Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-28-2004)

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2-28-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir has informed me that he recently found out that my mother’s brain (especially her reasoning, goals and emotions) has been under total Jesuit control since around Jan. 2002. We have just recently began accessing programming histories on people through their 666-Computer programs (we have to go into the programs to find these histories).

Before– we got 666-Computer histories on people through their brain (by accessing their memories), but that is not a complete history, because it doesn’t give us a history of what has been DONE TO THAT PERSON’S PROGRAM (which is very important to know). This is because the program can control the person (via 666-Computer).

What has been done to a person’s 666-Computer program can only be accessed through that person’s 666-Computer program (and you have to go into the programming in that program to find this history) and, until recently, we were unaware that there were loopholes in the 666-Computer programs which allow Jesuits to maintain 666-Computer control over a person in a manner which overcomes the primary 666-Computer control on that person–so that the Jesuits are able to use a back-up 666-Computer (via satellite) to overcome the primary 666-Computer which has 666-Computer control on that person FOR THOSE PERSONS WHO HAVE THOSE LOOPHOLE PROGRAMS IN THEIR 666-COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (which allow such interference).

It’s a little more complicated than this simple explanation because the Jesuits use shields over their programs to make it difficult for us to interfere with their programs. We have to disable the 666-Computer from which the Jesuit is operating, but then they always have another back-up 666-Computer in the wings and they immediately reattach themselves (using the next computer) to that person’s brain (via satellite).

We are currently trying to replace all those loophole programs (in those persons who have these loophole programs–which is just about everybody) to make it impossible for the Jesuits to overcome our PLPs. It’s just that many people have loophole programs in those 666-Computer programs which control a person’s reasoning, goals, emotions–and these are the people being used as “human robots” for the Jesuits. My mother and sister are in this group of “human robots”.

Apparently, the Jesuits created certain programs (in the 666-Computer programming for targeted people) which allowed them to manipulate that person over and above the primary 666-Computer used on that person. For some people the loophole programs may be the programs which manipulate the lungs, or the heart or the bladder or sexual enjoyment or reasoning (it all depends on which programs the Jesuits want to use to maintain 666-Computer control for that particular person). The illegal overpowering connections are made through satellite (which is connected to a back-up 666-Computer which overrules the primary 666-Computer).

They have used this back-up and overruling technology (over the years) in a veiled manner, so that they could manipulate their “human robots” in an unnoticeable manner.

I know from personal observation of people and animals around me, that they have been using their “human or animal robots” or UNWILLING AGENTS for many years and have done a brilliant job of covering up this “overcoming” technology which allows Jesuits to manipulate people and animals like robots. The performance is very convincing.

Pres. George W. Bush, himself, was used in this manner since around Jan. 2002.

Makes me wonder. . .Could Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein have been used as the Jesuits’ UNWILLING AGENT? It looks like we are onto something BIG. It’s no wonder the Jesuits are so nervous. I can tell–they’re nervous.

If Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden have been used as UNWILLING AGENTS (and we can determine this from their 666-programming HISTORIES)–I want this information broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Also, you may want to mention the names of other world leaders or terrorist leaders who have been used as the Jesuits’ UNWILLING AGENTS. Vladimir told me months ago, that Osama Bin Laden has been captured, but we haven’t broadcast this. Maybe we’ll let RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS broadcast that we have Osama Bin Laden in custody, and then we can present the evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been the Jesuits’ UNWILLING AGENT. If we broadcast that we have Osama Bin Laden in custody, make sure to show the Jesuit involvement in Osama’s life and how they made Osama Bin Laden their UNWILLING AGENT.

The way to do this would be to cross-examine Osama Bin Laden alongside the Jesuit leader(s) (using the format in Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT). Treat Osama Bin Laden as a SIGNIFICANT PERSON (for legal purposes) and follow the guidelines in Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs when Osama and the head Jesuit are cross-examined (alongside each other) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. The world needs to see just how powerful and influential the Jesuits have been with this 666-Computer. They made Osama Bin Laden their UNWILLING AGENT.

