Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (9-30-2004)

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9-30-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

I want Bible believers all over the world to fast and pray as I write law today. I believe I am writing some of the most important law that I’ve ever written. It is in regard to how to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW. Vladimir and I have determined that up to 50% or more of our laws are not being enforced because of serious problems with Jesuit infiltration into our LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel.

Pray like this on the IBN Prayer Channel:

Dear Lord, we pray that the laws Gail writes today will be so effective, that these laws will be like a catastrophic atomic bomb over all the Jesuit Order. Please protect us against this mighty Satanic army which attacks all that is good, pure and righteous in this world and that dishonors your King James Bible, persecutes the Jewish nation, and worships Satan, technology, financial empires, and the future Beast– and feel that these are more powerful than Yourself.

For the sake of Your Great Name and your Honor, we ask that you show that you are on the side of those who stand for (and believe in) all the words of the King James Bible and who support your people–the Jewish nation; and that you are on the side of those who place their faith in You rather than in fancy computers, satellites, or financial empires.

Make the great wealth, technology and manpower of the Jesuit Order no match for the laws which Gail will write today. Please give us respite against these tyrannical, wealthy and powerful rulers who think they are above everyone, including You, and who dare to spit on your Word and your authority and strive to tear down all that is good in this world (by creating hurricanes and doing other monstrous things with their sophisticated computer/satellite technology), in order to set up their Satanic kingdom.

Please, in order to protect your mighty Name, and to protect your honor and your Word and to protect those who fight for the principles and truths of your Word, we ask that you empower Gail with genius intelligence to write the law that will be most effective to devastate these Satanic Jesuit strongholds, so that we may live in peace and quiet without Jesuit harassment (before the day of your great coming and before your rapture of the saints).

We know that after the terrible tribulation period coming up, that through the Jewish nation, you will bring permanent peace to the world by the Son of David, the Messiah, Jesus Christ–as You promise in the King James Bible. Give us a breather before the great tribulation prophesized in Daniel and Revelation begins all over the world, just to show whose side you’re on. Give us a breather from the Satanic Jesuit Order (while those who are on Your side live on this earth). Give us this breather to show that you are on the side of those who put their faith in all the words of the King James Bible rather than in financial empires, computers, religious systems and satellites. Give a catastrophic victory to those who place their faith in every word of the King James Bible and You know who those people are.

Use Gail’s laws as the instrument to clearly draw the lines and to devastate the Satanic and phony Jesuit empire which opposes You, so that those on this Satanic side will be devastated and will never regain their strength while those of us (alive now) who are on Your side, live on this planet– so that these Satanic giants cannot torment those of us who put our faith inYou and who put our faith in every word of the King James Bible. Protect us with the shield of faith which you promise to those who put their faith in You. Use Gail’s laws as part of this shield. We praise you for the victory which you will grant us, because we know you are stronger than computers, satellites, and human or Satanic scientific genius; and that You are stronger than the greatest human or Satanic intelligence and that no wealth, intelligence or army is any match against You. Amen.

After this prayer and after you have fasted and prayed, I want you all to have praise ceremonies all over the world for the victory God will give us. Read 2 Chronicles 20.

XXX1/2–G.S. (9-30-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 9-30-04
Place: Melbourne, FL