Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-7-2004)

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2-7-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I watched some old videos I had of Germany by Rick Steves. Back around 1998, I used to watch Rick Steves on television–Travels in Europe. The reason for this was because I was learning the Italian language and I wanted to get all his series about Italy. I noticed he covered some other European countries that were of interest to me, so I taped some of them as well (from my television set). I taped almost all of his series on Germany (back in 1998). When I left Seattle, I lost most of what I taped, but was able to find a lot of them and reacquired most of Rick Steves’ Germany collection (back in 2002 in Tallahassee). Rick Steves is a U.S. travel guide, who happened to be based in Edmonds, WA. I used to live very close to where he lives in the U.S. I always thought it was fun to watch his series.

Today, I decided to relook at some of the Germany series, in order to find any information I could about my German royal relatives. I lucked out and got to see Frederick the Great’s castles (outside of Berlin) on Rick Steve’s video about Berlin. Though Rick Steves did not say much about Frederick, he said enough to give me somewhat of a picture of the man (in my mind). I have concluded that Frederick the Great was a very international person. He had a Chinese tea house in his gardens and all his palace spoke French. In that respect, he is a lot like me. So, maybe it is true that I have inherited much of his genetic profile. He, himself, was Prussian–but, obviously, he had international interests. Great royalty often do.

His palace was elaborate and magnificent. This man had incredible power during his time. It would be interesting to get an accurate historical account about him.

Though my sister is somewhat international, she is not quite as international as I am. I have studied Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. Though Russian (currently) is my weakest language. I would like to change this–but I’m afraid I would need to live in Russia to accomplish this feat. After trying to master the cyrillic alphabet, I decided I better hold off on Russian until I live in Russia.

I also have a problem because my Russian language books have been tampered with by Jesuits and are very confusing and seem to deliberately neglect to teach me important points about Russian grammar.

My international interests have gone more in the European direction. My sister’s interests have been more Japanese. Vladimir tells me that my genetic profile is more strongly royal than my sister’s. He thinks it’s because I inherited more of King David’s genes. For some reason, King David’s genes are like a magnet which causes other royal genes in a person’s make-up to be more dominant. This is very interesting genetics and VLADIMIR AND I LEARNED IT FROM STUDYING THE JESUITS’ MEMORIES. Apparently, the Jesuits have gone to great lengths to conduct genetic profiles on famous persons and their relatives–so most of what we’ve learned about genetic profiling comes from the Jesuits.

Anyways, my sister is much more American in her thinking than I am. I have always been a more international person than she. She seems like the type to adopt Pres. Bush’s arrogant American attitude and to think that this attitude GIVES HER CLASS–it’s the attitude of American superiority (and it usually comes from people who have limited experience or interest in foreign affairs). It’s the attitude that Americans are superior to everyone else–just because American cars are bigger and American houses are bigger and American streets are prettier. I told Vladimir (back in May 2002) that he worshipped Americans too much and encouraged him to have some Russian and German pride. I told him I didn’t appreciate the way he drooled over Pres. Bush’s visit to Russia and wanted him to be a little more aloof from Bush. This is true–check out what I said back in May 2002 in my Tallahassee apartment. I called Pres. Bush an AMERICAN PUNK–who had far too high an opinion of himself and felt he was superior to Russia and everyone else (besides Americans) just because he was an American and belonged to the AMERICAN ELITE CLUB.

I have always despised this attitude in any American. If you don’t believe me, check out some comments I made while I lived in South Carolina (I may have said these comments on the phone when I spoke to Franco Nero and Brent on my wiretapped phone–back in 1998), when I attended an American church service and the guest evangelist went on a rampage about his visit to Europe and how this visit convinced him of American superiority. He kept going on and on about how Europeans are dirty and never take a bath. His conclusion seemed to be that if you had a clean body and a clean city, it meant you were superior in everything. I recall this guy kept saying over and over, “Take my word for it, we live in the greatest country in the world and the rest of the world stinks.” I thought his thinking was rather shallow and showed a lack of ability to tolerate and appreciate cultural differences. I absolutely despised that American’s attitude and feel that Americans like this are an embarassment to me and I don’t even want to admit I know them.

I would put Pres. Bush and my sister in this category of Americans who are stuck on themselves and think just because they live in the richest country in the world that somehow makes them superior to those who live in poorer countries that somehow don’t have the class and superiority of the United States.

