Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-26-2004)

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7-26-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Pray that I can get some rest. Time now is almost 4 a.m. and I am unable to sleep. Vladimir claims that some triggers are exploding onto my PERSON-PROGRAM because I plan to visit the food stamps people tomorrow and this was a move (on my part) which was anticipated by the Jesuits. These triggers (when released and their programs explode onto my PERSON-PROGRAM) are keeping me up.

Also, pray for my finances. I have moved out of my mother’s house on faith, not knowing how I will pay for the rent for the coming months, knowing that the Jesuits ferociously attack my health to prevent me from working, and knowing that they’d rather blow up the earth before they let Vladimir marry me or give me any money. Already, the Jesuits have attacked my sleep so that I’ve had to call in sick far more than I like. I didn’t go to work yesterday because I had very little sleep (was up all night and couldn’t sleep until 8:30 a.m.) and the Jesuits sent a bomb threat to my job, which threatened to blow me up at work, so Vladimir didn’t want me to go to work until this matter was dealt with.

He wanted some precautions taken at my workplace, like setting up a no fly zone around the store and setting up a good screening team to screen for potential bombers who might enter the store through automobiles or other methods.

Already, the Jesuits are trying to prevent me from getting food stamps, because when I call the Dept. of Children and Families no one answers and they keep me on hold forever. I prayed and asked God for guidance and He said not to bother with food stamps right now, but to write law in my computer.

It’s ridiculous that I’ve sold a novel that’s made billions of dollars and Vladimir can’t get any of this money to me without threatening my life or my mother’s life, because the Jesuits use their 666-Computer prowess as a means to hold me or my mother hostage (via 666-Computer) and to torture me (or my family) (via 666-Computer) if Vladimir does anything the Jesuits don’t like–like to marry me or to give me money that I’ve earned from my novel.

You see, the Jesuits have contaminated my PERSON-PROGRAM with KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING and there are thousands of triggers which will explode onto and attach themselves to my PERSON-PROGRAM if Vladimir gives me any proceeds from my novel (in the form of an annuity or whatever) or if Vladimir tries to meet me personally–and Vladimir knows it–the Jesuits wanted Vladimir to know it, so they could intimidate him from making any attempts they don’t like–that’s why they created KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING.

So the Jesuits have set things up to their liking (using 666-Computer technology) to hold me hostage and torture me if Vladimir dares to meet me or give me enough money to survive. Ask God to give us the wisdom and the means to overcome the 666-Computer barriers (and other barriers) that the Satanic Jesuits have erected between Vladimir and myself. We need a miracle from God to overcome these demon-possessed fanatics. They have also set up all sorts of triggers (which I can’t avoid–like going to the bathroom) to explode onto and attach themselves to my PERSON-PROGRAM to make me lose sleep so I can’t hold down a job and all sorts of things. It’s really a mess. I need your prayers and Vladimir and I covet the prayers of Bible believers all over the world.

Ask God to help us to find a way to quickly defeat KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING and any other programming the Jesuits may come up with using their monstrous 666-Computer, so that the Jesuits can’t use 666-Computer programming to manipulate us and force us to do their will, which is the will of Satan. Unlike my relative Howard Hughes, I am a born again Christian and I have God for my helper.

We are trying to win in this 666-Computer battle, but the Jesuits have used this technology far longer than we have and they are a lot smarter at it.

My worst fear is that the Jesuits will bankrupt me to the point that I will have to move back in with my mother and this won’t make God look too good, because my mother curses God daily and is being used fully as an UNWILLING AGENT for the Jesuits. And, it appears, the Jesuits have control over my step-dad, too, so if I’m forced to move back in with my mother and step-dad (if she’ll take me–maybe she won’t)–the Jesuits will have total control over me and can use my mother to raid my legal files (which they’ve done already) and to sabotage laws that I write and to interfere with my life in a manner that will help out the Jesuits (which they’ve done already)–THAT’S WHY I MOVED OUT. I don’t want to have to move back in with my mother–because this will give Jesuits more control over my life and they have enough control. Pray that we can release my mother and step-dad from the Jesuits’ grip, so they won’t be used as UNWILLING AGENTS and that no harm comes to them through the Jesuits’ 666-Computer. Pray for my mother and step-dad’s salvation. I’m not sure if my mom is saved. I have talked to her about the Lord many times, but she is a very proud woman and is too self-sufficient and proud to pray the sinner’s prayer.

VLADIMIR AND I NEED YOUR PRAYERS. ASK GOD TO GIVE VLADIMIR WISDOM AND COURAGE AS HE COUNSELS ME (via 666-Computer) and as we try to decide how to deal with the Satanic Jesuits and their monstrous 666-Computer. I have led Vladimir to the Lord and he is a born again Christian, like myself. Ask God to help me write brilliant law which will defeat the Jesuit Order, so that Vladimir and I can get together. I would also like to see my son, who is with Vladimir. I haven’t seen my son since March 2001–the Jesuits did that to me, also.

Pray for the safety of my son. I am targeted because my genetic profile is 90% identical to Howard Hughes. The Jesuits despised Howard Hughes and murdered Howard Hughes using 666-Computer technology. For this reason, they kept an eye on me and I am like him more than they like. Howard Hughes was one of their first guinea pigs. My grandfather’s brother was Howard Hughes. Howard Huges had a Jewish mother, who was his biological mother. The step-mother who raised Howard Hughes was not Jewish. Both Howard Hughes and myself are descended from Kings David and Solomon.

