Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-21-2004)

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5-21-04 Bermerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir communicated with me via 666-Computer last night and asked me how I felt about visiting the Pope and flying over to the Vatican on Pres. Bush’s jet. He thought that maybe he could give me the money from my novel through the Pope. I told him I needed to think about this, because I was concerned that the Pope would be targeted by Jesuits. I no longer consider the Pope my enemy.

I told Vladimir this morning that I think it’s a good idea for me to go to the Pope. However, I asked him to ask the Nobel prize committee how they felt about giving me the Nobel Peace Prize for my work in international law, because I don’t feel comfortable about having the Pope only give me money–because this would give the Jesuits too much ammunition. I didn’t want this visit with the Pope to appear to revolve around finances alone.

Vladimir told me that the Nobel prize committee wanted to give me the Nobel Peace prize and they would allow the Pope to give it to me.

So, here’s my plan:

I will fly on Pres. Bush’s jet (along with my mother and step-dad) to visit the Pope. Right before my trip begins, Vladimir Putin (through Pres. Bush and/or his family) will give me a laptop computer with all of my most recent CONSPIRACY LAWS on them (including all my statements).

By having Vladimir give me this laptop computer, we hope to establish that Pres. Bush and Vladimir are very close and that they would never willingly and knowingly harm each other.

And we hope to establish that Vladimir and I are very close–since Vladimir will give me his E-mail address and the CONSPIRACY LAWS (which will be on the computer which Vladimir gives me) will contain the very latest updates to my laws–this will show that Vladimir is current and right on top of all the new laws which I write and that he considers it #1 priority to stay on top of my laws.

This laptop computer (given to me by Vladimir through Pres. and Laura Bush) will also have some sort of internet capability and Vladimir will give me his E-mail address so that I can communicate with Vladimir (and my son) through the internet (via E-mail or however Vladimir wants me to communicate with him through the internet).

I don’t care about having full internet capability, because the Jesuits may use full internet capability to have men contact me, who have “romantic” intent, and I am only interested in communicating with Vladimir or my son (through the internet). Try to pick a system that isn’t vulnerable to computer worms or viruses.

Another real plus in any internet communication between Vladimir and myself, would be a translation of all we say to each other. For instance, allow Vladimir to write his letters or messages to me in Russian or German (whatever language comes easiest for him or that he prefers to use) and allow me to receive what he wrote in Russian, German and English. This will help me to learn Russian and German (since I can read what he originally wrote in Russian and German), but since I have a long ways to go in Russian (and am not fluent in German)–there will be an English translation (of what Vladimir originally wrote in Russian and/or German) for me to read.

Vladimir and I are both very busy and may not have time to translate correctly from Russian/German to English or vice versa, or we may not have time to compose correctly (in a language that we are weak in) a message that can be understood correctly.

Vladimir and I both deal with very complex issues (especially in law and science) and this requires language skills that are quite advanced, so we should be able to communicate with each other in our strongest language (and translators will help us in our communications with each other over the internet).

Also, if possible, give both Vladimir and I multiple keyboards on our laptops [with which to type messages to each other (in case we decide we want to attempt to communicate in another language besides the language we are most familiar with)]. I have created a Russian and German keyboard (along with my English keyboard) on my computer, so that I can type messages to Vladimir in Russian or German.

Доброе утро, Влалимир. Вчера было воскресенье. Я люблю тебя. Gail

Guten morgen, Vladimir. Gestern war Sonntag. Ich liebe dich. Ich hoffe du bist glücklich und gesund. Gail

I am certain I will be writing statements and composing law while I am on this trip to visit the Pope, since the Jesuits never give up and may consider this a prime time to orchestrate incidents (since they know I won’t be in my usual and familiar mode).

The Pope will give me my honorary law degree from Harvard University, along with the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies, along with the Nobel Peace Prize for my work in international law–and that he do this IN FRONT OF MY MOTHER (photographs need to be taken of this event as well).

ONLY INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will cover this event. No other press can cover this event, because this will give the Jesuits too much ammunition.

I do not recommend that Vladimir (or my son) visit me in Rome, while I visit the Pope. This would give the Jesuits too much ammunition. I recommend that we keep this visit simple. However, I trust Vladimir’s judgment and will be flexible about what he wants to do. I do want to marry Vladimir, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to try to visit the Pope and have Vladimir there (in Rome) at the same time (it may give the Jesuits too much ammunition).

In order to protect the Pope (from any attempt by the Jesuits to frame him with my murder or harm), I recommend that video of myself be shown on IBN about negative statements I made about the Pope (from my Tallahassee apartment in 2002–my Tallahassee apartment was bugged) and that the Pope’s reaction to these statements be presented on IBN. I said some pretty nasty things about him and from what I understand, his emotional reaction to what I said about him was very gracious and understanding.