To this I reply: Don’t be so stuck on yourself United States. Get off your high horse, because God doesn’t share your high opinion of yourself and he doesn’t judge you by your fancy automobile, your big house, your big ranch, your nice clothes and your perfect table manners. Actually, most Europeans probably have better table manners than Americans. And what is good manners differs from country to country. One thing that is always good manners and that is– to respect everyone’s right to live in peace and without harrassment–something Americans are good about promoting WITH THEIR MOUTH, but NOT WITH THEIR ACTIONS. They’re some of the biggest busybodies on the planet.

My conclusion about most Americans is that they are very arrogant and think they are entitled to do ANYTHING THEY WANT TO ANYONE WHO ISN’T AN AMERICAN and that they will always be right about it SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE AMERICAN and that’s because they feel AMERICANS ARE SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE. They feel American superiority gives them the right to do anything they want to anyone else.

Well, United States, I don’t share your high opinion of yourself. I have despised this attitude in every American who has it. I don’t care if that person is my sister or the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Don’t let a low class, arrogant jerk like Pres. Bush be of concern to anyone. He’s JUNK and apparently everything I said about him back in May 2002 (in my Tallahassee apartment) was RIGHT ON TARGET.

Vladimir is much more manly, courageous and pure-hearted than any punky, arrogant stuck-up American bastard.

Any American who thinks they have the right to blow up a Moscow subway, just because they’re American, is no better than any bastard who pukes on the street–REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF THEIR BANK ACCOUNT or the wonderful classy and showy grandeur they build around themselves. Vladimir tells me American Jesuits organized and financed the subway bombing, though, it appears they used a German to actually plant the bomb in the subway. Well, it’s easy to find an evil person in every country to do your dirty work for you. I have more respect for the German than the Americans because he/she committed his crime out in the open, but the Americans were secretly behind it and sponsored it. Why do the Americans have to use a German? Don’t they have the guts to commit the crime themselves? The Germans always have more guts than Americans and are what they appear to be. If Pres. Bush wanted to blow up the subway, why didn’t he do it himself? HE’S AN ARROGANT WIMP. He has to get a brave German to do what he really wanted to do himself. The German was blown up, so how do we know the German wasn’t an extortion victim? We can’t read that German’s mind (who did the crime) because his brain was blown up.

You might say, ohhhh, ohhhh, how can you talk like that and say you come from royalty?

Look– I’m myself and unlike some people I know, I don’t put on airs. It must be the German in me. Germans tend to be the least phony of all the races. If there’s anything I can’t stand, IT’S A FAKE. And Americans are some of the biggest fakes on the planet. Look at Pres. Bush–isn’t he supposed to be your typical American? He sure is different than the show he puts on.

I hate to say it, but HE IS YOUR TYPICAL SHALLOW, VULGAR AMERICAN WHO IS OBSESSED WITH PUTTING ON A GRAND PERFORMANCE. The typical American’s idea of class is to parade around like the educated, super-rich ELITE. So, this means if you are brilliant, educated and have a big car and house or hang around with those that do–it somehow makes you superior. Oh, Americans LOVE PERFORMANCES–look at Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and you name it– I think I’m ready to GO TO SLEEP.

Fortunately, there is an American minority who have some class and humility, and realize that maybe just because a group of people are DIFFERENT and have different ideas about what constitutes greatness or importance, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ones with a different idea about what constitutes “class”– are inferior to Americans.

And then stupid Americans think that they can prove I’m wrong about American sexual hang-ups by flashing Janet Jackson’s breast. If she did that in Japan, she wouldn’t even get a reaction–the Japanese would all yawn and go to their nearest newstand where they can find a woman’s breast in every magazine. The fact that so many Americans even bother to comment on the stupid breast, shows American’s sexual obsessions.

Who cares? And why does she have to be so flashy about it?

Tell her to try that in Japan and see if the Japanese even care. If Americans want to prove they don’t have sexual hang-ups, just ignore Janet Jackson next time she does that. There’s a real simple solution–turn off the television set. It would drive her crazy, she loves the publicity and the clamour. Like I said, tell her to try this in Japan and see if the Japanese even care. I dare her to go to Japan and do it. She probably wouldn’t even make any Japanese newspaper–they’d just ignore her–you see, that stuff ISN’T NEWS IN JAPAN.

She might get a by-line in Germany–probably in the humor section of the German paper. England would be stupid enough to make a big deal about it–the English tend to be a little stuffy. In France, they’d all yawn. In Italy–the same–though some might find the American reaction interesting and comical. In Scandinavia–the reaction would be a lot like Japan–which is–who cares? In Russia–they’d think– my, my–these Americans must have a lot of money to waste their time over such an insignificant issue on the news. Only a dumb American would devote an hour of newstime covering some dumb woman who bares her breast in public.

