Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (9-3-2004)

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9-3-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

Please pray that the Jesuits won’t use their 666-Computer capabilities to cause people (including myself) to die (or become very ill) from illegal 666-Computer attacks (via TRIGGER PROGRAMMING, LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING, etc.) when Hurricane Frankenstein hits Florida. Emergency services cannot do a thing when winds over 55 m.p.h. are on the streets and the Jesuits may try to take advantage of this– to use the 666-Computer on people (trapped by Hurricane Frankenstein in their homes) to cause chaos, illness and death when hurricane Frankenstein hits Florida.

I suspect that we may have more deaths from the Jesuits’ illegal use of the 666-Computer over people than from the hurricane. Make sure if this happens, to expose this on IBN and have the questioning for all these JESUIT CONSPIRATORS (involved in these illegal 666-Computer incidences) done on IBN, and then execute all of the violators with public death by hanging with buzzards.

This would be typical Jesuit strategy, since they always like to hit you where you least expect it. Maybe most of the hurricane deaths won’t be from the hurricane, but from 666-Computer attacks against people while the hurricane is over Florida. Jesuits rely heavily on surprise tactics and are very creative and clever criminals.

Also, I want it vastly exposed on IBN that the Jesuits have caused my ex-husband to adopt a boy who looks and sounds just like my son, Erich (who is with Vladimir). I want the Jesuits’ motives for doing this exposed, by having the questioning about those CONSPIRACY LAW violators (behind this attempt to use deception by causing my ex-husband to adopt an Erich Schuler look alike) done on IBN. Also, have my son appear on IBN (he is able to come on whenever he wants) to make a statement about how he feels about this imposter who has been adopted by his real dad.

Vladimir has adopted my real son and now the Jesuits have found a look and sound-a-like (to Erich) to be adopted by David. Now UNWILLING AGENT David is trying to act like he never remarried and divorced and had a baby by a second wife (after he divorced me), and that he still has custody of my son and that he’s been waiting for me all this time to come back to him, so he can rescue me from Jesuit-induced perils. Apparently, this is an attempt to try to get me back under the control of my Jesuit controlled ex-husband. I was offered a free plane ticket to go stay with my ex, while Hurricane Frances hit Florida, which I rejected–because if I stayed with David, it would give the Jesuits too much ammunition to use against Vladimir Putin and my real son.

This is disgusting behavior on the part of my ex-husband. I especially don’t appreciate that David used his imposter son to call me and feign to be my real son, in an attempt to extort and deceive me into staying with David during the hurricane.

I want all of this phone conversation between myself and the IMPOSTER Erich broadcast on IBN and have my real son in the background listening to this, then have Erich come on IBN and state how he feels about this. Let my UNWILLING AGENT mother see this special broadcast on IBN about this IMPOSTER and let her see how my real son feels about him.

I want this IMPOSTER son, who has been adopted by David, and the fact that the Jesuits are using this IMPOSTER, to be in the storyline for The Kingdom of David. It fits right in with the main conflict of the story, since it is another attempt by the Jesuits to discredit the genuine Davidic descendant (Erich Schuler) with the false (the Erich Schuler IMPOSTER adopted by my ex-husband).

This fits right in with the main theme of the movie, so I want it in the movie. Exposing how the Jesuits are using IMPOSTERS, will also help to prevent the Jesuits from using my UNWILLING agent mother to try to admit me to a mental hospital, when I tell her the truth about what is happening in my life.

I have to admit, that the Jesuits came up with something very clever and they were trying to use this IMPOSTER to get me to say things they could use against me, to try to admit me to a mental hospital (when I talked with the IMPOSTER yesterday on the phone). I said nothing about Vladimir to the IMPOSTER. I only said that I lived in a concrete building and should be safe from the hurricane; and that I did not feel comfortable staying with my ex-husband and would rather ride out the storm. Vladimir was telling me (via 666-Computer) as I talked to the IMPOSTER, to get off the phone as soon as possible.

Also, include in the storyline for the movie, the new laws I passed regarding the use of PHONE and MAIL SCREENERS to deal with this problem of counterfeit documents and IMPOSTERS. I want the clever and brilliant way the Jesuits have used IMPOSTERs and counterfeit documents exposed in The Kingdom of David, because this fits right in with the main storyline of the movie, which is about the Jesuits’ attempt to counterfeit the genuine.

Question Vladimir on IBN about the IMPOSTER, especially to see if he knew this would happen and to establish (if this is the case, which I’m sure it is) that Vladimir had nothing to do with David’s decision to adopt an Erich IMPOSTER.

Also, please pray on IBN that I will miraculously not lose my power when hurricane Frances (Frankenstein) hits Florida, because then I will not be able to use this computer to write statements–which I think is one of the main reasons the Jesuits orchestrated this hurricane. They plan to orchestrate all sorts of things when my power goes out–knowing that I won’t have the capability to use the computer. My car is parked outside, pray that it is spared from hurricane damage. I use the car to orally give out statements, so the Jesuits would love to destroy my car. Also, I have no insurance on any of my property in my apartment, so pray that my windows and roof stay intact, so that I don’t suffer from property damage (especially damage to the computer or legal documents).

Because I might lose power when Hurricane Frankenstein hits my house, as of this 3rd day of Sept. 2004, anything I say in my apartment is to be considered part of my legal statements or my CONSPIRACY LAW documents with all the legal rights of anything I write in my statements or in my CONSPIRACY LAW documents. I know my apartment is bugged and that I’m on camera, so anything I say in my apartment is to be considered a legal statement or part of a CONSPIRACY LAW document [with all the rights of my legal statements and/or of my CONSPIRACY LAW documents (in case I lose power and am not able to write my statements or am not able to go to my car to make statements from my car)]. It is very possible that I may have to make oral statements in my apartment until my power turns back on. I will try to take notes if I must make any oral statements, so that I can later write it into my computer (after power is restored).

Pray that my car will not be damaged, since this may be the Jesuits’ way to get back at Vladimir or myself, since my car is paid off. I do have auto insurance, but the Jesuits always undermine my attempts to get insurance benefits. I still have not received about $200 I deserve from my health insurance. I would much rather prefer that my car not be damaged, so I don’t have to mess with insurance.

XXX1/2–G.S. (9-3-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (9-3-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (9-3-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (9-3-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 9-3-04
Place: Melbourne, FL