Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-29-2004 & forward)

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7-29-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

All points and ideas brought up in this 7-29-04 statement (Bemerkungen) should be brought out somehow in the film The Kingdom of David, even if only through insinuation. Even if I don’t specifically point out that I want the idea included in the storyline, it should be brought out somehow. This is because I have had extensive legal and military experience in dealing with Jesuits, and I know how this film needs to be made to make it an effective legal and military offensive weapon to be used against the Jesuit Order. If I don’t want an idea presented in this statement brought out in the film, I will indicate this by putting that Section in [brackets].

For the final say in how this production should be made or promoted, consult with Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, who, like myself, have had extensive experience in dealing with Jesuits and who are on our side.

My main purpose for creating the film The Kingdom of David is to give the mainstream world the accurate and comprehensive news coverage of important terrorism events [which the main news networks are unable to give (because the Jesuits use legal extortion on the main news networks to prevent the main news networks from reporting the whole news)]. And the main news networks cannot report the whole news truthfully and comprehensively and accurately because the Jesuits own most of the main news networks.

However, in order to win this war against terrorism, the people need to know what is really going on and the Jesuits won’t allow the main news networks to report this stuff.

So I have commissioned Steven Spielberg to create the film The Kingdom of David as a creative way to report the news that ISN’T BEING REPORTED and which should be reported in the main news networks.

The Jesuits are using people’s ignorance about how they use 666-Computer and satellite technology to assist them in their war against us, and this ignorance needs to be eradicated–people need to know how the Jesuits use satellite/computer technology as THEIR PRIME WEAPON to attack and manipulate innocent persons. And that is my purpose for making The Kingdom of David–to make people smarter about the Jesuits’ MAIN WEAPON (which is satellite/computer technology) as the Jesuits attack our freedoms (in their war against freedom loving countries) and as they attack courageous leaders or freedom fighters, like Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin should be portrayed as the courageous Russian leader (with German guts) who dares to take on the Goliath Jesuit Order, in order to prevent Jesuits from returning Russia back to Jesuit control–like the Jesuits had with the Soviet Union and with Stalin and Lenin. Russia should be portrayed as the big prize that the Jesuits don’t want to lose (which is the truth). The Chechnya conflict and the oppression of the Muslims in Chechnya are a front for the real reason for the Chechnya conflict (which is that the Jesuits want to retake the large nation of Russia).


In making this film, you have my permission to use any of my letters, correspondence, wiretapped phone conversations and/or any of my communications to help in writing the script and/or in making the film. My only stipulation is that whatever you present must be truthful (except names can be changed to protect the innocent) and that you consult with Brent Spiner, Franco Nero and Vladimir Putin as you make the film, since these men are very knowledgeable about my life and what has happened to me.

Also, when the film is released, Mr. Spielberg can use quotes from any of my writings as part of the film’s promotion and he can mention that I wrote these quotes (using my pen name, Gabrielle Chana or my real name Gail Schuler). Consult with Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner and Franco Nero and respect their wishes in this matter.

It is very important in portraying the protagonists to show them as making heroic efforts to protect the King David family, or else the Jesuits will claim that this film was made to frame the Jesuit Order and that it was designed to make the protagonists appear innocent when, they are, in fact, guilty. The truth is that Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin have made heroic efforts (against overwhelming odds) to love Gail Chord and to protect her. For instance, there is a category 4 hurricane Charley headed for Florida. It would be good to show all that Vladimir Putin has done to try to minimize or discourage Jesuit satellite practitioners from creating and/or using this hurricane (and/ or other disasters) to damage Gail and/or her family. Show how he did his heroic best to find those satellite practitioners responsible for this hurricane and how he hung them in the public square until the buzzards ate them. In fact, now that Vladimir is aware that Hurricane Charley is a category 4 storm, he is flying back to Florida to be near Gail–this should be shown in the movie. WE WANT TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT VLADIMIR, IN NO WAY, ENCOURAGES SATELLITE CRIMINALS TO CREATE MONSTER HURRICANES. Also, show how difficult it is to find all the satellite/computer criminals who assist the Jesuit Order and show how widespread and entrenched and professional and brilliant the Jesuit criminal base is.

I’ve given up trying to protect my privacy, since I’ve concluded that I will always be a victim of obsessed Jesuits no matter what I do–and that I will have to suffer the life of a celebrity for the rest of my life, so I may as well go public and try to get some of the benefits of the life of a celebrity. In my present situation, I only get the disadvantages of the life of a celebrity–the Jesuits are seeing to that. Make sure, that if Mr. Spielberg uses my quotes–that my mother sees these quotes and notices WHO SAID THEM–HER DAUGHTER.

It is my hope that after she sees that I am a famous person (which I wish wasn’t so–but the Jesuits won’t have it any other way) that she’ll quit trying to admit me to a mental hospital when I tell her the truth about why my life is so complicated. The Jesuits will never let me forget that my grandfather’s paternal brother was Howard Hughes– and yet, they play on everyone’s ignorance about this matter–like the way they use my mother to try to admit me to a mental ward for telling her the truth about my life.

To discourage Jesuits from creating UNWILLING AGENTS out of good people and to help in the war against Jesuit terrorism, and after much prayer, God seems to tell me that we need to make a film or movie about this conflict we are in against the Jesuits. It is also my hope that after this film is made, that my UNWILLING AGENT mother and sister will watch this film and will be forced to acknowledge that I am the female lead character in the film. I am sick and tired of Jesuits using my mother and sister as UNWILLING AGENTS to accuse me of being manic depressive or psychotic –just because I tell them the truth, which is– that I have Jewish ancestry strongly linked to Howard Hughes, and that the Russian President Vladimir Putin genuinely loves me and wants to marry me, and that Vladimir tries to help me financially (but is opposed by a very powerful conspiracy of Jesuits against myself and my real friends).

I expect this film to be one of the biggest blockbusters to hit Hollywood in over 50 years. I am a writer and have a sixth sense about what makes a great movie and I am certain that this will be a great movie. I may have inherited this sense about what makes a great movie from my paternal grandfather’s brother (Howard Hughes). Howard Hughes was a major Hollywood movie director. Once this film gets out, the Jesuits will no longer be able to use my family as UNWILLING AGENTS to frame me into a mental hospital–when I tell my family the truth about my life. I am tired of my “mother” being used by Jesuits to tell me I’m crazy and that I need to be on psychotic medications when I tell her the truth about why my life is so complicated; and, so I want this film made and I want my “mother” to see it. Her reactions to this film will be broadcast on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

I commission Hollywood director Steven Spielberg to direct and produce 2 productions which I want made about this conflict. Steven Spielberg greatly admires my writing and I will give him ideas for the storylines for the 2 films. I have chosen Steven Spielberg because I am impressed with what Vladimir has told me about how this Hollywood director has responded to my requests over how to direct and produce Silver Skies.

Mr. Spielberg is willing to put Silver Skies on hold until the situation improves for Vladimir and myself.

Steven Spielberg, I feel, will take on this project with the vision and courage needed to make a great film, so that the film will accomplish the objectives I desire for my vision about how this story should unfold. Though I love my novel, Silver Skies, I anticipate that The Kingdom of David will be a greater artistic achievement than Silver Skies; and that is because The Kingdom of David’s main concern covers the most important event in all of world history–and that is the set-up of the Jewish kingdom under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Silver Skies’ main concern is about whether an extraordinary romance can find peace and happiness and fulfillment, and though great love stories are important–that is not as important as what The Kingdom of David covers, which is the set-up of the Jewish kingdom (as described in the King James Bible). That’s because the set up of this kingdom will solve all the world’s problems.

There are some overlaps between Silver Skies and The Kingdom of David, and so I anticipate that Silver Skies will also be a great story. I don’t have time to write the script for The Kingdom of David, but I will give Mr. Spielberg ideas for the storylines–both Steven Spielberg and myself are doing these projects as humanitarian projects to assist in the war against Jesuit terrorism. Romance is also a main feature of The Kingdom of David, but The Kingdom of David is a more accurate and comprehensive view of important world events than Silver Skies. Time will tell if Silver Skies outdoes The Kingdom of David, and I won’t complain if my story ideas produce two great films. Therefore, I give my ideas for The Kingdom of David for free and my compensation will be if these films are successful in preventing or discouraging the Jesuits from using people as UNWILLING AGENTS. I have never written for money. I write about things that are life and death to me, things that I am passionate about, stories that I feel must be told.

First off, I’d like to say that I want one version of The Kingdom of David to be in the form of a documentary (non-fiction), but I want it to be a documentary presented as a story: with main characters, a conflict and a beginning, middle and an end. The non-fiction version will be presented on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS. The fiction version (which will be exactly like the non-fiction version except that some names will be changed to protect the innocent) will be a story (which will be as true to fact and history and real events as possible), but because names will be changed–it will be considered fiction. The fiction version I want to go out into the mainstream media and everywhere and I want for it to have massive exposure. The fiction version of the non-fiction documentary will be out in the regular theatres and/or out on regular television or cable stations.

I feel the story should be an EVENT story–see p. 53 of Orson Scott Card’s book Characters & Viewpoint. An EVENT story is a “story in which events are the central concern. The world is somehow out of order, call it imbalance, injustice, breakdown, evil, decay, disease–and the story is about the effort to restore the old order or establish a new one.” So, in my film, the world is out of order and the problem needs to be fixed, but there should be strong characterizations in the film to give it depth and meaning and heroic proportions. And if the characters are fascinating, this can be a riveting film. The story will be about the effort to restore David’s kingdom in the world and to give it worldwide preeminence. Possibly a good title for this film could be: The Kingdom of David or something like that. The protaganists will be King David and his ancestors (including Jesus Christ). The antagonists will be those who try to usurp the Davidic kingdom with a counterfeit replacement (so the antagonists will be the Roman Catholic Church and all those–including the Jesuits– who strive to imitate or destroy the true Davidic kingdom). Basically the conflict will be about the genuine versus the false in attempts to set up a worldwide kingdom. The antagonist will be portrayed as a master counterfeiter and will strive to usurp the genuine King David, as David and his ancestors strive to set up David’s God ordained kingdom.

As part of the antagonist’s efforts to counterfeit, it is necessary to explore how BABYLON THE GREAT has used the Muslim terrorist movement as its guise to conduct its blackmailing and illegal activities. This film should expose all the communications and connections between the Jesuit Order and the Muslim terrorist movment. It should also expose any and all financial support given to the Muslim terrorists by the Jesuit Order. I want all evidence for any Jesuit support of Muslim terrorist groups to be exposed in both the non-fiction version of this film and in the fiction version. I would like the fiction version to be as true to facts and evidence as possible, so that this film will not just be a great Hollywood blockbuster, but can be used as a great offensive weapon (legally and as an exposure tool) to fight the use of Muslim terrorist nations, governments and leaders as the front end dirty workers for the Jesuit Order.

Show that this is typical Jesuit strategy, to use SOMEONE ELSE or ANOTHER GROUP as the one to do all the dirty work–while the Jesuits secretly and behind-the-scenes manage and EXTORT the front end group. The Jesuits did this with Nazi Germany.

I want the film to explore this deeply. As you recall one of my purposes for making this film is to DRAW SIDES –to make it clear who is the enemy and who is not. The Jesuits succeed by using others to do their dirty work (either they use UNWILLING AGENTS or other groups that don’t appear to have a Roman Catholic connection). And so this film should expose all evidence which reveals that Muslim terrorist leaders are not fighting for Muslims (just like the Nazis weren’t fighting for Germany but were secretly supporting the Roman Catholic Church’s Jesuit Order), but are fighting for the goals of the Jesuit Order and that these front-end groups [with their speeches against Israel, the United States (for supporting Israel) and against Jews] are attempts by the Jesuits to use Muslim terrorists (and others) to do all their dirty work.

This film should show that the most anti-Semitic organization throughout history has been the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Therefore, it makes sense that any group who does the front end dirty work for the Jesuit Order will be anti-Semitic. The reason the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is anti-Semitic is because the RCC claims that they ARE the Jews and that the Roman Catholic Church has REPLACED THE JEWS OR ISRAEL and that all the kingdom promises given to the Jews now belong to the Roman Catholic Church. They claim that God is finished with the Jews and that the promised DAVIDIC KINGDOM will go to a Roman Catholic Pope.

The Jesuit leaders are too cowardly, clever and dishonest to do their dirty work themselves and they use consistent, genuine, courageous and visionary leaders as UNWILLING AGENTS or as dupes to serve them–I want these dupes portrayed in a sympathetic light.

Some of the German Nazi leaders were heroic people, who, if the circumstances of their life had been different, could have just as easily been used as great leaders for the good guys. An example was the great Nazi fighter pilot general, Erwin Rommel. General George Patton realized this. Patton secretly admired Rommel and even studied Rommel’s books about war strategy. That’s why the Jesuits killed Patton in a car accident right after World War II. They didn’t want Patton to convince the U.S. to use former Nazi leaders from Germany (as new U.S. allies) to go in and attack the Soviet Union.

Patton, like myself, believed in fighting an offensive war, not a defensive war. He knew, like I know and like King David knew, that you never win a defensive war. You don’t sit around and wait for the enemy to attack you before you launch war against your enemy–because, by then, your enemy can set the terms of the warfare. You don’t want to give your enemies that much of an advantage, you want to set the terms of the war–not your enemy.

Show this in the film–that this is why the Jesuits murdered Patton, because Patton would have launched a successful offensive war strategy (using former brilliant Nazi leadership) to save the Soviet Union from corrupt Jesuit-directed communist leaders and then there would have been no cold war. THE JESUITS WANTED THE COLD WAR.

The Jesuits wanted a cold war, they planned to use Russia next to conquer the world for Roman Catholicism. And so the chameleon Jesuits changed their coat (dropped their previous Fascist beliefs) and became devoted communists and developed a hybrid communist style of Roman Catholicism.

When the Soviet Union fell in 1990, then the Jesuits changed their coats again and have developed a hybrid Muslim/Roman Catholic form of Catholicism.

I don’t know if Patton knew of the existence of the Jesuit Order, but, I believe, he knew that there was more going on in Nazi Germany than just a bunch of rotten Germans who suddenly decided to take on the world and set up concentration camps. He knew there was another enemy–more sinister–working behind the scenes in Germany and in Russia. And Patton knew that this enemy’s new puppet (after World War II) was the Soviet Union.

Patton wanted to use some of the surrendered German leadership (right after World War II) to go in and get Soviet Russia before it became a problem. Patton did not consider the Germans the enemy, but knew that the Germans were duped by the Nazis. The Germans were duped, to be used by Jesuits, to serve evil purposes and Patton felt that some of the great German leadership could be harnessed now to defeat Soviet communism in the Soviet Union.

Patton was right.

But the Jesuits (realizing they had lost their bid for a world dictatorship through Nazi Germany) didn’t want to give the Germans any chance to save their reputation after the Nazi defeat in World War II, so Patton was killed, to insure that no one would listen to him, so that the Jesuits could use the Soviet Union as their next pawn.

After Patton’s death, the Jesuits launched a massive anti-German propaganda campaign so they could fully cover up the Roman Catholic Church’s involvement in Nazi Germany, and so that all the blame for Nazi Germany and the Jewish concentration and death camps would fall on the Germans.

The Jesuits climbed out the back window and let the brave Germans take all the flack.

Just like the Jesuits are doing now with Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim terrorist movement–show this in the film.

It’s all part of the main conflict–that is, the Jesuits’ attempts to set up their version of the Davidic kingdom and how they disguise themselves and are masters at counterfeit and illusion in the way they go about it.

