Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-24-2004)

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2-24-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

My mother’s been after me like a pitt bull all day and she won’t get off my case. She’s trying to run every hour of my life and tell me where to get housing, when to go look for work, how to go look for work, which jobs I should apply for, how I should fill out my resume and then she lies about Bill Fuller and what he says on the phone. If I take any time off to do things my way instead of her way, then she grills me over the coals. I want evidence that she’s doing this to me presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

She has even called me a violent person because one time I hit her with a baking pan on the thigh (after she hit and scratched me while she screamed at the top of her shrill and earthquake voice as I was doing dishes). She screams so loud it seems the house vibrates. The Jesuits have turned my mother into a raving, obsessed maniac with an agenda to control every aspect of my life and then if I won’t go along, she screams at the top of her shrill voice, calls me every name in the book, and threatens to expel me from the house and to commit me to a mental institution. She claims she’s going to try to force me to take psychiatric medicines because I feel that the Jesuits are after me and that they have imperialistic designs upon the world.

I want transcripts of all the conversations which she has been involved with over the past months (including the conversations of those she has conversed with–in other words make it so that the public will know what she said and what the other person said–because it appears she has been lying about what the other person said) over the past months (especially any significant conversations) to be presented on the RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS’ website. In the transcripts make sure to mention the VOLUME of the voice. If my mother is talking and the other person doesn’t answer during the conversation (because she often talks on and on and on and won’t quit even after the other person ignores her). Somehow indicate that she is doing this on the transcripts. RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS may actually allow the oral transcripts to be heard on the broadcast. If she has suffered significant amnesia, the evidence for this will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

The transcripts should also mention her activities, because not everything she does is verbal, she’s been active physically (doing all sorts of strange things), too. Like right now she’s making a lot of noise with some staple gun–I don’t know what she’s doing. Early today, she went off with the bathroom garbage can and I didn’t know where it was and she didn’t return it to the bathroom. She’s been on a garbage rampage lately, where one day (a couple days ago) she wanted me to throw out the garbage about 3 times that day. And then today she escorted me to the garbage can during the early evening hours and turned on all the outside lights (including the floodlight) when she ordered me to bring out the garbage. Her behavior has been VERY STRANGE.

These transcripts of my mother’s conversations will include all her significant phone conversations, she’s been going wild on the telephone, calling all sorts of people and making all sorts of crazy phone calls. And then it appears she lies about what the other person said on the phone. Get the evidence for this (by supplying transcripts of her phone conversations) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. She often speaks in Japanese, you may need to translate.

These transcripts of my mother’s conversations will also include all her conversations at any meetings she has attended and any conversations she has conducted in any automobile or vehicle.

The transcripts presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS must be accurate. Any deliberate, knowing and willing attempt (or action) to present a false (or misleading) transcript will result in the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to anyone who makes such an attempt. Have a panel of about 7 people (some of them should be lawyers) evaluate the transcripts to make sure that a truthful presentation is presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

I feel I have to go public with what my mother is doing to me, because I feel if I do this that this might intimidate the IMPOSED PERSONs who have taken her over. I am fearful over what my mother will do if this is not EXPOSED. I feel like I live with a Jesuit who romps around in my mother’s body. I do not enjoy living with a Jesuit. This is a very unnerving experience to see the power of the 666-Computer when it is used in such a criminal manner and, hopefully, by exposing how brazen the Jesuits are with the 666-Computer, we may intimidate them–since they HATE BAD PRESS.

In the meanwhile, mention what progress we are making in blocking the programs which allow the Jesuits to do these things to people with the 666-Computer. We should mention that we are trying to take away from the Jesuits their ability to control people like this and that we are doing our best to wrest this type of control away from Jesuits. And that we find this type of control over people very heinous.

If Vladimir feels it is appropriate, he can broadcast some of these conversations on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Vladimir (and maybe some other SIGNIFICANT PERSONS) should undergo cross-examination using the format in Sect. 2 of my CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERMENT document regarding my mother’s behavior.

This situation is becoming very serious–my mother may have to be committed to an institution until we get this situation under control. Or else I will need to leave this house immediately, she is a fanatic like a pitt bull after me and she won’t let me sleep or relax or have any space unless I completely go along with her agenda and her agenda is very detailed, very unpredictable, very demanding and she gets furious if I don’t slavishly follow her advice and jump to her every command. She also has a bad habit of sitting me down and demanding that I listen to her as she repeats herself 25 times or more and screams and insults me. If I dare to get up and leave, she has a fit like a volcano. She won’t let me go until she gets from me what she wants, which is usually agreement with her opinion. And then, sometimes even when I agree with her opinion, she STILL won’t shut up because she claims that I wasn’t listening and so she needs to state her opinion again and again and again. If I dare to be my own person and not allow her to control my life, she claims I’m an ingrate and she wants me to leave the HOUSE NOW and that I have mental problems (if I mention that maybe the reason I can’t get work immediately is because I’m targeted by Jesuits).

