Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-11-2004)

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3-11-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I would like to use the U.N. Charity Bank to give full financial support to the victims of the Madrid train bombings today. The details of how I want this financial support to be meted out I discussed in my car today–you can use any of the recordings of myself (from my car) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Also, I want to make a joint statement with Vladimir Putin in condemning this bombing. I want to join with Vladimir in condemning this bombing which took place in Spain today. You can use any video footage of myself from my car (since I made the statement in my car as I drove to an interview today).

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-11-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-11-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (3-11-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (3-11-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-11-04
Place: Melbourne, FL