Who knows? Maybe all the 9-11 hijackers were UNWILLING AGENTS for the Jesuits.

You may want to treat Saddam Hussein to a cross-examination (alongside the Jesuit leader)–using the guidelines in Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs (on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS), since the Jesuits smuggled Saddam into Russia to make Putin appear like a terrorist and Vladimir didn’t know that Saddam was in Russia.

Vladimir Putin (and maybe some other world leaders–like Pres. Bush) should be cross-examined (alongside Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein) just so the Jesuits can’t claim that Vladimir (or some other world leader) is/are framing the Jesuits. Follow the format in Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs for these cross-examinations. And to show that we don’t take terrorism lightly, execute those who are guilty–just like I recommend in Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs.

You see, I believe 9-11-01 was orchestrated to draw attention to my relationship with Brent Spiner (because my father is a PILOT and my relative is HOWARD HUGHES. Howard Hughes founded the airline industry). And my family (at that time planned to use the airlines to try to introduce me to Brent)–so, therefore, anyone who is guilty of orchestrating 9-11-01 is guilty of orchestrating a conspiracy to draw attention to my ethnography and Brent’s ethnography and Bill Fuller’s ethnography (since Bill’s niece–an airline stewardess–was involved in the plot to introduce me to Brent around the time of 9-11-01), and if UNWILLING AGENTS were involved in 9-11-01–this involved the 666-COMPUTER. Therefore, any Jesuit Conspirator, involved in 9-11-01 deserves to be executed (according to Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs).

It’s possible that Osama Bin Laden may be INNOCENT, since I believe he is an UNWILLING AGENT. This means the IMPOSED PERSONs and those Jesuits (who have directly or indirectly manipulated Osama Bin Laden as an UNWILLING AGENT) will be executed. Follow my laws in Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs and elsewhere.

If Osama Bin Laden is determined to be an UNWILLING AGENT, he will be treated as a dangerous mentally ill person (for legal purposes) and we definitely will keep him LOCKED UP (unless we can be certain he can’t be used as an UNWILLING AGENT).

That is why I currently have a neutral stance toward Pres. Bush and will not vote in the upcoming Presidential election, in spite of his evil actions toward me. Because, it appears, these evil actions, were really the evil actions of the IMPOSED PERSON who overcame Pres. Bush’s AUTHENTIC PERSON. As long as we can be assured that there is no danger that Pres. Bush will be used as an UNWILLING AGENT, he’s probably OK as the U.S. President. Vladimir tells me that, it appears, that Pres. Bush’s UNWILLING AGENT problem is not as serious as my mother’s, and Pres. Bush seems to be free from being controlled as an UNWILLING AGENT now.

The Jesuits have really messed up my mother’s 666-Computer program and have put loopholes in just about ALL the programs that control her reasoning, emotions and goals. We are replacing the loophole programs, program-by-program (and the programs are very complicated). Also, you have to remember that her brain is “used to” the loophole programming, so we’d put her brain into shock if we deleted and replaced all the loophole programs–“all at once”. Her brain needs time to adjust to the programming which we’ve created for her–which is programming designed to block Jesuits from controlling my mother’s 666-Computer programming. We are learning and doing at the same time–with the help of our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM and our PROGRAMMERS.

Looking back, I can tell that the person who parades around in my mother’s body is not the same person I knew back in the 1980s or previous to that time. She’s different–but the differences were introduced in such a sly and insidious manner that we just accepted that these weird quirks in her personality were just the way she is. Her reasoning, personality, thoughts, goals and emotional state have been totally controlled by Jesuits (using the loopholes they created in her 666-Computer programming) since around Jan. 2002.

I mean, my mother and sister have been their robots since around Jan. 2002 and we never figured it out until this month. When a person’s reasoning is overcome by the “human robot” technology, that person is unaware that they have been overcome and that their AUTHENTIC PERSON has been snuffed out. It’s a brilliant and horrifying takeover operation of a person’s brain and personality and it’s usually done in an insidious manner so that it is not too noticeable (that is, if you are not aware of 666-Computer technology).

