Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-5-2004)

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2-5-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I just heard portions of a long speech by George Tenet (time now is 10:24 a.m.). The timing, mannerisms and method of delivery of this speech is highly suspicious. I am certain CIA Director, George Tenet, is a Jesuit. And I am sure we must have some sort of evidence against him which he needs to confess in a CONFESSION STATEMENT. My intuitive instincts tell me that it is legally necessary for us to require George Tenet to give a CONFESSION STATEMENT on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. I am certain he is a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

Have CIA Director George Tenet give a CONFESSION STATEMENT on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. If he refuses, then we will just report all the evidence we have against him and state that according to the evidence we have, he is guilty of the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR and we will let the U.S. government decide his fate. The response of the U.S. Government (on how to handle this matter of George Tenet’s CONFESSION STATEMENT) will be noted on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

We are getting excellent cooperation from Colin Powell of the Bush Administration and would like to pay tribute to Colin Powell on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. We will do this as well.

First lady Laura Bush is totally innocent of any Jesuit conspiracy involvements.

Nobody influenced me in any manner to write anything in today’s statement. I made these decisions based solely on the intelligence which I have received from Vladimir Putin. Vladimir never forces me to do anything. He knows I am his greatest ally and has utmost confidence in my love for him and my loyalty to him and so he relies on me for many things–and the reason I am loyal to him is because I have greatest respect for him as a human being and as a man. He has proven to be a man of highest character, courage and integrity. In this respect, he has been all that I thought he was when I first noticed him. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was a heroic pioneer and had heroic courage. He has not disappointed me. The only area where he is not brave is in regard to me. I am afraid he has never recovered over the fact that the Jesuits murdered his first wife.

Vladimir tells me that he can see the traits of Frederick the Great (the German king) and Catherine the Great (the German-Russian empress) in me. Because of the strong royal genes I inherited from Kings David and Solomon of Israel and because royal genes attract royal genes, I have inherited very strongly the genetic profile of Frederick the Great. The Germans have supplied to us the genetic profile of Frederick the Great. Many of the genetic traits of Frederick the Great overlap with the genetic profile I inherited from Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes had inherited very strongly the genetic profile of King David of Israel. I would like Vladimir to present on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, the information we have learned (from the JESUITS) regarding how royal genes line up and how (it appears) that because I have so many genes from King David that these “King David” genes have caused the other royal genes from my mother to be dominant in me. Also, have RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS show how the genes have lined up in me and compare my genetic profile with the genetic profile of my royal ancestors and relatives and with Howard Hughes. Something about King David’s genes. . . the more a person has of King David’s genes–it’s like King David’s genes attract the other royal genes and they all line up strongly in any person who has much of King David’s genes.

I wrote a RIGHT TO PRIVACY statement today (which I’ve been working on for several days) and the Jesuits claim that Bill Fuller (through internet assistance) helped me write this. COME ON, JESUITS–GIVE ME A BREAK!! BALONEY. Ask Bill Fuller through his PLP (under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) whether he has ever assisted me with any legal document. Broadcast the results of this question as to whether he has ever assisted me in any legal document on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Time now is 1:55 p.m.–put me under 666-Computer lie detection as I make the following statement: No one (with limited assistance from Vladimir Putin) has ever assisted me in the writing of any legal document. Vladimir has mostly assisted me by mentioning how he wants to be involved in certain aspects of how to execute the laws and by supplying me with intelligence information (from which I infer or deduce legal concepts to put into my documents), but his assistance to me in writing legal documents has been very minimal. All of my legal documents are about 99% my own work, with only limited assistance from Vladimir Putin. I learned how to write legal documents from my vast experience in anticipating Jesuit strategies against me as I have battled them in the courtroom. I consider this training better than Harvard Law School because the Jesuits have the best lawyers in the world–because they have the money to hire the best lawyers in the world. The ONLY PERSON who has ever assisted me in ANY MANNER in writing any legal document has been Vladimir Putin and his limited assistance toward me (in writing legal documents) has been mentioned in this statement. Bill Fuller or my mother have never, ever assisted me in any manner in the writing of any legal document–if anything, they have made my work more difficult because they constantly interrupt me as I work and ruin my concentration. That is one of the reasons I wish to have my own place, so that I can write complex and difficult legal documents without constant interruptions. I feel that I need to devote more time to this very important work, but it is difficult to concentrate in this house (with all the interruptions). All of Vladimir’s limited legal assistance to me has been via the 666-Computer–he communicates to my mind. I would much rather have him talk to me directly, since Vladimir and I have had some problems with Vladimir imposters speaking to me (via 666-Computer).

I went on the internet at a library today to look up information about Frederick the Great. I could not believe all the horrible things I read about this man. Nobody had anything good to say about him. Though I am certain he is not perfect, couldn’t they find one good thing to say about him? It reminded me of the biography I read about Howard Hughes. It seems that someone despises all my famous relatives. I will type in German what I found on the internet. I will underline what (seems to me) to be very slanted and prejudicial writing. I’ll let Vladimir translate it (if he wants):

Laut seinem Selbstbekenntnis spricht er Deutsch “wie ein Kutscher”; er leidet darunter, Franzosisch nicht als wirkliche Muttersprache erlernt zu haben. Als Dichter und Komponist bleibt er seinen Biographen zufolge lediglich ein mittelmäßiger Epigone; mit seinem Lieblingsmusiker Quanz gibt er zahlreiche Flötenkonzerte. (Die Flöte ist von Jugend an sein Lieblinsinstrument.) Er gilt trotz einer angeblichen Jugendschwarmerei für eine verheiratete Dame als – möglicherweise HOMOSEXUELLER – Frauenverächter. Seine Ehe bleibt kinderlos; sein Nachfolger wird der Sohn seines Bruders.

Sein Leben lang sehnt er sich nach Freundschaft und pflegt diese, wenn er sie gefunden hat, mit rührender Hingabe. Er stirbt jedoch als GEFÜRCHTETER, vereinsamter Mann, dessen letzte Gefährten seine geliebten Windspiele geblieben sind. Sein Wunsch, neben ihnen in Sanssouci beigesetzt zu werden, erfüllt sich jedoch nicht; er wird auf Geheiß seines Nachfolgers in der Garnisonkirche bestattet.

This “biography” came from the following website: www.chatnoir.de/bestof/friedr.htm

My German is not too good, so it takes me time to look up words I don’t understand and this appears to be written at college level German. I have more translating to do. I wish I could find an accurate and truthful biography about Frederick the Great. I think I am getting a very slanted portrait of him.

XXX1/2–G.S. (2-5-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-5-04
Place: Melbourne, FL