Show that these Muslim terrorist antagonists who support the Jesuits are those who have the courage, honesty and consistency to show their true nature– while the cowardly and clever Jesuits allow these Muslim puppets to do all the dirty work FOR THE JESUITS (which the Jesuits are too cowardly and dishonest to do).

In fact, I want Osama Bin Laden portrayed in a sympathetic light. This will make for fascinating characterizations with fully three-dimensional antagonists and characters. I want Osama Bin Laden portrayed as the consistent Muslim who is true to his beliefs and has the courage to carry them out, but has been brainwashed and controlled as an UNWILLING AGENT, in order to support the goals of the Jesuit Order. Portray the Jesuits as shady, evasive, cowardly, brilliant manipulators and who use courageous, honest and consistent puppets to do their dirty work.

I want the puppets portrayed sympathetically and show that with proper leadership and guidance and connections, that these puppets could just as easily be working for the good guys.

Portray Osama Bin Laden as the leader of the terrorists who, if he had the right connections, could have just as easily been a courageous leader for the protagonists.

By the time the people finish watching this film, they should have a clear picture about what is really happening in the Muslim faith.

The Koran (if followed consistently) is a militant religion.


A consistent Muslim who follows the Koran considers it BLASPHEMY to cooperate with Christians in setting up a Muslim kingdom for Allah. Point out that “consistent” Muslims–like Osama Bin Laden, are being taken advantage of by the militant Roman Catholics–not to help out the Muslim faith, but to further the goals of the Jesuit Order.

Osama Bin Laden is, for the most part, a consistent Muslim, except he’s been duped by the Jesuits. Because he is being used as an UNWILLING AGENT and the Jesuits use amnesia on him to cause him to forget the portions of the Koran which forbid associations with Christians or ROMAN CATHOLICS. OR perhaps amnesia ALSO has been used on Osama Bin Laden to cause him to believe that his managers (the Jesuits) are Muslims, when, in fact, they are militant Roman Catholics. Amnesia has been used on Osama Bin Laden to cause him to forget that those he takes orders from are militant Roman Catholics who pose as Muslims. The Jesuits have exploited this ability of the 666-Computer to induce amnesia, and have taken some of the militant aspects of the Muslim religion and twisted it to help out the militant Roman Catholics. Since both militant Muslims and militant Roman Catholics desire a worldwide dictator kingdom, the inconsistent and chameleon Jesuit Order have created a hybrid religion which is a blend of Roman Catholic and Islamic military beliefs, and which accomodates the militant followers of both religions, and especially the militant followers of the Roman Catholic religion. Expose this inconsistency in the movie and show why the Jesuits have created an Islamic/Roman Catholic hybrid religion, which is that they feel this is the way to set up a world wide dictatorship for a JESUIT POPE. This way they can use Muslim DUPES, like Osama Bin Laden, to do all their dirty work for them in setting up their kingdom

However, point out in the film, that if Osama Bin Laden was truly consistent, he would not associate with (or take orders from) ANY JESUIT OR CHRISTIAN –POINT OUT THIS INCONSISTENCY!!!! AND SHOW HOW THE JESUITS SABOTAGED OSAMA BIN LADEN BY USING HIM AS AN UNWILLING AGENT FOR THE MILITANT BRANCH OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, so that they could dupe him and use him as their front end “Muslim” pawn. This needs to be exposed in the film.

Show how the Jesuits cleverly reinvented Islam to incorporate Roman Catholic elements into the Islamic faith, so that they could fully exploit those Muslims who are courageous enough and consistent enough to the Koran to be used as soldiers to promote the world wide Jesuit dictatorship. Show that this is hypocritical, because the Koran does not promote the union of the Roman Catholicism with Islam.

This will do much good in the world, because AFTER THIS ROMAN CATHOLIC POISON INTO THE MUSLIM FAITH IS EXPOSED, devout Muslims will fight vigorously to remove all Roman Catholic elements from their faith and will cause a divide between the Muslims and the Roman Catholics.

In essence, it will SCATTER THE ENEMY.

This is what we want.

So EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE the connections between the Roman Catholic church and the Muslim religion, and show how Jesuits have penetrated and POISONED Islamic ideology and have infiltrated and poisoned the Muslim faith and have TAKEN OVER MUSLIM LEADERS by using them as UNWILLING AGENTS for the Roman Catholic Church’s Jesuit Order, in order to further Jesuit Roman Catholic goals for a worldwide Roman Catholic dictatorship. It is important to point out that the Koran does NOT teach that Islamists should cooperate with Christians or Roman Catholics in setting up their Islamic kingdom. Get Dr. Ruckman’s help on this. He’s read the Koran through several times.

Point out the Muslim leaders in Iran who work closely with militant Roman Catholics, in order show that many leaders of the “Muslim” faith are actually not furthering the goals of Islam (since they have polluted Islam with Christian connections)– but actually, they further the goals of the militant branch of the Roman Catholic Church (the JESUIT ORDER).

Show all the evidence and connections between Jesuit involvement (or CHRISTIAN POLLUTION) into all of Muslim politics. Name names of Muslim political and religious leaders in Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Palestinian movement, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. who have strong connections and ties to the “CHRISTIAN” OR ROMAN CATHOLIC Jesuit Order and SHOW THE EVIDENCE FOR THIS and show that these “Muslim” leaders would sacrifice their own Muslims in order to promote the Roman Catholic Church’s Jesuit Order.

I mean, look what they’re doing to the Palestinians in Israel.

Why doesn’t the super rich Jesuit Order buy fancy homes for these Palestinians and give them a decent life outside of the territory of Israel? The answer: THEY DON’T WANT TO. They want to exploit these poor Palestians, kill them off, starve them, make them look like martyrs–so that the Jesuits can use “Muslims” as their front end dirty workers to get rid of every genetic descendant of Jacob who lives in Israel.

This italicized question above should be posed in the film. Also, show that once the Jesuits realized in the 1920s, that there was a possibility of a resurrected Jewish state in Israel, that the Jesuits created the Palestinian state by importing (and flooding) Muslims from all over the Middle East to come live in Israel.

Get Dr. Ruckman’s help on this.

And the answer to the above italicized question should be given in the film as well: The Jesuits use these Palestinians as pawns to have an excuse to kill off all the Jews in Israel. Without the Palestinians in Israel, the Jesuits don’t have an excuse to war with (and kill off) the Jews (that have emigrated into and now live in Israel).

Show the Jesuit attitude about the Jews who live in what the Jesuits consider to be the ROMAN CATHOLIC HOLY LAND: the current nation of Israel.

The Jesuits’ attitude is: How dare the real Jews claim that this Holy Land belongs to the genetic descendants of King David and Jacob and not to the spiritual Jews or the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (which has replaced the genetic descendants of Jacob).

Remember the Jesuits think that they have replaced the JEWS. The Jesuits are the counterfeiters who want to take the Davidic kingdom away from the real Jews. This is the REAL MOTIVATION BEHIND THE ARAB/ISRAELI CONFLICT AND SHOULD BE EXPOSED IN THE FILM.

In essence, these militant Muslim leaders (like Osama Bin Laden) are leaders of the Muslim faith IN NAME ONLY, but are actually leaders to support the goals of the ROMAN CATHOLIC Jesuit Order!!

Present the evidence for this. Show how with computer-satellite technology we have super intelligence that can go into the minds of the enemy and we can discern those Muslims who have ties with the Jesuit Order. SHOW how through this computer-satellite technology we know WHO THESE HYBRID (Roman Catholic/Muslim) and POISONED MUSLIM LEADERS ARE. Expose these Jesuit or ROMAN CATHOLIC-directed Muslim leaders from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc, in the film. Names names in the non-fiction version and maybe even in the fiction version. I want the Jesuits to suffer massive exposure. My only stipulation is that you must TELL THE TRUTH. Because you can be certain lawsuits will follow and we can’t win these lawsuits unless we TELL THE TRUTH. Make sure you have legal evidence to back up all assertions and insinuations in the film.

I hope God uses this film to cause a civil war between Islam and Roman Catholicism. Split the enemy camp.

Show how the Jesuit Order secretly finances and supports these Muslim religious and political leaders who SECRETLY support the Jesuits; and that these Jesuit supported “Muslim” leaders are more loyal to their Jesuit leaders than to the principles of the Koran.

Show that these Muslim leaders are not FOR THE MUSLIMS (as they purport) but that they would just as easily butcher any Muslim before they’d betray their true leader–the Jesuit Order.

Go through history to show how the Jesuits have infiltrated and taken over much of the Muslim religion. Get Dr. Ruckman’s help on this. He knows a lot of this stuff. Whatever you do–tell the truth and EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE all the connections between the Jesuit Order and the Muslim terrorist movements and the Muslim terrorist leaders; and show how the Jesuits have TAKEN OVER THE MUSLIM RELIGION AND CONTAMINATED IT WITH A MILITANT ROMAN CATHOLIC VERSION OF CHRISTIANITY.

The movie should open up in a style similar to the film Gone With the Wind. It should start off with slower, quieter and meaningful music (before the opening credits show up on the screen) that highlights the in depth characterizations of the film and represents all the main characters of the movie, like the Brent Spiner theme, the Vladimir Putin theme, the Gail Chord theme, the Franco Nero theme, the King David theme, the Jesus Christ theme. Gone With the Wind opened up with slower music that highlighted the Scarlett O’Hara theme, the Rhett Butler theme, the Melanie theme, etc. After this music is played that highlights all the main characters, then the movie’s main theme should open up with a triumphant, heroic bang (kind of like the opening to Gone With the Wind when the credits started rolling). Unlike Gone With the Wind, the opening credits “big bang” music should reflect the deep and rich history of the Jews and of the nation of Israel (and should have Jewish strains in it). The movie’s main theme music needs to reflect the theme of the story (and it should be tied in with the Jesus Christ theme) which is that heroic courage can conquer a Goliath. There should be a hint of sadness in the main theme music, underneath the triumphant strains, to show respect for the Jews through the ages who have been slaughtered because of BABYLON THE GREAT and because of ROME, and to show sadness because Israel sinned against God (and this is why she lost her country and suffered severe persecutions). However, the sadness should not show disrespect for the Jews, but should be a sadness which reflects the heroic qualities of the King David family who will emerge triumphant (despite the failings and sufferings of the Jewish race). The movie deals with events of historic importance and the movie’s main theme music must reflect that. There must be nothing shy about the main theme music, IT NEEDS TO MAKE A GRAND ENTRANCE (study Gone With the Wind’s opening) because there was nothing shy about the way David defeated Goliath. The music should sound like it’s echoing David’s heroic statement when he said (as he was confronted by the threat of Goliath)–”Is there not a cause?”

Hint: It might be a good idea to make the Brent Spiner theme a variation of Time after Time or one (or several) of the songs from Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. I know the real Brent Spiner comes across a real comedian, but I don’t want this emphasized in the film–because the Jesuits have been turning Brent’s comedian side into a shallow, flippant playboy–which is not the Brent I know. Portray Brent as the man of great depths and intelligence who doesn’t have the courage to reveal his beautiful, deep and intelligent side the world and covers up his honor, intelligence, and deep inner beauty with comedy, because he knows the real world is too cruel to honor his better side and so he only reveals his honorable side to people he trusts –like Gail Chord (which I believe is a correct characterization of him). I think the song Time After Time reflects his true character. I absolutely do NOT want Brent portrayed as the shallow, playboy comedian. This is NOT him and the Jesuits have been using tabloids, the internet and the press to plaster this false impression of Brent everywhere.

Russia has a lot of beautiful music, and the Vladimir Putin theme should reflect a German/Russian character–especially the depth and passion of Russia in combination with the directness and courage of Germany. Vladimir’s music should reflect him as the man with KJB savvy, but a pureness of heart that greatly respects courage and honor. It should reflect the man who has enough sophistication and street smarts to be a Russian President, but who (somehow) never became jaded; and, therefore, Vladimir has great respect for Gail’s religious faith and for her purity of heart in love. Let the music reflect that this Russian President has really fallen in love and that he never became so jaded that he forgot how to fall in love.

The Jesus Christ theme should be very reverent, but deep, heroic and grandiose–to reflect the victory of Jesus Christ as He sets up His Davidic kingdom which solves all the world’s problems. And the Jesus Christ theme definitely needs to be tied in with the main theme of the movie.

The story beginning will be when God gives a promise to King David that David’s kingdom will be eternal–see 2 Samuel 7. “v. 12–And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. . .v. 16–And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever.” Note David’s reaction to God’s promise that his kingdom will last forever in verses 18 through 29, this reveals how much this promise meant to David and shows David was a man after God’s own heart.

Don’t portray King David as a wimp. He was a WARRIOR KING. And I’m sure when he cut off Goliath’s head, it was not a pretty picture. And that is why God did not allow David to build Him a house, but let his son Solomon build the house. The fact that King David was a WARRIOR KING will fit in nicely with this movie’s climax when the Son of David, Jesus Christ, defeats the antagonist at the Battle of Armageddon and Israel is saved from the Jesuit controlled world (or BABYLON THE GREAT) that wants to destroy her.

Also, note 2 Samuel 7:15–”But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away before thee.” Somehow, in the film, show Saul’s reaction to verse 15 and tie it in with the BABYLONIAN ANTAGONIST. There is one big difference between Saul and BABYLON. In the beginning, God was with Saul and then God deserted Saul. Let Dr. Ruckman help you with this, that man could give you some real insights into how to tie in Saul with BABYLON. However, God was NEVER with BABYLON, since BABYLON (or the Roman Catholic Church) was founded on the worship of devils and idols. Maybe portray BABYLON as symbolic of the system which destroyed Saul. BABYLON will be a type or symbol of a system which corrupts and causes downfalls in God’s people. So the way to tie in BABYLON with Saul, is to blame BABYLON for Saul’s downfall and for turning him into an agent to support BABYLON and all it stands for (this will work well with the storyline, since this is exactly how BABYLON operates). And BABYLON loves to deal with KINGS (see Rev. 17 & 18).

After this promise is given at the beginning of the story, then we will go back to an earlier promise that God made to David, when he was a shepherd boy and God anointed David (through Samuel) to be king. We will show how David reacted to this–his humility. Then we will show his pioneering and heroic spirit in defeating Goliath. I feel David should be portrayed as the man with a mission, and this mission meant more than his own life: his mission was to bring glory to God in all he did and David felt the ultimate glory would be to establish God’s kingdom. David was more concerned about his mission than his own life. This can be garnered from the Psalms, in which David states that if his life brought dishonor to God, he would rather die than live, and that if he committed gross sins that brought dishonor to God, he asked God to take his life.

We will show the jealousy of King Saul, when Saul discerned that God had deserted him and was now with this shepherd boy named David. We will show how David often despaired of his life (before David was crowned king) as King Saul persecuted him (out of jealousy) and tried to kill David. We will show David’s generous spirt in dealing with Saul, even though Saul did not deserve it. David spared Saul’s life many times and genuinely grieved at Saul’s death, and David befriended Saul’s son Jonathan and this became the friendship of his life, he stated that he loved Jonathan with a love than surpassed the love of women. And then we will show how God (after David despaired of his life in the wilderness because of King Saul, and even joined Israel’s enemies) made David king over Israel.

Other interesting points about David: He had a wife named Abigail (Gail Chord?)–see 1 Samuel 25 which has 44 verses. Both King David and Gail Chord are musical. Notice last name CHORD. King David played a harp skillfully. Gail sang in background choruses for operas, took music theory as an elective and plays piano. Both David and Gail Schuler are WRITERS. David wrote the Psalms. The name of Gail’s first husband is David, but Gail’s first husband turns out to be a COUNTERFEIT and is used as an UNWILLING AGENT (against Gail) by the Jesuits.

