Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-7-2004)

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7-7-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, I will not be voting in November for either Pres. Bush or John Kerry or any other candidate. In fact, I won’t be voting in this U.S. November election at all for anybody or anything.

Because I am the future (current?) wife of Vladimir Putin, Russian President, and because the Jesuits are raving and sly fanatics about creating conspiracies which revolve around U.S. Presidents or around political parties, I’m staying out of the upcoming Presidential election.–I feel it is wisest to take a neutral stance regarding the future President of the U.S. and/or the Republican or Democratic party.

My voting record is overwhelmingly Republican–but I have voted Democratic–I voted for Jimmy Carter (Democrat) for President.

I find I have to distance myself from many religious and political groups, because the Jesuits are such fanatics about creating conspiracies which revolve around my religious or political associations.

The following paragraphs represent what I’ve discerned to be the Jesuit mindset and, in no way, represents my mindset:

These Jesuits are loud, vulgar fanatics– who use dirty language, have filthy thoughts and motives–but butter you up with smooth language while they set you up for the kill, like to cause complications in everything and are proud of their ability to make life complicated and to show off their ability to outwit and outmanipulate their opponent.

They are easily bored and never happy unless they’re into trouble–they like to be loud, obnoxious and love it when they can undermine those who oppose them, and are bloodthirsty exhibitionists. However, they can pretend to be quiet while they butter you up. Their motto in life is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and anyone who is weaker or dumber than they are considered “prey”–to be destroyed. Inferior people who don’t deserve to live. They have no pity for illness or sickness, but delight in causing suffering in others.

However, Jesuits are sly and know that if they were honest about their true convictions, they’d lose support, so they use pretty or “politically correct and socially acceptable” words to cloak their real intent and come up with the most convoluted and “socially acceptable” lies to justify their actions.

They are never what they appear to be. Unlike the Germans, you can never take a Jesuit at “face value”. They’re experts at manipulating and controlling their enemies and put on great peformances.

If any good person is genuinely happy, it makes a Jesuit miserable–because only superior geniuses like themselves, deserve to be happy. They take pride in causing misery to good people–because they are evil and delight in promoting evil and power. They worship power and equate power with superiority.

However, they know how their enemies think (since they can read everyone’s mind) and use their mindreading ability to emotionally manipulate or confuse or mislead their enemies. Their enemies are all the decent and compassionate people in the world. Jesuits despise compassion and consider this a weak human quality, compassion for anyone who opposes the Jesuits’ goals needs to be eliminated.

Jesuits feel that the controllers, the genuises, the brilliant manipulators, the power mongers–these are the superior people who deserve to rule the earth-SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. If they can outsmart and outmanipulate you, then they are obviously superior to you, and you–the inferior one– don’t deserve to live, but need to be ”weeded out”. It is of utmost importance that the Jesuit SUPERIOR RACE can takeover the planet, and weaklings like the compassionate and the Bible believers and the Jews, must be eliminated in order to set up the grand Jesuit–Catholic empire. However, because of exposure, they encourage Jews and Bible believers to defect to the Jesuit cause and to parade around as a Jew or a Bible Believer while secretly supporting the Jesuits. Jesuits are obsessed with appearances and impressions and are never, ever genuine and honest or what they appear to be. Honest people are stupid people and are the losers, who need to be eliminated. Jesuits are master politicians and are so jaded, they see corruption in everything. They corrupt everything they touch.

This empire is so important, it’s worth cutting off people’s heads and orchestrating brutal murders, in order to allow it to succeed. The individual is not important (this explains the suicide-homicide bombers), feelings are not important, suffering is irrelevant–all that matters is the GREAT CAUSE: to set up the Jesuit empire. This is GOD’S WILL. GOD IS AN EVOLUTIONIST who wants, above all, the set up his Kingdom of Jesuits–Catholics.

You’re a weakling if you have any compassion toward anyone who opposes the Jesuits’ evolutionary philosophy, which is: survival of the fittest. The fittest are those who hold the Jesuit position, which is that nothing matters except to set up the Jesuit empire over all the world. BY THE WAY, THE BIBLE DESCRIBES THIS KINGDOM AS THE KINGDOM OF THE BEAST– OR 666. THAT’S WHY I CALL THE JESUITS’ COMPUTER THE 666-COMPUTER.


Their morals are real simple and real vulgar: If I can beat you up and outwit you, and you can’t beat me up or outwit me, then I’m superior to you and deserve to slaughter you.

They smile and are happy when they think they’ve outsmarted (or caused suffering in) their opponent–regardless of how virtuous, loving, compassionate, courageous or noble their opponent may be. If you disagree with their goal for a world Jesuit empire, they have no regard for you AT ALL. You are dirt (even if you’re an angel or a saint) and deserve to DIE.

JESUITS ARE EVOLUTIONISTS AND PRACTICE WHAT THEY BELIEVE. No decent human being would ever support a Jesuit.

CAN YOU SEE THAT IT WAS THE JESUITS WHO SPONSORED NAZI GERMANY? AND THEY WANT TO DO IT AGAIN–THIS TIME, ALL OVER THE WORLD–AND THEY HAVE MUSLIM BUDDIES (who have been conned by Jesuits into cooperation) TO HELP THEM OUT. They got Muslim cooperation by convincing Muslims, that this Jesuit kingdom which will be set up will also be a Muslim kingdom, since the Koran teaches the utmost importance of setting up a kingdom or empire for Muslims. When did a Muslim kingdom become a CATHOLIC kingdom? Muslims have been blackmailed by the clever Jesuits. Jesuits can read everyone’s minds–remember??

By the way, the Bible (the King James Bible) or Germany’s Die Heilige Schrift–does not support evolution in any manner. And God puts His Word above His Name. So, it’s obvious that the Jesuits follow Satan and not God.

For this reason, I don’t go to church. I can’t attend any church without the Jesuits creating havoc (and death) at any church I attend. So to minimize Jesuit conspiracies, I don’t go to church. I find that the Jesuit sly fanatics begin their conspiracy attempts with the first service I attend at any church. They make very heavy use of UNWILLING AGENTS and we have a long ways to go before we can remove their ability to use UNWILLING AGENTS, since they have had this capability for a long time. By the second Sunday that I attend any church, the deaths (at that church) start–the Jesuits don’t waste any time. These Jesuit bloodthirsty, raving fanatics try to create conspiracies out of everything–with which to frame Vladimir Putin or another innocent party.

For the same reason, I will not vote in the upcoming Presidential election for anybody or anything. I’m afraid if I support one candidate, that the Jesuits may set up an assassination conspiracy –maybe to assassinate the opposing candidate or to kill myself or Vladimir and frame Bush or Kerry with the murder–so I’m not getting involved in American politics, except to write CONSPIRACY LAW.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-7-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-7-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-7-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-7-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-7-04
Place: Melbourne, FL