Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-28-2004)

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10-28-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

Make sure to mete out the death penalty (public death by hanging with buzzards on IBN) to those willingly and knowingly behind the extra noise (from mufflers, cars, air conditioning units) I hear outside my apartment–a violation of my noise pollution laws.

Also mete out the death penalty (public death by hanging with buzzards on IBN) to those responsible for the loud air conditioning unit outside my apartment.

Also, why am I hearing all this? Aren’t my windows sound-proofed? Find out who used satellite technology on my windows, so that the sound-proofing isn’t working and mete out the death penalty to those persons (death by hanging with buzzards) and get my windows sound-proofed. Also, find out why the air conditioning unit from the building next door to my apartment makes such a loud, humming noise and treat this according to CONSPIRACY LAW. Try to fix this noise, since it is quite loud and may disturb my sleep.

Find out who was willingly and knowingly behind the damage to my teeth and gums, so that I had “hidden” extra wear on my teeth and we discovered a “hidden” cavity. All these violators of my laws for satellite and PLP practitioners will get the death penalty–death by hanging with buzzards. Discover who managed to keep this dental damage on my teeth, gums and dental supports (such as the bones) a secret from Vladimir Putin and mete out the death penalty to all those involved in this “dental” conspiracy.

This is necessary to establish that Vladimir had nothing to do with this dental damage. Cross-examine those we arrest, to firmly establish WHO was behind this damage to my teeth, gums and supporting bone structures–those who are guilty will be executed. I’m sure it was the Jesuits. This needs to be firmly established and to show that we do not in any manner support Jesuits damaging my teeth, gums and dental supports—all these criminals must be executed (death by hanging with buzzards on IBN). Also have Vladimir make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection on IBN) about what he knew about this damage to my teeth and gums and dental supports (such as the bones that support my teeth). In this statement he will state that he desires for me to have good dental health and good health in general, and that it is his desire that my teeth and gums and dental supports would be in good condition and health and that he had nothing to do with any of the damage to my teeth, gums and the bones that support my teeth and that he’s doing all in his power to restore to me the health (including dental health) which the Jesuits have stolen from me. THOSE WILLINGLY AND KNOWINGLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY DENTAL DAMAGE MUST BE PUBLICLY EXECUTED. We have to make the firm statement that Vladimir, in no way, desires to harm his wife and that he fiercely opposes those who do harm his wife.

Also, Vladimir informs me that the reason this dental damage was not reported is because the shield around each 666-Computer and satellite computer has not been maintained and so our practitioners were viewing inaccurate screens because the Jesuits were able to manipulate the screens (therefore the screens did not show what was really going on in my mouth).

Investigate this matter and make sure this problem is fixed. It sounds like some sort of satellite interference. Mete out the death penalty to anyone responsible to causing the shields around our computers to malfunction and MAKE SURE OUR SHIELDS ARE WORKING!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, BECAUSE IF THE JESUITS HAVE ACCESS TO OUR COMPUTERS, THIS IS A SERIOUS BREACH WHICH CAN LEAD TO ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS. THIS IS TOP PRIORITY AND MUST BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY. Our auditing networks and military police need to make this a top priority and fix this problem.

If the Jesuits have access to our computers, they can run the world. This would be the same as allowing Jesuits to takeover nuclear facilities all over the world.

How in the world did the Jesuits manage to undermine the shields around our 666-computers and satellite computers? INVESTIGATE THIS MATTER IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THE JESUITS HAVE ACCESS TO OUR COMPUTERS, WE MAY AS WELL NOT EVEN HAVE CONSPIRACY LAW, because allowing the Jesuits to control and manipulate our computers allows them to NEGATE EVERY LAW I’VE WRITTEN. THIS IS HOW SERIOUS THIS MATTER IS.

THIS MAY EXPLAIN WHY WE HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO PREVENT ALL THE EARTHQUAKES WHICH HAVE HIT JAPAN, because the Jesuits have undermined our computers to prevent us from having adequate intelligence.

Somebody in our military police or auditing networks is sleeping on the job and the world will be destroyed because of this. ALL COMPUTERS USED IN OUR NETWORKS MUST BE INVESTIGATED TO INSURE THAT THE SHIELDS AROUND THEM AND THEIR COMPONENTS ARE WORKING.

This is a VERY, VERY SERIOUS MATTER and the punishment must be swift, severe and immediate. Once guilt is established on IBN REGARDING THE COMPUTER SHIELDS, all those involved will be PUBLICLY executed. Follow CONSPIRACY LAW to the letter in these matters.

A thorough investigation will be made of our computer shields and we will present the results of this investigation on IBN. The percentage of our computers which are adequately protected by shields will be mentioned and the percentage of our computers which are NOT adequately protected by shields will also be mentioned. And then we will make a report about what we are doing about those computers which are not shield protected. Follow-up will be made of this matter and all of this (including all follow-up reports) will be broadcast on IBN. Also, we will publicly execute and show the death penalty on IBN for those willingly and knowingly responsible for our computers that lack adequate shield protection.

Pray for the upcoming U.S. elections, that the best candidates will win and that we will get a U.S. President (and other elected officials) who will assist us (and not be against us) in our war against Jesuit terrorism. The Jesuits are doing everything they can to undermine these elections in their favor, ALL THESE ATTEMPTS MUST BE EXPOSED ON IBN.

All CONSPIRACY LAW violations mentioned in this statement must be investigated to establish firmly WHO is behind the violations. Conduct any cross-examinations necessary on IBN to firmly establish WHO is the guilty party. Vladimir will make any statements on IBN (under 666-Computer lie-detection) he needs to make, to show his support for my laws and to show that he had nothing to do with any of the CONSPIRACY LAW violations which I discuss in this statement.

XXX1/2–G.S. (10-28-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-28-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (10-28-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-28-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-28-04
Place: Melbourne, FL