In making this film, a thorough study should be made of the life of King David and of King Saul, so that the symbolic significance of these two in the story will not be lost. There is an amazing similarity between King David and those of his ancestors who were persecuted by BABYLON, and between King Saul and BABYLON or ROME (and her ancestors). King David truly stands for those who have his spirit and genes. And King Saul truly stands for those who have his spirit (like the Roman Catholic Church).

For instance, King Saul lost his kingdom because he WORSHIPPED IDOLS or he worshipped the FALSE or the FAKE. Again, remember that the conflict of this story is about the GENUINE versus the FAKE. The Roman Catholic Church is based on IDOL WORSHIP–it is a system of rituals and religion based on FALSEHOODS, camoflauge, deceit, treachery. Therefore, because God rejected Saul because of his worship of FALSEHOODS, King Saul is an excellent type of BABYLON or the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church came from the FALSE or the Babylonian idol worship. See 1 Samuel 15:20 where Saul justifies himself before God–”Yea, I have obeyed the voice of the Lord (here Saul had set up a FALSE RELIGION and notice this false religion involves the accumulation of riches to support its idol worship–just like the Roman Catholic Church), and have gone the way which the Lord sent me, and have brought Agag the king of Amalek, and have utterly destroyed the Amalekites. But the people took of the spoil, sheep and oxen, the chief of the things which should have been destroyed, to sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in Gilgal (a false religion).”

Notice God’s response to Saul through the prophet Samuel: “Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices (Does this sound like Roman Catholic worship or what?), as in obeying the voice of the Lord? (God says this is a religious system that claims to honor me, but does not LISTEN TO OR OBEY MY WORD–the King James Bible– It is a system based on falsehoods–fake Bible versions and religions like the Roman Catholic Bibles and Roman Catholic religious observances–Notice, Gail Chord went through the ASH WEDNESDAY EARTHQUAKE or the SAUL’S BURNT OFFERINGS EARTHQUAKE? It was a strange earthquake because as strong as it was–no one died and Gail Schuler felt the tremors but was not damaged at all by it).

Behold to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness (have you noticed how stubborn Jesuits are?) is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected THE WORD OF THE LORD (Jesuits do not obey or honor the KING JAMES BIBLE and have created their own Bibles–New American Standard, NIV, etc.– based on the Jesuit-Rheims text–get Ruckman’s help on this), he hath also rejected thee from being king (And this is what the Jesuits are on a rampage about–THEY ARE MAD THAT GOD HAS REJECTED THEM AS KING–they are just like their spiritual father KING SAUL, and this is why they persecute David –or David’s ancestor, Gail CHORD Schuler). Consult with Dr. Peter Ruckman on this–he can give you evidence to back this up. There is so much symbolism and truth in these verses that can be applied to this story–get Dr. Ruckman’s help, he may help you dig out more stuff.

There is a reason for showing this period of David’s life. This is because King David (and his life and his persecutions from King Saul) will be a symbol for the protagonist, this symbol will be carried on throughout the storyline. The best way to use this symbol is to show how David’s ancestors carried on his spirit and had to deal with David’s struggles. This symbol of King David will symbolize all those of his ancestors who had the spirit and courage and mission and presecutions of David. You might say how could this be tied in with Howard Hughes? Both David and Howard Hughes were stand-outs. They were not ordinary men. Both David and Howard Hughes dared to take on the impossible. Both had courage and unusual vision. Both were obsessed with their missions, to the point where they would risk death to fulfill their mission. Both stared death in the eye and faced life with all they had. Howard Hughes broke many aviation records and almost killed himself doing it. Both were victims of jealous and powerful enemies.

Show how the Jesuits took over the press and much of Hollywood, in order to portray Howard Hughes as a man with mental problems, in order to discredit Howard Hughes and his family, including his descendant Gail Chord. Expose in The Kingdom of David how the 666-Computer was used by the Jesuits to create mental problems in Howard Hughes towards the end of Howard Hughes’ life; and that the Jesuits had so much control over Howard Hughes (by the end of his life), that not only were they able to manipulate his emotions, attitudes and perceptions via 666-Computer, but they were able to murder him with the 666-Computer. Expose that the clever Jesuit controlled press played to the hilt all of the mental problems which were orchestrated in Howard Hughes (by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer) in order to try to totally destroy this Davidic descendant’s reputation–which was another attempt by BABYLON THE GREAT to discredit the genuine King David family, (in order to replace the genuine with the false). The Jesuits wanted to discredit the genuine, in order to establish the BABYLONIAN counterfeit as the real heir to the promises of King David. This will work well with this event story’s storyline and will add angst to the story question: Can King David set up his kingdom against a foe this formidable–against a foe that can control total personalities and induce mental and emotional problems in its enemies?

Both David and Howard Hughes were severely persecuted by their enemies, eventually Howard Hughes was murdered by the Babylonian antagonist (because the Babylonian antagonist outsmarted him with their pioneering satellite-computer technology). One important difference should be brought out, and that is that Howard Hughes (as far as we know) did not have David’s spiritual side and this may have been Howard Hughes’ downfall and then this is where we come to Gail Chord, who, unlike Howard Hughes, has all of Howard Hughes strengths’ (along with the spiritual qualities of King David).

But Gail is severely handicapped when she comes into the world, because the Babylonian antagonist wastes no time to target her (knowing full well how close her genetic profile is to Howard Hughes and King David) and they stop at nothing to keep her weak. She almost dies when she is born. Her first month of life, the Babylonian antagonist almost succeeds in killing her. Sleep problems are induced in Gail Chord’s life by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer. 7 months after her son was born, she got 3 hours of sleep everyday for 3 weeks. This was done in order to manipulate her into seeing a psychiatrist. Show how the Jesuits cleverly used the 666-Computer on Gail to mimic symptoms of manic depression, manic type–in order to convince Gail she is manic depressive. Point out that in the psychiatric ward, that she was the most normal one there and her symptoms were never classic manic depressive because she was not manic depressive. Eventually, the lithium and other medicines for manic depression she was manipulated into taking (by the Jesuits) did not work, because the Jesuits did not want her to be functional and to get her rest–especially after Brent Spiner fell in love with her and she started her brilliant writing. Because, in spite of her manic depressive medications, she was able to start writing brilliantly and was able to get a Hollywood star, Brent Spiner, to fall in love with her–even though she deliberately told Brent (because she was married at the time–remember she’s a strong Christian) that she was manic depressive. And show that her motive for telling Brent this, as she started writing the star at his Hollywood work address, was to prevent any romantic attraction between she and Brent. So, the Jesuits were distressed that their manic depression plot against Gail Chord wasn’t working, and they reinstated her sleep problems (using the 666-Computer), despite the fact that she was on the strongest medications she could take for manic depression. She discovered that the medications that made her tired were the most effective in combating her sleep problems and these medications were simply sleeping pills and not designed to treat or deal with manic depression (other than relieving insomnia symptoms). In essence, she had sleep problems (induced by 666-Computer) and she did not have manic depression, manic type.

In fact, point out that the Jesuits created the fields of psychology and psychiatry, in order to replace the KING JAMES BIBLE. Consult with Dr. Ruckman on this. This is another attempt by the false BABYLON THE GREAT to replace the genuine (King David or the KING James Bible). That’s why in churches today, all pastors have to be familiar with psychological terms as they counsel their congregants, because the Jesuits have infiltrated all churches and have replaced the King James Bible with psychology.

The King James Bible condemns this–see book of Colossians (consult with Dr. Ruckman).

Now, the emphasis in most churches is in the use of psychological principles to deal with life’s problems, instead of an emphasis on obedience to the King James Bible.

This is very clever on the part of the Jesuits, because many psychological principles are endorsed in the King James Bible (see book of Philippians) and work in real life–but as in most clever counterfeits, these psychological truths are poisoned with clever and veiled falsehoods (and that’s why not all established psychological principles work in real life)–but the “science” of psychology was an invention by BABYLON THE GREAT to assist her in the set up of her false kingdom.

She invented psychology to help her to categorize and label and eliminate her enemies. Once she discovered the 666-Computer, she was able to finish off her enemies. First, by labelling them with a psychological illness (to destroy their reputations and credibility), then by using the satellite-computer technology to cause them to have the psychological symptoms (which would fit the label the Jesuits put on them). If they were labelled manic-depressive, the satellite-computer would give them manic -depressive symptoms. If they were labelled schizophrenic, the satellite-computer would give them schizophrenic symptoms. Show this in the film– and how they did this with Howard Hughes and are attempting to do this with Gail Chord.

Eventually this tactic backfired on the Jesuits, because the Jesuits were too inconsistent in the way they tried to induce psychotic symptoms in Gail, and Gail concluded she was not manic depressive (since the lithium and other established manic depressive medications were not working to help her sleep) and she figured out that she was duped by the psychiatrists and doctors and weaned herself off of the psychiatric medications (despite fierce Jesuit opposition). Ask Brent Spiner, Franco Nero and Vladimir Putin for more details about this period in Gail’s life. They know all about it–especially Brent Spiner. The Jesuits used one of Gail’s psychiatrists (Dr. Peter Naylor of South Carolina) to try to blackmail her into continuing her psychiatric medications in early 1999 and late 1998. Check with wiretapped phone conversations of Gail Schuler to Brent Spiner and Franco Nero in 1998 and 1999 to get more information about this. Remember to tell the truth in everything–because the Jesuits will try to sue and we can win if we tell the truth and have evidence to back up all factual elements which we present in this film..

However, the Jesuits temporarily succeeded (from about 1988 to 1998) in convincing Gail she was manic depressive because the Jesuits allowed the lithium (and sleeping pills Gail was on) to give Gail some rest, in order to convince her that her sleep problems were caused by her bipolar disorder. So these manic depression medicines seemed to be working and Gail thought she was manic depressive. Gail saw no other way to get some rest, so she took the bipolar medications (eventually these did not work when she started writing brilliantly–because the Jesuits wanted her to become totally dysfunctional at this point).

But because of Gail’s strong Christian beliefs, it was more of a challenge to ruin her reputation.

Because Gail did not use drugs, alcohol or narcotics like a typical manic depressive (and like Howard Hughes did)–the Jesuits decided to use legal and standard medical practice (especially the Jesuit-controlled practice of psychiatry) to assist them in their efforts to discredit Gail Schuler as a person who inherited Howard Hughes’ mental problems.

Show how the Jesuits invented the practice of psychology and psychiatry (consult with Dr. Ruckman on this–he can tell you all about it), so that they could use these fields to control and destroy and/or discredit their enemies.

This will add angst to the story question: Can King David set up his kingdom with an enemy that can control the practice of medicine and can control those established institutions in society which determine whether or not a person is “normal”–including how mental illnesses are categorized, treated and diagnosed? How can David set up his kingdom with an enemy that can, with the help of computer-satellite– induce mental and emotional symptoms in their enemies, in order to label their enemies with mental illness categories (which have been defined and established by the Jesuit Order). And, therefore, the Jesuits can use these Jesuit “mental health” labels or “diagnoses” in combination with computer-satellite manipulation (of those targeted persons) to destroy the reputation, lives and/or health of those that oppose the Jesuits’ goals? In other words, the Jesuits can create a manic-depressive, using satellite-computer manipulations of those persons they want to be diagnosed with (and to suffer from) their psychiatric creations.

In fact, point out that the conditions of manic depression, schizophrenia, etc. did not seem to exist before the 666-Computer was invented. Which makes it highly likely that the Jesuits used satellite-computer technology to create these mental conditions and/or mental illness diagnoses as a way to discredit, label and destroy their enemies. Howard Hughes was one of their first victims.

And King Saul will be a symbol for the antagonist, this symbol will be carried on throughout the storyline. King Saul’s spirit of jealousy and his pettiness and obsession with his jealousy and his fanatical and cruel obsession with the king (David) that God ordained to replace him will be the symbol for BABYLON or the Roman Catholic Church. You can see this in the spirit of the Jesuits, the Roman Catholic Church (when it is ruled by tyrants–as it often was) and its murder of Jews and genuine Bible believing Christians through the ages and its overthrow of good governments. An interesting period of history might be when the Spanish Armada (under Roman Catholic direction) tried to overthrow England and how God miraculously delivered England. This might be good to show that God wanted to preserve England, so He could have a country that would create the King James Bible (the genuine Bible to replace the Catholic counterfeit). Symbols are good and add resonance and depth to a story.

So King David is a symbol for the protagonist and represents those who have the spirit and attitude of David. Show how David’s ancestors (especially those whose genetic profile is close to King David) carried on his spirit and genes. For instance, Gail Chord seems to be a brilliant general, so that military generals respect her opinions. And yet, she’s willing to work with the lowest–just like David. David never considered himself above his troops, but went into the thickest and most dangerous battles with the foot soldiers. He was a leader by example and by courageous vision and great faith in God.

It’s uncanny how this woman could be such an effective military leader and world leader without any formal military training or without extensive political experience, just because she genetically inherited David’s vision and courage.

Show that Vladimir Putin learned to greatly depend upon the insight of his incredible fiancé (who leads like a King David) to help him in his job as Russian President; and that, without her Davidic influence, Russia and the world would be much worse off. Vladimir can give you insight into how and why he decided to rely upon the judgment and Davidic spirit of his fiancé.

I can attest that Vladimir gives me a lot of autonomy and usually stays out of my way when I write law or suggest courses of action in war, political strategy, and leadership of nations. He greatly respects my opinions. I never have to persuade him to adopt my opinions, because he often asks for my advice and input and deliberately stays out of the way when I go to God in prayer for wisdom. David often prayed and went to God for wisdom. See how much I am like David?

Vladimir has often told me I’d make a great President. I tell him I don’t want his job, and yet (in many ways) I am doing his job. Because he asks, I give him suggestions about many Presidential decisions he must make, and Vladimir jumps to put them into action. I give him a lot of autonomy as well, and encourage him to use his own iniative to reform my laws and make them better–he almost always does. We make a great team.

And King David appreciated his team players–that is why he sacrificed water one time to honor his troops–see 2 Samuel 23:15-17.

And yet Vladimir is the boss, but I give him gentle suggestions and he almost always adopts my suggestions. I’m so used to Vladimir acting on everything I suggest, that I know when I write law into the computer that it will be immediately implemented. Vladimir considers me his greatest ally and jumps to listen to my every word. He’s an incredible admirer of my opinions over how to govern, how to lead a military, how to pass laws, how to handle the public, how to handle the press, how to handle our enemies, etc. How could I be so good at this job of a king, unless I inherited King David’s ability to be a king? Apparently Russia likes how I influence Vladimir because he won a landslide re-election victory. The Russians know all about me and they like my influence over Vladimir Putin.

And the world follows our lead.

Vladimir would probably give me credit for the fact that he was re-elected as Russian President with a landslide victory. All the Russians know about how Vladimir and I work together and the great respect Vladimir has for me as his chief adviser and confidant. But when Vladimir thinks I’m wrong, he never hesistates to tell me and then we discuss it and come to a compromise. When I’m wrong, it’s usually because I’m not seeing the complete picture and Vladimir tries to give me all the facts I need to make wise choices. He rarely disagrees with anything I suggest, but has great respect for my input–to the point where he relies upon me to help him in just about every important Presidential decision which he makes.

This is unusual in a head of state (to listen to and respect so much his wife or fiance’s opinions about what laws to pass and how to write them and how to present them to the world) and it shows that Vladimir perceives that I have unusual wisdom and ability to lead a nation, which I must have inherited from King David. David had a brilliant ability to lead a nation wisely and courageously.