When Pres. Bush came to Russia to visit St. Petersburg, I also told Vladimir that I felt he was not wise to show off St. Petersburg’s grandeur to the world on world news. I think Vladimir did this because he didn’t want to be embarrassed when the rich Americans came to his country. I say this: if the Americans only love you because they think you are rich–YOU DON’T NEED THEM.

I told Vladimir this attempt to show off St. Petersburg’s grandeur creates the false impression that Russia is a rich country. I think Vladimir wanted to dress up St. Petersburg for Pres. Bush’s visit–BIG MISTAKE. I bet that was Pres. Bush’s idea. Bush probably came up with some stupid excuse like this: Show off the old Russia of the Czars to erase the impression that Russia is no longer communist. Actually, most people know Russia is no longer communist–what most people don’t know is that Russia has more starving people than just about any country in the world–except maybe Africa. A lot of people in Russia don’t have heat, either. This is a BIG PROBLEM in Russia. And I do not believe the Russian government has a lot of money–certainly not as much as the U.S. or Germany or Japan. Russia needs time to recuperate from the fall of communism–because when Russia rejected communism, the Jesuits pulled all their money out of Russia. Now the Jesuits are funneling money back into Russia, but that money isn’t going to Putin’s government–it’s going to underground Russian mafia and corrupt Russian business executives–because the Jesuits want to create the impression that Vladimir secretly sponsors these Russian underground activities.

Next time some big shot public person wants to visit Russia–show them the Russian ghetto. If they don’t come back–they never were your friend in the first place and you don’t need them.

Anyways, I told Vladimir (when Bush came to visit him) that I felt he made a big mistake to make St. Petersburg look so grandiose–it creates a false impression of Russia and makes Russia appear equal to countries like Germany (who are faring better financially than Russia). Russia is a poor country and should not go out of her way to make herself appear richer than she is–this furthers the Jesuits’ claim that Russians are using secret wealth to promote conspiracies. The Jesuits are full of baloney and they always create false impressions of their enemies in ORDER TO PROMOTE THEIR POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS AGENDAS. Right now, it is to the Jesuits’ advantage to create the impression that the Russian government has a lot of secret money hidden away somewhere.

In fact, I believe Jesuits are funneling money into Russian Mafia groups to create the impression that the Russian government is a rich Mafia organization.

We’ve had to put Pres. Bush on an American PLP network (though I haven’t reinstated the American PLP network). We just created an American PLP network for Pres. Bush. The reason for this is that all the other countries’ PLP networks don’t like Pres. Bush and have tried to kill him.

My personal opinion: I don’t think it is safe for Pres. Bush to travel to other countries. Even though I despise who he is as a person– from a legal perspective, it would not be good to kill him now. There is a greater chance for world peace, if he stays alive. If he is killed now, it may permanently ruin my chances to be with Vladimir Putin (and this would increase the chances that the Jesuits can takeover more world governments–their goal is world conquest), because the Jesuits may claim that Vladimir framed Pres. Bush in order to orchestrate Pres. Bush’s murder. This may further the Jesuits’ stereotype that the Russian government operates like the Mafia and would encourage the Jesuits to murder more world leaders (using the excuse that the Russian-mafia government orchestrated the murder of these world leaders).

I have every reason to despise Pres. Bush because we have learned that Pres. Bush (under Jesuit direction) paid people to steal Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner’s sperm (without Vladimir and Brent’s permission) in order to cause the impregnation of women. However, as an attorney, I can see that Pres. Bush’s murder at this time could cause serious legal problems. It would give the Jesuits just what they want, an excuse to delay or permanently prevent my marriage to Vladimir Putin. Because with Pres. Bush’s murder, they can orchestrate all sorts of conspiracies which, of course, the Jesuits would claim that Vladimir Putin was behind. When dealing with Jesuits, you must always never allow emotion to cloud your judgment. Jesuits rely on getting people emotionally hyped up and irrational, because this encourages fanatical activity which has bad results and helps further Jesuit goals. So a wise Jesuit opponent must never lose one’s cool and must always keep a sane and level head or THE WAR WILL BE WON BY THE JESUITS. It’s okay to be angry and to cry, but never let it get you so worked up YOU LOSE YOUR HEAD, BECAUSE THEN THE JESUITS WIN. Even if a Jesuit blew up a country with a nuclear warhead, the Jesuits never lose their head–they are some of the shrewdest and coldest people on the planet. THEY ARE A BRILLIANT, COLD MACHINE (and specialize in manipulating people’s emotions) and they use the 666-Computer to put on performances to convince the world that they are a warm and caring organization. If they appear outraged, it is often a calculated performance designed to get their enemies distracted.