And then she changes her mind everyday and every hour about what her agenda is for my life. One week she insisted I be a maid. The next day, it’s office work. The next day, she wants me to work at manufacturing. The next day, she wants me to be a teacher. It seems, if I don’t apply for 100 jobs a week and work at looking for work every minute of the day, then I’m a lazy good-for-nothing bum with mental problems. If I don’t feel good and want to take a nap, she says I always don’t feel good and she swings open my bedroom door and delivers a half-hour lecture where I feel threatened if I don’t go along with her. She wakes me up from my naps, talks too loud so that I can’t sleep (usually at around midnight when she goes into Bill’s office to talk to him–my bedroom is next to Bill’s office).

At the drop of a hat, she changes her behavior from tyrant to sweet to manipulating to lying to God knows what. It’s like she has a split personality and I never know from one hour to the next what volcano she will deliver next. When she orders me to do something, she expects me to drop whatever I’m doing INSTANTLY and to obey her IMMEDIATELY. And she’s totally unpredictable. What’s proper one day is disastrous the next. I never know from one day to the next what to do to make her happy, because she’s never happy and she’s always screaming about something–so it doesn’t matter what you do, you will be screamed at because she walks around this house like she’s a nervous wreck, like she’s a steamboat ready to explode –and then it’s always MY FAULT that she’s a nervous wreck and is a steamboat ready to explode. No matter what I do, IT’S ALWAYS MY FAULT. She blames me for the fact that she’s not happy and that she’s a nervous wreck and is always agitated. Somehow it’s always THE OTHER PERSON, it’s never her.

She says if I get a job that will make her happy. So now I’m getting interviews and she’s STILL NOT HAPPY, because I’m not getting enough interviews or maybe the job isn’t right or maybe I have to drive too far or maybe this or maybe that. She’s driving me CRAZY.

Lately, she’s been on a rampage about how stupid it is that I can’t find work and that everyone else can find work and she’s been going on and on and on about this. I finally told her that I’m targeted because Vladimir Putin wants to marry me. I was ready to say anything to get her to shut up. I feel the Jesuits are using her to deliberately say and do things to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir and myself and to make it impossible for Vladimir and I to marry or to make it impossible for me to get the proceeds I deserve from my novel. It’s obvious SHE IS TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY A JESUIT.

She won’t leave me alone. Today when I had fantasies about Vladimir making love to me (as I lay on my bed), as soon as I started the fantasy–right then and there, she knocked on my door and interrupted my fantasy and told me I needed to go out and look for work. I believe this was timed deliberately to draw attention to the 666-Computer.

Don’t mention my mother’s address or phone number on the broadcast and you may want to give her a fake name or not mention her name. However, I DO WANT THE IMPOSED PERSONS WHO HAS TAKEN HER OVER TO HAVE HIS/HER NAME EXPOSED ON RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and for them to give CONFESSION STATEMENTS.

Ater all significant conversations which my mother has been involved with have been presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (either on the RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS website or on the broadcast–I will leave that up to Vladimir)–get all the IMPOSED PERSONs who have taken over my mother’s brain to give CONFESSION STATEMENTS on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS–you may want to execute these Jesuits because what they are doing to my mother is not right and they are making things very difficult for Vladimir and myself and Bill Fuller (my step-dad). We must somehow show our outrage over how the Jesuits have taken over my mother’s brain and turned her into a raving, fanatical, obsessed crazy woman.

In the meanwhile, do something please, this woman is impossible to live with. She won’t shut up and she’s trying to totally control my life. I don’t have any space and I believe the Jesuits are using her to provoke me into behavior which will strengthen their case against me and Vladimir. I feel like she is suffocating me.

The following is a letter I shot off to Vladimir today. I am desperate. I can’t live with this woman, she’s driving me crazy. Time now is 7:35 p.m.

I want you to put me under 666-Computer lie-detection as I make the following statement: To the best of my knowledge everything I’ve stated in today’s statement is true and I have not deliberately, knowingly or willingly lied about my mother’s behavior or in any other matter which I’ve discussed in this statement.