Often Presidents say they respect their wife’s opinions, but how many of their wives’ opinions and legal writings actually get passed into law? In my case, just about everything I suggest or write as law to Vladimir gets passed into law–not only by Russia (but by every freedom loving country in the world). I definitely inherited an uncanny ability to lead a nation wisely and with courage–something I must have inherited because of my King David genes. This should be pointed out in the film. It’s an unusual fact, which is very interesting and highlights the theme of the movie–that the spirit of King David lives on in his genetic ancestors (female and male)–especially those ancestors whose genetic profile closely match that of King David’s.

The spirit and genes of King David go on down through world history, until David emerges triumphant at the end and sets up his kingdom, despite a powerful foe (BABYLON THE GREAT). I can tell I have a lot of King David’s traits.

Gail got this from her Davidic ancestry, because King David often led armies in battle. David was a pioneer, just like Howard Hughes (another Davidic descendant). Point out similarities between Howard Hughes (who also had a genetic profile uncannily similar to King David) and King David.

King Saul will be a symbol for the antagonist and represents those who have the spirit and attitude of Saul (Jesuits, most Roman Catholic church leaders, the Jesuit puppet Hitler’s fanatical rage against the Jews, etc.)

So the story starts off with the life of King David and it goes into his dreams, his goals, his heroism, his failings (Bathsheba). The protagonist will be David and all those descendants of his who have his attitude and spirit. This story will be a mix of the past with the latest technology of the present. David or the main character’s goal will be to set up a perfect kingdom on earth: the Davidic kingdom promised to King David in 2 Samuel 7. This will be life and death to the main character. This is something he is willing to give his life for. So we start off with King David, dreaming about his kingdom and how the world will be fixed when this happens. All his energies are focused on honoring God by bringing this kingdom into being. He even loves Bathsheba because she makes him feel heroic over his dreams of this kingdom. Then King David dies, this will be considered a part of the conflict, a block to David’s dream. It adds angst to the story question: Can King David set up his God ordained kingdom? How can a dead king set up a kingdom over all the world?

At this point, the modern technology is introduced into the film and we begin to show the genetic profiles of David’s ancestors (through the most modern computer and scientific technology available–this part will be factual and will be based on the actual genetic profiles we have obtained through anthropological and scientific research). Solomon will be next and his genetic profile will be displayed to show its similarity to King David’s. Other descendants of King David will follow. An interesting note should be brought out in the history of Israel’s kings: All the great Jewish kings which followed King David were descendants of King David. Kings Hezekiah and Josiah will be next, and their genetic profiles will be displayed to show their similarities to King David’s. And, on and on we will go until we reach Jesus Christ (and we will show what we know about Jesus Christ’s similarities to King David, including Bible passages which highlight Jesus as the Son of David). Jesus Christ will die and this will add angst to the story question: Can King David set up his God ordained kingdom? Jesus will be resurrected and no one seems to know for sure if this Jesus Christ is the answer to the story question, and there will be questions about the authenticity of Jesus Christ, as to whether He is really the descendant of King David and as to whether He is the Son of God and the one who is to bring about the fulfillment of the promise given to King David: Can King David set up his God ordained kingdom? And, in this way, we will show that King David now goes through future history and begins a new quest (through his ancestors) to set up his kingdom.

In the meanwhile the world is in GREAT DISORDER, there are wars and suffering caused by the antagonist as the antagonist strives to set up his counterfeit kingdom over the whole earth. The antagonist will be the kingdom of BABYLON or a Babylonian king (and all his descendants and progenitors will be portrayed as those who oppose the genuine descendants of King David).

The Christian church is established after the death of Jesus Christ and it claims that it will be the fulfillment of the promises to King David. We see the Christian church split off into two main branches: those who believe the Bible manuscripts which come from Syria and Antioch and from the descendants of King David (which becomes the Christian church which supports the King James Bible and its teachings) and those who believe the Bible manuscripts which come from Egypt and Babylon and from the descendants of Babylon (which becomes the Roman Catholic Church and those who support the Roman Catholic Bibles–the current day New American Standard Bible, the NIV, the Jewish Bibles other than those used by the Orthodox Jews, etc.). As you can see the conflict revolves around the genuine (King David’s ancestors) versus the false (Babylon’s ancestors).

And on and on we go through history, until we come to Howard Hughes.

At this point in the story it is important to mention that BABYLON THE GREAT has discovered a way to read minds (via 666-Computer/satellite technology), but that they keep this technology secret for years in order to fully exploit it. It is also important to show the evidence about when and how this mind reading technology was discovered by world leaders (especially those world leaders who would oppose the goals of the Jesuit Order), or else the Jesuits will claim that it was not THEY but another group who was exploiting and keeping this mind reading technology secret from the world.

The movie should reveal the science behind the computer/satellite technology which is used to read minds, so that this portion of the story will be believable. The use of mind reading technology by Jesuit terrorists NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED, and this film The Kingdom of David is the perfect medium for doing this. It is also important to show how this mind reading technology works in dealing with UNWILLING AGENTS (who will be required to watch this film)–because the mind-reading and emotion reading ability of the 666-Computer have been fully exploited by the Jesuits and have made them a formidable foe to deal with.

Their ability to read their enemies’ minds would also explain why it is plausible that a Hollywood star and a Russian President have been unsuccessful in giving Gail Chord any of the billion dollar proceeds from her novel, brilliant writings and legal work. If the mind reading abilities of satellite/computer technology are not demonstrated and explained in the film, then it would not seem plausible that the Jesuits could prevent a Russian President from giving his fiancé any proceeds from her record breaking billion dollar blockbuster novel, writings, and legal work; and it would not seem plausible that a Russian President is unable to give to Gail Chord any of the rewards (she has received) for her outstanding contributions to writing and law and public service.

The mind reading capabilities of the Jesuits must be thoroughly shown to make this horrific enemy or antagonist (Babylon) believable. Also, from a legal perspective and to help in the war against terrorism, this film must show evidence that the Jesuits discovered this mind-reading technology FIRST before mainstream Hollywood or Pres. Bush or the mainstream non-communist Russian government discovered it.

Because this is the truth and the evidence that the Jesuits discovered this satellite-computer ability to read minds FIRST before everyone else, must be shown in the film or else this film will not be effective in combating Jesuit terrorism–because the Jesuits can claim that they are/were the victims of this technology and that Vladimir and/or someone else discovered it BEFORE THEY DID.

It’s OK to show that communist Russia knew of this technology AT THE SAME TIME AS THE JESUITS, as long as you show that Vladimir Putin was not aware of this technology (until very recently) and the explanation as to how and WHY Vladimir could not know of this technology while most Jesuit Russian communists did know of it had better be explained (or shown) thoroughly and with strong evidence. This could make for a riveting and fascinating story, if handled masterfully by the writers, and it would do much good in the world–because it would give the Jesuit some much needed EXPOSURE (by educating the public about their methods and mindset and brilliant use of computer/satellite technology).

The use of the mind reading abilities of the 666-Computer would also explain why the Jesuits are so difficult to deal with. Therefore, to expose this technology will be important from a legal perspective, because it will explain why the Jesuits could cause some seemingly unbelievable events to take place. This film must be watched by all people and the Jesuits rely on peoples’ ignorance about their impressive (and all encompassing) mind reading capabilities to further their criminal enterprises and to legally blackmail their enemies. We want to expose their secret (their mind reading abilities) and to expose how this horrifying mind reading technology invades all of our lives. And because of this new and horrifying mind reading technology, the Jesuits had/have a catastrophic advantage over their enemies and this is probably how they managed to outsmart and murder Howard Hughes. They knew Howard Hughes was not aware that mind reading technology was out there (in 1976, when he was murdered); and they took full advantage of Howard Hughes’ ignorance of this matter, so they could kill him.

From a filmmaker’s and writer’s perspective, showing that BABYLON discovered first (before the King David family discovered it) how to read the minds of their opponents will increase the conflict and make the story riveting. It will add great angst to the story question: Can the King David family emerge triumphant over BABYLON THE GREAT and set up the genuine Davidic kingdom?

Probably a good way to present this mind-reading technology in the story would be like this:

Show the protagonists being stumped (or confused) over how brilliant their antagonist is and wondering how it is that they can’t do anything without their enemies finding out about it and they are truly puzzled over how their enemies have the mysterious ability to respond and block all their moves within a split second.

Have the protagonists DISCOVER the mind reading capabilities of their enemies and explore the protagonists’ emotional reactions to this discovery. Part of the protagonists’ emotional reactions should be shock and great angst, because to know (all of a sudden) that your enemy can read your mind is not too comforting. I know–I speak from experience. Then show how the protagonist has to change his strategy in dealing with the foe– because when you have foe that can read your mind, you will have to make drastic changes in strategy.

Here the story will slow down and we will focus on who was Howard Hughes real mother (a Jewish woman who was descended from King David). We will show how and why Howard Hughes was taken from his real Jewish mother and was raised by his real Gentile dad and a Gentile step mom (this will be part of the conflict). Again the story question: Can King David–through his ancestor Howard Hughes– set up his kingdom? And why would God use a heathen like Howard Hughes? We will show how and why Howard Hughes had a genetic brother named Robert Chord (who was raised by Howard Hughes’ real mother and a Gentile step dad).

It should be mentioned that Gail and her sister spent every summer (about 3 months of the year) for about 8 years with Howard Hughes’ genetic brother (Robert Chord–Gail’s paternal grandfather) and that when Gail and her sister were with Robert and Verla Chord, that Howard Hughes’ genetic brother (Robert Chord) and his wife (Verla) took Gail and her sister to Clearwater Beach (Isn’t there a hurricane Charley headed in this direction?) just about every weekend (for 3 months of every year for about 8 years)–the summers of 1963 to 1970. This beach was like a second home to Gail, and this is where Gail collected shells and played and swam on the beach (while her paternal grandparents sat and watched on the beach). Gail spent a lot of time with Howard Hughes’ genetic brother. In fact, Robert Chord (notice the Howard Hughes character in the film The Carpetbaggers had a last name of Cord) was her father substitute and was an ordained Swedish Baptist minister, as well as a businessman and writer. Gail believes that the Jesuits also murdered her paternal grandparents (Robert and Verla Chord) using 666-Computer technology and using UNWILLING AGENTS (maybe even using Gail’s real father and his wife as UNWILLING AGENTS and as part of the murder plot against Gail’s grandmother). If this is the case, Gail wants this presented in this film. This should be mentioned, since Gail spend a lot of time with her paternal grandparents (they were like second parents to her). If Gail’s paternal grandparents were murdered by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer–then this was another attack against the King David family.

And then the protagonist of the story will be about Howard Hughes and his ancestors, till we get to Gail Elaine Chord (who is part of the King David genetic line-up). In the meanwhile, an amazing fact will be highlighted, and that is, how the genetic profiles of Howard Hughes and Gail Elaine Chord are so strikingly similar to that of King David’s.

In the meanwhile, the Babylonian counterfeit descendant (The Roman Catholic Church)–the antagonist–will be busy trying to destroy the genuine. We will see this in the Nazi movement in Germany, where the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church try to kill off all the Jews in attempts to destroy the genuine Jews (those to whom God gave the promise about a Davidic kingdom). Their motive for doing this is so that these false Jews (or militant Roman Catholics) can set up a false Davidic kingdom under the guise of an Israel (which they claim is the Roman Catholic Church), but it is really the KINGDOM OF BABYLON. See Rev. 2:9 and 3:9.

We will see this in the establishment (by the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church) of the Palestinian movement in Israel and by the establishment (by the Jesuits) of the Muslim terrorist movement, in order to destroy the newly formed Jewish nation (1948) because this Jewish nation uses the STAR OF DAVID on its flag.

The antagonist feels that this new Jewish nation must be destroyed because its mere existence shows that God is not finished with the genuine Jews (or with the true descendants of King David); and that the existence of a resurrected nation of Israel, is evidence that the kingdom promised to David, will be fulfilled (NOT THROUGH THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH) but through a GENETIC JEWISH DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID. AGAIN, KING SAUL (Jesuit Order) IS MAD BECAUSE GOD HAS REJECTED HIM FROM BEING KING. AND SAUL KNOWS HIS REPLACEMENT WILL BE DAVID (or Gail Chord Schuler and her family and race–the Jewish race). This is an INSULT to the Roman Catholic Church or King Saul (which claims to be the fulfillment of the promise made to King David of an eternal kingdom), because it exposes the Roman Catholic Church as the COUNTERFEIT kingdom and not the GENUINE kingdom.

Bits and pieces of history will be shown, to show that the Roman Catholic Church is descended from the Kingdom of Babylon and has no genuine connection to King David. The Roman Catholic Church will be portrayed as the false Kingdom of David, which strives to overthrow the true kingdom of David. We will also show those heroic Catholics who had the courage to oppose and expose corruption within their own church, such as Martin Luther and the present day Pope John Paul II, and how these persons actually helped to promote the true kingdom of David. Again, the conflict is about the genuine versus the false, and we will go into great detail to show how the Babylonian descendant (now the Jesuit Order) became a master of disguise, treachery and deceit and blackmail, in order to pose as the true descendant of King David, when, in actuality, it is a counterfeit. We will show that the primary methodology of the antagonist is deception and counterfeit–and this will be epitomized by their use of UNWILLING AGENTS–through horrifying computer-satellite technology.

We will show how the Roman Catholic Church discovered the use of computer-satellite technology and how they used this to murder the genuine Davidic descendant Howard Hughes and to induce mental problems in him, in order to ruin Howard Hughes’ reputation (another attempt to destroy the descendants of King David–especially those whose genetic profiles are strikingly similar to King David). We will go into the history of Gail Chord (why she was targeted by BABYLON–because of her genetic profile which is strikingly similar to that of King David) and what has happened to her– her love affair with Brent Spiner, her love affair with Franco Nero, her love affair with Vladimir Putin; and how the Babylonian counterfeit antagonist (the Jesuit Order) opposed each of these romances because this opponent felt these love affairs would oppose the set-up of the Babylonian false kingdom.

In the plot, as you show how the Babylonian counterfeit antagonist (the Jesuit Order) opposed each of these romances, it is necessary to bring up some of their methods, such as how they used Loree McBride and David Schuler to attempt to break up or destroy Gail’s romance with Brent Spiner. I believe both Loree and David were being used as UNWILLING AGENTS, this should be brought out in the film. To deal with the moral element, show that Gail’s life was in danger in her marriage to David Schuler (simply because he was an UNWILLING AGENT) and, therefore, Gail had scriptural grounds to divorce David. The first year of the marriage was good. After the first year, everything went downhill. I think the Jesuits turned my ex-husband in an UNWILLING AGENT against me. In essence, I blame the Jesuits for the destruction of my first marriage–and I want this shown on the film. It was part of their strategy to destroy me, so that I would not be a problem for them. Throughout my marriage to David (after the first year of marriage), I always felt that he was against me and that he always competed with me and tried to outdo me in everything. His goal was NOT TO LOVE ME AND TAKE CARE OF ME, but to OUTDO ME AND MAKE HIMSELF APPEAR SUPERIOR TO ME IN EVERYTHING. This attitude on his part, I found unbearable. It eventually led to emotional and physical abuse. After the first year of marriage, I could never feel close to him and during lovemaking, he made love like a machine. There was no feeling from his heart in any of his lovemaking. I was in a cold marriage. It seemed his goal throughout the marriage was to undermine me and destroy me and my son, so I had to get out. Looking back, I feel he was this way because he was an UNWILLING AGENT. He was always more concerned with appearing to be a good husband than with actually being a good husband. David was obsessed with appearances, just like a Jesuit..

