Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-8-2004)

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1-8-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Bernie, a red-haired lawyer, who appeared along with Ted Williams on Greta’s ON THE RECORD on FOX News (around 10:55 p.m. EST on 1-7-04), took off his glasses and read some document without glasses–which seems a deliberate attempt to draw attention to my glasses. I want a CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on Bernie and on any others who may be (directly or indirectly) involved in this incident. Any significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

I have been reluctant to mention this in my statements, but Vladimir wants me to mention this. Vladimir tells me (via 666-Computer) that on 1-6-04, he came to my house to visit with my mother. I was away at the Brevard Community College library doing research for a job while he visited my mother at this house (where I am currently staying). He told me while I was at the library that he was visiting with my mother at my mother’s house (where I am currently staying), but that he would leave before I returned home. So since 1-6-04 I have known that he came to this house on 1-6-04. I just did not think it would be wise to mention that Vladimir came to this house on 1-6-04 until today. I have to admit I still have a hard time believing Vladimir finally found the courage to show up at my house, but he says he did. However, I am still not content, because I need to get my money directly from him and not through another source (which greatly complicates matters). He’s afraid if he gives the money directly to me that the Jesuits will hire someone to rob me and force me to go to the bank and withdraw all the money and that he will be blamed for the Jesuit orchestrated robbery against me. He hasn’t told me in great detail what he and my mother discussed when he came here on 1-6-04.

Time is 11 a.m. I just heard about the kidnapping of 3 children from Georgia. Doesn’t Vladimir currently have 3 children? Vladimir, you may want to look into what is happening with regard to my son, Erich, and your 2 daughters. The Jesuits may be planning a parallel plot (to what is happening right now with these 3 American kidnapped kids) which would revolve around my son and your 2 daughters.

Isaiah 49:15-16 should be read by anyone who thinks God is finished with Israel and the Jews permanently.

Time is 3:30 p.m. I received a letter in the mail today allegedly from David Schuler which threatened me with child support collection. Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that David Schuler did not send me this letter–that the letter is a FORGERY with Computer- generated forged signatures of David Schuler. So David was not aware of this plot and is, therefore, innocent of any charges that will stem from this letter (which I allegedly received today from David).

Personal opinion: After scanning the contents of what was sent to me, it is too legally brilliant to be the work of David Schuler.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the true senders of this forged document were some people from my mother and Bill’s Shriner organization who had equipment in their home to create the forged documents which were mailed to me today. These people had called Bill Fuller yesterday to tell him about some heart condition of the man’s wife (and this whole story about the heart condition of this man’s wife which was told to Bill Fuller was a fabrication and a performance). There was also cooperation from the U.S. Postal Service in this matter.

Apparently, a line of Jesuits helped in this scheme–to supply a David Schuler signature, a Connecticut postmark, and other items.

I want CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on all (directly and indirectly) involved in this forgery incident, including David Schuler.

All those who are guilty of violating my CONSPIRACY LAWS (and deserve the death penalty as outlined in my CONSPIRACY LAWS will receive the death penalty)–including the line of Jesuits who cooperated in this scheme–except for those folks who called Bill Fuller yesterday about a fake heart stent condition. We will handle them differently.

The heart stent fakers (if they deserve the death penalty as outlined in my CONSPIRACY LAWS) can get out of the death penalty if they will make a PUBLIC confession on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS about their WILLING and KNOWING involvement in this scheme, where they will admit all the money that was transacted with them (in regard to this scheme), where they got this money (and the sources of the money they received will be traced and these sources will be mentioned on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS), and they must also confess THEIR MOTIVE for cooperating in this scheme. If their confession (under 666-Computer lie detection) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS does not cover all these aspects which I mentioned in this paragraph, the death penalty will be meted out and we will execute them, along with all the others who are guilty and deserve the death penalty in this scheme. Also, the heart stent fakers must hand over to us the forging equipment they used to produce the forged documents and allow us to show this equipment (which was used by them) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. On RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS the “heart stent fakers” will demonstrate how this equipment works and how it was used to create the forged documents–this will be part of their required confession. If they refuse to cooperate–they will be executed.