Actually, I have a lot of anger towards Jesuits because they have ruined my life and they have ruined others’ lives, but I channel that anger wisely–I don’t let them cause me to lose my perspective.

I would also like to say, that I would never (as an attorney) represent a client, if I felt that client was guilty–because that would violate all my ethics. My ethics are of utmost importance to me. I just won’t take a case if I am convinced my client is guilty. I disagree with the American legal system in this respect. I feel if there is sufficient evidence that a criminal is guilty that you shouldn’t waste a lot of court time defending an obvious guilty criminal. The time spent in court should be enough to establish that criminal’s guilt. Once that’s established, the case should be OVER. JESUITS DRAG CASES ON AND ON AND ON, after guilt has been firmly established. This is a serious defect in the American legal system.

The only cases that should drag on, should be the cases where the guilt is not certain. But once the evidence comes in and the guilt is established–THE CASE SHOULD BE OVER. Americans drag cases on forever. It’s expensive and it’s ridiculous.

Because of this ridiculousness, in the U.S., the innocent live behind bars (that is–bars on their windows and on their doors) and the criminals walk the streets and flaunt their crimes.

Actually, I feel the U.S. government (under Pres. Bush) has operated like the Mafia–that’s because Pres. Bush has been a Jesuit puppet and the Jesuits are the founders of the Mafia movements all over the world. All governments taken over by Jesuits operate like the Mafia.

Though I don’t encourage Pres. Bush’s execution (at this time)–I certainly understand the anger many feel towards him, and personally feel that Pres. Bush deserves the death penalty.

Also, our intelligence has told us that Pres. Bush is the most evil person of the Bush administration. Most other members of the Bush administration actually had no idea that Bush was cooperating with Jesuits. He fooled everybody. It’s unfortunate that the Jesuits got the U.S. President. But then, they are masters at infiltration and betrayal. Pres. Bush FOOLED HIS OWN WIFE.

You may say, it is impossible to maintain objectivity when it’s personal. That’s generally true with most people, but after having my life threatened many, many times and my health destroyed by Jesuits, has made me realize just how horrific it would be if the JESUITs TAKEOVER THE WORLD–I feel I’m on a heroic mission to save the world from the mental, emotional and physical suffering I’ve experienced FROM THE JESUITS–it has toughened me and given me a lawyer-mindset, so that I have disciplined my mind to be able to defend myself well or to prosecute well in the courtroom. I have had to adopt this attitude TO STAY ALIVE. When it’s a matter of life-and-death, it’s amazing how strong you can be (mentally and physically)–especially when you feel that the outcome has monumental significance. To me, to win this case (against the Jesuits) is a matter of life and death. I feel that if I lose this case, that it will cause untold suffering and will change history (for the worse). If I win this case against the Jesuits, I feel I can usher in reforms that will bring freedom and happiness to people who have not had experience with freedom and that I can change history (for the better). So, because I feel this way, I have forced myself to adopt the mental attitude I need to WIN MY CASE–because I am convinced that I am on the RIGHT SIDE and that the case I represent IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LEGAL CASE IN THE WORLD. I believe if I lose this case, that the results will be CATASTROPHIC and will affect the whole world and that the result will be that human civil rights will perish, that tyranny will prosper and that the world will groan under the heavy hand of a brutal, cold, brilliant government ruled by brilliant, methodical Jesuit tyrants who will crush all those who oppose them with a cruelty unmatched in all of human history (using sophisticated, brilliant technology like BIG BROTHER to control all people in the world). The only happy people will be those who have no respect for true freedom and justice. The vile will be uplifted and the righteous innocent ones will perish. The vile will be made to look righteous and those who long to be brave and free will groan in oppression. The suffering will be unlike any suffering in all of human history because the 666-Computer is unmatched in its ability to inflict mental, emotional and physical suffering. I’ve heard they have technology that can cut off a person’s head from the body and KEEP THE HEAD ALIVE (by attaching tubes to the heads). I learned this when I researched for my novel Silver Skies. I believe the Jesuits will use technology like this against their enemies. The Jesuits are not going to advertise this technology because it would scare people into not cooperating with them, SO I’LL ADVERTISE IT.

You know, I’ve known about this stuff now for years, because I research all this advanced technology for my novel, so I was one of the first to discover what the Jesuits were doing (with the 666-Computer). You want to know the average reaction when I first brought all this stuff up to people? They’d laugh and say I was crazy.