Gail’s marriage to David Schuler should be minimized in the story in order to protect David Schuler and his family. Gail’s marriage to David Schuler should be mentioned as a weapon used by Jesuits to control Gail and to destroy her, but it should not be a main aspect of this story.

In portraying Gail’s romantic involvements with Brent, Franco and Vladimir, it should be emphasized that the passion remained high in the romances despite the fact that the Jesuits successfully prevented Gail (or Brent or Franco or Vladimir) from consummating their love for Gail into a sexual or physical relationship. However, I want some of the garbage which the Jesuits used to try to undermine my relationships with Brent, Franco and Vladimir mentioned–such as their use of Loree McBride to try to destroy my relationship with Brent and Franco. Such as their orchestration of the Laci Peterson murder case and the Lori Hacking murder cases to try to destroy my relationship with Vladimir Putin. Tie all these conspiracies (Loree McBride, Laci Peterson and Lori Hacking) together to show the Jesuit involvement in all of these conspiracies against myself and my lovers. I hope by exposing how the Jesuits tried to blackmail my lovers and my love affairs, that this may discourage them from further attempts (though it may not–since their most outstanding quality is STUBBORNNESS). Whatever you do, portray the Babylonian antagonist as STUBBORN–since, if you do not, you will have failed to accurately characterize them.

I feel that the feelings Brent, Franco and Vladimir have shared with me have been of a high quality and that these men have really loved me. Contrast the sensitivity, passion, caring and responsibility of these three men’s feelings toward me with the feelings of the UNWILLING AGENTS (David Schuler, and the many “suitors” the Jesuits have tried to match me up with–most of whom didn’t get anywhere with me. After Brent, most men –to Gail–seem lackluster. Though Franco and Vladimir have successfully succeeded Brent as lovers in Gail’s life).

Also, I want what the Jesuits have done to my own family (using my mother and sister as UNWILLING AGENTS in attempts to destroy my relationship with Vladimir Putin, etc.) to be in the storyline. Show the inconsistencies in my mother’s positions–to highlight how she has been used as an UNWILLING AGENT. She starts out in 2001 and 2002 saying she can’t stand David Schuler and then in 2003 and 2004, when it looks like Vladimir is close to getting me–she, all of a sudden, takes my ex-husband David’s side against me (even though he has remarried and divorced again, and has a child from his next wife), and she refuses to support Vladimir’s attempts to marry me and accuses Vladimir of being a criminal and not one to be trusted. This is proof that the woman who parades around in my mother’s body, is no longer my mother, but is a Jesuit (an UNWILLING AGENT) and that the Jesuits (through their use of UNWILLING AGENTS in my own family) have turned my own family against me, to the point where my family is used by the Jesuits to try to KILL ME (because that is the Jesuits’ goal), and that the Jesuits (through their use of UNWILLING AGENTS) have caused my own family to be against those who truly care for me–that is, to be against Brent, Vladimir and Franco Nero (and who want me to live and be happy).

The Jesuits’ use of UNWILLING AGENTS (why they did this, how they did this, and the methods and strategies they used with UNWILLING AGENTS) must be a main focus of this film, because that was my main purpose for commissioning Steven Spielberg to make this film!

Show in the film, how thorough and obtrusive Jesuits are in the way they used UNWILLING AGENTS, and that they will STOP AT NOTHING to realize their goals. They used my mother as an UNWILLING AGENT to destroy my relationship with Vladimir. They used Lori Hacking’s husband as an UNWILLING AGENT, to murder Lori, so that they could frame Vladimir with this murder and destroy my relationship with Vladimir. They used Loree McBride as an UNWILLING AGENT, so they could use her to destroy my relationship with Brent Spiner and Franco Nero. They used Scott Peterson as an UNWILLING AGENT and then Laci was murdered by the 666-Computer, so they could use this murder conspiracy to destroy my relationship with Vladimir, etc. SHOW HOW THE JESUITS USED UNWILLING AGENTs and the 666-Computer extensively to promote their agenda. They even used the 666-Computer to manipulate sexual experiences, such as causing Vladimir to produce too much semen while he imagined making love to Gail, so they could steal his semen and sabotage Vladimir with their reproductive conspiracies. They used the 666-Computer to manipulate people in the bedroom–I WANT THIS SHOWN IN THE FILM. Unfortunately to create an accurate film depicting the Jesuits’ treachery we will have to go into some details, because the Jesuits are a detail minded, perfectionist, OBSESSED bunch of fanatics, who will stop at nothing and THIS MUST BE SHOWN. They somehow used satellite and/or 666-Computer technology to crash the Columbia shuttle (Feb. 2002) and point out that the FIRST ISRAELI ASTRONAUT was on this shuttle, so this was another attempt to destroy and/or discredit King David’s race. My guess is that they used UNWILLING AGENTS at NASA to use satellite technology to crash the Columbia. Their motive for doing this was obviously to frame Vladimir Putin (since Russia is very involved with the space program) with this monstrosity and this should be brought out.

They used 666 Computer/satellite technology to orchestrate category 5 Hurricane Andrew (which devastated Gail’s hometown Cutler Ridge, FL and almost killed Gail’s mother [who went right through the eye of Andrew]–it is no coincidence that Gail’s mother went through the eye of Andrew and suffered a BULL’S EYE HIT from this catastrophic hurricane–this was deliberately plotted by the Jesuits in their attempt to kill Gail’s mother, in order to destroy Gail). Show how the Jesuits used satellite technology to orchestrate the movements of this MONSTER HURRICANE. Their motive for doing this was obviously to kill Gail’s mother, so that Gail would have no place to turn–when, and if, her marriage to David Schuler should be destroyed by the Jesuits. By killing Gail’s mother, the Jesuits indirectly attacked Gail (by attempting to destroy anyone who might be able to assist her when she was in trouble). Show in the film The Kingdom of David how the Jesuits used satellite technology to orchestrate Hurricane Andrew, in order to destroy Gail’s family. So Hurricane Andrew was another attempt by BABYLON THE GREAT to wipe out the genuine kingdom of David, by destroying (directly or indirectly) all descendants from the King David family and/or anyone who would attempt to assist any member of the King David family.

The Jesuits’ motives (and timing) in orchestrating Hurricane Andrew should be mentioned. What is interesting about this hurricane is that it was orchestrated after the Jesuits successfully caused a brilliant first teleplay which Gail had written (called “Lal”) to be rejected by Paramount studios. The attacks against Gail Schuler became very fierce after she studied writing and became a brilliant writer. Gail began studying writing in Nov. 1991. She studied writing on her own (including scriptwriting, but mostly the novel form of fiction writing) full time from Nov. 1991 to about 1996 and afterwards.

However, this teleplay “Lal” made print in a fanzine. Reader’s reactions to this teleplay should be mentioned. Check with editor Melody Rondeau of San Jose, CA. My guess is that the Jesuits made sure that Melody would be forbidden to publish any extremely positive comments about this teleplay, so that the Jesuit plot to undermine Gail’s brilliant writing wouldn’t be exposed.

In essence, the Jesuits realized that Gail had inherited Howard Hughes’ ability to sense a great story (remember Howard Hughes was a leading Hollywood movie maker) and they took strong measures to deal with this: HURRICANE ANDREW and the introduction of Loree McBride into Brent Spiner’s life.

The teleplay “Lal” was rejected in August 1992. It should also be pointed out, that this was the first of many rejections which Gail would suffer for some of her brilliant writing work and that the Jesuits saw to it that Gail would never be paid for any of her writing. Another brilliant short story was written by Gail– called “Emerald Towers”– which didn’t place in the Writer’s Digest writing contest, even though it was determined to be the best short story submitted.

The Jesuits successfully intimidated Writer’s Digest from giving Gail’s short story the honor and payment it deserved. This story was a factual story based on the persecutions Gail endured from the Roman Catholic church because of her romance with Brent Spiner. Steven Spielberg has my permission to use “Emerald Towers” in any manner in the film The Kingdom of David. He can use it to promote the film and/or in any other way.

Even though Vladimir Putin was successful in getting Gail’s work Silver Skies published and giving it massive coverage, he was unsuccessful at being able to give Gail the proceeds from any of her writing (including Silver Skies)–the Jesuits thwarted his every attempt to do so–this should be mentioned in The Kingdom of David.

Why and how he was unsuccessful at being able to give Gail the proceeds from her writing should be explored in this film, because this shows how obsessed BABYLON THE GREAT was with this descendant of King David and to what extents they would go to weaken or destroy her influence.


So Gail’s first brilliant attempt at writing was rejected (because of Jesuits) in Aug. 1992 and after this– all hell broke loose. Hurricane Andrew occurred in Aug. 1992, and since the Jesuits failed to kill off Gail’s mother, their next step was Loree McBride in Sept. 1992 (which explains why Brent gave Gail an unusual 3 weeks of silence right around Gail’s birthday in Sept. 1992). The Jesuits deliberately timed this treachery to occur during Gail’s birthday in 1992, knowing full well that Brent would be unable to call her to wish her a happy birthday (in order to add more angst to the unusual silence from Brent which Gail suffered during this time). Up to Sept. 1992, Brent Spiner had been very attentive to Gail and always paid attention to holidays for her. Gail believes that it was very difficult for Brent to give Gail silence at this time and Gail wants the film to explore the emotions and angst which Brent suffered during Sept. 1992, when the Jesuits blackmailed his relationship with Gail Chord.

Jesuits also used the 666-Computer to murder Gail Chord’s aunt Berteale –Dec. 2002 (another attack against a descendant of King David). They used the 666-Computer to murder Brent Spiner’s brother (in the 1990s) (another attack against King David’s race). The murder of Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl (who had an uncanny resemblance to Brent Spiner) should be mentioned.

Expose their strongholds in Hollywood (and how they used UNWILLING AGENTS to help them maintain Hollywood strongholds) and don’t forget to mention that Loree McBride was a PUBLICIST and show Jesuits’ expertise at creating fake photographs, phony documents, etc.

Consult with Jack Chick about how they downplay their atrocities (when they sense they will be exposed) by claiming that those who expose them are exaggerating or lying–show what they did to Serbians in World War II and how they downplayed this atrocity and convinced the American First Lady that these atrocities in Serbia did not occur, and this is how they got away with cruel and horrifying mass murder in Serbia.

There will be no problems in creating a story with a strong conflict, since (in actuality) the conflict is intense and at white hot heat. There should also be mention in the story of the financial and economic manipulations of BABYLON, since if this is not mentioned, BABYLON will not be accurately characterized (see Rev. 18). The Jesuits are behind the high gasoline prices and the job losses and economic recession in the U.S. and can manipulate countries’ economies because of their tremendous wealth and assets, and they are trying to frame Vladimir and/or Pres. Bush with their financial and economic manipulations (Enron, Yukos in Russia, etc.). In essence, they work from the INSIDE of countries and organizations and families (through UNWILLING AGENTS) and their strategy is to cause division within countries and organizations and families, and then to use these divisions to further their goals. This will also strengthen the story, by increasing the conflict, because the viewer will realize that the antagonist is catastrophically rich and is formidable to deal with. It will add angst to the story question: Can King David realize his dream against a foe this formidable?

My hope is that by exposing some of the Jesuits’ methods, we can discourage them from further attempts along these lines, because the price they will pay for it is MASSIVE and CATASTROPHIC PUBLIC SHAME. This movie will probably be R rated, because it needs to be, because what the Jesuits do is R or X rated and we have to expose the antagonist.

Show that Brent, Franco and Vladimir shared affections creatively with Gail using other methods and some of this was very beautiful, like how Brent’s love for Gail inspired him to make a music album (Ol’ Yellow Eyes is Back). I want the songs from Brent’s album played in this film (with Brent’s singing from his album). Maybe play the song Time After Time and The Very Thought of You in the background while showing Brent making love to Gail in his imagination. Maybe play the song It’s a Sin (To Tell A Lie) and More Than You Know while Brent struggles to deal with Loree McBride, while trying to maintain his relationship with Gail from 1992 to 2001. Maybe play Carolina in the Morning and Embraceable You and Long, Long Time and Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart while showing Brent and Gail in their day to day long distance relationship from 1991 to 1996 (2001?), while Gail writes her novel, while Gail cooks, while Gail mothers her son, while Brent works for Star Trek, etc. While she communicated with Brent and Franco daily, Gail lived in South Carolina (1997 to 1999)–maybe this could be tied with the song Carolina in the Morning.

Show that 9-11-01 was what made Gail notice Vladimir Putin and go into how and why the Jesuits brought about 9-11-01: in order to totally destroy Brent’s relationship with Gail, because Brent tried to use the airline industry to get Gail and had even bought a house in Florida to prepare to be with her. And then maybe the Jesuits wanted to draw attention to Howard Hughes by using airlines to crash into the World Trade Center–perhaps to make it appear that what Howard Hughes did (which was to create the airline industry) was an evil thing–maybe this is another attempt by the Jesuits to trash Howard Hughes (the genuine Davidic descendant).

After showing how and why the Jesuits used 9-11-01 to stop Brent from getting Gail, then play the songs Marie and Goodnight Sweetheart when Brent decides to surrender Gail to Vladimir, because he knows Vladimir loves Gail and he feels Gail will be better off with Vladimir in this life and Brent believes he will have Gail in the millenium. Show that 9-11-01 made Gail and Brent decide to hold off their relationship until the millenium.

Show how in 2003, Vladimir made beautiful and sensitive love to Gail (via 666-Computer)–and this is how he introduced himself to her (via 666-Computer).

Also, show how Gail stood by these men–Brent, Franco and Vladimir, while they were being blackmailed. This will make it more believable that they would love Gail as much as they did.

For instance, when Gail realized that Vladimir’s semen had been stolen and was used by the Jesuits to impregnate a girl (who was now about 6 months pregnant with Vladimir’s stolen sperm, and Vladimir didn’t know it)–Gail knew this was devastating to him, so to make him feel better, Gail made passionate love to him (via 666-Computer) and assured him that this did not affect her feelings for him at all.

Show how incidents like this inspired Gail to write laws to deal with these criminal acts (which used pioneering and horrifying technologies).

Show the Nobel Peace Prize Gail won, the honorary Harvard law degree Gail received, how Gail’s novel Silver Skies became a blockbuster, and that Vladimir’s love for Gail inspired her to do these things and to promote her novel (which she had written for Brent).

And yet, despite all these rewards and events in her life, the Jesuits (through UNWILLING AGENTS) were so effective at blocking attempts by Vladimir (or anyone) to give her money or to be with her, that she was forced to file for bankruptcy (in 2002) and to work as a cashier at Wal-Mart in 2004 (even though she had written and sold a book that made billions of dollars). I WANT THIS SHOWN–this will show how good and formidable the Babylonian opponent is and will increase the conflict (and IT IS THE TRUTH).

Stuff like this should be shown, because Gail is AN UNUSUAL CHARACTER (LIKE HER RELATIVE HOWARD HUGHES and like her ancestor King David), this will make it believable that these three men loved HER the way they did. Characterizations will be very important in this film, because the actions of the main characters would be unbelievable without strong characterizations to show how unusual the relationships (and the people in the relationships) were.

Jesuits rely on stereotypes to promote their agenda.

This film will not use stereotypes, but will rely on brilliant and accurate characterizations to convey THE TRUTH. Stereotypes are boring– but fascinating, unusual, and multi-faceted and heroic main characters are FASCINATING. This film must have brilliant characterizations, because without this, many of the plot elements would be unbelievable. To make the plot work, the characterizations must be deep, thorough and brilliant. Because this is the way it really happened, IT IS THE TRUTH. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The future portrayals in the film, of course, will be totally fiction, since we cannot know for sure that the future will turn out as this film depicts. However, this is the future that Brent and Gail believe will happen and it gives them strength.

