has not returned the character reference I needed for him to fill out (I mailed to him around November 23, 2003). I sent it to him over a month ago and was so busy, that I neglected to contact him to find out why he had not returned it to me. It appears they want to kill Charles Couey and to claim that Vladimir did it to draw attention to a “vomiting” conspiracy. Charles Couey is a former pastor of mine. He was my pastor from around 1979 to 1984. I chose to use him for the character reference because he is nearby. I could have chosen some people that knew me from Seattle, WA.

Time now is 8 p.m. Results from the HISTORIES are coming in and Vladimir has just informed me (via 666-Computer) that Pastor Couey is a Jesuit. Apparently, his illness was all part of a Jesuit plot to implicate Vladimir and my family. Jesuits will kill their own to make themselves appear innocent. You can bring up the case of Eugenia Segreda (fellow teacher) from Landmark Baptist Church on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. With her, the Jesuits killed her husband to make her look innocent, but it was all a convoluted Jesuit plot to make her appear a victim, so no one would suspect she was a Jesuit. She “befriended” me and buddied up to me solely for the purpose of helping out the Jesuit cause.

Actually, I kind of suspected that Pastor Couey might be a Jesuit when I thought about Pastor Couey the other day. I thought it was strange he hadn’t returned my character reference yet.

Look back at my 666-Computer readings to verify this. Significant highlights from my memory readings and from all HISTORIES in regard to this “vomiting” and Pastor Couey conspiracy can be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Actually, when I dated David Schuler, David dropped me like an ice cube (for no reason) and I was devastated. David later told me that the reason he dropped me was because Pastor Couey had approached him and called David into his office and recommended that David no longer date me. Pastor Couey said that I was an unstable woman because, apparently, when I came back from Baptist University, I didn’t go back and join his church but joined a Southern Baptist Church. In other words, I left the Baptist group that Pastor Couey was associated with and joined another Baptist group. I would like to say up front that I don’t approve of the Southern Baptists, either. But my point is, that because of Pastor Couey, David Schuler dropped me and David wouldn’t give me any attention for about two years and even was cruel to me. David considered me dirt after Pastor Couey trashed me. It wasn’t until after Pastor Couey hired me as a school teacher in Pastor Couey’s school, that David treated me with a semblance of respect. Apparently, Pastor Couey changed his mind about me or he wouldn’t have hired me as a teacher for his school. But I never knew that because Pastor Couey trashed me, that that was the reason that David ignored me for about two years, while David and I dated. Eventually, I left Pastor Couey’s church permanently and did not have a real desire to maintain communication with Pastor Couey after I married David Schuler. 666-Computer memory readings of myself will verify this. Pastor Couey never told me how he had betrayed me while I dated David Schuler or while I taught in his school.

After I taught in Pastor Couey’s school for a year, I felt uncomfortable in Pastor Couey’s church in the summer of 1984, because he seemed to place overemphasis on salesmanship instead of on genuine Holy Spirit power in the church service. I noticed he was using salesmanship pressure on his congregation to get results and I didn’t feel comfortable with this, so I left his church. So I left his church in 1984 and joined Pastor Marvin Gochenour’s church (First Baptist Church of Westwood Lakes in Miami). Even though I could have married David Schuler at Pastor Couey’s church, I chose to get married at Pastor Marvin Gochenour’s church (First Baptist Church of Westwood Lakes in Miami), because I didn’t feel comfortable about Pastor Couey. Marvin Gochenour is German American in ancestry. I haven’t seen Pastor Gochenour in a long time and am not sure how he is right now, but I felt comfortable with him back in 1984 and 1985.

All these statements I made about Pastor Couey can be verified through 666-Computer memory readings of myself, David Schuler, Pastor Couey and others involved in what I described.

Like I’ve said many times, I don’t place my trust in church people. I’m not surprised to learn that Pastor Couey is a Jesuit. I have been betrayed so much, it no longer surprises me. And American Christians have been some of the worst betrayers–that is why God has judged this country. Jesuits know how to get cooperation from American Christians. Most American Christians don’t have the military mentality that is needed to stand up to Jesuits–they flake out and give the Jesuits what the Jesuits want. Dr. Ruckman is one of the few American Christians that I feel has enough of a military attitude to withstand Jesuits.

I needed a reference from Pastor Couey because he knew me when I taught school, so his reference would be useful for a school teacher position (so I thought), but I’ve never been totally comfortable about him.

Time now is 9:13 p.m. I just noticed something in a piece of mail I received from the Bureau of Educator Certification (postmarked 12-23-03). There is a stamp that says “NO LONGER REQUIRED” in the character reference section. I never noticed this stamp until today. So I don’t need Pastor Couey’s character reference on the application for teacher certification in ESOL. I think the Jesuits pulled a trick on me. I want CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on all those who are behind the fact that it is no longer required to have a character reference in order to apply for teacher certification. I don’t know when they changed this requirement, but I believe it was a clever Jesuit ploy to draw attention to the 666-Computer. I think this is a clever Jesuit set-up to draw attention to Pastor Couey and the fact that he never sent me my character reference. Did Pastor Couey know that the character reference was no longer required? And, therefore, he didn’t fill out and return the character reference to me IN ORDER TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THE 666-COMPUTER. The only way he could know that it was no longer required would be if someone told him through the 666-Computer! Because I know HE ISN’T APPLYING FOR TEACHER CERTIFICATION!

Do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on myself, my mother, Bill Fuller and/or Vladimir Putin or whoever else the Jesuits may bring up– to verify that I JUST FOUND OUT that the character reference is NO LONGER REQUIRED. In other words, I didn’t cook this whole thing up to frame Pastor Couey or the Jesuits. They pulled a trick on me. They knew I was too busy writng statements and CONSPIRACY LAWS to pay attention to this.

XXXX–G.S. (1-6-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord
Date: 1-6-04
Place: Melbourne, FL