Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-18-2004)

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4-18-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

When Erich has follow-up communications with the living body of Misao xxxxxx (if Erich is not convinced that Misao is Gail’s real mother–see 4-16-04 statement), Erich will show to Misao, the evidence as to why he does not believe that Misao xxxxxx is Gail’s real mother and why he can’t trust her with Gail’s money. This could include showing her the video-taped cross-examination of the IMPOSED PERSON (who took over Misao’s brain)–especially this IMPOSED PERSON’s answer to Sect. 2 (question 22) of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

In question 22, put the UNWILLING AGENT’s name in the blank. The IMPOSED PERSON (who took over the UNWILLING AGENT) is the one cross-examined in question 22.

While question 22 is being asked of the IMPOSED PERSON, it may be helpful to show a visual presentation alongside the cross-examination question to illustrate what the question is talking about–since the legal wording of the question may be too hard for Misao to comprehend. Jesuits have been undermining Misao’s English language skills. Maybe have the question translated into Japanese (while she observes the IMPOSED PERSON being cross-examined).

22) Did you (or someone you assisted) directly or indirectly and willingly, knowingly and deliberately use a computer that controls people’s brains (using long-distance satellite signals) to takeover _________’s brain, in order to force your personality and decisions to replace ___________’s personality and decisions. Because when you (or someone you assisted) used this computer on ___________’s brain, all decisions made through the controlled brain of ___________ were not the decisions of ___________, but were the decisions of yourself (or someone you assisted). Therefore, while you (or someone you assisted) controlled _________’s brain with this computer, ___________ did not have the power to make his/her own decisions and was totally controlled by this computer (to the point that the personality and person of ______________ no longer existed). In other words (while you used this computer on ___________), _____________ was forced (against his/her will or knowledge) to use his/her body, speech and actions as the means by which to adopt and carry out your decisions (not ________’s decisions) –because you (or someone you assisted) used this computer (without ___________’s permission or knowledge) to take over __________’s brain and decision-making powers.

If it is determined that the IMPOSED PERSON deliberately, knowingly and willingly was involved in using any person as an UNWILLING AGENT, that IMPOSED PERSON will be publicly executed on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS [with the time, date and name of the IMPOSED PERSON broadcast (when the execution takes place)].

Erich may need to explain to Misao how to read the 666-Computer lie-detection results on the screen, because I am certain the IMPOSED PERSON will try to lie; and so, the truth about the IMPOSED PERSON’s takeover of Misao’s brain will have to be discerned through lie-detection.

Before, during or after the cross-examination of the IMPOSED PERSON (who took over Misao), Erich will show (to Misao) how the IMPOSED PERSON took over Misao’s brain. And Erich may present a video presentation which shows how the 666-Computer was used by this IMPOSED PERSON on Misao, and how this IMPOSED PERSON used satellite signals to control Misao’s brain.

Erich may give a demonstration where Misao can watch an IMPOSED PERSON in action (on his/her 666-Computer) and he may show the UNWILLING AGENT (who is controlled by that IMPOSED PERSON) responding to the IMPOSED PERSON (as the IMPOSED PERSON works on his/her computer). Perhaps, this could be done by a split screen presentation and there may be a diagram off in the corner which shows how satellite signals are transported from the originating computer to the satellite to the UNWILLING AGENT’s brain.

It might be especially helpful to show an IMPOSED PERSON inducing amnesia on a Japanese UNWILLING AGENT (and let this demonstration be done in the Japanese language, since this is Misao’s strongest language). Maybe show the Japanese UNWILLING AGENT being exposed to something monumental (which a normal person would never forget) and then show amnesia being induced on that Japanese UNWILLING AGENT and present evidence (that through the 666-Computer), that Japanese UNWILLING AGENT’s brain was manipulated so that the Japanese UNWILLING AGENT forgot the monumental event he/she just experienced. To really get the point across, maybe show something like a simulated earthquake and have the Japanese UNWILLING AGENT go through the experience, and then five minutes after the experience (have the IMPOSED PERSON via 666-Computer), induce amnesia on that Japanese UNWILLING AGENT regarding the earthquake that Japanese just experienced. Somehow show, either by questioning the UNWILLING AGENT (or some other method), that this UNWILLING AGENT completely forgot about the earthquake he/she just went through. Hopefully, this will demonstrate to Misao the power of the 666-Computer in inducing amnesia. Emphasize that this is a death penalty violation and those who induce amnesia (via 666-Computer) to people (against their will or knowledge) are being executed.

It is very important to show that the IMPOSED PERSON (whose cross-examination she witnessed) was executed for controlling Misao’s brain (against her will or knowledge), but that we have had continual problems with new IMPOSED PERSONs who come in and retake control of Misao’s brain.

We want to send the strong message that we take this crime very seriously and that we are not playing some sort of Computer automaton or puppet game with Misao.

In the meanwhile, Erich will refuse to give Misao any money until he is convinced she is, indeed, Gail’s mother. He will continue to test her and observe her (via video and other means) until he is convinced Misao is Gail’s mother (see 4-16-04 statement).

He will also continually present to her evidence about how the 666-Computer works (in order to control a person’s decision making)–and he may replay educational videos (about how the 666-Computer’s uses UNWILLING AGENTS) to her over and over whenever he meets with her, because the Jesuits don’t want Misao to understand this process and she will need to be retaught about how the 666-Computer works many, many times.

Dru Sjodin was murdered by the 666-Computer. All those alleged LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING violators involved with Dru’s murder will be cross-examined on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS and will (if found guilty) make CONFESSION STATEMENTS and will be publicly executed on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. I talked about this in my car–so follow the instructions I made in my car.

XXXX–G.S. (4-18-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-18-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (4-18-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-18-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-18-04
Place: Melbourne, FL