To keep this film from becoming sexually vulgar, somehow show the feelings these men had for me, since I feel these feelings were of a very high quality and show that they loved me so much, they were willing to turn me over to another in the trio, if they felt I’d be better off with the other. This is also important because (it is the truth) and because if Gail’s relationships with Brent, Franco or Vladimir (though Vladimir may be an exception since he is still trying to marry Gail) is/are portrayed as solely a physical relationship, then the Jesuits may try to give Gail or Vladimir or Brent or Franco the AIDS virus (or some other illness which could be sexually transmitted) claiming they caught it because of their promiscuous and immoral lifestyle–and, in this manner, the Jesuits may try to minimize any damage they may get from this film. The Jesuits would then claim that Gail was the “loose” and promiscuous wife who had 3 lovers.

We know the Jesuits like to trash the descendants of King David, because read all the biographies written about Howard Hughes. In fact, this should probably be mentioned in the film, about how the Jesuits use the press, tabloids, and media and Hollywood (mostly through UNWILLING AGENTS) to promote falsehoods and deceptions–to show that BABYLON controlled the news media and the press and Hollywood in their efforts to establish their kingdom and were obsessed with propaganda (see also how they did this with the set-up of the Nazi regime in Germany). This would be another way to show how BABYLON was a master at counterfeit and deception.

Even though I don’t claim Howard Hughes was a saint, I think the biographies written about him were penned by Jesuits who wanted to totally trash this man’s reputation.

In Brent’s case, he used the telephone to make long distance love to Gail and he voraciously read all the letters she wrote him and became her heart and soul. Though I wouldn’t go so far as to say that when Brent made Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, that he made (or dedicated this album) for me. But I feel he was definitely thinking of me as he made the music, but at the time he made the album, he had not approached me romantically. But, I feel that he was fantasizing about me as he made the album in 1990, and that the music expressed his true feelings toward me–but he may not have expected that he would ever have the nerve to express those feelings. But because I feel that the music shows how he really felt towards me, I feel the music is truly representative about how he felt about me. If you were to ask him if he made the album for me, he would probably say “no”. If you were to ask him if the music represented how he felt about me, he would probably say “yes”. So, therefore, I have chosen to use the music from this album as representative of his true feelings toward me and that this music should be used in The Kingdom of David to show how Brent felt about me (and continues to feel about me). At the time Brent made the album, I was a married woman and I don’t think he expected to have a relationship with me. But, he did call me, did not identify himself, and spoke very intimately to me. And I figured out it was him and that’s how our romantic relationship started.

In Franco’s case, he used the telephone to listen to Gail and to hear all about her life (and what is really unusual about this relationship is that Brent helped out Franco). Things were more complicated with Franco and Brent, because Gail was married (and in a cold marriage) when she was involved with them. You have my permission to show in The Kingdom of David, that from about 1996 to the time of her divorce in 2001, Gail had no sex with her husband and did not desire to have relations with him. After Brent came into Gail’s life romantically in the spring of 1991, and she finally experienced a true love relationship in her life, she wanted desperately to find a way to get out of her marriage–but she suffered from moral dilemmas because of her strong religious convictions and so she made no promises of marriage to Brent Spiner, though she was very affectionate with Brent and had an intimate long distance relationship with him for years. After David threw Gail across the room because she interrupted David and gently shoved him out of the way, in order to watch the news about the Italian clothes designer (Versachi?) who was shot in Miami Beach–she never made love to David again. Gail suffered a tailbone injury from that incident that lasted for a month and went to the doctor about it–but did not tell the doctor how she got the injury.

In Vladimir’s case, Gail was single, and he used the 666-Computer to make love to Gail through her mind. And whether or not Vladimir gets to consummate his love with Gail may be an unanswered story question–and this will work for this film, since you can successfully write a story and leave some story questions unanswered as long as you answer the main story question. And the main story question which must be answered is: Can King David realize his dream of a worldwide Davidic kingdom which fixes the disorder in the world? Therefore, it is not necessary to answer the story question as to whether Vladimir Putin will be successful in consummating his love for and marrying Gail.

To prevent these passionate relationships in Gail’s life from being boring (since there was no sex)–the sex could be shown in the imaginations of the lovers (since there was PLENTY OF THIS). AND–the lovers found ways to express their imaginations to each other. Brent made love to me on the phone and, believe me, it wasn’t boring. Franco listened to me on the phone. And Vladimir made passionate love to me through my mind (via 666-Computer)–this could make for an interesting love triangle–a creative way to be a lover. The imaginations could be shown on the film.

To help in portraying the imaginations. I will describe how each of these men loved me as they described how they would love me (on the phone or in my mind or by other imaginary means). Brent was the ultimate in finesse and sensitivity– but also a very passionate, thrilling, and sensual lover and one who jumped to my every word and hurt with me as I hurt. He always tried to “be there” with me in everything. He was my soulmate and my best friend, and accepted me unconditionally as I am. He is a great cheerleader and is deeply proud of my accomplishments and who I am as a person. Brent considers me brilliant and encouraged me always to use my talents, but never told me to do it. He was more of a cheerleader and encourager than a leader in the relationship. Brent does not like to lead, but he is a real nurturer.

Franco was the avid listener and was loyal to the death, even when he was blackmailed (via Jesuits) by Loree McBride. His outstanding quality was honor, dependability, solidness, depth of feeling, and a real true blue. He accepted me and admired me as I am. Franco’s outstanding quality was loyalty and honor despite everything, but he was never stuffy or a Pharisee in anything. He had some liberal views, which made him tolerant of our unconventional relationship. He is not a traditionalist and thinks through his beliefs–never accepts something just because everyone else does it. He is also straightforward and brave and direct in expressing his opinions, but never vulgar.

Vladimir is a very passionate and direct lover (he approaches lovemaking with no shame and bares it all–he goes into it with his heart and soul) with a depth of feeling and sensitivity in lovemaking that may seem surprising for a former KJB head. But he is probably the most shrewd in dealing with the Jesuits. It may be interesting to note that both Brent and Vladimir and myself have Russian blood and Russians tend to be passionate lovers. Vladimir, unlike the others in the trio, gives me much direction and is more of a leader in the relationship. He asserts himself gently in my life, but never does so, in an insulting manner. He has tremendous confidence in my abilities and encourages me to use all my talents (which he considers to be vast). He thinks I’m a genius and is proud of it. He often tells me I’d make a great President. I tell him I don’t want his job–too much garbage to deal with.

What could make these three main lovers in Gail’s life interesting is to show that they all loved Gail so much, they were willing to relinquish Gail to another in this trio, if they felt Gail would be better off with the other lover in this trio.

It’s important to remember that King David is the main protagonist and all his descendants are symbols of him. Therefore, in portraying Gail Chord, show how she is like her ancestor David. She is a person of great spiritual influence (like King David) and is used by God to lead many to her faith in David’s greatest ancestor, Jesus Christ. And like King David, she could love passionately and was fiercely loyal to her friends. See how David honored Jonathan. And like King David, she had fanatical and obsessed enemies. See King Saul.

Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin adopt her Christian faith. I’m not sure about Franco Nero. Check with Franco to see how Gail’s faith may have influenced him–he can let you know. But do not show Gail as pushing her religion down people’s throats, because this isn’t how she influenced people. She influenced them with her life (by example) and by her prayer life–Vladimir and Brent saw how God mightily answered prayer for her and how God gave her extraordinary wisdom, by giving her brilliant insights about the AIDS virus, about cures to cancer, about the 666-Computer, about law, about medicine, etc. In this way, you can show that the spirit of David and the wisdom and riches of David’s ancestor (Solomon) was passed onto Howard Hughes, Gail Chord, etc. etc. and that King David lives on. You can ask these 3 men what it was about Gail that influenced them to accept Christ, and then include this in the film. This will show her likeness to King David. But King David had great influence and if Gail is like David, then she will be the same. In portraying all of David’s ancestors, who carried on his spirit and genetics, it’s important to use them as symbols of King David as he attempts to bring on his kingdom. So each of David’s ancestors need to carry on the theme of the story which is: That the spirit of King David triumphs over the spirit of King Saul and/or DAVID’S SPIRIT AGAINST GOLIATH transforms the world. The theme is that heroic courage and vision in a big person pays off.

Like David who said in 1 Samuel 17:29: “Is there not a cause?” and then he took on Goliath.

And it’s interesting that all of David’s ancestors who carried on his heroic and big spirit, took on Goliaths in their life and WON. Howard Hughes won, in a sense, because he had a lot of David’s qualities–and so he broke aviation records and became America’s first billionaire. But he lost –in the end of his life–because he was outsmarted by the BABYLONIAN opponent, because he lacked David’s spiritual greatness and He didn’t listen to God, so that God did not give Howard Hughes the wisdom he needed to deal with a brilliant foe. And this is how Howard Hughes can be portrayed.

In the fiction version of the story, I want whoever plays Brent’s lover to have brown hair and blue eyes (and to be a Democratic Jewish-Romanian-American actor), like Brent is.

I want whoever plays Franco’s part to have black hair and blue eyes (and to be an Italian-European actor/heartthrob-with Roman Catholic friends), like Franco is. Franco sponsors and runs an orphanage in Italy which is run by Roman Catholic priests.

I want whoever plays Vladimir’s role to have blonde hair and blue eyes (and to be the Russian President and of Russian/German blood) like Vladimir is.

I am proud of the differences in the men I have chosen to love. This shows that I choose my lovers, not based on the color of their hair or their race or political party, but because of who they are as a person. The blue eyes are a coincidence, I could have loved any of these men if they had another color of eyes. Mention that though I have voted Republican in just about all elections, I fell passionately in love with a Democrat (Brent Spiner). It may also be interesting to highlight the genetic royal bloodlines in myself (quite extensive), Vladimir Putin (extensive), Brent Spiner or Franco Nero–since this film is about the genetic descendants of King David and genetics play a key part of the plot.

Back onto my storyline. . .In the background, will be the descendant of Babylon (the Jesuit Order), using treachery, political machinations, counterfeit, deceit and satellite-computer technology to undermine any attempt (with an obsession like King Saul had) at the establishment of the true Davidic kingdom through Gail Chord (who is another genuine descendant of King David with a genetic profile about 90% the same as King David’s).

At this point in history (around 2004 A.D.), it should be pointed out that those who honor the spirit of the genuine King David, would honor King David’s descendant Jesus Christ, who taught that Jesus Christ alone (without earthly help) would bring about the fulfillment of the promise to King David and that Christ would do this, by using any army of saints from heaven and not by using earthly means or a computer-satellite military 666 (see book of Revelation) system (which is the methodology of the counterfeit BABYLONIAN kingdom).

Therefore, Gail Schuler also taught that the King James Bibles teaches that the way to bring about the fulfillment of the Davidic kingdom was to honor the New Testament teachings of the Apostle Paul (who supported the spread of the gospel and living the gospel), so that the second coming of Jesus Christ (from heaven) would be hastened. And what the Jesuits opposed about Gail Schuler’s teaching was that she claimed that the second coming of Jesus Christ would be to rescue Israel (or the Jewish surviving remnant) from the BABYLONIAN descendant (or the Jesuit Order and those who supported the principles of BABYLON). And that after BABYLON and her babies (such as the false Jesuit Pope or Beast are destroyed)–that only then, would God set up His Davidic kingdom–that God would not allow his Davidic kingdom to be polluted with the BABYLONIAN SYSTEM (or the Roman Catholic Church). And that the Roman Catholic Church would have NO PART in this JEWISH KINGDOM promised to King David, because Rome or Babylon will have been destroyed by God Himself. The ultimate CLIMAX OF THE STORY is WHEN BABYLON IS DESTROYED, this must be a very strong CLIMAX.

The climax of the film must be portrayed in such a manner that no honest supporter of the Jesuit Order would like this climax. We want to show how much God hates this evil system. Read Rev. 17 & 18 and portray the end of Babylon just like the Bible says. Remember, one of the purposes for making this film is to draw sides, so make sure that when BABYLON GETS DESTROYED, she really gets destroyed. We want to make this film so that no Jesuit would EVER, EVER side with the protagonist!! Make it as bloody and violent as the climax requires, because the Bible depicts the destruction of BABYLON as a catastrophic event and it’s not a pretty picture and that’s how we want to show it in the film. That’s why this film will probably be R-rated. When you accurately depict Jesuits and their machinations, you can’t make less than an R-rated film. The Jesuits are a horrible and cruel organization. To show that they deserved this cruel end, you may want to show things like how they killed their own agent, Loree McBride (they blew up her car) and how they butchered Lori Hacking (in their attempts to frame Vladimir Putin), etc. God calls them the MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. So make the CLIMAX SUPER BIG, the Jesuits and BABYLON will die a CATASTROPHIC DEATH FROM GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF–see Rev. 17 & 18!!

To show how Gail stayed strong during these turbulent and uncertain years (before God allows her into the millenium)– show her strong faith in God (like her ancestor David) and how she clung to promises God gave her through the Bible. Show in November 1992, how she went to the funeral of a little girl after she thought she’d die in Sept. 1992 because Brent gave her about 3 weeks of silence (you can get help from Brent about what was going on in his life at this time and include that). Show how God gave her a song as a promise from West Side Story at this time, the song is called “There’s A Place for Us” and that she believed the song came from God and she never doubted it for the rest of her life and it gave her strength and faith.

Show how she prayed with tears and a broken heart (for three hours in Jan. 1994 [at that time Gail felt that her relationship with Brent had shamed God and she asked God for His forgiveness]) because of a FED EX letter, allegedly from Brent’s Paramount attorney (which the Jesuits had sent to her and David Schuler) which claimed that Brent felt she (and David) was/were harassing him and in which Brent claimed he never knew Gail and in which she and David were ordered to never contact Paramount studios again or there would be consequences. Gail was so insulted by this letter, she never sent another letter to Brent (through Paramount) and never contacted the studio again. Brent solved the problem by wiretapping her phone and she was able to talk to Brent over her phone line. And then God answered her three hour prayer (about 12 hours later) with the 1994 earthquake that struck Hollywood, CA and Gail saw this earthquake as a sign from God– that He would do something about her relationship with Brent and that God supported her relationship with Brent and had sent this earthquake to give that relationship validity. The earthquake also was a hint from God, that there was a powerful and evil opponent (whom God opposed) in Gail’s life–that God was trying to make this kind of statement (that He is against this evil opponent). This was something Gail sensed–though, at the time, she thought perhaps this was a statement by God against the evils of Hollywood. Now she realizes that statement was against BABYLON THE GREAT (or the Jesuit Order).

Show how the Jesuits (BABYLON THE GREAT) used satellite technology to try to imitate God and created their own earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, to outdo the real catastrophies which God sent (like the 1994 Northridge earthquake in CA, and the Feb. 2001 Ash Wednesday earthquake in Seattle). Show how it is very hard to imitate the ones God sent by highlighting the differences between Jesuit-orchestrated catastrophies and God-ordained catastrophies. I give Steven Spielberg permission to use expert scientific comments from those who are experts (maybe use this as some form of exposition in the film) at hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.

A way to do this would be to have characters talk about it in dialogue and use it forward the plot. A sorry dialogue example, but you get my point.

VLADIMIR PUTIN (tired): There’s a tornado sighted. Near Gail’s apartment. We think Jesuits are behind it.