You want to know why my sister cooperates with Jesuits? Because she thinks I’m a little crazy and that the Jesuits aren’t as bad as I think they are. But I’m smarter than she is and she hasn’t researched this stuff like I have. I am very disappointed in my sister right now. I have discovered over the past years, that my sister is often very opinionated on topics in which she hasn’t done enough research to know what she’s talking about. Because I wrote the novel Silver Skies, I have done tremendous research on governments and on what causes governments to become corrupt. And I’ve done tremendous research on the corrupt machinery behind the Vatican. Most of my time in writing Silver Skies, went into research (about 3 or 4 years of research at full-time hours). I know a lot of things that my sister does not know. And I think I am smarter than she is. Vladimir says I have inherited more of the Howard Hughes genetic profile than my sister has. Unfortunately, the Jesuits sabotaged my brain and I’ve had to rely more on my intuitive I.Q.–however, my PLP has been restoring much of my brain function (which was sabotaged by Jesuits). It has been frustrating for me to deal with people who laugh at me when I warn them about how dangerous the Jesuits are. Either these people are stupid or wicked or BOTH. These people are so stupid that they’re DANGEROUS. Their stupidity will cause a catastrophic outcome that will be very bad for anyone who loves freedom and justice. Only the cold, cruel monsters of the world who worship brilliance, glamour, flashiness, impressions, and methodical coldness over mercy and justice–will be happy in a Jesuit-run government. The rest (the soft-hearted, the merciful, the forgiving and loving and truly great people of the world) will groan with a deep despair that will be like a bottomless pit of never ending suffering. I have experienced Jesuit cruelty personally because I am and have been intensely targeted by them. I have looked them in the eye and seen the coldness and cruelty of their true spirit. I have observed them mercilessly torture and destroy all those who oppose their goals. I have felt their attacks on my body and have experienced many threats on my life. I know them and I know that they are a cold, calculating machine and can put on a brilliant and caring performance at the drop of a hat. I’ve heard their arguments and their brilliant legal defenses and attacks–I know that their brilliance is horrifying because their arguments are so persuasive–to those who lack the depth and perception to see through the clever sham arguents they present. And I know that the motive for their BRILLIANCE is to control the world through TORTURE.

Pres. Bush is a JESUIT. He became one around Jan 2002. Look at his performance, for an example of what I’m talking about–about how brilliant the Jesuits are. If it wasn’t for the 666-Computer, he would have fooled us all and definitely would have won a 2nd term as U.S. President. He knows it. That’s why he currently hates my guts. He hates me for having the brilliance to write laws which accomplished the impossible–they ripped off the meticulous and brilliantly orchestrated 666-Computer directed charade of a President tutored and protected by the JESUIT ORDER. He didn’t count on an unknown girl with limited connections and only a bachelor’s degree from a regular state university (who’s never been to law school) to have the legal brilliance to write laws which would force him to reveal his brilliantly orchestrated charade. Apparently, he thought that Vladimir Putin’s feelings for me were a passing phase and that no Russian President would take the unknown, nobody girl seriously–and so I would be easily conquered.

He didn’t know and I didn’t know that I was related to Kings David and Solomon and to Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great and to Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev and to Genji royalty in Japan and to the royal Oshu Fujiwara family of Japan. He didn’t know and I didn’t know that my genetic profile was almost identical to Howard Hughes. But the Jesuits knew and THEY DIDN’T TELL PRES. BUSH, and they certainly didn’t tell me or Vladimir Putin. BUT WE FOUND OUT because of the brilliant law I wrote which resulted in astounding uncovered evidence. No one (including the Jesuits) thought I could accomplish (since I’d never been to law school) the uncovering of this evidence. The Jesuits had counted on their sabotage of my brain to diminish my mental capacities to the point that I would never be able to accomplish such a feat. MAYBE GOD WANTED TO HAVE A BIG LAUGH–I DON’T KNOW. But Vladimir and I FOUND OUT all the stuff the Jesuits thought they had perfectly covered up. And now Pres. Bush must realize that maybe the impossible can happen to an unknown girl who’s descended from King David and who dares to stand up to GOLIATH (trusting in her God to defend her). Maybe some of the courage I inherited from King David, from Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great caused me to raise the sword in defiance against the GOLIATH JESUITS and, to the astonishment and chagrin of the Jesuits–I have had a following. Just like King David had a following, Catherine the Great had a following and Frederick the Great had a following.

XXX1/2–G.S. (2-7-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (2-7-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (2-7-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (2-7-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-7-04
Place: Melbourne, FL