They must again produce the same forged documents which were sent to me today, and show the world on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS how good this forging equipment is. In other words, they will give the world a demonstration. Through 666-Computer studies, we can verify that they have produced the same documents (which were mailed to me today) for the whole world to see. If they don’t produce the exact same documents (on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS) which were sent to me today, we will execute them as they deserve. We will enlarge these documents on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and allow the world to see what was sent to me today by the clever Jesuits.

Also, before the line of JESUIT CONSPIRATORS (who cooperated with the “heart stent” fakers in the David Schuler forgery incident) are executed, get a complete EMOTIONAL, FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORY on all of them and especially focus on any significant communications which any of these JESUITS had with Howard Dean (the Democratic Presidential candidate) or Pres. Bush or Vladimir Putin or any other important political figure. Check to see if any of these JESUIT CONSPIRATORS (in this David Schuler forgery incident) had any SIGNIFICANT COMMUNICATIONS with Pres. George Bush– and, if so, those will be exposed as well. I do not anticipate any with George Bush, because Pres. Bush does not support Jesuit conspiracies. A SIGNIFICANT COMMUNICATION would be any communication which is a communication that is WILLINGLY AND KNOWINGLY designed to promote or orchestate any conspiracy which is a violation of my CONSPIRACY LAWS. Any significant communications which any of these Jesuits (who were directly or indirectly involved in this David Schuler forgery scheme) had (or have) with Howard Dean or Pres. Bush or Vladimir Putin or any other important political figure will be exposed on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. After their Howard Dean or Pres. Bush or Vladimir Putin or other political connections are exposed on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, we will execute them (unless we have reasons to feel another punishment would be better).

Those JESUIT CONSPIRATORs who are found guilty of the death penalty in this David Schuler forgery scheme and who are not immediately executed, will be placed under the care of jail practitioners from Iran’s PLP network–assuming they are all American citizens. If they are citizens of other countries, they will be placed under the care of the country designated to deal with JESUIT CONSPIRATORS for that country.

The significant results of all HISTORIES obtained from this investigation (revolving around this David Schuler forgery incident) will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. All evidence, research on HISTORIES, and any other data presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (in regard to this David Schuler forgery incident) will be verified by 666-Computer lie detection.

Time now is 5:30 p.m. Someone named Dan Ferris (spelling?) just called, left a message, and announced the time as 5:26 p.m. He went out of his way to announce the time–this is suspicious. Give this caller a CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORY and find out what’s going on. That is a suspicious phone call. I was just getting ready to go outside to exercise when he called.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that Howard Dean played a significant role in the David Schuler forgery incident and that though Iran’s PLP network reported it to the U.S. government, it somehow was not acted upon. As a result of this incident, I have updated Sect. 51.5 and added Section 52 to INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS. Please refer to this document for the additions and changes.

Howard Dean will make a public confession of his involvement in this David Schuler forgery and in all conspiracies (of which he has played a significant role) in relation to the Schuler/Putin legal case on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. This confession will include his motives for his involvement in these conspiracies, any money he transacted in relation to these conspiracies, and where he got the money (going back to ORIGINAL MONEY SOURCES–you may have to go back quite a bit, since Jesuits know how to cover their tracks). This Howard Dean confession will be vetted by 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia detection. If he refuses to make the confession, then he will be put in jail until he does. This man deserves the death penalty. Russia feels it is essential that the American people understand what this man is like and that they understand the extent of his JESUIT CONSPIRACY activities.

Do all the HISTORIES (CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL) on John Clements, the grandfather of this Mr. Jones who shot himself and who had attempted to abduct three girls and is alleged to have murdered 4 people in Georgia. This Mr. Clements kept saying he got all his information about Mr. Jones and this case from the news and repeated this at least 8 times, while he was interviewed on FOX News by Greta. Time is 10:03 p.m. Any significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

XXX1/2–G.S. (1-8-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (1-8-04)
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CCCCCCC–G.S. (1-8-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-8-04
Place: Melbourne, FL