JESUIT (laughing, eyeing Vladimir warily): And how are you going to prove that? (JESUIT paces and looks Vladimir in the eyes.) I think you did it.

VLADIMIR (determined): Hook that creep up to a lie-detector. Question him. Find out what he knows about this. Blast it on the networks.

During lie-detection, it is revealed how the Jesuits orchestrated the tornado.

Another way to do this is through visuals, just SHOW THE JESUITS USING SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY TO ORCHESTRATE AN EARTHQUAKE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. You may want to show the Bam, Iran earthquake this way, because I believe the Jesuits used satellite to orchestrate that one. Another sorry example to give you ideas:

God sends an earthquake to Northridge, CA in Jan. 1994. PAN OVER destruction, highlight that the quake killed Paramount Studio workers in Hollywood, but Brent was safe and never wavered in his attention to Gail.

CUT to another earthquake in the making, as Jesuit scientists work in their stations, to create an imitation of what God sent to Hollywood at Northridge.

The Jesuit orchestrated earthquake hits Pennsylvania (a strange location).

JESUIT SCIENTIST (laughing, as he controls monitors to orchestrate earthquake) :

This will fix them. We won’t let them rest. We are God and we create earthquakes.

An earthquake hits Pennsylvania and all the news outlets are covering it, saying this is a strange one. Show that most of the news commentators and outlets are UNWILLING AGENTS

Scriptwriting is very difficult and I don’t have time to write a good script, but I am making suggestions for the storyline. I hope the characterizations will be better than my sorry examples above. I don’t have time to write character histories for any characters or to write the hidden story (which helps in creating a more believable antagonist), like I did with Silver Skies, so my dialogue stinks. I haven’t written a script since 1992.

Then we will jump to the King James Bible and show what it says about the future Davidic kingdom. We will show the destruction of Babylon–Rev. 17 & 18 and Jesus Christ (the son of David) setting up his kingdom over all the world by using an army of saints from heaven to destroy all remnants of BABYLON on earth before He sets up His Davidic kingdom. The destruction of Babylon as described in the King James Bible (which would be the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order and all other descendants of Babylon) will be shown in the climax of the story. The scriptwriter will need to be a Bible scholar. Get Dr. Peter Ruckman’s help in this. That man is a Bible genius. And the story will end.

And King David will watch as his descendant Jesus Christ sets up a Jewish kingdom over all the world with Jesus Christ sitting on the throne in Jerusalem (with a STAR OF DAVID next to him). And King David will have won his kingdom and he will be triumphant –and the antagonist, the counterfeit BABYLONIAN kingdom (which dared to try to overthrow the true Davidic kingdom), will have been destroyed.

Maybe play When I Fall in Love while showing Brent and Gail in their millenial marriage after Jesus Christ sets up His Jewish earthly kingdom–at the end of the movie–at this point, it may be a good symbolic gesture (and may add some poignancy to the film) to show the tribes of Judah and Benjamin coming together, since Gail is from the tribe of Judah (King David’s ancestry) and Brent is from the tribe of Benjamin.

At the end of the film show these verses from Zechariah 14:9-11 in a rolling script, and in the background insert pictorial and musical footage as I describe it where I underline passages. Start off with the pictures from 9-11-01 at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon while these Bible verses roll across the screen. Highlight the fact that these verses are from Zech. 14:9-11.

THE FOLLOWING WILL BE IN A ROLLING SCRIPT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM ON THE SCREEN. Zechariah 14:9-11–show the connection between the 9-11 number of the verses and 9-11-01☛ Show Jesus Christ, with a Star of David next to Him, ruling from His throne in Jerusalem while the following Bible scripture rolls down the screen. “And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one.”

Show what the new earth looks like and show those who rule over the new earth (land) and who have been rewarded for standing for righteousness and defying the Babylonian antagonist. “All the land shall be turned as a plain from Geba (maybe insert a picture of Pres. Bush or some other world leaders at Geba) to Rimmon (maybe insert a picture of Vladimir Putin and some other world leaders at Rimmon) south of Jerusalem: and it shall be lifted up, and inhabited in her place, from BENJAMIN’S GATE [show that BENJAMIN’S GATE is where Brent Spiner now dwells with his wife Gail Schuler (cross reference to Proverbs 31:31, and then while showing footage of Gail with Brent, let the following scripture roll down the screen–’Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates’)

In the background play the themes for the songs “There’s a Place For Us” and “When I Fall in Love” maybe have the two songs mix into each other] unto the place of the first gate, unto the corner gate, and from the tower of Hananeel (show that the tower of Hananeel is where Gail and Brent make love in the millenium in their millenial marriage–show this somehow and make it reverent and awesome–it should be beautiful, not dirty in any way) unto the king’s winepresses (the winepresses symbolize the pleasures of the millenium–like the 1,000 year honeymoon between Gail and Brent during this time). And men shall dwell in it, and there shall be no more utter destruction (show 9-11-01 and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the Nazi holocaust as the utter destruction which is transforming itself into the beautiful Jewish millenium and then end the film with Jesus Christ on the throne with a STAR OF DAVID BY HIS SIDE). And King David will be looking on at the scene with triumph on his face.”

It seems fitting that the two lovers, Brent and Gail (with Jewish ancestry) would get together in the Jewish millenium.

My goal in making this film is to give the Jesuits MASSIVE EXPOSURE whenever they attempt to use UNWILLING AGENTS or to cause harm to SIGNIFICANT PERSONs or to carry out criminal acts to further their kingdom enterprises. This story needs massive exposure. We want to shame the Jesuits into submission, so that when they carry out their criminal acts, the price they will pay for these acts will be massive and catastrophic PUBLIC SHAME. It is my hope that this film will be the biggest blockbuster to hit Hollywood and the world in about 50 years–because that may be what it will take to intimidate the Jesuits.

Progress made on this film will be mentioned on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS, though we may not give away the total storyline or who the castmembers and writers are. Vladimir informs me that many writers have volunteered to write the script. We may end up with a script written by about 30 or more writers. This is fine and may be desirable. I think I’d like Orson Scott Card and Colleen McCullough (if they are involved) –along with Steven Spielberg–to make the final decisions about the last draft of the screenplay. I have great respect for their writing abilities. If there is disagreement between Orson Scott Card and Colleen and Steven Spielberg about the last draft, I’ll leave the final decisions about the script with Steven Spielberg.

The story will show no resolution to what happens to Gail Elaine Chord’s relationship with Vladimir Putin–though it will show how her relationship with Brent Spiner ends (which will be a millenial marriage in the Jewish kingdom). Gail’s relationship with Vladimir on earth will be an unanswered story question. Gail’s story about her relationship with Vladimir (the Russian President) will be shown only to show the intensity of the conflict against the true descendants of King David.

I want to emphasize that whoever writes this story will have to be very knowledgeable about the history of Babylon and must understand how the Roman Catholic Church evolved from the Babylonian mystery religions. This must be shown in the film. They must also have a deep understanding about how the Roman Catholic Church is a master at counterfeit and must put a strong emphasis on how the use of UNWILLING AGENTS shows Babylon’s brilliance at counterfeit strategy. Evidence must be presented to show that the use of UNWILLING AGENTS is an invention of the Roman Catholic Church and NOT an invention of those who befriend and support the true descendants of King David–because this is the truth. Even though there will be a fiction version of this story out there, all evidence presented about UNWILLING AGENTS, how they are used, who is behind this technology, MUST BE THE TRUTH.

And so, Hollywood, under the direction of Steven Spielberg, will make movie like this, a fiction version which will go out, which will actually be a very factual presentation (based on evidence and history)–except names will be changed to protect the innocent. It will be an EVENT STORY–a story about a disordered earth that can only be fixed by the set-up of the genuine Davidic kingdom. The non-fiction version (which will be exactly like the fiction version, except names will be changed) will be shown on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS.

Once, these films are completed, it will be mandatory for everyone in every free country (or any nation which is not listed as a TERRORIST NATION on the International President’s website) of the world to watch one of the films (the fiction version or the non-fiction version). After they watch it, they must make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection) about how they feel about the antagonist (the present day Jesuit Order and its opposition to those who support the King James Bible and its opposition to the King James Bible’s teachings about the JEWISH kingdom promised to King David) and about the protagonist (King David and Gail Chord Schuler and those who support David and his genetic descendants as they strive to promote the Davidic kingdom by honoring the King James Bible).

The purpose for these two statements about how one feels about the film is this. Let’s say someone watches the film and their statement shows that they firmly support those on the side of King David. And then, let’s say, the Jesuits turn that person into an UNWILLING AGENT later, and this person changes his/her position and now supports those on the side of BABYLON (as determined by 666-Computer lie-detection). When this is the case, we will present this as evidence on IBN, in order to show how the Jesuits used computer-satellite technology to change this person into A DIFFERENT PERSON and that the Jesuits have created a person who betrays his/her own convictions, and to prove that this UNWILLING AGENT is no longer the person he/she was before–BUT IS SOMEBODY ELSE.

Because the Jesuits can cause an UNWILLING AGENT to temporarily become the previous person (by deliberate default–by not using their capability to control a person’s brain through their IMPOSED PERSON), we will ONLY put the UNWILLING AGENT under 666-Computer lie-detection and have them make the statement about how they feel about the protagonist and antagonist of the film when they are in an UNWILLING AGENT state (that is, when their mind has been taken over by an IMPOSED PERSON).

So, before any UNWILLING AGENT makes his/her statement, the person who conducts the 666-Computer lie-detection will state under 666-Computer lie-detection that the UNWILLING AGENT is being tested while he/she has been taken over by an illegal IMPOSED PERSON.

In fact, from now on, when a person is used as an UNWILLING AGENT, we will rename them and no longer call them by their legal name. For instance, my mother’s name is no longer Misao xxxxx, but is Jesuit Misao. My sister’s name is Jesuit Sandra. We want to make it clear that the Jesuit Order has murdered the true personality of the person they took over AND THAT THAT PERSON NO LONGER EXISTS, and we will do this by changing their name. And then we will show on IBN how the real Misao felt when she watched the film and contrast this with how the Jesuit Misao felt when she watched the same film again.

Once a person becomes an UNWILLING AGENT, they will be required to watch the film The Kingdom of David (though it may end up with another name) and be required to make another statement under 666-Computer lie-detection (while they are in an UNWILLING AGENT state) about their NEW feelings about the film’s antagonist and protagonist. We will state that the only reason this person’s feelings about the protagonist and antagonist have changed is because the Jesuits have taken over that person’s brain and TURNED THEM INTO ANOTHER PERSON–and the 666-Computer lie-detection results about how this person’s attitudes about The Kingdom of David have changed will be our evidence to back up this assertion.

We will then show on IBN why we are justified to change the name of the person from their real legal name to the name Jesuit whatever. When a person is used as an UNWILLING AGENT, we will legally change their name to Jesuit (as their first name) and we will use their previous first name as their new last name. We will show why we have done this on IBN, by showing the glaring contrast between how they felt about the protagonist and antagonist of The Kingdom of David before they became an UNWILLING AGENT and AFTER THEY BECAME AN UNWILLING AGENT.

And that is my purpose for making this film, to make it CLEAR CUT, that when a person is an UNWILLING AGENT, they are no longer the person they were before, but are now a JESUIT and are a new and different person who supports the goals of BABYLON or the JESUIT ORDER.

One reason the Jesuits are so successful in their use of UNWILLING AGENTS, is because we have failed to make it clear cut that an UNWILLING AGENT is no longer the same person he/she was before. And we have not firmly established that the old personality has been murdered, and that another person now has taken over that body. This needs to be made CRYSTAL CLEAR, and by making everyone watch this film and by requiring them to make statements about how they feel about this film’s protagonist and antagonist in their TWO conditions (both when they were THEMSELVES) and then later, (when they are an UNWILLING AGENT) –this will help to clarify that the former person has been murdered by Jesuits and no longer exists. We have to remove the deception and the counterfeit and let people see WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. In this manner, we hope to discourage Jesuits from using persons as UNWILLING AGENTS, by EMPHASIZING THE CONTRAST BETWEEN THE REAL PERSON AND THE NEW JESUIT CONTROLLED PERSON. We can expose the Jesuits’ true motives for using UNWILLING AGENTS, if we use this film as a medium to show the glaring contrast between the position the real person took about this film’s protagonist and antagonist, and the NEW AND STRANGE position the Jesuit controlled person (UNWILLING AGENT) takes about this film’s protagonist and antagonist.

This film needs to be made in such a manner that no true Jesuit supporter would EVER side with the protagonist and would always side with the antagonist, so that when they make statements (under 666-Computer lie-detection) about how they feel about the antagonist and the protagonist of this film, it will show clearly whose side they are on.

If the film is made as I suggested, that it will accomplish the desired result. Since no true Jesuit would ever support the protagonist, if the protagonist is portrayed as I suggested he be portrayed in this film. And this film will help to draw the lines and remove the muddle in the conflict. You can’t win a war, IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOUR ENEMY IS. We want to shoot THE ENEMY and not our OWN PEOPLE.

My purpose for making this film is to draw the line, to firmly establish SIDES, to establish who is on one side and who is on the other side. Therefore, this film must be truthful in everything, except names will be changed to protect the innocent.

If we are unable to get a statement from a former genuine person before they became an UNWILLING AGENT, then we will simply broadcast the statement of the person as an UNWILLING AGENT and state that we could not get the previous statement because the real personality was murdered before the film The Kingdom of David was made.

Show the Russian airliner crashes which just occurred at around 9 p.m. EST on 8-24-2004 in the film The Kingdom of David because these crashes were indirect attempts by Jesuits to frame Vladimir Putin with the harassing phone call Gail received from Columbia (I want this phone call to be in the film as well–see my CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT document). Expose how the Jesuits were behind these Russian airliner crashes and show how they wanted to tie it in (check out the timing of this crash–see my CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT document) with the harassing phone call which Gail received from the country of Columbia (a JESUIT run country).

Show how and why the Jesuits caused these crashes to occur just south of Moscow and how and why they did it. Show how the Jesuits may have used the 666-Computer or satellite technology to orchestrate these crashes. Whatever you do, tell the truth–because expect Jesuit lawsuits over this film The Kingdom of David and we can win the lawsuits if we TELL (SHOW) THE TRUTH.

Show Vladimir’s swift and strong response to the laws I wrote (regarding the harassing phone call and the Russian plane crashes) and how the Jesuit criminals (behind the phone calls and the plane crashes) will be hung till buzzards eat them because the Davidic descendant Gail recommended this for these criminals in her laws and Vladimir backs up her laws. It is my request that you show this in the film. And you have my permission to mention in the promotion for the film that I ALONE requested that these Russian airliner crashes be included in the film, so that Jesuits won’t blame the news media or Putin or an innocent party of orchestrating these crashes so that the Jesuits could be framed with it.

You can advertise (in the promotion for the film) that it was MY IDEA to include these Russian airliner crashes in the film and that I, Gail Chord Schuler, INSISTED THAT THEY BE IN THE STORYLINE. It’s my decision to include these Russian crashes in the film. Vladimir and no one else suggested it to me. I’m certain the Jesuits were behind these crashes.

Consider these crashes part of BABYLON’S attempts to overthrow the Kingdom of David and to destroy the Davidic descendant, Gail Schuler, by attempting to frame Vladimir Putin with Gail’s murder.


Because I predict that the Jesuits will try to make all Hollywood people appear to be idiots, in order to sabotage the credibility of the film The Kingdom of David when it is released, IBN will broadcast on its main broadcasting channel which Hollywood celebrities are being used as UNWILLING AGENTS by the Jesuits.

