Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-20-2004)

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7-20-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir informs me that Pres. George Bush has been attacked by Jesuits (via TRIGGER PROGRAMMING) and that he has suffered a TRIGGER PROGRAM induced heart attack. Vladimir and I ask the world to pray for Pres. Bush and for his full recovery. We believe it is possible (using 666-Computer technology) that we can give Pres. Bush a full recovery. Have IBN also educate the world about the process we go through in removing persons from the 666-Computer control of the Jesuits and how difficult and challenging it is to remove persons from the 666-Computer control of the Jesuits because of the way the Jesuits have set up this control. First, we have to remove the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING, then the TRIGGER PROGRAMMING, then the LOOPHOLE AND TRIGGER PROGRAMMING induced damage to the PERSON-PROGRAM (including, first, the damaged portions of the PERSON-PROGRAM which allow Jesuits to break down shields to the body) and all of these aspects are very complicated (because that is how the Jesuits engineered it). The Jesuits have set up their 666-Computer control in a manner which maximizes their ability to interfere with us (and cause complications) as we attempt to remove from them 666-Computer control over persons.

Apparently, with Pres. Bush, the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING has been removed, but not all the TRIGGER PROGRAMMING. The Jesuits are, apparently, trying to make a conspiracy out of the 666-Computer and are trying to frame innocent parties (like Vladimir Putin) with their criminal use of the 666-Computer.

Let INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS cover this story about Pres. Bush and about his TRIGGER PROGRAM induced heart attack and we will have hourly (or more) updates about how Pres. Bush is doing. Mention that Gail Schuler requested that this story be covered on IBN. Make sure that all the words of today’s statement (which I am writing) are also broadcast on IBN. Make it plain that it was my idea, and not Vladimir Putin’s, to cover this story on IBN and that Vladimir did not suggest to me that I cover this story on IBN, nor did he tell me how to write today’s statement. Vladimir gives me a lot of autonomy and trusts my judgment in many matters (especially legal matters).

I also want all those CONSPIRACY LAW violators behind Pres. Bush’s TRIGGER PROGRAM induced heart attack questioned on IBN (according to CONSPIRACY LAW and Sect. 2 of CONSPIRACY LAW AND GOVERNMENT).

If they are found guilty, they will make CONFESSION STATEMENTS and then they will be publicly executed on IBN. Include Vladimir Putin, Pope John Paul II, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, John Kerry and others (that may be indited in this incident) in the questioning in order to firmly establish their innocence in this matter.

Obviously, we are going to question all Jesuits and their conspirators (on IBN) in this matter.

Vladimir has just informed me (time now is about noon) that Laura Bush (Pres. Bush’s wife) would like to make some statements on IBN. Vladimir and I welcome Laura Bush to make any statements she would like to make on IBN, so go ahead and give her all the air time she wants on IBN.

Vladimir and I are the Pres. and co-President of IBN and this station does whatever we tell it to do, so let Laura Bush on. I would recommend (for Laura’s own good) that she rehearse her statement with our producers first and then they can help her to make a statement on IBN which would be most effective, because all our producers are lawyers (or have good legal background or could consult with attorneys).

Also, have the results of 666-Computer lie-detection presented on IBN about everything that I write (or have written) in today’s statement, to establish that everything that I’ve said in this statement is what I believed to be the truth and that I have not deliberately lied in anything I’ve written in this statement and that I was not coerced in any manner to write anything which I have written in today’s statement.

Regarding the U.N.’s demand that Israel tear down her wall, Gail Schuler (descendant of King David) will speak for Israel–”Israel does not recognize the United Nations. Israel has evidence that the United Nations is run by the Jesuit Order (whose goal is the destruction of the Jewish nation). INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will present evidence that the United Nations is/has been run by the Jesuit Order. Because the United Nations is considered to be an illegal organization (because it is sponsored and run by Jesuits). The International government has decided not to use the United Nations for any of our endeavors and, for this reason, CONSPIRACY LAW has created the International Charity Bank as our version of the United Nations. Israel will allow the voting members of the International Charity Bank to take their own vote regarding the matter of this wall in Israel. The results of this vote by the International Charity Bank members will be presented in IBN.”

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-20-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-20-04
Place: Melbourne, FL