No lie-detection results will be presented until a group of 7 (see SILVER SKIES LAW document 2-20-04 Sect. 1) agree on the results of the lie-detection and amnesia-detection. We want to make sure that the lie-detection results presented are accurate and that we take very seriously any attempt by any person to deliberately, knowingly and willingly present any false or misleading 666-Computer lie-detection or amnesia-detection results on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. In fact, anyone who deliberately, knowingly and willingly participates in any scheme to present false or misleading 666-Computer lie-detection or amnesia-detection results on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

Also, when you present the transcripts of my mother’s conversations (have all her statements analyzed by 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) and then present the results of the lie-detection and amnesia-detection on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. I believe she (or rather the IMPOSED PERSON who has taken over her brain) is engaging in MASSIVE LYING and that my mother suffers from very serious amnesia.

All persons who engage in conversations or activities with my mother will be placed under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection. Also, all statements my mother states will be placed under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection. The transcripts will mention the results from the lie-detection and amnesia-detection for all persons whose conversations are recorded in the transcripts.

Gail Chord Schuler and Misao xxxxx
Melbourne, FL
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

February 24, 2004

Dear Vladimir:

Please give my mother a written document which states that you want to marry me and that you want to give me the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies.

She is trying to kick me out of this house before you have a chance to settle matters so that you can come and get me safely. I realize you are embroiled in legal complications and part of the problem is that my mother’s brain has been taken over by the 666-Computer and she has amnesia about all her meetings and/or communications with you. And this is causing a lot of problems.

She claims that because I state that you want to marry me, that I need to be treated for manic depression and she’s trying to kick me out of her house right now and she’s trying to force me to go to a mental hospital. So please give her a legal document which states your intent to marry and please mention to her (in a written document) that I have a bestselling novel out there and that you need to give me the proceeds from the novel, but that you are having difficulties because my mother keeps forgetting that you have met her or communicated with her.

I will let you choose how you want to give her this legal document and I hope when she receives it that she will remember that she got it, but we have to do something serious because her amnesia problem is serious and she is making my life impossible.

I will try to get my mother to sign this letter, but she may refuse, since her mind is totally manipulated by a Jesuit (via their 666-Computer).


Gail Chord Schuler and Misao xxxxx

I believe the Jesuits’ current strategy is to attempt to induce mental illness symptoms in me (in order to discredit the transcripts of my mother and myself which will be published on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS). Any Jesuit Conspirator who attempts to (or does) induce mental illness symptoms in me (and this could include insomnia–since insomnia is often considered a symptom of mental illness) will be required to make a CONFESSION STATEMENT on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS and then after he/she makes his/her CONFESSION STATEMENT, he/she will be executed (the time and date of the execution will be mentioned). Vladimir absolutely will not tolerate anyone trying to make his future wife appear to have mental problems because this is an attempt to make her appear undesirable as a wife so that the Jesuits can kill me and frame Vladimir with their murder (claiming Vladimir did it to get rid of his crazy wife). This may be one of the reasons that they are currently on a rampage to make my mother a crazy woman–to make it appear that insanity runs in the family and that all women from my mother’s line are crazy and would make undesirable and disastrous wives, and, therefore, Vladimir Putin could never be genuinely in love with me. Also, any IMPOSED PERSON who takes over my mother with the intent to make her appear like a crazy woman will be required to make a CONFESSION STATEMENT and then after the CONFESSION STATEMENT is made, he/she will be executed (the time and date of the execution will be mentioned on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS).

Vladimir tells me that the Jesuits have really messed up my sleep program and it may take awhile to block the programs which the Jesuits can use to induce insomnia. There are serious problems also with programs involving my kidneys, so that I have to use the restroom all the time. It may take a while to block these programs so that the Jesuits can’t have access to them in order to wrest control away from our PLPs.

Vladimir tells me that the Jesuits have really messed up my mother’s mental and reasoning programs and it may take a real long time to block the programs which will allow her to have a “sound mind”.

Vladimir may want to make a statement on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS about how these programs are messed up (in my mother, myself and Bill Fuller) and what he’s trying to do to fix the problem–at least to show that he is not pleased that the Jesuits are able to takeover these programs and are able to wrest control away from our PLPs. He may want to mention which programs are messed up in Bill Fuller, myself and my mother and what he’s doing to try to fix the problem. We don’t want to create the impression that we support the Jesuit takeover of these programs and of their criminal activities in wresting control away from our PLPs.

XXXX–G.S. (2-24-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (2-24-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (2-24-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (2-24-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-24-04
Place: Melbourne, FL