The Pope’s gracious reaction to what I said about him needs to be shown WITH EVIDENCE (perhaps by going into the Pope’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY via 666-Computer).

It needs to be firmly established that the Pope is my friend and not my enemy. When evidence is presented on IBN that the Pope was not offended AT ALL by what I said about him, the presenter must state under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection, that the evidence that the Pope’s gracious reaction to some very nasty things I said about him is ABSOLUTELY correct.

If the Pope wants, he can make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) about why he was not offended by what I said about him. Perhaps he knew that I had good reason to be angry at the Roman Catholic Church; and, for this reason, he was very understanding.

Put me under 666-Computer lie-detection as I type the following statement. The following statement (and the Pope’s reaction) can be aired (or presented) on International Broadcast News–since I have given Vladimir permission to present anything I say in any of my statements on IBN:

I wrote these CONSPIRACY LAWS based on my extensive experience in dealing with Jesuits and their legal methods, because I have been a victim of extreme and fanatical Jesuit targeting for years. And I wrote these laws based on my day to day dealings with Jesuits–where, for the past 13 years, every day of my life has been a courtroom drama where I have been pitted against brilliant attorneys (who represent the richest organization in the world–the Jesuit Order).

I often had to legally represent myself and my friends [without any law school training or assistance from any lawyers] against an organization [the Jesuit Order] that has the money to hire the most brilliant attorneys in the world.

Though I used to detest the Pope, after I observed him in 2002 (and from what I have observed since 2002), I have concluded that the Pope realizes the sins of the Roman Catholic hierarchy and in his heart feels grief over the sins of the Roman Catholic Church and that he no longer supports the Jesuit Order.

I also feel that the Pope has great respect for my courage and vision because, even though I never went to law school, I have attempted to (and actually have) written and implemented creative and pioneering law, in order to defeat Jesuit monsters within the Roman Catholic empire.

I also feel he has great respect for my vision, diligence, and courage in attempting to (and in actually writing and creating) these pioneering laws. And that he is glad that we use these laws–called CONSPIRACY LAWS– (through a rerun of Nuremberg) to correct wrongs committed by the Catholic Church.

I feel that the Pope admires that THROUGH LAW (instead of through military might), I hope to defeat Jesuit terrorism.

I greatly appreciate the support the Pope has given Vladimir and myself (as we attempt to enforce and promote these laws).

As Vladimir and I strive to weaken and destroy terrorism throughout the world through the use of these LAWs which I’ve written, the Pope has given us unconditional and indispensable support.

For this reason, I feel good about receiving a Nobel Peace Prize (for my work in LAW) from Pope John Paul– along with the proceeds from my novel and my honorary Harvard law degree.

The Pope may want to comment on IBN (under 666-Computer lie-detection and amnesia-detection) how he feels about the above statement (which I made under 666-Computer lie-detection).

After I receive my Nobel Peace Prize from the Pope, I plan to return to the U.S. and use the proceeds from my novel to move out of my mother’s house and live on my own. My goal is to eventually relocate to Germany or somewhere in Europe and to find a way to live with Vladimir (and my son) in Europe.

But first, I need to get my money and my Nobel Peace Prize and my Harvard law degree, and to get it from the Pope seems a wise plan.

After I get my money and my honors, then I will strive to find a way to safely marry Vladimir (in a manner where if the Jesuits try to kill my family members or myself or Vladimir–it won’t be to their advantage).

I plan to keep my Wal-Mart job for now, because I have learned that with Jesuits you always have to have a back-up plan.

Jesuits always cause my mother to forget (via illegal LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING) anything they don’t want her to remember. It is very possible she will forget that the Pope gave me some awards or money. I am trying to prevent them from killing my mother–since Vladimir and I have been unable (thus far) to remove the Jesuits’ control over my mother through their LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING.


EMOTIONAL HISTORIES will be done on myself, Vladimir Putin, Pres. & Laura Bush, Natasha and her husband (Natasha is a married Christian girl and friend and cashier I work with at Wal-Mart, who is from the Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian), Melinda (a Christian black girl and friend and cashier I work with at Wal-Mart), and any other SIGNIFICANT PERSONs Vladimir may want to do EMOTIONAL HISTORIES on. These EMOTIONAL HISTORIES will be broadcast and/or presented on IBN, in order to prove that there is no jealousy going on with any of these people. The reason I suggest this, is because I sense that the Jesuits are trying to set up jealousy triangles. Make sure to enforce my laws regarding jealousy triangles, this is a death penalty violation. See Sect. 18 of General 666-Computer and Satellite Computer Laws.

XXX1/2–G.S. (5-21-04), (updates to 5-21-04 statement on 5-22-04), updates on 5-24-04.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-21-04 , (updates to 5-21-04 statement on 5-22-04), updates on 5-24-04.
Place: Melbourne, FL