Also, IBN will list those Hollywood productions which are being turned out by the Jesuits to counter the damage they expect to get from The Kingdom of David, like the film called The Aviator. Instead, of attacking the storyline of The Aviator, IBN will present evidence that The Aviator has been produced, directed or created by Jesuits (through the use of UNWILLING AGENTS [i.e., the use of illegal Jesuit satellite-computer control over those who created the production and other means). In fact, every Hollywood production which is, or will be released, about the same time as The Kingdom of David will be listed on the IBN broadcast as a production which is produced by either UNWILLING AGENTS or JESUITS or as a neutral production.

In other words, IBN will have two lists to list all productions which are released at about the same time as The Kingdom of David: One list will list all Hollywood or other media productions (movies, television, cable, etc.) which have been made using UNWILLING AGENTS (illegal Jesuit satellite-computer controlled persons) or JESUITS [in a manner that would influence how the production turned out (such as how it was directed, produced or written or acted)].

The other list will list all Hollywood or other media productions (movies, television, cable, etc.) which appear to have been made by neutral parties [or parties that do not use UNWILLING AGENTS or JESUITS that would influence how the production turned out (such as how it was directed, produced, written or acted)].

It would not surprise me at all to discover that The Kingdom of David may be the only production made that was NOT highly influenced by UNWILLING AGENTS or JESUITS. The Jesuits practically run Hollywood and the media. They are obsessed with their own publicity, that’s why they used a publicist to be Brent Spiner’s “girlfriend”.

Both of these lists must provide evidence to back up their assertions, so that the Jesuits can’t claim we are defaming their productions or slandering the Jesuit Order. This evidence to back up why we have placed a production on a certain list, will be broadcast and shown on IBN. It will be mentioned that the death penalty is meted out to any person who works for IBN, who willingly and knowingly presents false evidence on this news broadcast.

IBN will then do a study to determine what percentage of the Hollywood “idiots” or Hollywood producers/directors–like how Whoopi Goldberg behaved herself at a pro-John Kerry rally– are UNWILLING AGENTS. That is, IBN will do a study to determine if the Jesuits are causing certain Hollywood celebrities or persons to behave like idiots or puppets for the Jesuit Order (by manipulating them as UNWILLING AGENTS), in order to create the impression that everyone from Hollywood is stupid, shallow, never reads or thinks about anything of substance and are a bunch of ill informed, leftist fanatics who have marbles for brains.

I believe that the Jesuits are manipulating certain Hollywood celebrities (who are UNWILLING AGENTS) to create the impression that everyone in Hollywood has no true intelligence or perspective that is worth taking seriously.

And, therefore, the Jesuits want to create the impression that any production that Hollywood turns out is a joke, has no intellectual substance and should never be used as a criterion in which to make any life changing or important decisions. And in this manner they hope to discredit The Kingdom of David when it is released.

I want IBN to broadcast on its main broadcast network which Hollywood celebrities are UNWILLING AGENTS (or could be used as UNWILLING AGENTS) and which media persons or Hollywood people are being used to create other productions (in which UNWILLING AGENTS and/or JESUITS play a significant role in how the production turns out) and to list out their names: Whoopi Goldberg, etc., etc. We will state that to be on this list is not a condemnation of the Hollywood celebrity or person, but rather a warning to the public, that this person is not themselves, but that their brain (including atttitudes, perceptions, convictions, thoughts, emotions, etc.) is/are being manipulated like a robot by Jesuits through the Jesuits’ criminal satellite-computer technology.

Once this Hollywood celebrity or person is no longer an UNWILLING AGENT, his/her name will be removed from the CELEBRITY UNWILLING AGENT LIST. I insist that none of these UNWILLING AGENT Hollywood persons work on my production The Kingdom of David, in any manner that could influence how the production turns out. This is essential because the whole purpose for making The Kingdom of David is to condemn the use of UNWILLING AGENTS.

Vladimir informs me that Steven Spielberg is not an UNWILLING AGENT. In fact, I want the names of all persons involved in The Kingdom of David listed out on IBN, and next to their name we will state whether or not this person is an UNWILLING AGENT. There should be no UNWILLING AGENT who holds any position in the production The Kingdom of David which could influence significantly how this film turns out or how it is promoted. I insist that no screenwriter, producer, director, or main actor for The Kingdom of David be an UNWILLING AGENT. This is essential because the whole purpose for making The Kingdom of David is to condemn the use of UNWILLING AGENTS. If we use any UNWILLING AGENTS in (or for) this film, it will ruin the film’s credibility, so I insist that no UNWILLING AGENTS be used in any manner that could influence the outcome of this film: how it is made, how it is written, directed, produced, etc.

We won’t permit the use of UNWILLING AGENTS to promote the film, because if it is promoted in an unwise manner, the Jesuits can go to town with this. In the beginning of the non-fiction or fiction version of the film, will be a statement like this: Because the main purpose for making this film is to condemn criminal satellite-computer use on persons– no persons manipulated by criminal satellite-computer technology have been used to promote or make this film. It is our hope that this film will expose criminal use of satellite-computer technology, so that criminal use of this technology will be eliminated.

When the film is released, we will produce evidence that all the main persons involved in the production (including those who promote it) were not UNWILLING AGENTS.

Because the non-fiction version will have broad press coverage, we will expose those UNWILLING AGENT persons who promote or advertise The Kingdom of David (just like Pres. Bush has to deal with anti-Kerry ads which he has nothing to do with) and who do so in a manner which we would not endorse. Those persons who desire to bring unfair publicity to The Kingdom of David will be called UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS.

We will bring lawsuits and criminal charges against UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS (remember it is a violation of CONSPIRACY LAW to use any UNWILLING AGENTS), accusing them of defamation, CONSPIRACY LAW violations, or whatever we can bring against them and the death penalty will be meted out to all those who use UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS (their executions and trials will be shown on IBN). We will show why we have taken this strong stand against the use of any UNWILLING AGENTS in my production The Kingdom of David, by giving examples of UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS (and other examples–like the Kerry Swift boat controversy which has been generated by Jesuits) who are UNWILLING AGENTS and showing what these Hollywood “idiots” or UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS have done (and by providing evidence that most or all Hollywood “idiot” incidents were done by these “idiots” in their UNWILLING AGENT state).

We will then cross-examine publicly on IBN those IMPOSED PERSONS who manipulated these Hollywood “idiots” or UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS and these IMPOSED PERSONS will be publicly executed on IBN and we will cross-examined publicly those IMPOSED PERSONs who manipulated any Hollywood director, producer, actor or writer to create any production which is released at about the same time as The Kingdom of David. These cross-examinations will be done to establish firmly that Brent Spiner, Franco Nero and Vladimir Putin have nothing to do with these other productions that are coming out at the same time as The Kingdom of David, and that it is the JESUITS who are behind these other productions.

During the public cross-examination of these IMPOSED PERSONs (who manipulated Hollywood “idiots” or UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZERS or creators of other productions), the questioner needs to establish firmly how, why and in what manner these IMPOSED PERSONs manipulated their Hollywood “idiot” or UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZER or Hollywood creator to cause them to behave like a Hollywood idiot or UNWILLING AGENT or PUBLICIZER or the creator of any production controlled by Jesuits–so that we can establish firmly that not all Hollywood “idiots” are truly “idiots”, but are being manipulated as UNWILLING AGENTS to appear like idiots, when they are, in fact, much more thoughtful, balanced and intelligent than the Jesuits try to make them appear. And, so that the Jesuits will not be successful in undermining The Kingdom of David, when it is released.

During questioning, ask the IMPOSED PERSON if he/she is manipulating this Hollywood person or other “celebrity” or UNWILLING AGENT PUBLICIZER to behave like an idiot or to be interested in making his/her production, in order to indirectly ruin or sabotage the credibility of the The Kingdom of David when it is released (by creating the impression that Hollywood people are all show and have no substance, thoughtfulness or true intelligence) or by creating other productions to cause the public to question the veracity, truthfulness and authenticity of The Kingdom of David.

I can tell you from my personal experience with Hollywood people, that many of them are quite smart and thoughtful people and could just as easily have pursued careers in law or medicine or some of the more “brainy” fields.

So, we need to make efforts to erase these untrue stereotypes of Hollywood and attempts by Jesuits to undermine The Kingdom of David, so that The Kingdom of David will get the reception it deserves, and that it will be taken seriously, since it is dealing with (very possibly) the most serious issue that faces the world today.

Also, list out the names of any and all persons who make the news, who behave like idiots or who create media or productions to draw unfair attention to The Kingdom of David, whether they be Republicans or Democrats. I have noticed “idiot” behavior in both parties. We want to expose the use by Jesuits of UNWILLING AGENTS in all celebrities and public persons and in all producers/directors of productions. All public persons who behave like “idiots” or who are behind Jesuit created productions and are UNWILLING AGENTS will be listed on the CELEBRITY UNWILLING AGENT LIST– and the fact that these public persons are manipulated to be “idiots” or manipulated to be used by Jesuits, they will be exposed on IBN through the cross-examination of the IMPOSED PERSONS who manipulated the “idiot” or producer/director.


I would like to include in the storyline for The Kingdom of David the destruction of the OPEN SATELLITES. Include in the storyline exactly what is happening right now on this 29th day of August 2004, in which many nations are destroying their own satellites, in order to prevent these satellites from being used by Jesuit terrorists. See Sect. 27 of the ICL:ST document.

It appears the Jesuits are trying to highlight the use of their satellite technology (by creating monster or strange hurricanes like Charley and Frances), in order to draw attention to criminal use of satellite. They probably do this in anticipation of the release of The Kingdom of David, and this is a Jesuit attempt to minimize the damage they will sustain from this film or to turn the tables on us (using The Kingdom of David as their medium to turn the tables on us).

After the film is released, the Jesuits will probably claim that we created this film to highlight our own use of satellite technology, in order to frame the Jesuits with our own criminal activities involving satellite. By filming the destruction of the OPEN SATELLITES (which something we are doing right now) and including it in the storyline for The Kingdom of David we will send a strong message that this film condemns the use of satellite to create disasters or to harm people.

The film needs to explain to the viewer WHY we are destroying the satellites. Actual pictorial and/or audio footage of the satellite destruction (which is occurring right now) could be used in both the fiction and non-fiction version of The Kingdom of David. This will show how much we condemn the use of satellite by Jesuit criminals. The film will explain that because we are unable to erect FORCEFIELD BLOCKS around these satellites, in order to make these satellites invulnerable to use by Jesuit terrorists, we must destroy them. It also needs to reveal that these are expensive satellites, but we are destroying them anyways. This will show how seriously we take this war and will make a better film, since, obviously, if we feel we must do this, we definitely face a formidable enemy. This will increase the conflict in the film and make for a more interesting story.

Include hurricane Frankenstein (Frances) in the film and how the Jesuits attempted to use this hurricane to strengthen their cause against the genuine Davidic descendants. Show how the Jesuits created this monster hurricane and what they have done with it and why they have used this hurricane.

Also, I want it vastly exposed on IBN that the Jesuits have caused my ex-husband to adopt a boy who looks and sounds just like my son, Erich (who is with Vladimir). I want the Jesuits’ motives for doing this exposed, by having the questioning about those CONSPIRACY LAW violators (behind this attempt to use deception by causing my ex-husband to adopt an Erich Schuler look alike) done on IBN. Also, have my son appear on IBN (he is able to come on whenever he wants) to make a statement about how he feels about this imposter who has been adopted by his real dad.

Vladimir has adopted my real son and now the Jesuits have found a look and sound-a-like (to my son, Erich) to be adopted by David.

Now UNWILLING AGENT David is trying to act like he never remarried and divorced and had a baby by a second wife (after he divorced me), and the Jesuits are trying to create the false impression that David still has custody of my son (who is really with Vladimir) and to create the impression that David’s been waiting for me all this time to come back to him, so he can rescue me from Jesuit-induced perils.

Apparently, this is an attempt to try to get me back under the control of my Jesuit controlled ex-husband. I was offered a free plane ticket to go stay with my ex, while Hurricane Frances hit Florida, which I rejected–because if I stayed with David, it would give the Jesuits too much ammunition to use against Vladimir Putin and my real son.

This is disgusting behavior on the part of my ex-husband. I especially don’t appreciate that David used his imposter son to call me and feign to be my real son, in an attempt to extort and deceive me into staying with David during the hurricane.

I want all of this phone conversation between myself and the IMPOSTER Erich broadcast on IBN and have my real son in the background listening to this, then have Erich come on IBN and state how he feels about this. Let my UNWILLING AGENT mother see this special broadcast on IBN about this IMPOSTER and let her see how my real son feels about him.

I want this IMPOSTER son, who has been adopted by David, and the fact that the Jesuits are using this IMPOSTER, to be in the storyline for The Kingdom of David. Also, show how the Jesuits created this IMPOSTER and how they used computer/satellite technology to help them create the IMPOSTER–to modify the child’s voice, to do a form a plastic surgery, etc, in order to create a sound and look-alike to Erich Schuler. It fits right in with the main conflict of the story, since it is another attempt by the Jesuits to discredit the genuine Davidic descendant (Erich Schuler) with the false (the Erich Schuler IMPOSTER adopted by my ex-husband).

This fits right in with the main theme of the movie, so I want it in the movie. Exposing how the Jesuits are using IMPOSTERS, will also help to prevent the Jesuits from using my UNWILLING agent mother to try to admit me to a mental hospital, when I tell her the truth about what is happening in my life.

I have to admit, that the Jesuits came up with something very clever and they were trying to use this IMPOSTER to get me to say things they could use against me, to try to admit me to a mental hospital (when I talked with the IMPOSTER yesterday on the phone). I said nothing about Vladimir to the IMPOSTER. I only said that I lived in a concrete building and should be safe from the hurricane; and that I did not feel comfortable staying with my ex-husband and would rather ride out the storm. Vladimir was telling me (via 666-Computer) as I talked to the IMPOSTER, to get off the phone as soon as possible.

Also, include in the storyline for the movie, the new laws I passed regarding the use of PHONE and MAIL SCREENERS (to deal with this problem of counterfeit documents and IMPOSTERS). I want the clever and brilliant way the Jesuits have used IMPOSTERs and counterfeit documents exposed in The Kingdom of David, because this fits right in with the main storyline of the movie, which is about the Jesuits’ attempt to counterfeit the genuine (in order to replace the genuine).

Also, include the Russian school hostage situation in Beslan, Russia (Sept. 2004) in the film. This is because I played a role in this, by questioning the hostage takers on IBN. See my statements. This film is to be truthful in everything, because that will make it maximally effective as an offensive tool against the Jesuits. The only fiction will be that names may be changed in the fiction version, to protect the innocent.

Judging by how the Jesuits are trying to undermine this film and are creating many more events which need to be included in the film, it might need to be shown in parts. Maybe we will show part one and save part two for later. The first half might end with a cliffhanger. If it is done this way, maybe at the end of part one show David dreaming about the set-up of his kingdom in a visual form. In other words, the film could end with a cliffhanger and then would be shown David dreaming about his kingdom, but part one would not answer the story question as to whether the kingdom is brought into being. . .that will be saved for part two or three. So the film may be called The Kingdom of David and its sequel may be called The Kingdom of David, Part Two.

This film is very probably the most important film that Hollywood has ever made, and because of its prime importance, it may need to be shown in several parts. There was a Star Wars trilogy. Maybe there will be a trilogy with this film.

You might think, no one will go to a film without an ending. No, I think they will, because when they watch it, they will realize that what they are watching is very relevant to what is happening right now in the war against terrorism, and they will be glued to it.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
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