Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-24-2004)

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3-24-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir, you will need to contact the Law Office of Gerald E. Moore again [P.O. Box 724087, Atlanta, GA 31139–(866) 206-1885] regarding my Capital One — Kmart account # 5570092132906716. A lady named Hester contacted me from this office to harass me about the money I allegedly owe on my Capital One — Kmart account. I told her to contact the Russian Embassy and to leave a message for you and I let her know that I had given you power of attorney to handle this matter for me.

She called me back and said that the person at the Russian Embassy asked her if she wanted to talk to Pres. Bush and this person at the Russian Embassy acted like they didn’t know me. I decided to call the Russian Embassy myself and got a weird answering machine (with some strange music) and I wasn’t able to talk to a person. Apparently, you need to make sure there are no UNWILLING AGENTS working at the Russian Embassy.

I believe you contacted this Law Office, but you will have to contact them again–because, apparently, they have somehow lost all the paperwork (or communications) which you have had with them and they have no recall that you have ever contacted them. Obviously, these attorneys at this Law Office are UNWILLING AGENTS and the Jesuits used amnesia on them to cause them to forget that you handled this account for me.

I recommend you contact these attorneys and contact CAPITAL ONE and contact all of Capital One’s collection agencies again and get a video camera in there and take video footage of all these transactions, and then have about 30 witnesses who will witness all your dealings with all of Capital One’s law firms, with Capital One, and with all of Capital One’s collection agencies. Have all the witnesses sign statements that they have witnessed that you took care of this account for me.

AND THEN, after all these witnesses sign these statements, have them mail these statements (and proof) to this Gerald Moore law firm, to all the collection agencies of Capital One, AND TO CAPITAL ONE (see my previous correspondence which I mailed you) over the next couple weeks. Maybe have one or two send in reminders to all of the Capital One collection agencies and attorneys, and to Capital One (along with proof–maybe copies of the video) that this Capital One — Kmart acct. # 5570092132906716 has been taken care of. And then two days later, have another two of them send in reminders (along with proof–maybe copies of the video of the transaction) that this Capital One — Kmart acct. #5570092132906716 has been taken care of. Two days later, have another two of them send in reminders (proof). Every two days, another two will send in reminders (proof) that the Capital One — Kmart acct. has been taken care of–and this will continue (over a period of several weeks) until ALL THIRTY of the witnesses have send in reminders (proof) to all of Capital One’s law firms (and to Capital One and all its collection agencies and attorneys) that this Kmart acct. #5570092132906716 has been taken care of. Here is an address I had for Capital One back in July 2003: Capital One, P.O. Box 85015, Richmond, VA 23285-5018.

In the meanwhile, execute all the IMPOSED PERSONs who are using UNWILLING AGENTS to orchestrate this conspiracy involving Capital One and list these UNWILLING AGENTS’ names (along with the dates and times of their executions) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

You can use any wiretapped phone conversations that I had with this Gerald Moore law firm on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, if you wish to. Also, you may wish to broadcast what happened to me when I called the Russian Embassy (I’ll leave that up to you). Handle this incident according to the guidelines of Sect. 66 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs. If you feel cross-examinations are necessary, drag those IMPOSED PERSONs in and cross-examine them on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. You may want to show this video (of proof that you have taken care of this account for me on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS), so the world can see which video you are sending to Capital One, to their collection agencies and to all their lawyers.

You may want to do the same thing with the SunTrust acct. which I have also given you power of attorney to take care of. I got a statement from SunTrust today in which they claim that I have a negative balance of $63.81. Get 30 witnesses to all transactions you’ve had with SunTrust and have these witnesses send in reminders (videos and everything) to SunTrust over a period of several weeks. And show this video on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. In other words, treat this SunTrust matter like I recommend you treat the Capital One matter.

In fact, everyone who wants money from me (when I mail you the correspondence about the matter–like the doctors at Tallahassee)– treat that matter just as I recommended you treat the Capital one matter. Get 30 witnesses and send in proof (videos, statements, or whatever) every couple days to that organization that the matter has been taken care of.

You see, the Jesuits are orchestrating their UNWILLING AGENTS to dispose of the proof you send these organizations (that you have taken care of this matter for me), and then they give these UNWILLING AGENTS amnesia about the whole matter, so that (after the Jesuits cause them to lose all the paperwork and proof you sent them–it’s kind of like the way they orchestrated my mother to go into my files and then they gave her amnesia so that she forgot she went into my files and sabotaged some of my legal paperwork), they completely forget that you took care of the matter.

They’re treating these people (who want money from me), just like they’ve been treating my mother. They are creating the AMNESIA CONSPIRACY–so you need to send in constant reminders and proofs to all people you deal with. JUST ASSUME THAT THE JESUITS WILL CAUSE ALL THEIR UNWILLING AGENTS to have amnesia about matters (when it will be advantageous for the Jesuits to induce amnesia in these UNWILLING AGENTS).

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-24-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-24-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (3-24-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (3-24-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-24-04
Place: Melbourne, FL