Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-22-2004)

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2-22-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I’ve made updates to my Summary of Laws Related to Silver Skies document, where I have added cross-examination questions to determine if a SIGNIFICANT PERSON has anti-Semitic attitudes. Refer to the document for the updates.

Also, pray for Vladimir and myself since, I believe, he is trying to come and get me and, of course, the Jesuits have opposed this for years. Pray for the safety of myself, Vladimir and the safety of our family and friends. Also, pray that the Jesuits won’t be able to frame an innocent party with any murders (this is one of their specialties and this has been one of the key strategies they have used to prevent my marriage to Vladimir).

There was a suicide bombing in Israel today, make sure to cross-examine the head Jesuit and maybe other Jesuit leaders, along with Vladimir Putin (and whoever else needs to be cross-examined) regarding this incident. Use my cross-examination questions from my legal document CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT (Sect. 2.5).

Time now is 10:34 p.m. There are many Jewish people who are in an uproar over the results of today’s public cross-examination. It appears the Jesuits are being exposed for their strong anti-Semitic feelings. I personally request Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to make a statement on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS regarding this public cross-examination of those who are determined to have anti-Semitic feelings, and I ask Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to speak to the Jewish people and to offer them wise counsel on how to respond to the public cross-examination of the Jesuits (and of those others who are determined to be guilty of having anti-Semitic attitudes).

If the Jesuits are killed in a mass slaughter, this may not be justice, since not all Jesuits are anti-Semitic. Many of the Jesuits are surrendering and coming forward. Actually, if the Jesuits are killed by Jews, this would give the Jesuits martyr status (which may be what they want) and could be used as an excuse by the Jesuits to orchestrate more killings.

I plead with Ariel Sharon to speak to the Jewish people and to give them wise counsel about how to respond to the results of the public cross-examination of the Jesuits (and of the others who are determined to be strongly anti-Semitic).

It is also very possible that those Jews who are in an uproar about the public cross-examination of anti-Semitic people are UNWILLING AGENTS who are manipulated by Jesuit IMPOSED PERSONs (see my Silver Skies Law document), and that the Jesuits are manipulating the Jews into an outrage in order to orchestrate more wars and killings (which could mean more killings of JEWS).

Those Jews who are UNWILLING AGENTS (and who are currently out of control and in a rage), may be required to give CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, in order to quell this uprising before it turns into a fanatical, indiscriminate slaughter. And these CONFESSION STATEMENTS (from out-of-control Jews) may be required in order to expose the IMPOSED PERSON (who is probably a Jesuit) as the real person behind the Jew’s rage. We may also require the IMPOSED PERSON (who is controlling the out-of-control Jew) to also give a CONFESSION STATEMENT.

Though we thoroughly condemn the anti-Semitic attitude of the Jesuit Order, we feel that if executions of Jesuits occur– we need to follow proper legal procedures and not go about killing Jesuits in a mass, fanatical rampage (which will accomplish no good). Also, remember, some Jesuits are turning themselves in. If there is a peaceful way to accomplish justice against Jesuit-killers, this would be preferred to a mass, indiscriminate slaughter. Mass, indiscriminate slaughters only cause murders of innocent people (which we are trying to prevent).

We will try the Jesuits one-by-one, and those who are guilty, will be executed ACCORDING TO LAW. We will follow proper legal procedure.

Those Jesuits who are executed ACCORDING TO LAW will be mentioned on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (their names and the date and times of their executions will be mentioned). It is essential to execute these killers or else the Jews will be justified in their rage. We have assured the Jews, that justice will be done, but we must follow proper legal procedure. If the executions are not carried out; however, then the Jews will be justified in their rage. See Sect. 15.0 of General 666-Computer Laws.

We feel that the execution of the guilty Jesuits needs to be done ACCORDING TO LAW, because this will have a better outcome for the Jews (as well as for those Jesuits who are innocent).

XXX1/2–G.S. (2-22-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-22-04
Place: Melbourne, FL