The Jesuits are claiming that they were framed by Vladimir, so that Vladimir could execute them and hang them and use buzzards to feed on their corpses. This is a sorry defense on their part and can easily be knocked down. Cross examine Vladimir and the Jesuits with these questions:

1) Do you feel that the Jesuits were framed by [yourself (if Vladimir is questioned) Vladimir Putin (if someone else besides Vladimir is questioned)] and that is why the Jesuits and their conspirators are being executed on IBN’s primetime broadcast by a very public hanging right now? They must answer this question with “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”. The most truthful answer will be determined by 666-Computer lie-detection.

2) Did you know (in advance) of the existence of KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING? They must answer this question with “yes”, “no” or “I didn’t know”. The most truthful answer will be determined by 666-Computer lie-detection. If the answer is determined to be “yes”, ask them question 2a.

2a) Did you anticipate that after HIDDEN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING was removed from PERSON-PROGRAMS, that the next big problem to deal with would be KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING which would be introduced into PERSON-PROGRAMS by the last remnants of the recently removed HIDDEN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING? This question must be answered with”yes”, “no” or “I didn’t know”. The most truthful answer must be determined by 666-Computer lie-detection. If the answer is determined to be “yes”, ask them question 2b.

2b) Are you fabricating a defense about being framed, because you deliberately created KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING and wanted to frame an innocent party (or parties) with your own orchestration of KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING? This question must be answered with “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”.

3) Do you consider yourself (or the organization that you represent) to be a fanatically stubborn person (or organization)? This question must be answered with “yes”, “no” or “I’m not sure”.

4) Did you know that Gail Schuler would be threatened with a bomb threat at her Wal-Mart job? This question must be answered with “yes”, “no” or “I didn’t know”. The most truthful answer must be determined by 666-Computer lie-detection. If the answer is determined to be “yes”, ask them question 4b.

4b) Give us all the details about what you knew about this bomb threat against Gail Schuler at her Wal-Mart job. Question them until they reveal all they knew (or know) about this bomb threat against Gail Schuler. Details needed are– why the bomb threat occurred, who was behind it, how it was carried out, the financing involved, who was behind the use of any UNWILLING AGENTS involved, etc. Question them in a manner to firmly establish who the guilty party is behind the bomb threat.

5) Are you giving Gail Schuler sleep problems (through the use of TRIGGER PROGRAMMING in her PERSON-PROGRAM) because you hope to label her as a psychiatric case (perhaps as a manic depressive), in order to discredit her truthful accusations against you–because she has made truthful statements about you as a heinous criminal organization (or about someone you represent) during her lunch breaks at Wal-Mart to some fellow employees and because she has made truthful statements about you (or someone you represent) as a heinous criminal organization in her legal statements? This question must be answered with “yes” or “no”. If the answer is determined to be “yes”, ask them question 5b.

5b) If you succeed in labelling Gail as a psychiatric case by giving her sleep problems (via 666-Computer), is it your goal to blame Vladimir Putin for orchestrating Gail’s sleep problems (via 666-Computer) in order to label her as a psychiatric case? This question must be answered with “yes” or “no”. If the answer is determined to be “yes”, ask them question 5c.

5c) Tell us exactly how you plan (or have planned) to frame Vladimir Putin, if you succeed in labelling Gail as a psychiatric case? Is the case of the missing woman in Utah named Lori Hacking (whose husband lied about being admitted to medical school) somehow related to your scheme? Are you trying to frame Vladimir Putin for your use of UNWILLING AGENTS (including Lori’s husband) to murder people? If it is determined that the answer to all these 5c questions is “yes”, question them further to get all the details about how they planned to frame Vladimir with their orchestrations, in order to create the impression that Vladimir wanted to harm Gail by unfairly labelling her as a psychiatric case. And question them in a manner to firmly establish WHO (which party) is behind this evil and unfair blame game, which has resulted in murder (against Lori), attempted murder (against Gail), slander (against Vladimir Putin), use of UNWILLING AGENTS (Lori’s husband) to murder, etc.

6) Do you (or someone you assist) know how we can defeat KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING? If the answer is determined to be “yes”, ask them question 6a.

6a) Give us all the details about how we can defeat KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING.

If, as a result, of these questions, it is determined firmly who the guilty party is, and they have brought death threats against or have directly or indirectly attempted to financially manipulate Gail Schuler, make sure to hang them and have buzzards feed on their corpses as outlined in CONSPIRACY LAW.

Use 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS to scan Jesuits’ brains to determine how to quickly defeat KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING.

Any 666-COMPUTER HISTORIAN who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly does not supply to the International government all known information about any area of research which the International government has assigned to them to research, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

Have the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM research to come up with more effective ways to eliminate and deal with KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING and/or to minimize symptoms and/or damage caused by KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING. Also, perhaps more effective ways of managing KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING should be investigated, because what we’re doing now isn’t working.

It’s ridiculous that it is 5:14 a.m. and I still can’t sleep because everything I do causes a trigger to explode onto and damage my PERSON-PROGRAM (including typing on this computer). The Jesuits have programmed all sorts of triggers (which cause insomnia) into my PERSON-PROGRAM. What we’re doing now isn’t good enough. Because the damage caused by KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING is too debilitating and makes it so that one cannot function at all while the triggers are being removed.

I ask for Bible believing Christians all over the world to pray for us as we strive to defeat KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING caused by the demon-possessed JESUIT ORDER.

We need a miracle and we need God’s wisdom and brilliance in dealing with this brilliant and horrifying KNOWN TRIGGER PROGRAMMING invention, which has been imposed on the human race (and on myself and Vladimir Putin) by these wicked Jesuits.

Also, pray that we can defeat these Jesuits in every area, because if they win, we are all dead and all freedom is dead.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-26-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-26-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-26-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-26-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-26-04
Place: Melbourne, FL