The Jesuits would instruct their IMPOSED PERSONS to create behavior in the UNWILLING AGENT that closely matches the authentic person [who was overcome and taken over by the Jesuits (via the loophole programming and satellite)].

We have hit one of the main weapons (which is their use of UNWILLING AGENTS) which the Jesuits have used in their war against us. And so they are out on an all-out rampage not to lose this serious advantage which they have had over us.

I would like RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS to broadcast regularly the progress we are making with my mother, sister and other of my relatives (who are victims of this “human robot” or UNWILLING AGENT technology). We will educate the world about how this “human robot” technology works and what we are doing to overcome it. We will also mention the obstacles we have to overcome in order to win this battle (regarding the Jesuits’ use of UNWILLING AGENTS). We must let the world know that we are trying diligently to overcome this technology which allows Jesuits to use UNWILLING AGENTS, or else we may create the impression that we condone the use of UNWILLING AGENTS and that maybe we cooperate with those who use UNWILLING AGENTS. So, I feel, we should broadcast regularly the progress we are making in overcoming this technology (which allows the use of UNWILLING AGENTS) and we should also broadcast the obstacles we must overcome (since the UNWILLING AGENTS are still out there doing their thing). Because if we don’t let the world know that we haven’t licked this UNWILLING AGENT problem–they may think we SPONSOR IT (as long as we continue to have problems with UNWILLING AGENTS).

In the meanwhile, I strongly recommend that the Jesuit leaders be cross-examined (according to Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS whenever any legally serious incident occurs (or has occurred–such as with Osama Bin Laden) which involves an UNWILLING AGENT–so that we can establish firmly WHO IS THE GUILTY PARTY in this matter of UNWILLING AGENTS.

Consider Geraldo Rivera of FOX News a SIGNIFICANT PERSON. In fact, anyone from FOX News is considered a SIGNIFICANT PERSON (for legal purposes) because RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS has been using Bill O’Reilly of FOX News quite extensively. So, therefore, FOX News is being targeted.

I’ve changed my position about the film The Last Passion of the Christ. Even though I haven’t seen it and probably won’t see it, I believe in artistic freedom. If people want to go see it, they can go ahead. I’m not going to state any position for (or against) the film. I, personally, would make a film that emphasizes the resurrection of Christ, instead of His gruesome death– but to each His own. I don’t believe in artistic censorship. If something’s really bad, just don’t go to the theatres.

I really have strong convictions about freedom of speech and expression. I would not ban any books or ban any film or ban anything (that is a work of art or is a piece of writing). The best way to handle something artistic or literary that you find objectionable is to intelligently present your position (regarding the matter) OR GIVE TO THE PUBLIC A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO TAKE THE PLACE OF THE OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL–and then let the public decide for themselves how they want to respond. I believe in letting the public use their own heads, instead of trying to control everyone’s lifestyle and thinking (like an automaton). I believe in freedom. People should be able to read what they want to read, see what they want to see. And works of art and literature should not be censored. Only if a work of art or literature is used in a manner which harasses people or threatens their security, lives, or health should it be banned. Other than that, let people read what they want to read or see what they want to see. A healthy exchange of ideas and viewpoints is a good thing and should be encouraged. No one ideology should be imposed on people. I’m not a Fascist or a Jesuit dictator and neither is Vladimir Putin.

You might say, do you think the film The Last Passion of Christ is anti-Semitic? I don’t know. I haven’t seen it. But I personally feel that if any anti-Semitism comes about from the film, it probably isn’t the film’s fault, but that the group which promotes the anti-Semitism may use the film as an excuse to promote their anti-Semitic behavior. They could just as easily use something else as an excuse to promote their anti-Semitic behavior if the film wasn’t around. So this film probably wouldn’t make much difference one way or another (as far as anti-Semitism is concerned). Anti-Semites always find some excuse (or scapegoat) to justify their behavior.

This happens often in history. Bigots, terrorists and thugs always blame an innocent party or ideology for their crimes–so that they can shift the blame away from themselves.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-28-04
Place: Melbourne, FL