Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-6-2004)

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4-6-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Anytime any company calls me to harass me about payments in violation of a STOP HARASSMENT ORDER, (when Vladimir has already made the payments for me–or when he has paid up my financial obligations with that company), trace the call (or block it–if possible) and put the caller in jail (make sure to get video coverage of this which my mother can see ON FILM) and then immediately after this show a clip where the IMPOSED PERSON involved with the previously shown incident is publicly cross-examined on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (and let my mother see this as well). Make sure to firmly establish the connection between the incident (which resulted in the jailing of the UNWILLING AGENT) and the cross-examination of the IMPOSED PERSON who manipulated that UNWILLING AGENT (you will have to make this CRYSTAL CLEAR because my mom is not too bright about these matters–even though she thinks she is). Maybe show about 20 of these incidents (with UNWILLING AGENT presented first, and then corresponding IMPOSED PERSON being cross-examined right afterwards) one right after another–to give my dumb mother a true picture of the Jesuit rampage we have to deal with.

Later, show my mother a film about Vladimir’s HEROIC attempts to stop these people from harassing me. I emphasize the word “heroic” because he is being hit with an ONSLAUGHT–and somehow, somehow get this across to my mother. Show her statistics. Maybe show her a montage of how many incidents they can orchestrate in an hour, a day, a week, or a month– and show the great variety of tactics they come up with so that it is impossible to anticipate and prevent every Jesuit incident.

Perhaps, 1st show the harasser (UNWILLING AGENT) arrested and put into jail RIGHT AFTER THEY CALL ME, then right after this clip, show the IMPOSED PERSON (who manipulated that harasser) being cross-examined on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS for manipulating the UNWILLING AGENT to harass me in violation of a STOP HARASSMENT ORDER. If the IMPOSED PERSON is executed for his/her crime, show this in the filmstrip which my mother sees. Maybe show about 20 of these, one right after another and mention in what timeframe all these incidents occurred (somehow get across to my mother that we are dealing with a rampage of very creative and unpredictable attacks from Jesuits).

Present statistics about the level of harassment which I’ve had to endure over the years (the number of incidents) to give my mother a true picture of the stubborn Jesuit empire we have to deal with. In these statistics, it is very important to present the level of Jesuit infiltration (through their UNWILLING AGENTS) into government, major corporations and all the societies of the world. This may help my dumb mother to understand why Chrysler Financial can keep harassing me, in spite of attempts by a PRESIDENT to stop them and in spite of jailings, executions, etc. Show evidence which proves how stubborn and widespread the Jesuits are. Maybe give her a brief history lesson of how previous Jesuit orchestrated incidents have had to be handled; and how, it seems, no matter what we do, the Jesuits always find a way to come back and harass those they oppose.

Make sure to present evidence about the vast wealth of the Jesuits!! This will explain a lot, even to a dummy like my mother.

Also, have a computer expert give a presentation about the 666-Computer and how it works (since my mother is an absolute blockhead about computers)–this may help her to understand that we are dealing with a very complicated situation and that explains why it appears we are making little progress. Explain how LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING works and how this problem will not be licked over night. Find someone who’s an expert at teaching a 666-Computer course for dummies–because this is what we’ll need to give my dumb mother a true picture of what we are dealing with. After the education about the 666-Computer, give those in the audience a fun test to see if they understood the material and have it graded for fun. Present the grades publicly, so those who flunked will be embarrassed (or at least will have to admit that they are dumb about the 666-Computer). This way if the troublemakers turn out to be those who flunked the test, we can say that they are not qualified to offer an opinion, since they obviously don’t know enough to have an opinion that matters. Maybe give them a computerized test or make it multiple choice. You can imitate how Wal-Mart trained me as a cashier (using a video presentation with examples–where you have to choose the best answer according to various video scenarios– as a test). This way, if my mom watches a presentation about the 666-Computer and doesn’t listen, she will be embarassed when she flunks the test about the presentation afterwards. This way, she can’t accuse me of being crazy when I try to tell her about the 666-Computer, since she flunked the test about it and KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT IT.

We can’t afford to keep my mother dumb about the 666-Computer. She does not understand AT ALL how this computer works and THAT’S THE PROBLEM. The Jesuits are fully exploiting her stupidity in this area. My mother very badly needs an education about the 666-Computer.

I do not think that this computer education will solve the problem with my mother, since her main problem is that she is an UNWILLING AGENT–however, it wouldn’t hurt to educate my mother about the 666-Computer. Make sure to do it in an interesting manner, because she doesn’t listen to anything she doesn’t want to hear and if the presentation is boring, you can be sure SHE WON’T UNDERSTAND A THING (because she’ll be too focused about what she wants to say or what she wants to prove instead of sitting still and LISTENING) and she’ll be as dumb about computers as she’s always been. This computer blockhead DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON BECAUSE SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE LATEST COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY. And then she tries to FORCE me to go to a mental institution when I try to explain to her that she’s being manipulated by a computer. She has to be the worst computer dummy I’ve ever encountered and the price we are paying for her stupidity in computers is the prevention of my marriage to Vladimir Putin.

XXX1/2–G.S. (4-6-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-6-04)
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CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-6-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-6-04
Place: Melbourne, FL