Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-27-2004)

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8-27-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Gail Chord Schuler
Melbourne, FL xxxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

August 27, 2004

Chief Executive Officer, Starbridge Insurance
Star HRG
P.O. Box 55270
Phoenix, AZ 85078-4150

Dear Star HRG Chief Executive Officer:

After writing two letters to the Russian President (which have been forwarded to your company) regarding the ridiculously incompetent behavior of your employees, so that I have been denied and have been deliberately delayed reimbursement for health expenses which I am entitled to under law– I, Gail Chord Schuler and Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, bring criminal charges against Starbridge Insurance for violations of international terrorist laws.

These are laws which I have written and which have been passed into law in the United States and of which you are in violation, with possible death penalty consequences.

Your company is charged with willing and knowing complicity with Jesuit terrorists as they attempt to bankrupt me, terrorize me financially and to kill me.

Further details of the charges brought against your company will be given to you by Liz Wiehl, as she lays out the charges which we bring against your company. Vladimir will forward to her all the correspondence and communications which we have had with your company over the past several months and years.

The illnesses which I incurred in June and July 2004 were deliberately brought into my life by Jesuit terrorists who deliberately contaminated my work place and caused me to become ill. You are charged with complicity with Jesuits as part of a plot to use illness to bankrupt me, so that Jesuits could obtain more criminal financial control over my life, in order to terrorize me financially and to kill me.

The evidence for this will be brought out in trial.

All charges brought against the Jesuits over illnesses I incurred in June and July 2004, will also be brought against Starbridge, since, it appears, that your company is in complicity with the Jesuits in this matter.

It will be pointed out in trial that the Jesuits used criminal satellite-computer technology on myself and others (including cleaning personnel and customers at Wal-Mart where I worked) to assist them in the Jesuits’ efforts as they made me ill in June and July 2004. The Jesuits also deliberately (and with criminal intent) used satellite-computer technology to cause me to lose sleep at specific times, so that my resistance would be weakened when I was exposed to illness causing germs (such as strep and pneumonia causing germs). And you are charged with being part of this conspiracy, since I have still not received any money for expenses I incurred as a result of this biological terrorism which was launched against me and which caused me to become ill and of which you have played a part.

I missed almost a week of work as a result of the illness and have received no sick pay or leave pay for this lost work time.

You, along with the Jesuit Order, will be sued for lost work time, lost time, time wasted in correspondence, copying expenses, postal expenses, gasoline expenses, doctor’s expenses, prescription medicine expenses and over-the-counter medicine expenses, etc. incurred as a result of criminal use of satellite-computer terrorism and biological terrorism which the Jesuits (with your cooperation) deliberately brought into my life.

You will be charged with cooperating with Jesuits in their conspiracy against me, in which I was deliberately caused to lose sleep (via criminal satellite control over my brain), so that I would be tired when exposed to germs (which Jesuits deliberately brought into my workplace when I was tired).

The Jesuits knew I would go to work tired because I needed the money and they deliberately timed the contaminations to occur while I was tired (to increase the chances that I would become ill after being exposed to the germs which they deliberately and with criminal intent brought into my life).

During trial, it will be pointed out that though I was diagnosed with allergies for the illnesses which I incurred in June and July 2004, that the real cause of my illnesses was deliberate and fanatical and persistent contamination of my workplace and of my life with serious germs, which required me to see a doctor several times (even after I healed from one illness) and to be put on several courses of antibiotics.

It will be pointed out that I was never inflicted with allergies, and that my real cause of illness in June and July 2004 (and even during previous years such as 2003 and previously) was criminal use of satellite-computer technology over my body and deliberate germ contamination and that the allergy diagnoses on myself need to be re-evaluated and that I am entitled to compensation for these illnesses which were brought on in my life by biological and satellite-computer terrorism.

In fact, these deliberately induced illnesses in my life caused me to become bankrupt in 2002, so that I was forced to file for bankruptcy (since I couldn’t hold down employment) and bankruptcy was granted to me. You will be charged as part of this conspiracy which made me ill enough that I had to file for bankruptcy.

It will be pointed out that my illnesses were brought on deliberately by Jesuit criminals to resemble allergies (since this may be considered a pre-existing condition), in order to cause my bank account to be depleted, so that the Jesuits could manipulate me financially and keep me in poverty. The Jesuits desire to keep me poor, because this makes it easier for them to control me and to terrorize me with debt collectors and other means of financial terrorism.

It will also be brought out in trial that the Jesuits went to extreme lengths to orchestrate these conspiracies, so that innocent parties could be framed with Jesuit orchestrations. This was/is done in an attempt to bankrupt me, so that the Jesuits could have more control over my life (through financial manipulations) and could possibly kill me and blame it on innocent parties.

Furthermore, your company is being sued for unnecessary expenses which I have had to incur (such as gasoline expense to drive to office supply stories to make copies, lost work time as a result of illness, expenses in copying, and time wasted in writing correspondence and letters to you caused by having to deal with your deliberate incompetence– which has caused unnecessary delays and denials in receiving required payments from you to me of health expenses which I have incurred because of Jesuit terrorism).

Furthermore, this trial (which Vladimir and I bring against Starbridge) will be tried on international news on our international broadcast news channel which is based in Germany, but which can be accessed by Americans over the internet.

I hire Liz Wiehl, attorney (Harvard Law graduate) and legal analyst of FOX News as my lead attorney to represent Vladimir and myself in this case. Vladimir will pay all legal expenses incurred as a result of this trial. Liz will bring the case on international television, since this case will be tried publicly.

Violations of international terrorist laws can bring the death penalty and many of these executions are being filmed on our international news station. Contact Vladimir Putin or Liz Wiehl for more information about the status of this case. You will be hearing from Vladimir Putin or Liz Wiehl and he/she will give you any phone numbers and contact information which you may need.

In regard to the EOB I received from you on 8-27-04:

There is no mention of the 7-14-04 doctor’s office visit which I paid for UP FRONT. I have already mailed you the original receipt for this doctor’s visit and strep test and have heard nothing from you regarding this 7-14-04 doctor’s visit. $60.00 was for the office visit and $20.00 for a strep test. I want reimbursement for this.

I dispute that the allergy medication Zyrtec should not be covered and I feel I should be reimbursed for the expenses I incurred from the Zyrtec, since this medication contained other ingredients (which will be pointed out in trial) which helped my condition at the time. The Zyrtec was not given me for an allergy condition, but for other reasons. The evidence for this can be obtained from the physician’s testimony. Liz will probably subpoena these doctors to appear in the trial. The allergy diagnosis was not correct, but since my condition was so complicated (see above comment in this letter), this is what the doctor’s diagnosed me with.

I do not believe I have allergies and that all allergies which I have been diagnosed with were actually conditions brought on by criminal use of satellite-computer technology over my brain and body.

You are sued for being part of a conspiracy to use this satellite-computer technology to make me ill, in order to bankrupt me, in order to attempt to cause me to lose the ability to work and which has already brought on significant financial losses in my life.


Gail Chord Schuler

cc: Vladimir Putin, Russian President
Liz Wiehl, FOX News legal analyst and attorney

Enclosures: 1) Copy of EOB I received from you on 8-27-04
2) Copy of correspondence I received from you (dated 8/19/04)
3) Third copy of Certificate of Insurance Coverage with the Starbridge Benefit Plan mailed to you or as you describe it, “Certificate of Credible Coverage”.
4) I have already mailed you the original prescription receipts for the Zyrtec $32.20 prescribed me on 7/19/2004, the receipt is dated 7/16/04 and I had written a handwritten explanation to you that I paid for the prescription on 7/19/04. The pharmacy was out of Zyrtec on 7/16/04 and gave me a “loan” until 7/19/04–when I picked up the rest of the Zyrtec and then paid for the whole order.

Regarding the above letter which I mailed to Vladimir Putin, Liz Wiehl and Starbridge Insurance CEO:

The verdict for this case will be decided by VOTER JURORS (as outlined in CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT), just like the Nuremberg case. So this case needs to be presented on IBN, so that VOTER JURORS will have all the facts they need to decide this case.

XXX1/2–G.S. (8-27-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (8-27-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (8-27-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (8-27-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-27-04
Place: Melbourne, FL